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Chapter 6: Come!

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Finch looked at the scene in front of him in a daze.

He had clearly been terribly scared before, but now, as he saw the corpses covering the floor and the girls’ smiles, he inexplicably calmed down, and the only feeling left was a chill that spread from his fingertips.

Cesar was grasping Finch’s hand tightly as he said dully, “If Ceci died on the ship, then it wouldn’t be enough to shock Zheng ZhiRui. He could even be the murderer, which would explain why he is so scared of someone knowing.”

Finch said in a low voice, “Then which of him and chef is the killer…”

Cesar’s gaze landed on the mad chef, and his eyes were dense with chilliness. He said slowly, “We have no way of knowing right now. Perhaps he only knows what is going on, or…”

He was the one who instigated everything.

If someone was hiding something, then they would be scared, and that fear would cause them to instinctively get rid of everything they feared.

Again and again.

Probably since they had stood at the side and pretended they weren’t there for too long, the chef who had been chopping for a while finally noticed them. He seemed to have gone mad already, and the chef charged at them with bloodshot eyes!

He wanted to kill everyone!

Cesar didn’t even blink as he lifted a hand and sliced the back of the chef’s head with the side of his hand. The chef’s knife slid by Cesar’s face and didn’t strike anything except empty air. The chef fell to the floor with a thump, unconscious.

Finch almost couldn’t believe how easily Cesar had resolved things.

But Cesar didn’t show any signs of relaxing after easily dealing with the chef. On the contrary, his expression hardened even further. “That’s not all.”

“Huh?” Finch looked up at him.

What’s not all?

Finch suddenly recalled that besides dealing with the chef this way, Ceci also wanted to lure Cesar out… But Cesar wasn’t the murderer, nor did he have anything to do with Zheng ZhiRui, so why would she target Cesar? Why would she lure him away?

Just when Finch couldn’t understand things, Cesar suddenly stepped forward and opened a large door in the room.

Two complete female corpses fell out.

Finch glanced at them and froze at once.

He was also extremely familiar with their faces, there was no way he couldn’t be… because they had been with Ceci the entire night, and had even pretended they didn’t know anything about the fact that Ceci had already died!

The bodies belonged to Lily and Anna.

“Could it be that they were also victims, so…” Finch was shocked and seemed to finally understand: Lily and Anna weren’t people either. So this was why Ceci wanted to lure away Cesar and keep Lily and Anna near Zheng ZhiRui; she wanted to take revenge on Zheng ZhiRui! It turned out that they were a three-person team!

However, Cesar shook his head and looked askance at the bodies. He scoffed, “Victims?”

“Perhaps… Their bodies are still fresh, so they can’t have been dead for a long time. They weren’t killed by Zheng ZhiRui.” Cesar’s eyes seemed to be bottomless. “But… I’m afraid that on this ship, Ceci isn’t the only victim. However, it is not them.”

At least Finch was also part of the entertainment industry, so his divergent thinking skills weren’t too bad. When he thought of a possibility, his expression darkened.

Ceci had already died long ago, so the Ceci tonight wasn’t her.

Lily and Anna had also been murdered, and something else had transformed into their appearances. One was responsible for luring away Cesar. The other two were responsible for taking revenge on Zheng ZhiRui.

The puzzle pieces began to fit together. Finch and Cesar being here right now was also part of their plan. Finch looked at Cesar and said, “We should go back.”

Even if Ceci was the victim, there were still two nonhuman entities in the main hall upstairs. And, excluding Zheng ZhiRui, there were still a lot of innocent people there! Even if Ceci was only taking revenge, that was no excuse to put everyone in danger.

Cesar nodded, and his eyes hardened slightly.

However, just as the two of them were about to step out of the room, the various parts of corpses strewn across the ground suddenly began moving, and they quickly pieced themselves together into the shape of a person. Finch could tell that they weren’t from the same body, as its arms and legs were uneven, and the part where the neck connected to the head had gaps. Its mouth was bloodstained, and the entire person seemed to be pieces of flesh that had been randomly put together. The face still had on a cute and shy smile.

The girl’s voice sounded as if it came from far away. “Don’t go, can’t you stay here and keep me company for a while?”

This was practically a scene from a standard horror movie… Finch’s expression became serious and he thought, In the end, she has still come!

Cesar sighed helplessly and turned around to look at the girl. “You know that we must go upstairs.”

“Why?” Ceci tilted her head, but since her head had been put on her neck, the movement caused her head to nearly separate from her neck, leaving only a thin thread holding them together. She felt wronged and said, “I didn’t even do anything to you two, I just want you to keep me company for a while, just a while…”

As she said this, she glanced at Cesar and seemed to be quite scared of him.

Cesar suddenly laughed lightly, and his gaze was sharp. “You won’t, or you don’t dare to?”

Ceci was speechless.

Finch was also speechless. Cesar didn’t even let ghosts save face, he really didn’t understand how to be chivalrous. 

Ceci’s expression stiffened for a while, and she gritted her teeth to make an expression that said ‘I’m super fierce’ as she glared at them viciously. “Even if you go back now, you’re too late! Humph!”

Cesar raised an eyebrow, “Is that so?”

After saying this, he turned around and left, completely ignoring the fuming girl behind him.

Upon seeing that Cesar was about to go, Ceci seemed to finally get anxious. She rashly charged towards Cesar, wanting to stop him from leaving.

Cesar didn’t look back, and he casually turned his body to dodge Ceci’s attack. Then, he lifted a fist and smashed it on the side of her neck! The punch was muffled, and it directly tore apart Ceci’s body! Her limbs flew everywhere!

