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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


When Luo ZhouZhou woke up, he found himself lying in a hospital bed with no one beside him. He looked at his wrist, no IV drip was attached to it, so he took off the blanket and got out of the bed. As soon as he put on his slippers, he heard the door open, and Qi Fen walked in with a lunch box.

“Director Qi.” Luo ZhouZhou was in awe and stood up quickly.

Qi Fen took one look at him and asked: “Awake?”


“Does your body feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Qi Fen put the lunch box on the table.

Luo ZhouZhou shook his head haphazardly and said, “No, it’s very comfortable.”

Qi Fen sneered and said, “You slept for more than ten hours, how can you not be comfortable?”

When Luo ZhouZhou didn’t make a sound and kept looking around the room, he said, “Don’t look, Chu Feng isn’t here.”

“Then where did he go?” Luo ZhouZhou accosted him and asked.

Qi Fen gave him a blank look, and said, “He’s been here for more than ten hours. He thought you were about to wake up, so he went home to cook for you and asked me to bring you some food. You eat first, he will come after taking a shower.”

Luo ZhouZhou went to the table and opened the lid of the lunch box, and the fragrance of the food drifted out. Only then did he feel that his stomach was empty, so he hurriedly picked up the chopsticks and took a big mouthful.

“Haven’t you had enough blood? Looks like you still need to eat.” Qi Fen suddenly spoke up behind him.

Luo ZhouZhou bit down on the chopsticks in his mouth, and didn’t dare to move for a moment.

“Luo ZhouZhou, ah, Luo ZhouZhou, how can you be so stupid as to stop Chu Feng’s bleeding by licking him?” Qi Fen shook his head incredulously, “When you fainted and went to the hospital, Chu Feng called me here, saying that after he was injured, you licked his wounds and then fainted. I had to give you a thorough physical examination”

“So, what did you find out?” Luo ZhouZhou asked a little nervously.

Qi Fen didn’t answer, but looked at him strangely, his eyes shining.

Luo ZhouZhou had a creepy feeling again and slowly put down his chopsticks, “Director, why are you looking at me like that?

Qi Fen walked to the edge of the bed and sat down, saying, “I’m waiting for an outcome.”

“What outcome?”

Qi Fen took out his glasses cloth from his pocket to wipe his glasses, and said a long time later, “Zhou Zhou, did you know that the Sunset Virus in your body has disappeared?”

“Disappeared?” Luo ZhouZhou asked blankly, “Do you mean it’s inactive and dormant again?”

Luo ZhouZhou saw his hands trembling as he repeatedly wiped his glasses with his head down. “It’s not inactive or dormant, it’s gone, disappeared from your body.”

“Really?” Luo ZhouZhou opened his mouth in surprise.

Qi Fen said, “Yes, I have checked you many times and confirmed that the virus is gone. But there is still one piece of data that hasn’t come out yet, so I am waiting.”

Luo ZhouZhou was stunned for a moment, until Qi Fen put on his glasses and started shaking his legs nervously, then he was startled by his voice.

“Director, then why didn’t you test it yourself, but came to me to wait for the result?”

“I was willing to.”

Luo ZhouZhou observed his look and said understandingly, “I get it, you don’t have the courage to do the test yourself, you’re avoiding it.”

“…Why are you getting so annoying?”

“And does Chu Feng know?” Luo ZhouZhou asked. If Sunset Face is really gone, he just wanted Chu Feng to know about it as soon as possible.

Before Qi Fen had time to answer, the hospital room door was pushed open.

Chu Feng stood there with his right hand on the door, gasping for breath, his chest heaving, his eyes shining brightly at Luo ZhouZhou.


At this time, a message beeped from Qi Fen’s terminal.

All three of them were quiet and didn’t move, their eyes falling on his wrist. Chu Feng and Qi Fen’s breathing was ragged, but they were like two motionless wax statues, frozen on their bases.

“Let’s see, is it the result?” Luo ZhouZhou broke the silence in a low voice.

Qi Fen’s face showed an unnatural flush, he breathed rapidly, and looked pleadingly at Chu Feng at the door.

“Then I’ll do it.” Chu Feng said in a soft voice. He stepped toward Qi Fen and reached out to tap the terminal on his wrist. Luo ZhouZhou saw his hand trembling and tapped twice before hitting the icon on it.

