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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


Luo ZhouZhou listened to Chu Feng’s story, then fell silent.

A long while later, he asked, “Then why did Calgar kill them?”

Chu Feng replied, “That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I’m trying to look at all aspects of it, including who they wanted to get rid of with our deaths or if they didn’t want the outside world to know about Benzedrine and that’s why they silenced us.”

“And were those the reasons?”

“Not at all. After the accident, Calgar was furious in a top-level meeting, and from then on, the army stopped using Benzedrine on its soldiers completely, and only used it to fight against the Sunset Face.”

Luo ZhouZhou asked in bewilderment, “Then why exactly?”

Chu Feng looked out of the window in a daze, and mumbled, “Yes, why on earth was it for? There must be a reason buried deeper…”

“And did his arrest of the General have something to do with this as well?” Luo ZhouZhou asked.

Chu Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t know. If it were revealed that he had simply killed a group of Special Forces soldiers, it wouldn’t have been because of a secret that could overthrow the Alliance, as your father said. People would easily forgive him for his crime because of his contribution to the Alliance. The death of an ordinary group of Special Forces soldiers would only add a couple of more glances from others. But the secrets the General spoke of, including perhaps the real reason behind the deaths of the Special Forces, are just more serious.”

“No wonder they were rummaging around the house,” Luo ZhouZhou said, “They were trying to find the evidence the General was holding.”

“Then recall if there was any place in the house where they could hide something.” Chu Feng advised.

Luo ZhouZhou recalled for a moment and shook his head blankly, saying, “I can’t think of anywhere to hide anything.”

“What if they’ve already found it?” He asked Chu Feng a little nervously.

Chu Feng shook his head and said, “No. If they had already found it, they wouldn’t have wanted to capture you to threaten General Luo.”

Luo ZhouZhou said with a worried frown, “Isn’t it easy for the President to capture me? I’m sure I won’t be able to escape.”

Chu Feng touched his head, “As long as we’re careful, we’ll be fine, because if he wants to catch you, he won’t dare to call on the military forces, so he’ll have to use someone from outside.”

“So he will deal with you?” Luo ZhouZhou asked worriedly.

Chu Feng laughed and replied, “I am at least a General, and I don’t like vases. If he wants to deal with me, it may be difficult to find a justified reason. Besides, I’m very useful to him, and he’s not aware that I’m investigating him, so he won’t deal with me for the time being.”

Luo ZhouZhou looked much more relaxed when he heard this. His voice picked up again, “By the way, how’s Sheriff Chen?” 

Chu Feng consoled, “It’s nothing, he was just shot in the arm, but he didn’t break any bones and didn’t bleed profusely. He’ll be fine after a while.”

As he was talking, the door was suddenly pushed open and a man with a bowl came in, smiling and saying, “Little Blade, have some chicken soup.”

“Xiao Feng!” Luo ZhouZhou cried out in surprise. He recognized the man, the one he had seen in the underground fighting arena, Xiao Feng.

“They’ll be watching me now, and then they’ll find you along the way, so I brought you here. It’s quite safe here, no one knows about my relationship with Xiao Feng.” Chu Feng explained. 

At that moment, the terminal beeped, and Chu Feng told Luo ZhouZhou, “It’s SiHan.” He walked out of the room as he spoke. “SiHan, I’m at, um…”

Xiao Feng put the chicken soup on the bedside table, rubbed his hands and said, “Drink it, it’s just the right temperature.”

Seeing Luo ZhouZhou surveying the room as he sipped his soup, he explained understandingly, “At first, Sharp Blade left me a terminal number, asking me to call him when I had a problem. Shortly afterwards, I did encounter a problem I couldn’t solve, so I called him at that number. As a result, not only did the Sharp Blade help me solve my trouble, he also gave me this small building to live in.”

“So are you still working at the underground fighting ring?” Luo ZhouZhou asked curiously.

“No more, I’m doing some other small business now.” Xiao Feng said gratefully, “Sharp Blade is really bighearted, he saved my life.”

Luo ZhouZhou listened to him repeating ‘Sharp Blade’ over and over and asked, “Do you still don’t know his name?”

Xiao Feng laughed and said, “I know it. I used to think he would mix well, but I didn’t expect him to be this good. But I still like to call him Sharp Blade.”

“Sharp Blade is a nice name,” Luo ZhouZhou said, “But his other name is also nice.”

Xiao Feng hurriedly added, “They all sound good.”

“What are you laughing at? So merry.” Chu Feng ended the call and walked back in from outside.

Xiao Feng even picked up the empty bowl on the bedside table and said, “You guys talk first, I’ll go buy some food and prepare lunch.”

After Xiao Feng left, Chu Feng sat down on the edge of the bed and asked, “Is your body still feeling uncomfortable?”

Luo ZhouZhou felt it and said, “It’s not uncomfortable anymore, but it’s still a little soft. But last night was very, very, very awful.” In order to show the degree, he said “very” several times in an aggravated tone.

Although he had survived last night, Luo ZhouZhou felt particularly aggrieved now that Chu Feng was by his side. He pursed his mouth and leaned into Chu Feng’s arms, “It was raining so hard that I was drenched, and I was cold. I went back to the villa after I saw the General being taken away, and I met that Sky Wolf again.” 

