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Chapter 30

The weather was great today. Nan Ge Er was flipping through a book he randomly took while sitting in front of a table.

Springtime sunlight streamed through the window, falling onto the table top. The plum trees in front of the window were growing ever lusher. They had a few leaves growing on them, cutting a few bits and pieces of the sunlight. The light rays danced around in fragments as the wind blew.

Nan Ge Er felt joyful – not only was he dressed in warm clothes, but he also had just finished the delicious breakfast cooked by Mo Shu and was basking in the warm sunlight. It was currently late spring Mo Shu planned on visiting a village today. Since the road was quite uneven, he was worried Nan Ge Er wouldn’t be able to stand the bumpiness during the journey and so he didn’t make him come along.

Mo Shu had done the majority of the work in the government office during the early morning. Nan Ge Er only had to deal with the minuscule trivial tasks left, having nothing to do after that. Thus, glad to have free time for himself, he flipped through a book.

He could access Mo Shu’s study room freely, but the majority of the books in it pertained to academics – something Nan Ge Er would never even wish to read in this lifetime of his. Hence, he borrowed a storybook from the neighbors to pass his time.

By the way, due to his daily storytelling, as years passed, Nan Ge Er had used up almost all tv series and novels he remembered. He had already started composing his own stories since last autumn. It was unknown whether it was because the stories he wrote himself had a natural flow or the easily understood language he used, that made the locals praise his stories unanimously instead…

Plus, he also fused his stories with a mix-and-match of melodramatic scenarios; which was why Nan Ge Er’s reputation in storytelling was well known in the entire county. Therefore, Nan Ge Er would find a few storybooks to read sometimes, using them as a means to replenish his ideas.

After a few moments of reading, Nan Ge Er, finding the story in the book quite uninteresting, placed the book down. He rested on the table, gazing at the plum trees outside. Five years had passed.

Almost every day was awfully hectic, but thinking about it, he realized the routine in his daily life was just a dull and regular repetition, not a bit of difference in it. And time flew passed swiftly as such. Only after he came to his senses did he notice that it had already been five years. As the years went by, time passed faster and faster.

He realized he had gradually stopped missing the former life he had in the other world. Why exactly led to the change? He just couldn’t think up of a reason.

The wind blew in through the windows, causing his hair to drift onto his face. Despite the slight itch, he still felt content. Amid the wind was a distinctive scent of spring. It carried the fragrance of flora, the smell of mud, and wettish air.

Sitting there for some time, he unconsciously started humming. It wasn’t any particular tune; he just hummed as he went along. The melody was disordered, without any rhythm at all. Nonetheless, he was satisfied.

However, after a mere few hums, he felt a slight swelling pain in his throat, causing his song to become choppy. He stopped humming and touched his throat with a bit of hesitation. All of a sudden, he remembered. It had been a really long time since he sat down idly and hummed carefreely as so. He always ceaselessly wanted to protect and defend something; but in the end, he didn’t even know where he lost himself…even forgetting such a basic self-entertainment.

In the past, when he was still a blissful student, with loving friends and family by his side, he always would sing abruptly as such. I probably, actually, still am myself. He told that to himself.

Mo Shu, returning due to some affairs, stood at the side of the doorstep. Looking at the clumsy and delayed expression of the young person, who sat amid the sunlight, Mo Shu felt warmth engulfing his heart, with a slight mix of pain in it. He didn’t walk in and bother the person from self-entertaining, only watching him silently by the door.

Instead, Nan Ge Er was the one who, after humming and dazing around, finally noticed the presence of Mo Shu beside the door. He turned his head towards him, blinking, “Why did you come back?”

Mo Shu smiled, entering the room, “There’s some stuff to deal with, so I returned.”

Nan Ge Er nodded before continuing to gaze out the window.

Walking to his side, Mo Shu asked him, “What are you singing?”

“I don’t know.” Nan Ge Er gave a practical answer—in truth, he was just randomly humming.

“It’s quite interesting.” Mo Shu smiled before taking something from the cabinet behind.

“Don’t take everything away; it is your share for both today and tomorrow.” Nan Ge Er knew Mo Shu was taking the sweet snacks hidden in the cabinet without even turning back.

“Just make more tomorrow~” Mo Shu was unconcerned.

“You will get a toothache if you overeat sweets, and will get fat too.” Nan Ge Er warned with it’s-all-for-your-own-good tone.

“No worries, I’m not afraid.” Mo Shu replied calmly.

“…I was burnt by hot water yesterday.” Nan Ge Er was calm too when he threw out his trump card. So I can’t provide any sweets for you, mister.