Ceci looked at him, and her eyes gradually became bloodshot. She was angry and sad, and her expression became ferocious. She whined, “Why do you want to go back? Why don’t you want to stay? Stay!”

As she whined, the countless corpses in the room all began to move.

Soon after, one Ceci, two Cecis, three Cecis… over a dozen Cecis stood up from the pile of bodies!

A scary smile hung on their faces, and blood dripped down from their eye sockets. Every face smiled at Cesar and Finch at the same time, and they bared their canine teeth as they giggled, “Can’t you stay…”

Finch’s face had gone white from fright. Shit, they’re showing signs of using their ultimate move!

And, they outnumbered him and Cesar!

He was about to raise his hands and say, ‘I surrender, I won’t leave. But if you want to take revenge or complain, that has nothing to do with me!’ But before he could do so, Cesar had already sprung into action.

Cesar’s movements were so fast, the naked eye could barely keep up. He was merely a blur in Finch’s vision, and Cesar didn’t use anything except for his bare fists as he tore apart the group of Cecis. They became a pile of ‘building blocks’ once more.

Only a dozen seconds or so had passed.

Finch was speechless. He had thought there would be more resistance, but quantity didn’t mean quality. Lightning really was powerful, while raindrops were weak. Weaklings were weaklings, and when they died they were still weaklings; weaklings were doomed to be weaklings forever…

Cesar stood there coldly and used the hem of his shirt to wipe off the blood on his hands with a little disgust.

The girl’s head cried on the floor.

If the scene wasn’t so bloody, it would’ve almost been like domestic violence before the ruthless man left…

It was to the point that Finch couldn’t bear it any longer. He consoled, “Although we’re not sure about exactly what happened, rest assured, since we know now, we definitely won’t just sit to the side and not deal with things. Criminals will always pay the price.”

The evil ghosts might be about to start killing at random upstairs, so they couldn’t stay here any longer and risk everyone’s safety. But the girl was too stubborn to listen. She cried even louder and blood flowed out of her eyes, almost enough to flood the room.

Finch sighed and turned around to leave. But he hadn’t gotten very far when he suddenly felt a cold breeze at the back of his head.

He turned around in confusion and saw a hand appear behind him. The hand was holding a sharp dagger, and it was less than an inch away from him. Cesar’s arm shot out and grabbed the girl’s neck, and she looked at them with hateful, red eyes. If Cesar hadn’t acted in time…

Cold sweat poured down Finch.

Cesar clutched the girl’s neck tightly, his eyes cold.

If Cesar’s movements could be considered a bit lazy and casual before, now, his heavy killing intent was almost completely unconcealed. Cesar’s black pupils were bottomless, and his voice had no trace of warmth in it. “I was originally going to come back to deal with you later…”

Ceci’s expression contorted in agony, and the dagger in her hand dropped to the floor. She desperately grabbed at Cesar’s arm, and the fragmented corpses behind her began to move again, ready to make trouble. However, she suddenly seemed to have been burned, and she let out a blood-curdling shriek. The restless corpses calmed down and stopped moving in defeat.

She widened her eyes in panic and looked at Cesar. She mumbled, “I only wanted you to stay… Don’t go upstairs, he should die, he should die——”

Her voice was sharp and shrill, and it was like a dying wail.

However, Cesar remained unmoved. He lowered his head slightly and smiled coldly and a little cruelly. “You already don’t count as an entity of this world. Whether he should die or not will be decided by the police. It is not your decision.”

Ceci still didn’t give up as she struggled to escape his grip. She had already lost all reason, and there was only fear and unwillingness left. She screamed with a face covered in bloody tears, “Why can’t I decide? He killed me! They… tortured and raped me. He even killed me! Why can’t I kill him?!”

The corner of Cesar’s lips hooked upwards. “Who said you can’t?”

Ceci looked blank. “But you just said…”

Cesar said indifferently, “As long as you’re powerful enough, then not just killing him, but killing me, and killing everyone isn’t impossible. But… can you?”

Ceci was speechless.

Finch looked at her lifeless and despaired eyes, and his heart ached. Even if she had wanted to target him, the weak one, just then, her words were too heartbreaking… Finch had never thought of himself as self-righteous before; his kindness must have been brought out by Cesar!

Finch said, “How about let’s just leave it at this…”

Let her have a dignified death.

Cesar didn’t look up, and with a snap, Ceci’s neck was broken. Even though she had just been pieced together, she had still been snapped into powder like a potato chip in Cesar’s hand.

Her body parts scattered limply onto the floor, and it didn’t piece itself together this time. Her lifeless eyes looked at them, and she whimpered softly, “Dad, mom, brother… I want to go home…”

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Minnie ford
Minnie ford
October 18, 2020 3:29 pm

What a scary chapter who killed ceci poor ghost hope she gets justice
I feel sorry for her she wanted to go home thanks for the chapter

October 18, 2020 8:54 pm

Thank you for all the hard work!

October 18, 2020 11:17 pm

Wow, so Mr. Zhang really is a murderer and a rapist. I hope he’ll pay for what he did. And now, it’s one ghost down, two more to go, and it might not be all.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 18, 2020 11:33 pm

What exactly is Cesar to be able to deal with the ghost?!

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Rose lee
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Gosh ! So sad!! Hope she can get her and other girl justice soon. Thank you for the chapter. This story so far is very good.

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Black Lotus On the Halfmoon
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Can’t watch horror movies, but this is different. So much better. Lots of mystery mixed in with the horror.

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