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Hey everyone! Today marks ExR’s fourth anniversary! As a present to you guys, Vampire Omega and Ordinary will each have 5 chapters released today!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


When the noodles were served, they tasted as good as ever, and Luo ZhouZhou ate them with his head buried in the bowl, and finally drank all the noodle soup. 

When he put down the bowl, Chu Feng wiped the beads of sweat from his nose with a paper towel and turned to Boss Liu, “I’ll go check on Auntie Liu. “

Afterwards, without waiting for Boss Liu’s response, he put down a coin on the table, picked up the paper bag, and took Luo ZhouZhou out of the restaurant. Chu Feng seemed to know this area very well, and walked around and through several alleys, coming to a street at last. Luo ZhouZhou looked around and realized that he had seen this place before. It was a few stories high, dark red building, with a revolving light hanging in front of the barber shop on the ground floor, half of which was missing. 

The first time he encountered Chu Feng, he was sitting in Assistant Qin’s car the night he was arrested at the police station, and he saw him and a girl standing on the side of the street, talking. At the time, he thought Chu Feng was on a date. 

So had he really been on a date? 

When Luo ZhouZhou thought of this, he suddenly felt uncomfortable, his heart clogged up like a ball of cotton. Chu Feng stopped by the barber shop, gestured at the stairs next to Luo ZhouZhou, and said, “We need to go to the fourth floor, there is no elevator, so we need to climb.” 

But Luo ZhouZhou stood still, just staring at him. 

“What’s wrong?” Chu Feng asked. 

Luo ZhouZhou opened his mouth, feeling somewhat unable to ask. “Nothing, let’s go.” He ran up the stairs, clearly not wanting to answer the question. 

Chu Feng watched his back for a few seconds before catching up. The building was dark and old, and when Luo ZhouZhou was about to put his hand on the bars, Chu Feng stopped him, “Don’t touch it, it’s dusty.” Then he took his hand in his and led him up the stairs.

On the fourth floor, Chu Feng said, “This is it. Here we are.” 

Chu Feng knocked on one of the two green-colored, iron doors on this floor, with Luo ZhouZhou standing behind him. A moment later the door opened, and a female voice, full of surprise, sounded, “Brother Chu Feng.” 

Luo ZhouZhou couldn’t help but peek out slightly from behind Chu Feng to see the owner of the voice. He saw a young, pretty face, the same girl who was talking with Chu Feng on the street that time. The girl looked at Chu Feng with an expression of surprise and joy, her eyes shining. 

Chu Feng smiled back at her and said, “Wang Su, I’m here to see Auntie Liu.” 

Wang Su came back to her senses and quickly opened the door wide, “Brother Chu Feng, my mother was just talking about you yesterday.”

Chu Feng didn’t move, but leaned to the side to make way for the door, as he spoke to the one behind him, “Come in.” 

Only then did Wang Su see someone standing behind him, who could not be seen clearly in the dim light, but had short hair and a slim figure. This was the first time Chu Feng brought someone to her house. Wang Su realized what was happening and her heart pounded. But she reacted instantly and smiled, “Did Brother Chu Feng bring a guest? Welcome, please come in.” 

Luo ZhouZhou also kept looking at Wang Su until he entered the room, then he averted his gaze and looked around. It was a small living room, with old but clean furniture, and it was obvious that the owner was very diligent. The lighting was not very good, and the lamps were on during the day. 

An old woman was sitting on a rattan chair by the window with a blanket on her lap. 

“Is Wang Jun back?” Hearing the commotion, the old woman looked toward the door. Wang Su looked gloomy, managed to squeeze out a smile and said, “Mom, it’s Brother Chu Feng.” 

The old woman also smiled and said to Luo ZhouZhou, “Chu Feng, you haven’t followed Wang Jun to the house for a few days, make sure you eat more today.” 

Luo ZhouZhou didn’t know how to reply and turned back to look at Chu Feng. “Auntie Liu, I am Chu Feng, I am here.” 

Chu Feng handed the paper bag in his hand to Wang Su, walked forward quickly, and squatted in front of Aunt Liu. Aunt Liu’s eyes narrowed with laughter, “Well, if it isn’t Chu Feng.” Then she turned to Luo ZhouZhou, “Wang Jun, I’ve left some food in the kitchen so go eat with Chu Feng.”

