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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


As Cesar looked at Mr. Mu, his expression slowly hardened.

Mr. Mu’s eyes were now completely shrouded in black. The corner of his mouth tugged upwards in a stiff smile, and it seemed that he still wasn’t too used to controlling this body. He said menacingly, “Everything will end very soon, and the key is already at the node. Our world is about to arrive.”

Cesar was finally convinced that Mr. Mu was being controlled, and although he didn’t want to believe it, he was forced to accept this reality. He asked, “When did you enter his body?”

‘Mr. Mu’ tilted his head and grinned. “Even earlier than you. It was when he discovered the first collision of the two planes. Humans are always too curious about things they don’t know, and they don’t hesitate to take risks just to find out more. What a wonderful obsession to have… yet he didn’t even know that he was being controlled unconsciously.”

Cesar seemed to be shocked as he murmured, “Impossible…”

However, before he finished speaking, he suddenly jumped towards Mr. Mu, as agile as a leopard. Unfortunately, Mr. Mu wasn’t fooled and was prepared for his attack. Mr. Mu waved his right hand, and the robots all opened fire at Cesar, intending to kill him mercilessly!

Cesar spun midair to avoid the bullets, but a bullet still pierced through the side of his waist. He paled, and landed on the ground, rolling, leaving behind a trail of blood. Several guns were pointed at his head.

He had never trusted him.

Cesar lifted his head in desperation and asked, “Are you going to kill me, father?”

The word ‘father’ seemed to affect ‘Mr. Mu’, and his expression contorted as if there was something inside struggling furiously. However, he soon resumed his calm expression and smiled stiffly. “He won’t come to save you. No one can save you.”

Cesar covered his wound, and blood trickled from the gaps between his fingers. His heart was beating very slowly, and every pulse was like the beat of a large drum. He began to lose control of the dark energy he was suppressing inside him, and letting go of the chains was the only way he could escape this place…

The consciousness began to tempt him, telling him to relinquish control of this body.

If he became one of them, then he wouldn’t have to be in pain and so conflicted.

Cesar gritted his teeth tightly, but…

‘Mr. Mu’ smirked cruelly and raised his hand, causing all of the robots to place their fingers on the trigger of their laser guns.

Suddenly, there was a brisk knock on the door.

Cesar and Mr. Mu both looked at the door.

Xie Yan was standing there, impeccably dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He was smiling as he knocked lightly on the glass door. “My apologies, am I interrupting?”

‘Mr. Mu’s’ expression was calm, and he didn’t seem like he cared that Xie Yan discovered that he wasn’t the original Mr. Mu. He frowned and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Cesar’s expression darkened a little at this; it seemed that Xie Yan had already known that Mr. Mu was being controlled.

Xie Yan grinned. “I sensed the energy fluctuations from that university and that the door is about to open completely, so I came here to see what your plans are.”

‘Mr. Mu’ said indifferently, “I already arranged everything, so you just need to wait.”

Xie Yan’s gaze flickered slightly, and he asked, “Did you arrange people there too?”

‘Mr. Mu’ nodded curtly, and he looked quite pleased. “You can go first, I don’t need you here for now. I can take care of this by myself.”

Xie Yan was silent for a moment, but he suddenly looked up with a hardened gaze and slammed Mr. Mu into the wall, with one hand pressed firmly on his throat!

All of the robots immediately pointed their guns towards Xie Yan!

This twist was very sudden, and even Cesar hadn’t expected for Xie Yan to suddenly do something like this. He looked searchingly at Xie Yan in surprise, his jaw tightly clenched.

He had thought that Xie Yan was on the other side.

Xie Yan, who still had one hand around Mr. Mu’s neck, laughed lightly. “Sure enough, in these robot’s program sequences, protecting you is more important than killing Cesar. That’s quite fortunate… or else even I wouldn’t have been able to get rid of this many robots.” Then, he turned around and said to Cesar, “You can go.”

‘Mr. Mu’ was enraged! He said furiously, “What are you doing?! Don’t forget how you came here in the first place, if it wasn’t for me——”

Xie Yan tightened his grip, and ‘Mr. Mu’s’ face contorted in pain.

