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Chapter 9: Returning Home

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Cesar looked fixedly and silently at Finch, the depths of his pitch-black pupils emotionless.

Finch felt a bit uneasy at being stared at, and he kept asking himself if his excuse had been too nonsensical. After all, at the time, he had only been clearing out his ex-boyfriends from his phone in boredom and had also deleted Cesar…

Because of the darkness of night, Finch’s slightly red face couldn’t be seen, and he suddenly was very grateful for the darkness. Thank god!

He saw the corner of Cesar’s mouth hook upwards into the hint of a wry smile.

Finch thought, I’m screwed.

Finch lowered his head, crestfallen. Had his lie been too clumsy? Was his intention to get on the good sides of powerful people too obvious? Ah, if he had known it would come to this, why would he have done that? This was the outcome of being blind! Or else he would have an extremely powerful person lying in his friend list right now, and just having that could be used to ward off evil…

Finch said, “Um, I’m going to go back inside…”

Cesar finally spoke. “Wait.”

Finch looked back in uncertainty and saw Cesar’s good-looking, slender fingers take out a black phone from the pocket of his ironed trousers. His finger tapped the screen and opened his QR code, and he held his phone between his thumb and index finger as he handed it to Finch.

That silent, compelling motion didn’t seem like he was opening his QR code at all, it was practically like the gift of a king!

Finch froze and was inexplicably moved. This was the first time he felt that a QR code was flashing with a dazzling glow, and he respectfully held Cesar’s phone as he quickly scanned his phone, which had just gotten its signal back, over the QR code. The line on the reader swept over the code, and with a ding, the friend invite was sent!

Cesar nodded slightly to indicate that Finch could leave.

Finch walked away happily; it seemed that Cesar had believed his excuse!

Cesar remained standing where he was and watched as Finch’s back receded. After a long time, he chuckled softly in self-ridicule. He rubbed his finger across the edge of his phone and saw the friend invite Finch had sent. Finch’s profile picture was a dazzling selfie of himself, and it had even been taken using the beauty filter.

It seemed that Finch had been doing very well, and he seemed not to have changed much from two years ago.

The only difference was that Finch was without his insignificant self 1.

Cesar was silent for a moment before his expression resumed its usual coldness. He opened his phone app, dialed a number, and said curtly, “Zheng ZhiRui’s cruise ship. Come deal with the aftermath.”


Finch returned to the main hall, and because everyone’s phones had gotten their signal back, everyone was frantically calling people. Some people called the police while others called their family and friends. For a while, it was extremely noisy, though it did wash away the fear.

People’s adaptability was always very strong, and seeing that the crisis had been averted, everyone began to whisper and gossip. After all, something big happened today!

Now this was a good conversation topic!

Finch thought, None of you know as much as I do, I personally experienced everything. He couldn’t help but feel proud of himself, but he was a very loyal person, and he had just added Cesar back onto his friend list, so he wouldn’t announce things about Cesar anywhere!

After all, Cesar was very low-profile!

Not long after communications were restored, a speedboat approached, and police quickly controlled the scene and public opinions, as well as placated everyone. A young, valiant, and honorable police officer was in charge, and he stood tall as he genially registered everyone’s information.

Soon after, the ship gradually docked, and everyone left in an orderly fashion.

Finch walked along with the crowd, and when he stepped onto the ground, he suddenly felt as if he had returned to reality; he had just had quite the night.

But say, how was he supposed to go home at this hour? It was already late at night, so hailing a taxi was inconvenient. He couldn’t carpool either, as he wasn’t really acquainted with anyone. As he was feeling quite conflicted, a black luxury vehicle came to a stop next to him.

The car’s window rolled down, and Luo JinYi’s amiable head popped out. He smiled and said, “Little Finch, where do you live, I’ll give you a ride?”

Wow! His boss was really too kind!

Finch was quite anxious to go home, so he didn’t even think of declining as he opened the other door and slid into the seat. Only after he got in did he realize that his behavior wasn’t really appropriate. After all, the person before him was his boss. Finch laughed apologetically. “Um… I don’t know if this will trouble you too much.”

Even Finch thought that saying this after he was already inside the car was very hypocritical!

However, Luo JinYi smiled warmly and didn’t look displeased at all. He shook his head, saying, “Not at all, not at all, I’m heading in that direction too!”