As expected, Mo Shu turned over at once, rushing towards him, “Why are you so careless? Give me your hand.”

Nan Ge Er took his hand out. His forefinger had a burn wound on it. The blister developed was picked away by Nan Ge Er with a needle. The injury wasn’t quite serious, just that it looked rather horrifying.

Mo Shu furrowed his brows, “How did it happen? Didn’t I tell you not to enter the kitchen casually?” A little worried, he inspected it again and again, “Your body’s condition isn’t good; so why are you still so absent-minded? Have you applied medicine? What did the doctor say?”

Nan Ge Er got ill again before the new year. Moreover, it had no cause at all; the fever arrived all of a sudden. He vomited and had no appetite. The illness was as serious as the one he had in the beginning. All of the fat gained painstakingly ended up fading away. His entire new year was spent in bed. The doctor said that if Nan Ge Er wasn’t in Guang Tian; if the one treating Nan Ge Er weren’t him, he would have already died. Mo Shu was so frightened, he didn’t dare to let Nan Ge Er move around by himself anymore. He only wished he could place Nan Ge Er in a shrine, offering to him, so he would have no need to do anything.

“It isn’t that serious, alright?” Nan Ge Er didn’t quite know if he should laugh or cry. It is just a small burn, why are you acting as if I’ve fractured something?

“It isn’t an exaggeration, don’t you understand your own body’s condition?!” Mo Shu shot a rare stern glare at Nan Ge Er, before continuing to survey his wound. Nan Ge Er didn’t reply back.

Sunlight scattered on Mo Shu’s face, causing his fair skin to appear translucent. His roaming brows and eyes had a particular ethereal look to it. His lips, usually having a light smile worn on them, were slightly pursed up now. It was as if he was the one scalded.

“…Say, Mo Shu, will I suddenly die tomorrow?” Even though no one discussed it, he himself knew, his body’s condition was hung by a thin thread, utterly reliant on Guang Tian’s highly skilled doctor. Although unaware what exactly were the contents in the medicine usually prescribed, he was aware that conventional medicine had no effect on his body.

No one would be breathless after a five minutes’ walk, nor would anyone wear a thick fur coat during spring nights. Even more so, not a single person would have indigestion after eating half a bowl of rice and feel the urge to puke it out.

His entire body was in a constant state of utter exhaustion; unable to sleep well, yet unable to have full night’s sleep. He even suspected that his eyes might shut any day forever.

“You won’t.” Mo Shu replied decisively.

“I was able to survive under the previous terrible circumstances, but now, I ended up becoming whiny.” Nan Ge Er sighed with a bit of resignation. Does every human do that? Having no problems surviving in a horrible life; but once the days get cozy, every single illness would begin sprouting out.

On the contrary, Mo Shu started chuckling, “This is a good thing.”

“Falling sick is good?” Nan Ge Er shot a glance at him.

“A person will be in a completely anxious state when situated in a terrible living environment, only able to survive due to the adaptation by instincts, switching body functions into a survival mode. However, if a limit is breached, the body will instantly collapse, becoming irreparable.” After confirming the wound on Nan Ge Er’s hand was just a simple burn and had no danger, Mo Shu finally calmed down. He softened his grip on Nan Ge Er’s hand, explaining, “You are currently relaxed due to your present environment, so your bodily functions are recovering slowly. Even if you get sick, you can still nurse your health back. You won’t die easily.”

“But if I’m not in Guang Tian, I would have definitely died a long time ago.” Nan Ge Er stated straight away. He wasn’t so easily deceived.

Mo Shu paused a little before replying, “Mn.”

“Actually, I don’t think there is anything wrong with dying.” Nan Ge Er muttered.

Mo Shu grasped Nan Ge Er’s hand a little forcefully. The slight pain from the clutch reminded Nan Ge Er his hand was currently still held by a certain someone. Thus, he added tactfully, “But, presently, I think it is quite a pity to die.” Mo Shu didn’t utter a word. Nan Ge Er raised his head, smiling as he looked at Mo Shu, “So, I don’t want to die.”

Mo Shu only loosened his grasp after looking at Nan Ge Er’s smile.

“And,” with his free hand, Nan Ge Er pointed at his other hand, which was grasped by Mo Shu, “It hurts.”

After a momentary daze, Mo Shu beamed with joy, “Isn’t it great to be able to feel pain?”

Nan Ge Er pondered before smiling as well. I keep feeling that- alright- yup, the current Mo Shu isn’t quite as infuriating as before, huh? Maybe I’ve got used to the idiocy of Mo Shu? What a sad flexibility!


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Angel Mizuhara
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