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Chapter 8: Identity

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Finch froze and watched as Zheng ZhiRui took his last breath before falling down, strengthless… For some reason, the only thing he could think was, That guy doesn’t get queasy when seeing blood at all, he lied to me!

Cesar also stopped and quietly looked at the young waiter.

The waiter was still smiling as he did everything, and then he placed his dagger onto the ground to show that he didn’t have any malicious intent. He smiled at Finch and said, “Thank you.”

Finch was still dazed and hadn’t quite come back to his senses yet. “What are you thanking me for…”

The waiter’s eyes crinkled and he said seriously, “I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Ceri, and I came here because my little sister went missing a month ago.”

When Finch heard this, he finally understood where his inexplicable apprehension had been coming from! He finally remembered what he had forgotten!

He quickly took out his phone, opened his friend circle, and looked at Ceci’s last selfie.

In the photo, she and a young man were forming a heart together with their hands, and it was captioned, “Brother, happy birthday. Love you forever, muah~”

Finch lowered his phone and gasped as he looked at the waiter in front of him. Because his hairstyle, attire, and expression were completely different, as well as the different lighting in the photo, Finch hadn’t been able to recognize him at first glance. Now, as he saw the waiter’s dimples, he realized that they were exactly the same as Ceci’s.

He was Ceci’s brother.

He had thanked Finch for covering up Ceci’s body.

Cesar’s expression was still calm, and he merely looked at the waiter, silent for a few seconds, before saying dully, “You didn’t have to do that. It wasn’t worth it.”

Finch understood what Cesar meant; Ceri wasn’t the same as Ceci, as he was a living person. Even if it was for revenge, he would have to pay the price for his actions. Not to mention that Zheng ZhiRui would’ve been punished anyways, so being sentenced to a life in prison wasn’t worth it.

Ceri grinned, and his expression was easygoing. “You don’t know what I’ve seen on this ship…” He paused and said, “My apologies, I just couldn’t wait anymore, nor did I want to wait anymore.”

Finch kind of understood what he was going through.

Cesar shook his head and seemed to not want to say anything else. He turned around and left.

Ceri watched his receding back and his expression wavered. “She won’t come back, right?”

Cesar stopped walking and didn’t look back as he replied, ”She won’t.”

There was no hesitation nor consolation, and his voice was even indifferent as he only gave a definitive answer.

Finch hesitated, as he wanted to console Ceri yet he didn’t know how. “You…”

Ceri smiled at him and covered up the desolation in his eyes. He said calmly, “It’s okay, I only wanted an answer. Actually, before I came here, I never thought I would have the chance to see her again, so I’m already very satisfied. No matter what she turns into or where she goes, she’ll always be my little sister.”

Finch sighed.

Ceri looked down and murmured softly, “Before, I never believed that there were ghosts in this world. Actually, having ghosts is also good, because at least you can see them again… right…”


Later, Finch went back downstairs, and sure enough, Ceci’s corpse that was downstairs had already disappeared, leaving nothing behind. Only the unconscious chef and Lily’s and Anna’s corpses were there.

If it weren’t for the existence of the people who had died to show what had happened, no one would’ve known they had appeared. Everything would’ve been like a hallucination that ended with their deaths.

Ceri was completely accepting of the inevitable consequences to his actions.

Finch and Cesar went outside.

As he thought about Ceri, Finch couldn’t help but have mixed feelings. He couldn’t help but look at Cesar, who was silently standing beside him, and ask, “What, what will happen to him…”

Cesar glanced at him indifferently and said, “Handed to the police to be dealt with.”

That answer wasn’t surprising at all to Finch.

Finch turned around and looked out the window. The surface of the ocean was still a murky black expanse, but the visibility seemed to have improved a little, and he could see the shining stars. They were like tiny pieces of ember in the dark: weak, yet unable to go out, small, yet able to light up the night sky.

In this world, nothing was nor would be perfect, but one just had to get used to it.