Finch thought, But you don’t even know where I live, so how can you say you’re also heading in that direction…

Finch thought for a moment and then looked in admiration at his boss. He’s so thoughtful, and he’s even a powerful boss, too. I should learn a thing or two from him! I’ve met Luo JinYi’s virtuous side today!

Finch said in sincere gratitude, “Then thank you very much!”

Luo JinYi chuckled. “What are you being so polite for, it’s not a big deal! Right, when did you get acquainted with Mr. Yu?”

Finch replied, “Two years ago.”

Luo JinYi’s eyes flashed and he chuckled again. “Oh? Ohhh… then the two of you really are old friends.”

Finch didn’t feel ashamed of his boast and smiled. “Sort of.”

Even though they hadn’t seen each other for two years, they were still very intimate before, so Finch didn’t feel guilty about saying that!

When Luo JinYi heard this, he looked at Finch with an even kinder expression. As an old fox, he was very perspective, and he could tell that Cesar’s protectiveness of Finch wasn’t as simple as just being old friends! He could tell they were closer than close!

In today’s world, being on good terms with Cesar was definitely the right thing to do, and Luo JinYi had originally been wondering how he could get close to and fawn over Cesar. In ordinary people’s eyes, Luo JinYi was extremely wealthy and prosperous, but in Cesar’s eyes, he was nothing. He hadn’t expected that an actor under his company would have such a treasure!

Luo JinYi’s expression became even more genial, so much so that it could even be called gentle. “Little Finch, who’s your manager?”

Finch’s heart leaped. Was Luo JinYi finally going to help him out? Sure enough, having Cesar as an ‘advertisement’ was very useful! He hastily said, “My manager is Chai Xin.”

Luo JinYi thought for a moment. Chai Xin had been in his company for a very long time, and he was a very dutiful worker. However, he didn’t have any big shots under him, and even his outstanding actors and models were just so-so. That guy had really shitty luck, thought Luo JinYi.

Finch laughed, and he felt that he finally understood the saying that every dog has its day.

The two of them smiled happily at each other and felt very pleased with the other’s attitude. The entire car was brimming with a happy aura.

The chauffeur felt a chill.

He hadn’t boarded the cruise ship with Luo JinYi, so he didn’t know what had happened. But he had worked for Luo JinYi for several years, and he had never seen him be so kind to a little-known celebrity. Luo JinYi wasn’t even this amiable to his own son.

If the chauffeur wasn’t extremely sure that his boss was straight, then he would’ve thought that Luo JinYi had found a lover!

Luo JinYi’s chauffeur remained solemn and silent and pretended that he hadn’t seen anything. He was going to keep this secret to himself!

When the chauffeur arrived at Finch’s house, he had almost driven around the whole city! He had gone down countless detours, and not only was his boss not impatient at all, he didn’t even say anything about it. This made the chauffeur even more sure that the young guy wasn’t simple.

Finch got out of the car and waved at his boss gratefully before happily going into his house.

As soon as he got home, he turned on his phone!

On the ship, if he hadn’t been with Cesar, then he had been with Luo JinYi, so he had been too embarrassed to browse his phone. It had been quite exhausting to endure that for so long! He immediately opened a group chat and began to type rapidly, he needed to share today’s excitement!

This was the group chat with his good friends, and the name was [Chuchu’s Global Fan Club] 2.

As the name implied, Finch was the group chat’s administrator, and as no one had left the group chat yet, he could tell that they were probably genuine friends.

[Finch: Everyone, come online! Do you know who I met tonight?! [excited] 3 ]

No one replied.

[Finch: I encountered my ex-boyfriend ahhhh! [groundhog scream] 4 ]

Ten seconds later.

[Lu MingXi: …That’s it?]

[Chai Xin 5: [speechless] ]

[Xiao Ke: [speechless] ]

[Finch: He’s super rich. Rich to what point? So rich my boss, Luo JinYi, is really polite to him! And he seems to still have feelings for me!]

[Lu MingXi: Why don’t I wake you up?]

[Xiao Ke: Is this your new script? [cute]]

[Chai Xin: I don’t want to talk.]

[Finch: Why don’t you guys believe me?! It’s true! I think that getting back together is possible, so when that happens, I won’t have to worry about having connections anymore. And, do you guys know how I got home? Luo JinYi sent me back himself, and he even said that I was quite good! I have a promising future!]

[Chai Xin left the chat.]