Luo ZhouZhou looked at Chu Feng again. Chu Feng took Auntie Liu’s hand and held it, saying, “Auntie Liu, his name is Luo ZhouZhou, not Wang Jun.” Then he turned to Luo ZhouZhou and said warmly, “Zhou Zhou, come closer and say hello to Aunt Liu.” 

Wang Su was putting the paper bag on the table, and after a pause at the words, she quickly returned to normal. Luo ZhouZhou obediently came forward, bowed and said, “Hello, Auntie Liu.” 

“Come, come, let me take a closer look.” Aunt Liu waved at him. 

Luo ZhouZhou took two more steps forward and stopped in front of her. Aunt Liu took his hand and talked as she looked at him, “Well, well, well, good boy, you are really good-looking.” Then she asked Chu Feng, “Is this your classmate with Wang Jun?” 

Chu Feng smiled, as he glanced at Luo ZhouZhou and said, “Yes, my classmate with Wang Jun.” 

While Auntie Liu was holding Luo ZhouZhou to ask long and short questions, Chu Feng went to Wang Su’s side and asked in a low voice, “How has she been these two days?” 

“How could she be? Hasn’t she been like that ever since brother left?”

Wang Su’s voice was a bit loud, and her emotions were suddenly agitated, and her two hands, which were holding the paper bag, were white-knuckled under the force. When Aunt Liu stopped talking and looked over in confusion, Chu Feng smiled at her, “It’s okay, I was discussing something with Wang Su.” 

“Speak well, what are you doing so loudly? Don’t scare Zhou Zhou.” Aunt Liu chided Wang Su. 

Wang Su squeezed out an ugly smile and said, “I know.” 

While answering Aunt Liu’s question, Luo ZhouZhou kept looking at Chu Feng and Wang Su. The first time Wang Su saw him, her eyes were filled with scrutiny and hostility, but when she looked at Chu Feng, her eyes lit up. Although Luo ZhouZhou had never been in contact with her, he knew what that meant. Now the two were standing very close to each other, talking in whispers, and Luo ZhouZhou, although being held by Auntie Liu, was distracted and gave haphazard answers. 

Wang Su lowered her head and said, “Brother Chu Feng, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.” 

Chu Feng remained silent. 

“Is Zhou Zhou someone you like? He’s really good-looking.” Wang Su’s tone was deliberately light, “Only such a good-looking Omega is worthy of Brother Chu Feng.” 

Chu Feng watched her take the medicine bottle out of the paper bag and didn’t answer the question directly, but instead whispered, “Wang Su, you know, I’ve always treated Wang Jun as my own brother, so you’re like my own sister.” 

“I know, I’ve always treated you as my own brother, too.” Wang Su’s voice trembled a little. 

Chu Feng paused, then continued, “The living conditions in this house are not very good, nor is it suitable for Aunt Liu to recuperate in. We’ll find a good day to move to the new house, it’s been renovated for a year, and it’s done, so you can live there.” 

“Then after we move to the new house, will Chu Feng feel relieved that he doesn’t have to visit me and my mom as often anymore?” Wang Su’s voice was a little sharp. 

Luo ZhouZhou noticed that the atmosphere was not right and peeked their way more frequently. He happened to meet Wang Su’s gaze, who was also looking at him, and he flinched at the undisguised hatred in Wang Su’s eyes. 

Chu Feng frowned, his voice became colder, and said, “So whenever I visit Aunt Liu, I should do so at your discretion?” 

Wang Su turned her head in a panic, her face pale white, and hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, brother Chu Feng, I didn’t mean it like that. You know, I… I am sure I would love for you to come to see mom every day.” 

After saying that, she put down the medicine bottle and hurriedly went into the back room, slamming the door without lifting her head. Luo ZhouZhou saw Wang Su leaving abruptly, but Chu Feng stood still, it seemed they had quarreled. He didn’t know what they had just said, but felt like a cat was scratching or rubbing sand in his heart, and felt sour as well as bitter. 

Chu Feng came over, his face as usual, and when he saw Luo ZhouZhou staring at him, he raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like this?” 

