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Chapter 4: The Murderer

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Ceci was dead.

She had been chopped up into several pieces and dismembered, her viscera and guts were spilled across the floor, and her white dress was completely dyed red. Just then, she had been smiling at Finch, but now she was only looking at Finch with lifeless eyes…

Finch suddenly felt nauseous in the pit of his stomach, and his hand trembled slightly.

The next moment, his trembling hand was grasped by a strong hand and he was lightly pulled out of the doorway, causing the bloody scene to leave his line of sight.

Cesar’s low voice sounded by his ear, “Don’t look. Stay here.”

As he said this, he let go of Finch’s hand, and didn’t even hesitate as he ran out of the shattered window!

The two girls who had come to the restroom and discovered the corpse first were the ones that had screamed. According to them, when they had come to the restroom, the killer had just carried out the murder, and the killer was a chef with a cleaver! And when the chef saw them, he had immediately escaped from the window!

Cesar had gone out the window just now, so he might be able to catch up.

But at this moment, Finch wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to where Cesar had gone. He leaned against the wall and took short, rapid breaths.

Although someone had already died earlier, because he hadn’t seen the corpse and the victim didn’t have anything to do with Finch, it had even seemed a bit unreal. But this time, the girl he had just met died just like this.

The whispers around him entered his ears.

“I saw that chef before. He was so scary, and his expression was like that of a madman’s…”

“At the time, I almost thought he was going to kill us.”

“Fortunately, he ran away.”

“The waiter in the corridor earlier was probably also killed by him. What kind of psychopathic personality does the killer have? Is he taking revenge on society? This is so scary.”

“But he ran away, so we should be safe…”

“Who knows. Hopefully he gets caught soon. Just then, who was the man that ran after him? He’s so brave and great…”

So Ceci hadn’t been the killer at all. Finch recalled his dispute with Cesar from just then, and the corners of his lips curled into a bitter smile.

She had already died, so of course she wasn’t the killer.

But he couldn’t be happy at all.

Since the scene was so bloody, no one dared to get closer. Soon, Lily and Anna heard the news and came over. They were good friends of Ceci, and when they saw her corpse, they paled and wobbled, nearly falling over. Fear, sadness, and shock mingled in their expressions, and they hugged each other, sobbing softly… 

Finch suddenly felt a little uneasy, so he stood up silently and walked to a table nearby. He was about to pull off the tablecloth, but because there were a lot of objects on the table, so when he began to pull the tablecloth off, a few cups were knocked over.

A young waiter wearing a uniform who was standing to the side saw what Finch was doing and walked up to him quickly. “Sir, let me help you.” The waiter had a baby face, and he was handsome and was smiling gently.

Finch looked at him and said, “Do you know what I’m trying to do?”

The young waiter nodded and sighed. He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment and said, “Actually, I can’t really watch on, as a corpse being exposed like this isn’t really good. But I get queasy when I see blood so I didn’t dare to go over there…”

With the waiter’s help, Finch finished pulling off the tablecloth quickly, and he walked directly into the crowd and used the tablecloth to cover the corpse that was so frightening.

I can’t do much, but at least now you’re covered so people won’t gossip so much, thought Finch.

The young waiter was waiting at the side, and when he saw Finch come out soon after, he smiled in admiration. “You’re a good person.”

Inexplicably, Finch was speechless at the waiter’s words.

After something like this happened, Zheng ZhiRui had received the news very quickly, and he brought his bodygrounds over. Before, he had been in the control room outside the entire time, and hadn’t expected for someone else to die in such a short period of time. Moreover, he had heard that the murderer had been seen by several people, and that it was the chef on his cruise ship. But how was that possible? The chef was one of his confidants, and he had worked on the ship for many years, so it didn’t make sense that he would do such a thing.

Because of this, Zheng ZhiRui was somber and had an ugly complexion as he walked over.

From the distance, he could already see people crowding around the doorway, as well as Lily and Anna, who were pale and crying.

Lily probably knew Zheng ZhiRui, so when she saw Zheng ZhiRui, she went over to him immediately and cried, “Mr. Zheng, what do we do, someone else died…”

Zheng ZhiRui watched the girl come closer and felt a little impatient. Usually, he would be quite interested in women who threw themselves into his arms to win his heart. Lily had slept with him several times, and he knew that she had a sharp and interesting personality and sometimes, she would even bring new people over. However, right now he wasn’t in the mood to deal with her, and when he thought about the situation in the ship, he felt very pessimistic.

He was worried what the people around him would say, so Zheng ZhiRui consoled her reluctantly, “We’ve already increased security, and we know who the killer is now. He won’t have another opportunity to kill someone.”

After saying this, he ignored the two girls who were crying and walked into the restroom.

Zheng ZhiRui’s polished leather shoes clacked on the ground, and his eyebrows knitted in disgust as he cautiously avoided the pools of blood on the ground. He motioned for his bodyguards to lift up the tablecloth so he could see the body.

The bodyguards hastily lifted up the tablecloth, and a head with its lifeless eyes still open appeared in front of Zheng ZhiRui.

The blood quickly drained from his face, and he was so scared he stumbled backwards several steps, nearly falling over in fear.