Finch added Chai Xin back to the chat in a practiced motion.

[Chai Xin: ……]

[Finch: You guys even said that Luo JinYi is hard to approach, but that’s not true at all. He’s clearly super amiable and approachable, you guys must be doing something wrong!]

[Lu MingXi left the chat.]

Finch added Lu MingXi back to the chat in a practiced motion.

[Lu MingXi: ……]

Only Xiao Ke hadn’t left the chat, as he was still doing homework, so he only glanced at the chat from time to time. Besides, if he left, he would just get added back.

Finch texted excitedly for a while, but discovered that everyone had suddenly stopped replying.

[Finch: You’re all asleep??? 6]

Humph, you all really don’t believe me? thought Finch.

I haven’t even told you guys that I friended a dead person on WeChat. If I say that, then I”m scared I’ll frighten you all to death! But he looked at the group chat and saw that everything was in order, and at least no one wasn’t making trouble by leaving the chat. Finch felt that that was good enough. Only someone as magnanimous as I am can tolerate people like them who leave the chat at the drop of a hat.

Finch put down his phone contentedly and happily showered before going to bed!


That night, Finch had a dream.

In the dream, he returned to when he and Cesar had met for the first time, and it was love at first sight.

The plot at the beginning could still be considered normal…

But when the two of them were about to get married, Cesar’s father suddenly appeared; it turned out that Cesar was a very rich fuerdai! His family was the type that had a throne to inherit, and Cesar’s father said that either the two of them had to break up, or he would disown Cesar.

But Cesar refused because of his love for Finch; he would rather be with Finch and give up everything. However, his father was set on breaking them up, and he turned his attention to Finch. He said that he would give him a million yuan to break up with Cesar!

Next, the stereotypical trope fell apart, and Finch chose to break up with Cesar for the money.

After he got the money, Finch went far and found one, two, three, four, five boyfriends one after the other, and he splurged and lived happily like an immortal.

Cesar had never thought that Finch would actually take the money and leave, and he was barred at home by his father. When he learned that that ungrateful guy had found five boyfriends after giving him up, Cesar became furious and hung himself!

And then the dream turned into a nightmare.

After Cesar died, his soul didn’t disperse. Instead, he turned into a fierce ghost and went to seek revenge on Finch. First, he frightened Finch’s boyfriends to death, and then chased Finch everyday. Finch fled, terrified, and accidentally fell down the stairs.

With a thump, Finch rolled off of his bed and was startled awake.

He rubbed his temples. That was scary, and having such a scary nightmare must be related to what had happened on the ship!

And the dream hadn’t been objective at all. Was he the type of person to break up for a million yuan? He would only do it for at least a hundred million, okay?

Finch wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead and looked at the time. It was already morning.

Hazy light spilled in from the window. The feeling of daytime was so wonderful! Today was a day full of vitality, and Finch put on his slippers, about to go to wash up. Everyday when he woke up, he would first cheer himself on… wait! Did he forget something…

One hundred million, one hundred million…

Shit! Finch suddenly remembered that he hadn’t deleted his post from yesterday in which he had written ‘I feel as if I’ve missed out on a hundred million!’

He had added Cesar back on WeChat with a lot of difficulty, so if he saw the post and misunderstood, then that would be a disaster! Finch hastily grabbed his phone and opened WeChat, about to quietly delete the evidence that could lead to a misunderstanding…

However, just as he was about to delete it, he got a notification about new WeChat activity.

Finch thought, I’ll just take a look at it and then delete the post…

He tapped on the notification, and his finger started shaking at once. His expression froze…

[Cesar has just liked your post.]


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Translator Notes:

  1. This sentence might be a bit confusing. By “his insignificant self”, Cesar is referring to himself.
  2. The reason why the group chat has “Chuchu” in it is because Finch’s actual name is Fang Chu, I just changed it to Finch to make it consistent with the ML’s English name. Chuchu is just a nickname for Fang Chu, though it literally translates to tidy, delicate, or beautiful.
  3. The words in the brackets are WeChat stickers, which are basically like emojis.
  4. This is also considered a sticker, but it’s more of a picture than sticker. As the name implies, it’s a picture of a groundhog screaming.
  5. If you don’t remember, Chai Xin is Finch’s manager. This isn’t really relevant, but I was just surprised he’s so casual with his manager.
  6. Tbh Finch needs better friends XD


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