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Chapter 6: Belong

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

With that said, Anes took another sip.

Originally, he and Hamza were sitting in the cane chair and chatting. Sometimes he got up, sometimes he asked for food, and then he sat down on the carpet on the terrace. In order to get close to him, Hamza also sat on the floor. Unconsciously, they ended up leaning against each other.

“Sarin,” Anes suddenly called Hamza by his original name, “to be honest, I don’t feel guilty, I just feel sad. I’ve never been a free man in my life, I’ve only been a tool for Ilfayi. I’ve been a tool for hope, a whip for training slaves. I can even be a knife for killing people. I can be dripping water… But I don’t feel like a human.”

Hamza was a little confused. If so, he couldn’t be regarded as a human either, he is a product for entertainment and a killing tool… He had never thought of that before.

“Did you like the princess?” Hamza asked.

“Yes, I liked her a little bit, but it’s not like what Ilfayi thought. It was even more ridiculous, we became sentimental, but I didn’t love her.”

Hamza asked again, “So you… Do you like Ilfayi?”

Anes was a little surprised, “You mentioned the princess, why do you think I like Ilfayi?”

This made Hamza very confused, “You know him so well and you are very considerate of him. I think this has surpassed… Well, it’s beyond the scope of just ‘doing business.’  You don’t like him at all, but you can make him feel loved?”

Anes’s eyes became more serious, “Sarin, you must remember what I say next. Ilfayi is the most powerful person in Bola, and no one can disobey him. You can’t play with him with a business attitude. If you do well, but he doesn’t like it, he will send you away; if you don’t do well, and let him detect perfunctory, even If you piss him off, the consequences are not what you can imagine. If Ilfayi-” 

“I won’t mean to annoy him,” Hamza said, “but I’m not afraid of death.”

“You’re a warrior, you’re not afraid of death, but I’m afraid! I’m not only afraid of death, but also afraid of pain. I don’t want to see the whip again, and I don’t want to be sent to the Privy Chamber again!”

Hamza looked at him in surprise, and guilt welled up. If Ilfayi is not satisfied, Anes is bound to be the one to take the blame. With an apology, Hamza put his arm around Anes’ shoulder and took him into his arms.

In fact, Hamza had not finished his question.

Do you like the princess? Do you like Ilfayi? After these two questions, he still wanted to ask: do you like me? But he was afraid to ask. It was not the right time yet.

Not long ago, Hamza heard Anes ‘teaching’ the new girl through the door.

He told her, in fact, that skill comes second, and the most important thing is your mood. You should be able to cheat the guests and make them feel that you are really emotional. Hazma asked, and Anes is an expert in this field.

His ability to serve Ilfayi’s high-ranking people safely shows that he can really pretend to be in love. Not only Ilfayi does know witchcraft, but also Anes, he can conjure the most precious thing in the world. You know it’s fake, but you still enjoy it.

So Hamza didn’t dare to ask his third question.

If Anes answers that he doesn’t like it, he will be depressed and sad. If Anes answers yes, he wouldn’t believe it.

“The month is coming to an end soon,” Anes said. “I think you’re good. Ilfayi will like you.”

Ilfayi will like me. And what about you? Hamza didn’t say that. He hugged Anes tightly, crushing him on the carpet.

Anes didn’t struggle, just looked at him with a smile. Hamza suddenly had the courage. He took Anes’s face, closed his eyes, and kissed his lips. It was their first kiss, and Hamza had little to learn from. He tasted cider and sour raspberries and grapes.

When he moved his lips away, Anes was obsessed with catching up. Maybe Anes seldom kissed people and he liked this feeling. He couldn’t taste it normally, so once he touches it, he can’t help but want more.

Before taking a bath, they had already done it twice for practice. Now there is a thin layer of sweat floating on their bodies that have just been washed, and the smell of love spreads again, mixing with the fragrance of flowers on the terrace.

From the day he saw Anes’ body, Hamza wanted to kiss his scars. In the past, he restrained himself, but today he finally was not a student. He caresses and kisses the wounds like honey, including the burn mark between Anes’s legs.

