STSC Chapter 30

STSC Chapter 30

Chapter 30

The weather was beautiful today. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Nan Jae-the accident sat at the table and turned the selected book.

The spring sun goes through the window of the table. The lead grew younger before the window. They have a few leaves to grow on them, cut some work and sunlight. When the wind blew, the radio danced fragmentally.

Not only did he wear warm clothes, after a delicious breakfast from Mo Shu, warm in the hot sunlight.

It was Spring of Spring

Today I planned to visit this village. Because the road is quite unequal, because he was worried that the Nan Ge Er did not resist the slower pace of the trip, he did not do that.

Early in the morning Mo Shu spent most of his work on government offices. Nan Ge had to deal with a minimal simple task. So I’m glad he can pay, he turned the book.

Although he could freely access the study of Mo Shu’s room, but Nan Ge Er had been reading during his life, most of that was academic. So he left a story to spend my neighbors time.

By the way, thanks to his daily speech, for many years, Nan Ge Er spent almost all of the television series and novels that he was remembered. Finally he has already made his own history since the fall.

Here’s the story he wrote, but to understand the words they were used did not know whether or not it was natural flow, his story is local people with one accord I admired it …

In addition, he also mixed his story and mingled with the soap opera. Nan Ge’s reputation was in that story known throughout this region. Therefore, Nan Ge sometimes find some of the story book that can be read as a means to compensate for its own ideas.

After reading a few minutes, Nan Ge Er did not really care about this. He glanced at the pen outside the table.

It took five years.

But he received a little daily shock, thinking about that, he is in daily life, not just the simple and ordinary repetition, I noticed that there is a little difference. The time flew so fast. Had he noticed that he was five years after he came to himself.

Over the years it has become faster.

He realized that he gradually stopped losing his previous life in another world.

Why has such a change happened?

He could not imagine the reason.

The wind blew from the window and his hair turned to his face. Despite a slight heather, he still felt as happy.

In the middle of the wind it was a distinctive fragrance of spring. It produced flower odors, sweepings, smells and moistures.

For a while he sat there and began to listen unconsciously.

It was not a special song. He waited only when he left. The music was annoyed and there was no pace at all.

But he was happy.

However, he felt pain in his neck for some time. His song was difficult. He stopped watching and hesitated slightly touching his neck. Suddenly I remembered. It was very long since he was alive and totally left.

He always wanted to protect something and defend himself. But in the end he did not know where he was lost …

… Even forgetting such a basic fun

In the past, he was still friendly with friends and family on his side, when he was still a happy student, he always sang so suddenly.

In fact, of course I am myself.

He told him.

Mo Shu stands at the door and returns to some things. Look at the unstable and late expression of the young man sitting in the middle of the sun, Mo Shu feels the heat, I received some pain in my heart.

He will not or interfere with preventing the person from his fun, just calmly to see him at the door.

Instead, Nan Jie stumbled around awake, at last the door was to inform Mo Shu’s presence. He turned his head, “Why did you come back?”

Mo Shu when you entered the room and smiled: “Because there are a few questions that can be dealt with, I came back.

Nan Ge Er nodded before seeing the outside of the window.

Moshi moving to her side asked him: “What do you sing?”

“I do not know.” An answer from Nan Ge Epoko was practical – in fact, he was just left to chance. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“It’s pretty interesting,” Mo Shu smiled before something came out of the tomb.

“Not all removed, it’s today and it’s your part tomorrow” Nangeru knew that Mo Shu is timid hidden in a sweet appetizer.

“Tomorrow is just – it” Moshuu is not connected.

If you eat too much slices, you have a toothpaste, you also increase fat. Nan Ge Er This is shown that everyone is for his good signal.

“Do not worry, I’m not afraid,” said Mo Sue, quietly, answered.

“… last night, hot water was burning.” Nan Jae-La, also calm when he was insufficient. So I can not supply the candy to your parents.

As expected, Shu de Mo was going straight away, I rushed to him: “Why do you have a very hard work?”

Nan Ge took his hand. It happened the light bulb of its mount index was burned out, was removed by a needle of Nan Ge Er. Wool was not very serious, but it was rather a terrible thing.

