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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


The moonlight blended with the night, and from Jiang Ci’s point of view, the silver-haired Celestial down on one knee in front of him was partly interlaced with light and shadow. Among the many creatures of the world, and even among the administrators, Luci was indeed objectively the perfect creature.

He was endowed with very powerful abilities, and Jiang Ci felt that Luci’s character was more divine than his god-like self with a normal human mind.

Absolutely solid order, complete and holy. If Luci lacked in anything, it was probably compassion. Luci had a kind of indifference toward others, even the Celestials, without discrimination.

It was as if they were in a different place, and Luci would look down on them.

As Jiang Ci found himself touching the other wing, he shifted his gaze, and at that moment caught sight of Luci, who was half-kneeling, looking up at him from a lowered stance, and it was completely voluntary.

“Why does it hurt?” Jiang Ci reacted to the question with a hesitant expression, “Have you been injured before…?”

This should be unlikely…

Subconsciously, Jiang Ci had great trust in Luci’s ability as the administrator of Celestials, and not many people in the world should be able to hurt him. What’s more, he was able to injure the part of the wing that was vital to Celestials.

“Arsène’s defensive barriers require magical energy to maintain.” Luci replied bluntly, “This energy is provided by the Celestials, and the wings hurt when they are drawn from the body.”

This was not a lie.

The wings of Celestials were where magical energy was stored, and they were very sensitive, so when the stored magical energy was forcibly extracted, it was inevitable that they would ache.

Jiang Ci had only thought that the entire defensive barrier of Arsène would be tiring to be maintained by Luci alone, and he did not know that this would have such consequences. So when he was told, especially when he heard Luci say to him in person that it hurt, it made Jiang Ci unable to stop caring about him.

“Since the day you went to the central control room, has the pain continued until now?” Jiang Ci frowned and looked worried, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

Luci looked at him and blinked softly in a calm, somewhat indifferent expression, but remained silent. He was used to being patient.

His habit of patience stemmed from being used to lack of care from others.

After the coming of God, he tried to express his heart to Him. This was a little difficult for Luci, who could not do it very well, but now he was able to at least do it to this extent.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Jiang Ci had to say, “Then from now on, just like now, tell me directly if you have anything to say, and don’t keep quiet.”

Luci then asked, “If I tell you, will you care about me as much as you do now?”

Jiang Ci felt that he needed to correct his point of view, “Even if nothing happened, I’d still care about you.” 

It wasn’t that he only cared specifically when something happened.

He didn’t know what this reply hit inside Luci, but he saw that in the pair of different-colored eyes that were gazing at him, some kind of hazy light suddenly became much more real. He didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not but felt that these eyes reflected his appearance more clearly.

Luci had a strong and devout belief in “God”, which started when he heard many Celestials say that God favored him. That was when he first thought… What did the God who created him look like?

He began to try to picture God in his heart, and even if he could not, he continued to imagine Him, unknowingly for a long time. This long and lonely period made him imprint his longing for “God” on his heart, and this longing deepened day by day, and finally became an indestructible and devout faith.

However, what Luci believed in was his imaginary God – and even when Jiang Ci first appeared, he treated Jiang Ci as the God in his imagination.

This concept covered Jiang Ci himself.

Jiang Ci’s hand was still on the wings behind Luci, and he looked down at the six pure white wings, stroking his hand in the direction of the growth of those white feathers.

The six wings altogether were a large task.

Jiang Ci thought so, but still touched them; the other party had specifically told him that it was painful, so he, of course, had to respond to it.

“Is it too much if I touch like this?” Jiang Ci’s movements were already very careful, “I’ll be a little more gentle if it is.” 

Luci did not resist and replied in a low voice, “No.”

Upon hearing that, Jiang Ci started to act at ease, but when he touched the wings, his fingers must have grazed someplace wrong because the wing he was stroking suddenly moved, as if to avoid his touch. It was obviously a reflexive movement, and Jiang Ci subconsciously drew his hand back.