Luo ZhouZhou looked away and whispered, “It’s nothing.” 

Chu Feng chatted with Aunt Liu for a while longer, then called him up to say goodbye. Hearing that they were leaving, Wang Su came out of the room. By now, she was back to normal, with a smile on her face, but with redness in the corner of her eyes and the tip of her nose. The building was dimly lit, and Wang Su was leading the way. When she turned around at the bottom of the stairs, she saw that Chu Feng was holding Luo ZhouZhou’s hand, walking very carefully, step by step. She hurriedly turned her attention away to look at the houses in the distance.

When they stepped out of the building, she smiled and said, “Brother Chu Feng, bring Zhou Zhou to play more often in the future.” 

Luo ZhouZhou knew that Wang Su didn’t like him, so he pursed his lips and didn’t reply, pretending not to hear. Chu Feng looked down at him and urged him softly, “Zhou Zhou, Sister Su is inviting you to come and play with us in the future.” 

Luo ZhouZhou looked at Wang Su and saw that although she was smiling, her eyes were cold, so he reluctantly said, “Okay, I’ll come visit Aunt Liu.” 

Although he didn’t like Wang Su, he thought Aunt Liu was very nice. Chu Feng laughed and reached out to rub his head, but Luo ZhouZhou knocked it away. “Let’s go.”

Chu Feng reluctantly turned around, nodded to Wang Su, and led Luo ZhouZhou out onto the street. When he got into the car, Luo ZhouZhou was still tense and did not say a word. Chu Feng also remained silent, sitting without driving. After a while, Luo ZhouZhou couldn’t stand it any longer and sneaked a glance at him. He saw Chu Feng’s head hung down, fondling the silver lighter in his hand, as if he was thinking about something. 

“Wang Jun and I grew up together since we were children, and we were as close as brothers. His mother also took good care of me and helped me a lot. We graduated from the military academy together and joined the military together. Originally, we said we would start a family together and live next door to each other, but then he died… So, I usually take care of his mother and sister. In my heart, Wang Su is like my own sister.” Chu Feng suddenly spoke, his voice low. 

Luo ZhouZhou listened quietly, and when he heard that Wang Su was only his sister to him, all his unhappiness suddenly disappeared. He only felt his heart fluttering, and the cotton clogged in his chest flying away. He was about to say something when he saw Chu Feng leaning back in his seat with his eyes closed and a deep sadness on his face, and swallowed his words.

Chu Feng clicked the lighter, watched the small flame flicker for a few seconds, and closed the lid again. 

“This lighter was his legacy.” He mumbled, “If I hadn’t ducked out to smoke that day, if I had been more careful, then—” 

Here he stopped talking, stopping abruptly mid-sentence. Luo ZhouZhou held his breath, not daring to ask questions or make a sound to disturb him. The cars on the street were coming and going, chaotic and noisy, but the inside of the vehicle was so quiet that he could even hear his own breathing. 

Chu Feng’s long eyelashes were drooping, the sun was slanting in, and his well-defined face was half submerged in shadow. After a while, he slowly opened his eyes, and his light brown eyes had regained their calmness. 

He quirked his lips at Luo ZhouZhou, who had been watching him steadily, with his usual playful look. “Where do you want to go next?”

Luo ZhouZhou didn’t reply, but looked at him suspiciously. 

Chu Feng reached out and pinched his nose and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?” 

“You… just seemed very sad.” Luo ZhouZhou didn’t blink. 

Chu Feng started the car and said, “I’m not sad anymore, let’s go and play somewhere.” 

Luo ZhouZhou grabbed the starry sky cushion, hugged it in his arms, looked at the astronaut vampire on the visor, and said, “If you don’t want to move, we can sit like this all day.” 

“Yeah?” Chu Feng asked. 

“Yes, when I’m in a bad mood, I just want to sit by myself and not go anywhere.”

As soon as Luo ZhouZhou finished speaking, he felt that the words ‘by myself’ in his sentence was inappropriate, and added nervously, “Of course, it’s better to have someone sitting by your side without talking.” 

Chu Feng looked at him sideways, his eyes slowly smiling, “Go ahead, where do you want to go? I’m really not sad anymore, and I really want to move. Of course, it’s better to be accompanied by someone who doesn’t stop talking.”



