Tonari no Usotsuki

Tonari no Usotsuki
Tonari no Usotsuki

The Liar by My Side

Artist:  Suzaka Shina

Author: Rika Anzai
Language: English

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While aware he’s attracted to the same sex, Takase has been living and lying because of his pride. One day, he gets to know Ito,, who is always waiting for his male lover at a cafe. Takase, who was interested in how Ito always gave his true feelings to his lover, is strongly shaken by the unrelenting Ito who’s tears are pure with the betrayal. However, even though he wishes to be more than friends, he can not say that he’s gay.

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  1. Thank you for chapter 4! Thank you for your hard work! I finally understood got the password after struggling with the one for Burlesque. And I realize how stupid I was to not get it. Thanks again!

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