This time Anes didn’t stop him. He found that Anes moaned, and every moan followed his rhythm. When he stopped to kiss, Anes would kiss him back and moan even more.

When Anes was distracted, Hamza whispered, “Do you like me?”

Anes couldn’t answer, but moaned and gasped.

After this time, their relationship didn’t seem to change much. After Hamza woke up, it was as if nothing had happened, Anes never mentioned the night’s conversation and intimacy.

It was getting closer and closer to Hamza leaving to join Ilfayi.

One day, Ilfayi’s housekeeper came. He took the tailor with him to make some new clothes for Hamza. When the tailor measured Hamza’s body, the officials called Anes aside. They talked about Hamza’s learning for a long time.

The first suit was made three days later, with a black and silver edged robe and trousers, and a matching jewelled belt and neck ornament. The dress imitated the style of court men’s casual clothes, and the waist is cut to fit the body very well, so as to show off the wearer’s figure.

On the night he received it, Hamza wore the new suit and pressed the naked Anes onto a soft, plush suede carpet.

Hamza was wearing the suit and they had to be very careful not to get his new clothes dirty. Hamza swallowed all of Anes’ semen, and left his own drop on Anes. The intricate inlaid waistband scraped a little bit between his legs, but Anes didn’t care.

When the several sets of clothes were finished, Hamza would be gone.

The date was set for tomorrow, and Hamza packed all his personal packages and put them by the door in advance. On his last day, Hamza wanted to spend all day with Anes, but Anes still had work to do. Hamza waited until it was nearly midnight and finally hugged Anes as he entered the door.

Anes nestled in his arms and didn’t move for a long time. Hamza rubbed Anes’s back slowly and heard a slow sigh of relief.

They were silent and couldn’t help kissing in the bathroom. The hot water washed away the smell of grease and powder stained by Anes and the sweaty smell left on Hamza’s trained body. Anes sat on Hamza, and Hamza nibbled at the whip mark in front of him.

This gesture belonged to the two of them, not to Ilfayi, Ilfayi wanted someone to wait on him, whatever you do, you have to please him.

When they got back to bed, they forgot to dry their bodies. Both were wet and out of breath. They didn’t want to delay for a moment, they didn’t want to leave for a while.

Hamza held the bed, and his strong arms were covered with blue veins. He looked at his lover like a predator. His lover was not afraid and gave him a kiss.

After a long time, Hamza finally left his lover’s body.

He got up and poured out a glass of water. Anes took the glass and took a few sips. Suddenly he came up to kiss Hazma and passed the water into his mouth.

“Sarin.” Since knowing the name, Anes has called him that in private, never again ‘Hamza.’

The water that Hamza swallowed tasted like cider. He lay in bed, hugged Anes by his side and kissed him on the forehead.

“If I have time, I’ll come to see you.” Hamza said softly.

“Why don’t you understand?” Anes said in surprise

“Understand what?”

“Unless Ilfayi doesn’t like you anymore and tells you to leave the mansion completely… Otherwise, you can’t come to see me!”

“Why?” Hamza asked, “When he made friends with you, didn’t you still stay in Golden Bough hotel?”

“I was born in Huanchang and he let me live in the mansion. It’s really not a light decision. Even so, he didn’t allow anyone to touch me again while I had a deal with him. Let’s say Ilfayi’s requirements for each lover are different. Some people can give him temporary pleasure, some people only deserve to warm his bed, and some will stay with him for a long time. If he is very satisfied with you and wants to keep you with him, you can’t have any more contact with me.”

Hamza was silent for a moment and said, “I see.”

Anes rolled over and hugged Hamza, his sweaty arm sticking to the gladiator’s chest, “Sarin, from the beginning, you belong to him. I’m just a tool to help you practice your skills. Everything you do with me is to serve him better. Sarin, you must take good care of Ilfayi. It’s not difficult. Really, he is very cute. He has a beautiful body, no messy scars, and his hands and feet are thinner than mine. In front of people, he is a dangerous counselor, a mysterious wizard, but in bed… It is not too much to say that he is a harmless little animal.”