Suddenly, Cesar spoke in his low voice. He was still indifferent and cold, but the night seemed to blur things so that he became gentler. “Ceri has clearly already obtained evidence of Zheng ZhiRui’s crimes, so if Zheng ZhiRui is still alive, then he definitely wouldn’t let Ceri off the hook. If you smudge the details a bit, then it could be considered justifiable self-defense.”

Hey, smudging the details like that seemed to take a lot of skill!

Finch looked at Cesar’s serious expression, and although this wasn’t something Cesar could control, his words were still inexplicably… really comforting.

After a while, he chuckled softly.

He hadn’t expected for Ceci and the other’s scheme to work; Zheng ZhiRui had escaped from death, but in the end, he still died in Ceri’s hands. Some things probably just couldn’t be escaped from. But at least… his last words to Ceci couldn’t be considered lies.

He looked at Cesar again.

Cesar was leaning against the railing, and the night breeze ruffled the hair at his forehead. The side of his face was profound yet grim, and Finch could feel an aura of coolness and handsomeness radiate off of Cesar! His heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up as he remembered just how spellbound he had been by this face before…

Bah, that’s all in the past, I have to restrain myself! Hang in there!

He was burning with questions and curiosity.

Two years ago when he had first met Cesar, Finch had thought he was unemployed and relied on his good looks to get by. Today when he had seen him again, he had thought Cesar was a super low-profile, overbearing CEO that liked to conceal his identity. And now… Finch thought that Cesar might be a ghost hunter that was written about in so many novels…

Finch couldn’t hold it in any longer and he cleared his throat before asking, “Are you a ghost hunter? Who do you work for?”

As he said this, Finch practically couldn’t contain his excitement; wasn’t this exactly the same as how it was in novels? There really were ghosts and powerful ghost hunters in reality! People like Cesar who could do fortune telling and Chinese geomancy must live a very comfortable life. They were the most sought after by rich people, so that explained why Luo JinYi would treat Cesar with so much respect! Art really does imitate life!

Finch thought that he had finally discovered the truth, and he looked at Cesar with even more respect. He was the stereotypical male lead in those novels where everything goes smoothly, right?

However, Cesar merely looked at him as if he was an idiot and said tersely, “No.”

Finch was bewildered. Cesar had fought the ghosts, yet he still denied that he was a ghost hunter? I’ve even seen the ghosts myself! Don’t be so perfunctory with me!

Finch looked at Cesar persistently.

Cesar looked at him.

Big eyes staring into small eyes.

A while later, he seemed to see Cesar’s expression become uneasy, though of course, it was possible Finch had misread his expression, as uneasiness didn’t fit into Cesar’s cool, handsome, high, and cold character!

Cesar said, “Things are not what you think they are.”

Finch said eagerly, “Then what are they?”

Cesar was silent for several seconds.

The corner of Cesar’s mouth twitched upwards, and helplessness appeared in his eyes fleetingly. “Never mind, it’s fine if you want to think of it as ghosts and monsters, it’s roughly the same…” 

Finch’s eyes brightened and his expression seemed to say, You’re being dishonest. He said playfully, “Come on, what can’t you admit? Why are you still being so mysterious, I’ve already seen everything! Rest assured, I’ll keep your secret, I know how low-profile you are!”

Cesar stared at him for a while and suddenly sighed, the hint of a smile appearing on his face.

Finch felt that he had discovered an extraordinary secret and said mysteriously, “Right, say, why haven’t we been able to contact anyone? Could it be that the ghosts can even block signals?”

Cesar replied with a perfunctory, “Mn.”

Finch, who was still a bit scared, patted his chest and said, “Gosh, ghosts and monsters nowadays have kept up with the times. But why would they do this? What’s the point?”

Cesar said, “From the moment they appeared, it was not just Zheng ZhiRui’s business anymore, but all of our business.”

Finch looked at him in confusion.