After the last murder, only Zheng ZhiRui’s subordinates had questioned Ceci, so this was his first time seeing her in person.

The people around him looked at Zheng ZhiRui in confusion; Zheng ZhiRui looked quite dignified, and had even consoled other people just then, but now, seeing a corpse frightened him so much. It’s not that the corpse wasn’t scary, and Zheng ZhiRui had been prepared to see it yet was still so frightened…

He really was like an embroidered pillow, looking good on the outside but without any actual knowledge inside.

However, Zheng ZhiRui didn’t notice the others’ stares and discussions. He could only stare straight at the body on the floor as if it was a very scary thing, and his hands even began to tremble.

The bodyguard near him quickly reached out his hand to steady Zheng ZhiRui. “Mr. Zheng?”

Zheng ZhiRui drew a deep breath and was finally aware that he had forgotten himself. He suddenly turned his head and glanced at Lily and Anna, who were still afraid and crying. His expression darkened and he said in a low voice, “You two, come with me!”

Lily and Anna had thought that Zheng ZhiRui wasn’t planning on paying attention to them at all. After all, they were very self-aware and knew that Zheng ZhiRui only played with people like them in his free time. Thus, they hadn’t expected for Zheng ZhiRui to suddenly change his attitude after seeing the corpse and call them over, so they were perplexed for a while.

Zheng ZhiRui was already back to normal, and he nodded at everyone present. “My apologies for letting everyone be so frightened. The police are already on their way here, so we’ll be able to send everyone home safely soon. Afterwards, I will prepare a small gift for everyone to express my apologies.”

After saying this, he led his bodyguards and the two models away without looking back.

Discussions started everywhere again.

Finch looked at Zheng ZhiRui’s receding back in deep thought.

Just then, why had he looked so scared when he saw Ceci? Was it really just because it was a corpse? He didn’t know why, but Finch felt that something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t put his finger on it, and he didn’t know what he was overlooking.

Exactly what was wrong?

Cesar wasn’t here anymore, and the killer had already escaped. Logically, there indeed shouldn’t be any more danger, but then what was that apprehension?

Finch paused and then walked quietly towards Zheng ZhiRui.

Zheng ZhiRui and the others had already left the hall and were standing in the corridor. Because of the murder that had occurred here earlier, there was no one in the corridor, only Zheng ZhiRui, his bodyguards, Lily, and Anna.

Lily and Anna had followed Zheng ZhiRui out, and they looked confused and a bit scared.

Zheng ZhiRui turned around and looked them dead in the eye. His expression was devoid of the calmness and elegance it had had earlier, and it was now ferocious and terrible. He enunciated one word at a time, “When were you two with her?”

Lily was puzzled, “Ceci? We were with her the whole time.”

Zheng ZhiRui drew a deep breath and said, “I’m asking, what time did you two see her at??”

Although Lily and Anna didn’t know why Zheng ZhiRui would ask that, they replied obediently, “Around, around when we boarded the ship. I don’t remember either… it seemed to be around six, almost seven o’clock. She didn’t come with us. When we came, she had already boarded the ship.”

Zheng ZhiRui’s expression darkened. “Did you two see her board the ship?”

They quickly shook their heads. “We didn’t.”

Zheng ZhiRui said, “So you two didn’t see her board the ship. When you came, she had already boarded, and you two first saw her around six or seven.”

They nodded.

Zheng ZhiRui’s hands curled into fists, and he asked one of his bodyguards, “Have you contacted anyone?”

The bodyguard shook his head. “Not yet. Phones can’t get through, and even the satellite phones don’t have any signal. There’s clearly no storm, but there’s no way of contacting anyone. There’s unusually thick mist around us, and the visibility is very low. Right now, the best thing we can do is to remain where we are and wait for help.”

Zheng ZhiRui gritted his teeth. “Keep trying to contact someone!”

At this point, even Lily and Anna noticed that something wasn’t quite right. Just then, hadn’t Zheng ZhiRui promised that they had already contacted the police and would send them home safely soon? How come he’s now saying that the phones can’t get through? And even the ship can’t be steered back to land?

Could it be that he was lying earlier?

So now, not only were they isolated in the middle of the sea, there was also a scary, twisted killer loose on the ship?!

Finch pressed himself against the wall and felt that he had heard things he shouldn’t have. He inclined his ears in concentration, his heartbeat racing.

Lily and Anna panicked. “Mr. Zheng, what’s that supposed to mean? Didn’t you say that you’ve already contacted the police?”

Zheng ZhiRui roared quietly and impatiently, “Shut up!”

But in the life-and-death situation, the two women became a bit braver; who cared about other things if they were about to die? Anna sobbed, “But you said that you’d send us back safely…”

Zheng ZhiRui’s chest heaved up and down, as if he was suppressing his fear and anger. He finally closed his eyes and then looked back up at the two women. He laughed cuttingly. “Go back? No one can go back now!”

Lily and Anna froze and looked at him with pale faces.

Zheng ZhiRui looked at them and smiled hideously. “You two should be happy that you’re still standing here. Because… the girl with you two tonight… has already died long ago!”

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