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Chapter 5: Scars

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

On the night of his arrest, Anes was tortured until he fell into a coma. Bola has always treated its criminals like this. No matter the crime, you can’t avoid beatings and insults when you are in prison.

The next day, he was brought before general Huret for trial. He said that he was just a lower-class person in the city. When he met Zanfel, he thought she was the daughter of a rich businessman. He did not know ilfayi at all, let alone that she was about to get married.

His words were perfectly reasonable, but the general always felt that things are not so simple. Everyone knows that Anes often associated himself with court dignitaries. He is not an ordinary flesh and blood businessman.

In fact, even Anes himself had some doubts, how come the princess could skillfully find Golden Bough hotel? Why could she go straight through the back door to the three-story terrace?

Anes suffered a lot from general Huret, but the general did not dare to kill him easily. Anes is the manager of the Golden Bough Hotel, and the real owner of the hotel is Barred, Bola’s palace manager. Moreover, Anes also had an acquaintance, Ilfayi, who was the most powerful man besides the emperor and an ally of the general’s family.

About a month after his arrest, the sentence came down. With the secret guarantee of the court dignitaries, his statement that he “did not know the identity of the princess” was accepted by the grand judge and HE was exempted from the capital punishment from ilfayi. However, because he was exempted from the death penalty and accused of escaping, he was sentenced to bear the whip punishment which would be executed immediately in the judgment court. A lot of people didn’t survive the flogging, and Anes didn’t know if he could make an exception. How many hits was he going to get? He didn’t hear that at all.

The princess was in the court. She sat next to her husband, dressed up and pale.

The whip cracked against the ground, and the sound made everyone shiver.

During the whipping, Anes fell unconscious several times, but fainting did not end the sentence. The criminal officer would try to wake up the victim, and if necessary, he would be given a refreshing and life prolonging medicine… which Ilfayi created. In any case, no matter how much Ilfayi wanted to keep Anes alive, the penalty must be dealt with.

Later, Anes heard that the princess’s husband was the first to leave. He took the princess to go, but she refused. She was shaking with fear, but she kept staring at Anes, who had no regard for others, and of course, he never looked into her eyes.

The princess didn’t finish the whole whipping. She fainted. She seemed to want to stand up and say something, but before she could move a few steps, she fell back into her husband’s arms.

Anes survived. The healthy man is dying after being punished. He is scarred. It is a miracle that he survived.

He knew that this miracle must have been brought by Ilfayi. Ilfayi’s potions and witchcraft were very mysterious. He heard that he could control the wind and rain and make soldiers never tire. For the great wizard, saving a dying criminal may have been just a small effort.

Three days after returning to the Golden Bough Hotel, Anes woke up. Several days later, he could barely move and could only say a few words. The boy told him that the princess was dead, she died a few days ago in her wedding bed with a jewel dagger in her mouth.

Anes suddenly became worthless, and everyone began to discuss the death of the princess. Her husband said that she had killed herself, but it was rumored that he had killed his wife because of his resentment.

Things got out of hand. Ilfayi summoned him to the palace for a secret interrogation. The generals waited and waited, but the young man never left the palace.

The general was so eager to save his son that he took a few of his cronies to ask for help. They were accidentally in conflict with the forbidden guards, and were accused of being evil to the emperor

Over the next few days, things developed rapidly like snowballs. It was said that General Huret’s family was under close investigation, and the court’s secret envoys found much evidence of treachery, which could get the general killed.

By the time Anes recovered from his serious injuries and was able to walk on the ground, general Huret’s family had ceased to exist.

During the convalescence of Anes, Ilfayi sent a lot of questions, but he did not come in person.

Barred, the chief of the court, had visited several times. He also brought gifts every time, sometimes on behalf of others. He didn’t tell Anes who those people were, but Anes could guess that he’d served several of them personally.

Barred is a eunuch who says he is destined to have no offspring, so Anes was like his own son. He always earnestly took Anes’s hands and wept when he was excited. He promised Anes that after a hundred years, he would leave the Golden Bough Hotel and other businesses of his staff to Anes.

Since then, Anes has lived a relatively stable life. The dignitaries trusted him more and more, and he never failed to live up to others’ expectations. The power of several ministers, who had never been at odds with the general, was greatly increased. In the past, Barred seldom made friends with those people publicly, now they were suddenly brothers.

Anes understood everything.

The princess must have come because of Barred and became fascinated by him. After that, things came to light, and he was caught… then, the princess must die.

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