Xie Yan smiled faintly. “I’ve already thanked you for that, and I really like this world. It’s just that I’m not as ambitious as you, and I think that this world is already quite nice the way it is. I also like my current identity, and it’s a lot more interesting than my original world… And…” Xie Yan grinned. “I have so many fans now, so in case doomsday happens, who would be in the mood to care about their idol? Thus, I feel that there’s no need to change things for now.”

When ‘Mr. Mu’ heard this, he became shocked and furious, and he seemed to feel that Xie Yan was being very unreasonable!

Xie Yan ignored him and looked at Cesar, who was about to leave. He asked slowly, “You’ll bring him back safely, right?”

Cesar glanced at him and said resolutely, “Yes. And… thank you.”


Meanwhile, Finch and Xiao Ke were hiding in the cafeteria.

It was pure chaos outside, and people were fleeing everywhere, as well as various, weird monsters among them.

Fortunately, the monsters didn’t seem to be hunting people, and they even seemed a little scared of them, since in their eyes, humans probably also looked like strange creatures. Thus, although everything was very chaotic, there were no casualties so far.

Some other students had also hidden in the cafeteria. They closed all of the doors and windows before gathering together and whispering among themselves in fear.

Xiao Ke’s face was pale, but he had been following Finch very obediently the entire time, not even daring to breathe loudly.

Finch felt sorry for him, and he tightened his grip on Xiao Ke’s hand. He got closer to the group of students, wanting to hear if they had any ideas.

Some people suggested continuing to hide here because the government definitely wouldn’t allow something like this to happen, so they believed that the police would arrive soon to save them. However, others suggested that they couldn’t just wait here like sitting ducks and that they should figure out how to escape from here first.

Some people probably watched too much television, and they felt that it was doomsday and were worried that there would be no one to come save them.

This group of people were all college students, so they haven’t seen nor experienced many things. They were also quite quick to adapt, so they all began to look for items around the cafeteria they could use as weapons.

Finch thought, If the things outside right now were zombies, they can probably think of several plans to escape.

He was a little anxious, and he wondered when Cesar would arrive.

Suddenly, glass shattered on the right side of the cafeteria. A monster had probably been on a rampage and had accidentally charged in. As it raised its huge, hooked claws, it looked sort of like a praying mantis. Its black shell gleamed coldly, and it looked scary and disgusting.

Although everyone had been discussing things with a cool head just then, seeing such a scary monster up close still scared all of them, and their faces turned pale!

The monster also hadn’t expected that it would rush in and see so many people. Its large, red eyes dilated a little, and it probably realized that it was no match for a group of people, so it turned around to flee!

However, the group of students finally recovered from their shock and fear, and their expressions became fierce! They all raised a chair or stool and desperately ganged up on the monster. Because they were so scared, they didn’t dare to stop, and their expressions were crazed.

The monster desperately resisted, but it was outnumbered and was quickly beaten up into bits and pieces. Its black shell cracked, revealing the red and green flesh and viscera inside of it. The monster twitched slightly before it became still.

Everyone finally stopped and looked at each other in a little fear.

If this monster had escaped just then, then what if it brought back more monsters? Fortunately, everyone had resolutely made the first move to kill it.

However, after this ordeal, when they looked at the shattered window, they felt that they couldn’t stay here any longer and should escape quickly. Just then, only one monster had accidentally gotten in, but what if there were even more next time?

Finch looked at the monster’s pulpy corpse and frowned. When he recalled what he had just seen, he inexplicably felt that something was off…

Besides the fact that these monsters looked very scary, they didn’t seem to be aggressive and actually seemed a little scared of people.

Just then, when this monster had accidentally charged in, its first instinct was to escape!

Although Finch could understand that people like him also looked like monsters in the monsters’ eyes… monsters couldn’t be this peaceable, right? Were monsters really this scared of humans?

Wait, but they were also monsters in the monsters’ eyes…

Finch suddenly let go of Xiao Ke, stood up, and walked towards the monster’s body, and squatted down, feeling around in the mush.

When the students saw him do this, they nearly threw up in disgust. They were scared of just stepping on it, yet this person was using his hands to feel around in it!

Someone immediately asked, “What are you doing?”