Shu Mo drew the eyebrows: “How did it happen, I did not say in the kitchen” was a little nervous, “he looked again and again: ? “It’s not your body is fine. So why do not you just think your doctor still what to do taking medication said?”

Nan Ge has become ill again until the new year. There is no reason. Suddenly heat arrived. He has no nausea, I do not appetite. The disease was important in the same way as the first. Carefully ingested fat has disappeared everything. He spent the new year in bed. The doctor, if Nan Ge Er not Guang Tian, ​​unless, if Nan Ge has his people been treated Eru, he would have been dead. Since Mo Shu was so scared, he did not dare to move the Nan Ge Eram. He only supplies him, because I wanted to park Nan Er’s sanctuary, he does not need to do something.

“But not so serious?” He did not know what to cry or laugh. This is just a small burn, why do you do it so that I’ve broken something?

“It was not exaggerated, I do not understand your body?” Mo de Shu Ge ESTIS from aizšāva unusual board pakaļgredzenu Nan went to look at her injuries before.

Nan Ge did not reply.

Light from the sun is dispersed in the face of Moshuu, his skin began to look for a diaphragm. Eyebrows and eyes in his roaming, was aware of the rest of the world’s recognition. Their lips, but I was a gentle smile, were now a bit firm. Although it was as if he was full.

“… Mo Shu, I suddenly die tomorrow?” Everyone did not think, that’s his attitude to the hanging of a thin thread that is completely dependent on the Hiroten, a great doctor. Did you know it was. He did not usually know what the contents of the medicine were, he knew that conventional medicine did not affect his body.

Everyone is in 5 minutes after the walk Not breathe, somebody wears a brown coat on spring night, you can be. In addition, after which you eat half a cup of rice, do not have a trickery, you do not feel the desire to destroy it.

His whole body was constantly tired out. I did not sleep well, but not sleep all night. He also believes that you can close your eyes forever and ever.

“You do not”. Mo Shu was decisive answered.

“Of course, I am, but I could survive the previous terrifying situation, I finally had a time to get paid.” Nan Ge Although there was a small withdrawal.

All people do you have it? People do not have a problem to survive in a terrible life. However, when the day is waiting for sweet, it would be all of the disease to begin to grow.

Instead, Mo Shu started shocking. “It’s nice.

“We are calm?” Nan-la-La looked at her.

“It is changing the function of the body’s survival mode, when it is in the terrifying living environment, can only survive by instinct of adjustments, people will be in a state of displeasure to complete. However, the limit failure to fulfill, the body becomes immediately irreversible, is discharged . “Already a hand of confirmation hand Ge Nan, it’s a simple burn, it’s finally a solved danger, makes Mase Shu Mo. He explained, mitigating the time of the hand of Nan Ge in hand: “.. you have relaxed now, thanks to the present environment, so, if your body function is gradually restored, you have become ill, but you can continue to calm your health will do it. ”

“But, if I’m not in the broad sky, I wanted to kill for a long time definitely” Nan Ge Er said immediately. He was not deceived so easily.

Before the answer, Mo Shu interrupted, “Mn.

“In fact, I do not think it’s wrong until death” mouth in Nan Ge Er.

Something of Mo was to firmly understand the hand of Nan’s Ge’s. A little pain from the clutch, Nan Ge Er from his hands still remembered that in the hands of someone else. So he added in the following way. “But, I’m sorry I want to die now.”

Mo Shu did not speak the name.

Nan Ge Er raised his head while laughing, while watching the Mo Shu. “So I do not want to die.”

Mo Shu is, look at Nan Ge Er’s smile has relaxed her recognition.

“And,” in his free hand, Mo Shu from the second line of the Nan Ge Er indicated that it was held: “Here it hurts.”

After the first look, Mo Shu was happily started.

After a brief look, Mo Shu began gladly: “Can not you feel pain?

Nan Ge Er also thought about laughing.

I really feel that Mo Shu from now on is not as excited as before.

Maybe I used to use Mo Sou’s stupid thing?

What tragic resilience! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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