A researcher’s excited voice sounded in the room, “Director Qi, success, success! All indicators are normal, all test results show that the Sunset… the Sunset Virus… is really gone.”

The researcher’s voice was trembling by the end, choking and he was almost unable to continue. Chu Feng pressed replay again, and everyone listened quietly again. When he pressed replay again, Luo ZhouZhou jumped on him, and Chu Feng opened his arms to catch him, then hugged him tightly.

Luo ZhouZhou’s own eardrums seemed to tremble together as he listened to the intensity of his heartbeat.

“I… I’m going to the institute.” When Qi Fen said that, turned his head and walked to the balcony. When he walked out, he realized that it was wrong, and turned around to go to the door again. He knocked over a chair, stumbled a few steps before standing still, and opened the door without looking back.

Hearing the door close, Chu Feng lifted Luo ZhouZhou’s chin and placed a passionate kiss on his lips, impatiently. This kiss was different from the usual tender and inseparable kiss, which was both fierce and urgent. Luo ZhouZhou was nibbled and sucked by him, but even though he was in pain, he didn’t move.

“Zhou Zhou, come to the institute tomorrow—” The door was pushed open, and Qi Fen’s voice rang out. Seeing the two people kissing in the room, he ignored them and continued, “Come to the institute tomorrow, we need to find out the reason for your recovery as soon as possible.”

Luo ZhouZhou pushed Chu Feng away a little, barely managed to get his lips free, and said vaguely, “Got it.”

Chu Feng, as if dissatisfied with his departure, wrapped his arms tighter around him, and Luo ZhouZhou felt like he could hardly breathe.

Chu Feng leaned over to the side of his neck and murmured, “Zhou Zhou…” His voice was very soft.

Luo ZhouZhou tilted his head, rested his chin on his shoulder, and patted his back reassuringly. Although he had no more physical problems, Chu Feng insisted that he stay in the hospital for another day.

“One more day of observation, just in case anything unexpected happens.” Chu Feng said seriously, tucking him in.

Luo ZhouZhou was wrapped up like a silkworm and moved uncomfortably, saying, “Okay, I won’t go back, but can you loosen the blanket a little, I’m a little hot.”

His face was flushed and his forehead a little damp with sweat. Although this healthy flush was Chu Feng’s favorite thing to see right now, he loosened the blanket a bit and asked, “How about this? Is that better?”

“That’s better.” Luo ZhouZhou tried to sneak his arm out of the blanket as well, but as soon as he poked out a finger, Chu Feng found it and slipped it back in.

“By the way, how’s Sheriff Chen? Did you get that bullet out?” He remembered that Chen SiHan’s wound had healed, but the bullet was still inside.

“It’s been removed, but only a very small hole has been opened. The doctor saw that his skin was intact and wondered how the bullet got in there.” Chu Feng smiled and said, “The tissue around the bullet was intact, and as soon as it was removed he walked around.”

Luo ZhouZhou wanted to ask how Wang Jun’s body was disposed of, but he didn’t want to hurt Chu Feng’s feelings, so he shut up again. Chu Feng knew what he wanted to ask and said, “I have already sent someone to take care of Wang Jun’s funeral, and I have chosen another cemetery, his burial will be today.”

As he said this, the smile disappeared from his face and his look faded.

Luo ZhouZhou put his fingers out from under the blanket again and gently hooked his finger.

Chu Feng looked down and said to him, “I’ll be fine.”

“He’s going to be buried, so are you going?” Luo ZhouZhou asked.

“I’m not going.”

Luo ZhouZhou asked again, “Then will you tell Aunt Liu and Wang Su about him?”

Chu Feng picked up the hand he had hooked around the corner of his coat, held it in his palm, and said, “If you don’t tell them, let them think that Wang Jun died that year, a hero, and is buried in a revered cemetery.”

It was late at night, and Luo ZhouZhou lay in Chu Feng’s arms, his ear pressed against his chest, listening to the strong beat of his heart. Chu Feng stroked his back with his hands, and from time to time he would lean down and drop a soft kiss on the top of his hair.

Luo ZhouZhou closed his eyes comfortably and yawned long and hard. When Luo ZhouZhou fell asleep, Chu Feng carefully moved his body to the bed, then went out onto the balcony and opened the terminal.