“Did that hurt?” Jiang Ci felt apologetic. “I’ll be gentler.” 

Luci didn’t react to the pain. He parted his lips as if to say something, but in the end chose not to say anything. And then, no matter where Jiang Ci’s hand touched his wing, his reaction was at most to lower his eyes, and from the side of his face, it looked as if he was holding something back, but his wings did not move anymore.

As a matter of fact, the wings of Celestials were, much like the small horns on Shadow Race’s heads, body parts that were not easily touched by others.

In normal social interactions, people of both races were careful not to offend others by touching them.

Celestials’ wings were very sensitive, and there were few Celestials who could maintain a calm demeanor when they were touched so carefully by others. Except for the occasional, necessary glance, Luci was mostly looking up at the dark-haired young man in the process.

With each gentle touch on his wings, the figure of the young man in his eyes became clearer and clearer.

The “God” he believed in was Jiang Ci.

The Jiang Ci he believed in was “God”.

There seemed to be no difference between these two concepts, but in fact they were completely different. Jiang Ci did not notice any change, but when he finally finished the big project and found Luci gazing at him, he saw the concentration and devotion in those differently colored eyes.

This caused Jiang Ci to pause.

Every time Luci came to see him, he always used to kneel halfway in front of him, and Jiang Ci had told him that there was no need to do so, but Luci still insisted. Because it was Luci’s subjective decision, Jiang Ci stopped pressing the matter after he had proposed it once.

And now, Jiang Ci understood that this was Luci’s way of expressing his faith.


The next day, Jiang Ci went to the medical area Ivy was originally in charge of. This time, he didn’t stop the Celestials from coming with him, so while he was treating the townspeople, the two races in the same space began to make frequent eye contact.

To be precise, the two sides were staring into each other’s eyes without giving way, and exchanging friendly language – the two sides had a lot of fun.

Celestials: “The construction of your city is good, but still not as good as Arsène.”

Shadow Race: “Then take an airship back to Phantom, we are willing to provide free tickets.”

Celestials: “It’s barely enough to stay.”

Shadow Race: “Don’t be reluctant, reluctance won’t end well.”

Celestials: “We won’t leave.”

Shadow Race: “Hmph.”

Jiang Ci could do nothing about it, but seeing that they were just chatting, he left them be.

While Jiang Ci continued his work, the Celestials who had followed him here discussed and acted accordingly. They took out a new healing device developed by their own race, and after charging it with a certain amount of magical energy, they attached it to the Shadow Race who were still a little weak after being treated by Jiang Ci.

This healing device was very miniature, about the size of a coin, and could be attached directly on the skin of the injured. This device was much more convenient than the previous direct use of magic, which was developed after the advancement of technology.

The Shadow Race member who received help widened their eyes in disbelief, “What are you doing?”

Cheryl, the leader of this Celestials team, looked at them and said, “We just don’t want God to keep worrying.”

No matter what, God came first for them.

It was true that different races have their own ideas, but their idea of worshiping God was the same, and no one would want to do anything to displease God. As long as it was God’s wish, they were willing to give help to other races.

The Celestials’ help to the Phantom’s townspeople was less apparent than the ‘friendly exchange’ from earlier, so Jiang Ci didn’t notice.

There were fewer people in need of treatment today than yesterday, and all Jiang Ci needed to do was to stay in Phantom City, and the elements in the environment of this area would return to normal as fast as possible.

When it was completely normal, there would be no more new patients.

Jiang Ci said yesterday that he would not allow Ivy to use his method to treat the townspeople again, and Ivy dared not disobey him, so he could only watch with a cold face today.

When he had finished treating the new residents, Jiang Ci held out his hand to Ivy again, palm upward, “Your turn.”

Ivy didn’t give him his hand right away, but he looked at Luci who was standing a short distance away from Jiang Ci, and when he saw that the other man was unresponsive, glancing at him indifferently, Ivy deliberately raised an eyebrow carelessly.

