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Three days ago, we did a poll for ‘What genre of BL Novels are you most interested in reading more of?’. These are the results of that poll. We had a total of 550 votes.

What genre of BL Novels are readers most interested in reading more of_ (1)

I think the one I am most surprised about is only 27% of the 550 are fine with reading anything.

Total Votes 550
Fantasy 300 54.55%
Xianxia 299 54.36%
Modern 244 44.36%
Comedy 235 42.73%
M-Preg 222 41.00%
Xuanhuan 208 39.57%
Fulff 189 34.36%
QT 184 33.45%
Fine with Anything 150 27.27%
Online Gaming 82 14.91%
Angst/Horror 59 11.67%
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