Chu Feng didn’t say anything, just put his arms around him.

“I quietly snuck out, put on a worker’s uniform to break through the checkpoint, and put on your favorite beard.” Luo ZhouZhou touched his face and asked, “Where is my beard?”

“You lost your beard when I saw you. Probably lost it on the road.” Chu Feng whispered.

Luo ZhouZhou continued, “I was running really fast when I broke through the checkpoint, that I might have lost it then. It was raining so hard that my eyes were blinded and I couldn’t see the road, so I had to run following the lights. But I managed to outrun the soldiers and didn’t let them catch up.”

When he finished, he didn’t go on, but looked up from Chu Feng’s arms at him.

Chu Feng knew what he was waiting for and said in a soft voice, “Zhou Zhou is really good, and he runs really fast.” 

Luo ZhouZhou was a bit aggrieved, but he got more and more excited and sat up in Chu Feng’s arms. “I remembered what you said about being cautious, so I didn’t take a taxi and walked from the checkpoint to outside your home. It was such a long walk, it took me less than an hour.”

Chu Feng complimented him like Luo ZhouZhou wanted while whispering, “It’s amazing that you walked so far alone in that storm.”

“I found stairs to hide from the rain, and then I went into heat. I kept and kept and kept on persisting.” Luo ZhouZhou made a vigorous motion with both hands.

Chu Feng opened his mouth, but finally stopped praising him, then reached out his arms and hugged him hard, burying his face on the top of his head.

Luo ZhouZhou finally realized that something was wrong with Chu Feng and closed his mouth.

After a few moments, he appeasingly added, “It’s okay, it was just my heat, I can handle it, it’s not like I haven’t had it before.”

Chu Feng raised his head, his eyes a little red. He wrapped his hand around the back of Luo ZhouZhou’s head, put his forehead against his, and said in a hoarse voice: “Yes, just your heat, nothing is too hard for Zhou Zhou.”

After they talked for a while, Chu Feng got up and looked out the window. The surrounding area was full of ordinary residents, with no suspicious people around.

“Zhou Zhou, you rest for a while longer, I still have to meet the president to report on the border matters.” Chu Feng walked up to Luo ZhouZhou and said.


“When I get back, I can pick you up and take you home.”

“I can leave this place?” Luo ZhouZhou’s eyes lit up.

Chu Feng touched his head and said, “I’ll make Calgar stop dealing with you for now.”

Chu Feng went back to his home first, and met some dodgy people at the entrance of the neighborhood, but he looked away as if he hadn’t seen them, and went straight into the elevator.

When he got home, he took a shower, put on a clean shirt, then he brushed shaving cream on his chin and carefully shaved the stubble in the mirror. He took the uniform hanging on the coat rack, fastened the buttons one by one, and straightened the brim of his hat.

He then turned around and walked out of the bathroom, through the living room, and out the door without looking back.


Presidential Palace.

President Calgar had just run a few laps around the lawn of the house, preparing for a small meeting after breakfast. He was in his late forties, in good shape, and looked to be in his early thirties.

Calgar has a regular routine: he wakes up at six in the morning, exercises until breakfast is served at eight, and then works all day. In the evening, he reviews some documents, listens to the news and music, and goes to bed at ten o’clock sharp.

He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, doesn’t have any bad habits, doesn’t have any emotional history, and is still single in his forties, jokingly called ‘the most valuable single Alpha in the Alliance’.

Now, as soon as Calgar wiped his mouth with a napkin, someone pushed the door open and announced that Chu Feng had arrived.

“Let him in.” Calgar tossed the napkin onto the plate, and the waiter rushed out with it.

“His Excellency the President.” Chu Feng walked in and gave a military salute.

Calgar smiled and said, “You’re back fast, is everything done?” Afterwards, he pointed to the chair beside him, “Sit down first, there will be another meeting later. Since you’re here, you should come with me and join the meeting.”

Chu Feng only bowed, stood still, and shouted, “Replying to Your Excellency, the matter has been settled, and the relatives of the deceased and the media who reported the incident have also been pacified.”

Calgar picked up the coffee from the side and slowly said, “I thought it would take several days, but you did it in less than a day. It was because… you wanted to come back urgently, isn’t it?”

“I wanted to return as soon as possible to work for His Excellency the President,” Chu Feng answered. 

Calgar looked at the coffee cup with a smile, but didn’t say anything.

After a few seconds of silence, Chu Feng said, “Your Excellency, I have something else to ask you.”

Calgar asked, “What is it?”

“The matter of General Luo Pei,” Chu Feng explained, “The justification for the military department’s action against General Luo Pei, just because of a vase and an outsider’s statement, seems a little too hasty.”

The smile on Calgar’s face faded, and he looked down at the coffee cup in his hand before speaking, “General Chu, you are quite well-informed even though you were at the border.”

Chu Feng replied respectfully, “Your Excellency, it’s no secret, it’s all over the military department, even the media has gotten a hold of it.”

