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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 18: Combat

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

A long way away from the red dot on the detection reactor, all the soldiers in the mechas saw the monster they would never forget——

Its body was almost 20 stories high, and the surface of its fat body looked like a gray wall. The dozens of tentacles dancing around its body were like gray insects moving around a huge pile of dough.

The trees around it were as fragile as rows of matchsticks, with one gentle and random sweep, the monster could grind them to a pulp. Therefore, the large area around it was a barren open space. Occasionally, a small piece of green could be seen, which was just a handful of tough weeds.

The originally tall mecha, in front of such a monster, seemed like the villains who accidentally broke into the giant’s kingdom, let alone the humans driving the mechas.

In the face of such a huge object that could destroy everything in the world, all the soldiers could not help feel their own insignificance, and the hands inputting commands on the suspension screen began to sweat.

Could they really beat such a monster?

All the soldiers couldn’t help but wonder.

But this idea that came out in the moment was then suppressed; even if these monsters were terrifying, they had to beat them!

It seemed to have noticed their approach. The monster slowly turned its back, facing them. The giant scarlet eyes turned a few times and then fixed on their direction. Under the eyes, the narrow mouth, which occupied most of its face, opened to reveal sharp teeth glowing with cold light. As if smelling some wonderful fragrance, the giant eyes squinted, and then a thick tentacle slapped in their direction without warning!

“All people disperse quickly!” Sheryl calmly commanded, while maneuvering the mecha to jump into the air. One hand of the mecha reached behind his back, pulled out a gun, and quickly loaded it on his left arm.

Without any fear, he jumped onto the tentacles of the monster, and Sheryl’s fingers were flying to control the mecha, which ran along the tentacles to the monster’s body. Then, it put out an interface to turn all energy responses to the highest level..

“The particle light gun is loading: 10%…… 30%…… 60%……”

The monster’s scarlet eyes did not blink at the human running to their death, its mouth opened wider toward Sheryl, waiting for the delicious food to run into its mouth, a transparent liquid slowly flowed down from the corner of its mouth. But it soon realized something was wrong, the creature’s natural alertness made it quickly hold up its ten tentacles in front of its head in defense!

“Particle light gun loading: 100%.”

Sheryl’s dark blue mecha, with the gun on his left arm, began quickly condensing a dazzling white light mass in its one-meter wide muzzle. After tumbling for a while, the light broke through the muzzle, became larger in the air and fired at the monster’s head!

The air around the light seemed to be distorted, and a small cyclone formed around the light cluster. The fast-moving round light ball violently hit the monster’s tentacles, and immediately exploded.

A stream of blue mucus splashed out like a fountain, and the monster made a shrill scream.

But it clearly knew how to protect its most important parts, and, even in such severe pain, it still consciously continued to fold its remaining tentacles onto its head. The three tentacles guarding the outer layer had been ablated into a huge hole. The light outside the white light cluster had dimmed, but it was still buried inside.

Sheryl manipulated the mecha to jump off the monster’s twitching tentacles, and quickly ran behind it. Before the temperature could decrease, the muzzle of the gun agglomerated again. When he was about to shoot another light particle at the monster, the monster suddenly turned its head. Pain-filled blood-red eyes stared at him resentfully, a large layer of skin on the forehead still constantly letting out blue mucus. The monster opened its mouth, and a tentacle suddenly attacked Sheryl from behind. It pulled the ankle of the dark blue mecha and threw it into the sky!

Sheryl was thrown by a huge force, but the particle light gun had been reprinted. If it was not fired within three seconds, it would explode directly in the muzzle, and he would be blasted into powder with the mecha in an instant!

At the critical moment, Sheryl turned the muzzle of the gun toward the sky, and the light with full power shot into the sky, and quickly disappeared. The next second, Sheryl was able to maneuver the mecha 180° and return to the ground.

All of these things happened within three minutes, and the soldiers who followed Sheryl’s orders were scattered and not hurt by the tentacles. They stopped at the same place and watched Sheryl complete all his movements, and couldn’t help cheering for him in their hearts.

Long Yuan also lifted himself slightly up from the chair he was leaning on, and a trace of appreciation flashed through his dark eyes. This commander named Sheryl was very good.

Ye Shao stared at Sheryl’s actions against the monster on the hologram, and then silently estimated in his mind whether he could use more skillful movements to deal with the monster if he drove his own mecha.

The monster had big scarlet eyes and dozens of tentacles dancing wildly around it, preventing all things from approaching. Compared with its original attitude of wandering around Alpha for a long time without paying attention to Sheryl and others, the monster was much more vigilant now.

And all of them could clearly see that the broken tentacles and the injured places were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye. It only took about ten minutes to completely recover.

“All the C and E-class pilots listen,” Sheryl’s panting voice came from everyone’s earphones. “You are responsible for interfering with the operation of the monster’s tentacles. The A-class driver named Long Yuan, please stand by, and the other A-class and B-class pilots please come and help me together!”

Obviously, he also knew that there was a noble in his team who received an A-class mecha by relying on their relationship with the Colonel. He did not intend to entrust such an important task to the ignorant noble who came here to play with such dangerous tasks, or one who uses their relations to arbitrarily distribute precious resources.

He also heard about the other pilot, a man from the First-Class soldier group who had retreated from the planet. To be able to enter the First-Class soldier regiment, he must be one of the best soldiers in the Empire, he should be able to trust this man’s ability. Sheryl thought for a moment and gave the order without hesitation.

After listening to Sheryl’s order, Long Yuan’s eyebrows twitched again, then he took a breath. His right leg lifted up the low stool under his feet and kicked in his direction. Although his eyes did not look in that direction, he still accurately caught the flying stone and put it into the space necklace.

He has been told to stand by, but since Ye Shao had been called in, he would pay close attention to Ye Shao’s safety. If Ye Shao was in danger, he would catch up with him as quickly as possible.

Long Yuan sat in the driver’s seat, his eyes firmly locked in the direction of Ye Shao, watching him control the mecha and quickly leap in Sheryl’s direction. Huge mechanical feet trampled on the ground, raising clouds of dust, and then the next moment, the white mecha appeared 10 meters away.

Soon, all the mechas ran to their proper positions according to the instructions. The C and E-class mecha drivers began to harass the monster with shells. They started to disturb the monster’s audio-visual, and smashed a wound on the monster’s body.

The monster made a terrible roar. It stared at the ants who dared to challenge its majesty. The huge tentacle fiercely swept the soldiers running by, creating a gust of wind.

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Minnie ford
Minnie ford
October 18, 2020 2:56 pm

What king of monsters is that scary hope they’ll be okay and find how to eliminate it
thank you for the hard work

October 18, 2020 7:40 pm

Exciting battle😍😍

October 18, 2020 7:52 pm

Come on! Let’s go and make a lot of Takoyaki out of this tentacle monster!
Many thanks for your hard work.

October 18, 2020 8:53 pm

Thank you so much for all the hard work!

October 18, 2020 10:16 pm

Thank you for the chapter!!! Eliminate the monster!!! It’s ugly, it’s scary and it’s not enviromentally friendly!

June 1, 2022 9:27 am

There the author goes again making the story as if the rral protagonist is actually LY and YS is some kind of side character or smthn tsk. Having angsty feels abt his annoying possessiveness and domination of everything

September 8, 2022 11:19 am

I don’t understand how hen Chinese mechas and especially their cockpits is structured. It doesn’t sound like Japanese mechas at all but so far I only had SEEN Japanese mechas and their cockpits so I don’t know how they are described either.
Anyway, I’ll just ignore the fighting if it’s not the face slapping

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