The raised eyebrow was quite rude, but when he turned back to face Jiang Ci, Ivy’s expression turned meek, and he only pursed his lips and placed his left hand on Jiang Ci’s open palm.

Jiang Ci skillfully repeated the operation, concentrating on dissolving the elements with his mind. The whole process took only a few seconds, but Luci’s eyes stopped on the hand they were touching, and the look on his face was hard to read.

It was impossible to tell if he was happy or unhappy.

Ivy saw it as an act, but in reality the “perfect” appearance of the other person was inherently false to Ivy. It was impossible for a creation to be perfect, as that was a word reserved for God and God alone.

The more indifferent a creature was, the deeper it hid its emotions; the indifference was not caused by a lack of emotions.

That’s why Ivy had always been curious about how Luci would behave if the mask of indifference on his face were to shatter.

Ivy could do nothing but look at him.

But now, when confronted with something related to God, Ivy could see that the other man was showing a concern that was beyond his control.

“Okay.” Jiang Ci put his hand down. “We need to do this again tomorrow.”

“Hmm.” After hearing what Jiang Ci had said yesterday, Ivy now answered mostly the same way when faced with Jiang Ci’s requests to him.

Not being able to be too enthusiastic, but to show that he was willing to listen to him, Ivy could only do that much.

Jiang Ci did not find this response perfunctory. He had changed from his previous indifference and resistance to his current willingness to listen to him.

The citizens of the City of Night planned to hold a big banquet today to celebrate the arrival of Jiang Ci, and Ivy agreed.

As it was a celebratory banquet, after the banquet began, the townspeople and the Celestials who accompanied Jiang Ci to the city felt comfortable not to have any verbal sparring and were together in a rare harmony.

Jiang Ci was expected by the Shadow Race to attend the banquet, but he could only remain seated, because no matter where he went, he was followed by a crowd of eyes.

Jiang Ci didn’t want to cause any commotion, so he sat comfortably.

On the table in front of him, there was a cup of berry-colored liquid, which a Shadow Race member told him was a specially brewed fruit wine that could only be produced here in Phantom. Thinking that the alcohol level of the wine should not be too high, Jiang Ci took a sip. It tasted just like fruit juice, so he finished it with confidence.

At that moment, Ivy came to him.

Ivy had one last question he wished to ask, and decided that once he had asked it and Jiang Ci was willing to explain, he would stop wondering if God was more or less interested in Celestials … than in Luci.

“Why did you only give Luci his name?” Ivy flattened his voice, trying to appear unconcerned at the question, but the words sounded counterproductive when spoken.

The person mentioned in Ivy’s sentence was standing on the other side of Jiang Ci, and Luci was looking at him coldly.

The scene before Jiang Ci’s eyes was hazy, and he didn’t look like he was drunk, but his whole mind was actually a little dizzy right now. But he still heard Ivy’s question, and his mind was working slowly.

Why did he only name Luci…?

Jiang Ci thought about it, but it was simply because he was crap at naming things. 

Celestials were modeled after the angels in the Bible, and when he thought of angels, the name ‘Lucifer’ would come to mind. Perhaps it was because this angel was best known by his post-fall name. So, when naming the administrator of the Celestials, Jiang Ci directly took the first part from the name ‘Lucifer,’ that is, ‘Luci.’

However, he could not think of a suitable name for the administrators of the other races at that point in time, so left it blank and allowed the system to randomly select it.

Jiang Ci’s reason was very complete, but in his not-so-conscious state, he only said slowly, “Lucifer…”

Ivy froze slightly at the sound of this unfamiliar name.

Luci… fer?

Whose name was that?

Ivy immediately went to look at Luci’s face, but found that Luci himself was staring fixedly at Jiang Ci, apparently unaware of the existence of the owner of the name.

At this moment, Ivy suddenly had an absurd thought.


Could it be that Luci, whom he had been reluctant to admit but was indeed jealous of, was just a substitute for another creature that neither of them knew about? 


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Sue R
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