“There was a device in the vase that is directly connected to the Olin Truth Church, does this not constitute as evidence?” Calgar asked softly.

Chu Feng replied, “It can definitely constitute as evidence, but how the evidence got to General Luo’s residence, and whether he knew about the device or not should be investigated. Otherwise, if the media asks questions, the military department won’t be able to answer.”

Calgar looked up at Chu Feng and his eyes narrowed, “The media?”

Chu Feng straightened his legs and said loudly, “Chu Feng’s words are all out of concern for the reputation of the military, nothing more.”

Calgar put his coffee cup on the table and asked, “So you’re standing here right now to shout injustice on behalf of Luo Pei? If you have objections, you can produce your evidence in a court martial to prove his innocence instead of coming before me and questioning me.”

Chu Feng’s eyes looked straight ahead as he replied, “This subordinate dares not question Your Excellency, but just now outside the Presidential Palace, a few media reporters blocked the way to pursue the question, and I was unable to answer.”

“Is that so? Unable to answer?” Calgar narrowed his eyes as he stared at Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, you seem to be a bit unusual this time.”

Chu Feng’s shoulders straightened out and he replied, “Your Excellency is the one who promoted me to this position. Chu Feng keeps this in mind and always abides by his duty.”

Calgar laughed briefly and meaningfully said, “I know that you are very close to Luo Pei’s son, the Omega named Luo ZhouZhou. It’s normal for young people to be overwhelmed by love and affection, I understand. But no matter what, you must adhere to the basic principles and not ignore the Alliance regulations. Chu Feng, it hasn’t been easy for you to come this far, and you can’t afford to make the wrong step. You have to figure out what to do to stand firm and stand taller.” 

Chu Feng lowered his eyes, “This subordinate understands.”

Calgar added, “You don’t have to be nervous, Luo Pei is Luo Pei, his son is his son, the Alliance strictly follows the law, so no one will mix them up.”

“Yes.” Chu Feng looked straight ahead and replied with a shout.

Calgar said no more and stood up, straightening his collar and heading for the door, “Let’s go, it’s almost time for the meeting.”

As he reached the door, he noticed Chu Feng didn’t follow him and turned around, “What? Is there something else?”

Chu Feng had a difficult look, and opened his mouth to speak, but then stopped.

“Say what you have to say, we have a meeting coming up.” Calgar frowned.

Chu Feng lowered his head, gazed at the dark red carpet in front of him, and said in an apprehensive tone, “Your Excellency, those media weren’t only asking about Luo Pei, they were also asking me about Sita Manor.”

“The Sita Manor?” Calgar was visibly flabbergasted and asked, “What happened to Sita?”

Chu Feng still hung his head, his tone unchanged, “I received an anonymous email a few days ago. Someone investigated and found that six race horses, each costing tens of millions of Alliance dollars, are kept in Sita Manor”

Calgar withdrew his hand from the door handle and slowly turned around to look at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng continued carefully, “There were several photos and copies attached to that email, including the purchase and sale agreement, as well as information about the payment account. Although the payment account was with the Department of the Army and signed by Willson, it was in your name. I immediately contradicted him and deleted the email so that it wouldn’t be used against you. I actually had other reporters asking about it just now, but they weren’t sure, and they were asking me for confirmation.”

Calgar didn’t say anything, just looked at Chu Feng icily.

Chu Feng also slowly raised his head and looked at him, “Your Excellency, the election is about to start, and this subordinate understands the importance of this email, so I deleted it. You don’t need to worry about it.”

The room was quiet, and Calgar’s face was cold.

After a while, he said very softly, “Chu Feng, I have always loved hunting. When I was still a Bayard Administrator, I laid a few iron traps in the woods a week’s travel from my apartment. One day the trap hit a wolf cub, bleeding and dying, and I saved him, fed him, healed him and raised him. As a result, he once tried to take meat from my dinner plate, and when I stopped him, he actually tried to scratch me with his claws.”

“It can only eat what I give it. If I don’t give it something, even if it falls on the floor, it can’t pick it up. Guess what I did that time?” Calgar asked.

“I can’t guess.” Chu Feng replied without changing his expression.

After looking at him for a few seconds, Calgar suddenly laughed and said, “When my iron trap caught another little female wolf and she was trapped there, the wolf cub wanted to take the meat to her in his mouth to keep her alive and scratched me, because he was in a panic. So that time I forgave him and let the little she-wolf out of the iron trap.”

“A wolf cub will only scratch people when he is driven to desperation. Your Excellency was really kind-hearted.” Chu Feng replied. 

Calgar put away his smile, looked at him quietly for a moment, and carefully enunciated, “But this was a betrayal, and there will be no next time. Otherwise, I will cut off the wolf cub’s claws and watch him die again.” When Calgar finished he reached out and patted Chu Feng’s shoulder, saying, “Don’t worry, people have emails, so what? It was all forged by my competitor anyway.”

“Your Excellency is right, it is definitely a forgery.” Chu Feng nodded and smiled.

“Let’s go, meeting.” Calgar turned to open the door and walked out.

Chu Feng gave him a deep look behind him and followed.


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noname but i'm cute
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