Luo ZhouZhou thought aloud, “Can I go and see where you used to live?”

Because of Wang Jun and Wang Su, he was very curious about Chu Feng’s past. When Chu Feng heard this, he looked ahead without answering, and tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, showing a pensive look.

When Luo ZhouZhou saw him like this, he panicked and said, “I’m sorry, if you don’t want to, forget it.”

Chu Feng did not reply, but suddenly stepped on the gas pedal and turned the car around.

After turning the car around, he said, “Let’s go. I’ll show you where I used to live.”

The car drove west out of the city of Bayard, down a winding mountain road to the outskirts, and stopped at an abandoned parking lot.

Luo ZhouZhou followed Chu Feng out of the car and looked around curiously. The parking lot covered a large area, but there was nothing but scrapped cars and a dilapidated brick house on the side.

“You said you’d bring me to the place where you used to live. Is this the place? ” Luo ZhouZhou asked hesitantly.

Chu Feng didn’t answer him, but stopped, and pulled out two silver items from his pocket like magic, turning to Luo ZhouZhou, “Come here.”

Luo ZhouZhou went forward and allowed him to put one of them on his face, only to discover that it was a mask. It was one of those silver masks that cover only the upper part of the face.

Chu Feng stepped back and said with satisfaction, “Not bad, Little Sharp Blade.”

After saying that, he put the other mask on himself and took Luo ZhouZhou to the brick building.

“What’s a little sharp blade?” Luo ZhouZhou asked.

Chu Feng said, “You’ll know later.”

Luo ZhouZhou was not used to wearing something on his face, so he reached out and scratched it with his hand twice, but Chu Feng grabbed his hand and held it.

Luo ZhouZhou looked at Chu Feng again from the side. The mask on Chu Feng’s face was exactly the same as his, both silver in color. Because only the lower part of his face was exposed, the bridge of his nose was higher and his jawline was nearly perfect.

Luo ZhouZhou felt his heart skip a beat, How can he look so good?

Because he frequently turned his head to glance to the side, he didn’t pay attention to his feet and almost tripped over a stone, but Chu Feng held him by the arm and kept him standing.

“Pay attention to your feet and don’t dart your eyes around,” Chu Feng said.

Luo ZhouZhou withdrew his gaze apologetically and blushed a little.

Chu Feng was still looking ahead, his eyes glinting with a smile beneath his mask. When he reached the brick house, the door was closed, and Chu Feng made three long knocks and two short ones.

A moment later, the door opened, and when the big man saw Chu Feng, gestured with his head, and said, “Come in.”

When they entered the house, there were a few men in black undershirts sitting there, and when they saw Luo ZhouZhou, their eyes fell on him without hiding. Chu Feng covered Luo ZhouZhou and looked at them coldly. His gaze was as cold as ice, and he released the intimidating pressure of a top Alpha.

These people, who usually lived a life of licking blood, were shocked by the pressure wrapped in anger, and they were too cold to move. It was only when Chu Feng was far away that they regained consciousness and looked at each other with palpitations on their faces.

“Top Alpha, there’s still top Alpha in our field?”

“Normally no pressure is allowed in boxing, who knows if there’s a top Alpha.”

“That’s Sharp Blade, you newcomers don’t know it, that mask is the identity mark of Sharp Blade.”

Luo ZhouZhou couldn’t hear them because he had followed Chu Feng through a long hallway and into the elevator.

“Isn’t this a brick house? Why is there an elevator?” Luo ZhouZhou asked curiously.

Chu Feng pressed the -3 button and said, “The elevator goes underground.”

The elevator swayed and went down, and soon the doors opened.

At that moment, a tidal wave of earth-shattering shouts flooded into Luo ZhouZhou’s ears.

“Let’s go, get out,” Chu Feng said, and then walked out.

Luo ZhouZhou hurried to catch up.

Chu Feng said as he walked out to the corridor the elevator opened to, “Never been to a place like this before, have you?”

“What kind of place is this?” Luo ZhouZhou listened to the shouts and trotted behind, the sounds highly resembling cheering at a soccer game.


Chu Feng replied briefly, “Fighting ring.”


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