Finch ignored them. After feeling around for a while, he felt a wristwatch that was stained in blood. He frowned deeply and said, “I think there’s a problem. You guys shouldn’t have been so quick to attack it.”

A male student asked, “If we didn’t attack first, we would’ve been killed, right?.”

Finch thought for a moment and said, “I don’t think they’re monsters. Look at this wristwatch. Do you really think monsters would buy and wear watches from Earth?”

He wiped the wristwatch before handing it over to the student.

The students gathered around him and looked at it. A female student said softly, “Perhaps, when it ate someone, it accidentally also ate the watch?”

Everyone murmured their agreements with her.

After all, they had all seen that there was nowhere on the monster that it could have worn the wristwatch, so it must’ve been in its stomach after it ate someone, and it was only revealed after they killed it!

Finch frowned. “I don’t think so. Perhaps they’re the actual owner of the watch, but an illusion caused us to see them as a monster. However, in their eyes, we also look like monsters, which was why it was so afraid and tried to escape.”

The students were stunned before they said quickly, “Impossible, that’s too absurd.”

No one believed it at all!

Finch was quite anxious, but besides this watch, he had no other evidence to persuade these people with.

Soon afterward, one of the students said, “We’ve decided to leave this place, do you want to come with us?”

Finch hesitated for a moment.

At this time, Xiao Ke tugged his sleeve, his face pale and his lips trembling as he implored, “Finch, I want to go see my dad…”

The classroom Xiao JingZheng taught in the building in the middle of the campus, where a lot of the monsters had run out from, so these students definitely wouldn’t want to go there. Finch thought about his conjecture again and looked at Xiao Ke’s pale face. He gritted his teeth and mustered up his courage, saying, “I won’t go with you guys, I have to go find someone.”

Everyone knew that going towards the middle of the campus was equivalent to seeking one’s own death, but they didn’t know Finch and couldn’t persuade him to do otherwise. Thus, they quickly gave up on doing so; after all, their own lives were the most important right now.

Finch parted ways with the group of students and cautiously led Xiao Ke out of the cafeteria, walking towards the center of the campus.

In order to avoid the chaotic people and monsters, Finch kept close to the walls of buildings.

Because it had already been a while since the start of the chaos, there weren’t a lot of people and monsters outside anymore, as they had probably run away and separated. Thus, Finch and Xiao Ke didn’t encounter any monsters.

Finch held his breath as he walked, but he suddenly stopped.

Because just a few steps in front of them, there was a ferocious, fanged monster staring at them. 

Cold sweat poured down from Finch.

Although he had reached a conjecture that these monsters probably wouldn’t attack him without provocation since these monsters were also people, there was only one of him now, and he wasn’t a hundred percent sure his guess was correct.

Not to mention in case the monster really was a human, it might be like the others and decide to attack Finch to protect themselves.

Finch clenched his hands into fists and looked straight at the monster. If it didn’t leave, then he would have to fight to the death.

One second, two seconds, and three seconds passed…

The monster suddenly turned around and fled, quickly disappearing around the corner.

Finch relaxed, though his palms were still clammy.

He took a deep breath and grabbed Xiao Ke’s hand, about to continue forwards, as they were quite close to Xiao JingZheng’s classroom. However, when they passed by a flower bed, Xiao Ke stopped and tugged on Finch’s hand, saying, “What do you see over there?”

Finch turned around and his eyes widened in shock at once.

In the center of the campus, there was a huge, black vortex suspended in midair. The space around it was distorted by the vortex, and although it was spinning quite slowly, the vortex was expanding very quickly, ruthlessly engulfing everything around it.

It was magnificent, spectacular, and terrible.

Finch’s lips quivered, and he instinctively wanted to get himself and Xiao Ke away from here as soon as possible. However, the boy’s hand suddenly tightened around his, so much so that Finch’s face paled from the pain.

Finch looked down and saw Xiao Ke smiling. The boy’s chubby face was very cute, and he always smiled like this. However, in this situation, he looked creepy and unnatural.

Xiao Ke said, “Stop walking, this is our destination.”

In this instant, a chill ran down Finch’s spine and spread to all parts of his body, and he could only feel cold all over.

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