Cesar thought, Because from that moment on, between them and us, unless one side dies off completely, then things will never end. Not only do the entities that have returned from another world only want revenge, they will engulf everything in our world, as it is destined that the two sides cannot co-exist.

But there was no need to say these things, nor was there any meaning to.

Cesar said, “Nothing much.”

Finch didn’t inquire any further. Although he was quite curious, it wasn’t to the point that he would force people to do what they didn’t want to do. Not to mention everything he had seen tonight was already enough for him to digest. Compared to these… what he cared more about was…

Finch looked at the side of Cesar’s face and quietly swallowed…

Right now seemed to be a good opportunity to improve their relationship…

Just as he was about to speak, Luo JinYi ran over, a little panicked. He said loudly, “Mr. Yu, Mr. Yu, Zheng ZhiRui’s dead! He and his bodyguards are all dead!”

Finch, who had closed his mouth so quickly he nearly choked, was speechless.

Cesar glanced at Luo JinYi and said, “I know.”

Luo JinYi had just gone upstairs and seen the bodies, and had been so frightened his soul seemed to fly out of him. He had been so agitated he hadn’t even noticed Finch was there as he said shakily, “Then, then is everything resolved?”

Cesar still had a bit of kindness in him so he replied good-naturedly, “Yes.”

Upon hearing this, Luo JinYi finally relaxed and let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He wiped off the sweat on his forehead and gradually became emboldened once more. He angrily scolded, “So it was indeed because of Zheng ZhiRui’s provocations, right? I’ve long since knew that there was something fishy about him, but I didn’t expect him to go this far. He even caused people to die, so at least he has received retribution. Serves him right… the worst part is that he even deceived others!”

Finch thought, My boss really is perceptive, he could already tell that Zheng ZhiRui was a wolf in sheep’s clothing long ago. He looked at Luo JinYi in admiration.

As Luo JinYi complained about Zheng ZhiRui, he spotted Finch and smiled. “Little Finch, you were also quite good today.”

Finch said excitedly, “It was nothing, it was nothing.”

Luo JinYi smiled kindly. He was a very keen person, and now that he knew the danger had already been taken care of, he could tell at once that Cesar’s relationship with Finch was quite special, so of course he couldn’t stay and third-wheel.

Anyways, he had already gotten his answer, and connecting with an actor under his company was very easy.

Luo JinYi laughed heartily. “I still have some things to take care of, so I’ll take my leave. You two can continue, hahahaha.”

After saying this, he swaggered away, and one couldn’t see any of the panic from before. He was practically the epitome of calmness.

Finch was also content, as he felt that his results tonight had exceeded his expectations, and everyone was extremely satisfied with everything.

But after Luo JinYi left, only Cesar and him were left.

After being interrupted like that, Finch inexplicably felt that the atmosphere had become a bit awkward and tense. Suddenly, buzzes shattered the silence as everyone’s phones vibrated with notifications. The dark clouds outside had also dispersed, and there seemed to be a boat speeding towards them in the distance.

It was as if they had returned to reality from an isolated place in an instant.

Finch took out his phone excitedly, and sure enough, quite a lot of messages and missed phone calls popped up, but he wasn’t in the mood to look at them right now. He furtively glanced at Cesar, and a thought suddenly emerged in his mind.

After a while, he mustered up his courage and looked into Cesar’s deep, black eyes. “Um…”

Cesar looked at him and raised an eyebrow slightly.

Finch cleared his throat and smiled as he did his best to say in a calm and casual voice, “Speaking of it, before, the kid back at home was playing with my phone and deleted a lot of my friends, so, um, it seems that it was destiny for us to reunite… do you want to add each other on WeChat again?”

Xiao Ke, who was currently at home obediently doing his homework, had unknowingly been thrown under the bus, and he sneezed. Who was thinking about him?

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Minnie ford
October 23, 2020 4:13 pm

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So that was Ceci’s brother… I hope he’ll find a good lawyer. It seems that the cruiser arc is over. I wonder what happens next. 😍🤩😳
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