Hamza thought for a moment and asked, “What if I made him dislike me?”

“Don’t think about that, it’s dangerous,” Anes said. It’s hard to grasp the line between ‘dislike’ and ‘annoyance.’

“I mean…” Hamza still doesn’t give up on the idea. “I’ll take him seriously and serve him with everything I’ve learned. If he doesn’t hate me, and I don’t annoy him, then we’ll get along. How long will it take for him to get tired of me and send me away?”

“If he really likes you, unless he’s dead, or you’re dead… Otherwise, he won’t let you go.”

“Won’t he be tired of his bed mate’s body?”

“He will. For example, my skin is so ugly that he won’t look for me anymore. But what does that mean? You can’t hurt yourself for this. You know, he is wiser than us, he can tell what you are thinking. If you are perceived as disloyal by him… No, it’s worse than that, if he discovers that you like me… What will happen to us? “

Hamza’s eyes lit up, “What did you say?”

“I mean, we’re going to end up very…”

“No, the last part! You said…”

Anes met his eyes and closed them helplessly.

“If he finds out you like me? Is it that sentence? Yes, it’s true. I know you like me.”

Hamza didn’t speak, and wanted to wait for Anes to say something. After a long silence, Anes opened his eyes and said, “Sarin, I won’t love you. I can’t love you.”

Although it sounded like a refusal, Hamza was still a little happy. He could hear other flavors from the tone, like a bittersweetness, just like the taste of Anes himself.

“I know you can’t,” Hamza kisses Anes on the brow. “I mean if, not really, but if I left Ilfayi, and he didn’t call me back, and he wasn’t angry with you, would you be happy if there was such a day?”

Hearing this, Anes nervously propped up and looked straight at Hamza, “What do you want to do? You want to… No, Sarin. You must not go against him.”

Hamza was stunned. The shadow of the tent fell on his face. Maybe Anes could only see his mouth, but not his eyes.

“I don’t say this because I like him. I don’t want you to do something stupid. Don’t rush to deny it. How many people have I met in my life? I can hear the undertones in your words. Hamza, don’t even think about it. Ilfayi is the man who controls the whole kingdom of Bola. He has many allies and many enemies. There have been many attempts to assassinate him in the past, and all those people have failed. He knows witchcraft, he just has to look at you to see if you have malice. You must not think against him, not even for a moment.”

Hamza frowned, “Can his witchcraft read one’s heart? What if… What if I think of you?”

“I mean, he can recognize hostility, not that he can read one’s mind in every detail,” Anes said. “Sarin, if you think of me, close your eyes and think about it. Ilfayi likes to close his eyes when making love, and also likes a dark environment. Then you can close your eyes, you can imagine being with me… Or think of anyone. But remember not to call him the wrong name and not to kiss him casually.”

“I know, I remember.” With that, Hamza lifted up Anes’ body and lowered his head. Their lips came together again.

After several previous rounds, Anes was a little tired, but he was not willing to give up. It happened that Hamza did not want to let go of Anes. He knew how eager and rude he was today, but he could not care about so much. He wished that he could indulge in his lover’s body forever, and let the sky stay the polar night forever, and let the dawn never come again.

The night is long and short. The only time they can belong to each other.

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It’s a beautiful story. Thank you very much for the translation!

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I hope Sarin won’t do something stupid….Love is not rationnal…I hope this will end good…

September 3, 2020 9:12 am

Thank you for the chapter. It’s sweet and sad that they both know their limits in a way. I just hope Ilfayi doesn’t sense the direction of the Lion’s heart.

September 3, 2020 11:38 pm

I fear for Sarin… how can he serve a stranger so willingly after he has get to know this love. Aiya.

Thanks for the chapter!

September 4, 2020 8:45 pm

Thank you!

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Thanks for the chapter 💕
I think that Hamza will do what he is told not to, and he’ll do something to not be liked by Ilfayi.

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