“…Second Lieutenant Lin, I want you to leave now and help me investigate a man and check out his past life…”

Chu Feng woke up in the afternoon with no one in his arms.

There was the sound of water running in the washroom, and Luo ZhouZhou’s quiet humming voice could be heard.

“…The cat took the dried fish and drank all of Mary’s wine…” His voice was so clear that Chu Feng closed his eyes and smiled as he continued to lie in bed, suddenly remembering something important.

Is Luo ZhouZhou’s vampire state always present, or will it disappear? He thought to himself, Maybe it’s just like they did before, the change will go away after an hour or so, and will be triggered again the next time he uses Benzedrine.

The singing and the water stopped, and Luo ZhouZhou came out.

Noticing that Chu Feng was already awake, he showed his long teeth again and held out his hand to a table a few meters away as he walked in the air.

Chu Feng saw a glass of water fly up from the table and land in his hand. After taking a sip, he let go of the glass and it flew back to its original position.

Not a drop of water was spilled in the process.

Then his teeth were withdrawn, and the red under his eyes faded away in an instant.

It was as if nothing had happened.

All right then, no need to ask.

Chu Feng closed his eyes again.

Luo ZhouZhou crept up to the bed and leaned down to look at Chu Feng for a while. Chu Feng was sleeping soundly, and a ray of sunlight filtered through the curtain, casting the shadow of the high bridge of his nose on the side of his face.

Luo ZhouZhou puckered his lips and carefully tried to kiss him, but before he could get close enough, Chu Feng’s eyes popped open and blinked at him.

“Ah!” Luo ZhouZhou was shocked.

The next thing he knew, he was tossed on the bed, and Chu Feng nibbled on his face and lips. When he buried his head between Luo ZhouZhou’s neck and picked up a piece of flesh with his teeth, Luo ZhouZhou burst out laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Chu Feng looked up breathlessly and asked.

“It tickles.” Luo ZhouZhou cringed, “Don’t gnaw on my neck.” Luo ZhouZhou cowered and laughed.

Chu Feng said, “No, I want to drink your blood.” Afterwards, he stuck out his tongue and licked his neck.

Luo ZhouZhou laughed and rolled over on the bed, and Chu Feng chased after him, nibbling on his neck. When the laughing was over, Luo ZhouZhou lay limp on top of Chu Feng, his face red and his forehead thin with sweat.

Chu Feng plucked his sweaty forehead hair away and asked, “How do you know the Fisherman’s Song?”

“What fisherman’s song?” Luo ZhouZhou asked lazily.

“The one just now, the one where the cat took the dried fish and drank all of mom’s wine.”

“It’s not mom, wrong.”

“Okay, grandma.”

Luo ZhouZhou corrected, “It’s Mary, not mom and not grandma.” He looked up at Chu Feng again and asked, “Is this a fisherman’s song?”

Chu Feng said, “Yeah, when you go out to Bayard, you go south, it’s an ocean, and the fishermen there often sing that song. I’ve been there once before and heard the locals singing it, where did you learn it?”

Luo ZhouZhou thought for a moment and said blankly, “I don’t know, I just opened my mouth and the song came out.”

Chu Feng thought silently for a moment and said, “If you can’t think of it, don’t think about it. Let’s go home.” 

“Okay, let’s go home.” Luo ZhouZhou sat up excitedly.

They checked in and out of the hospital, and as soon as they arrived home, Qi Fen’s terminal called.

“Luo ZhouZhou, didn’t I tell you to come to the institute today?” Qi Fen said coldly.

“Ah, Director, I just got out of the hospital, I’ll be right over.”

Qi Fen said, “I’ll wait for you at the Institute of the underground trading floor.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Luo ZhouZhou carefully hung up the terminal.

Chu Feng had already gotten his car keys and was waiting at the door.

An hour later, both Luo ZhouZhou and Qi Fen were standing in front of an instrument, looking at a few lines of data on it.

“Your blood isn’t any different from anyone else’s. What happened to it that made the Sunset Virus in your body disappear?” Qi Fen was puzzled and mumbled.

Luo ZhouZhou replied quickly, “I know, I know, because I found my mate.”

“What mate?” Qi Fen frowned and asked.

Luo ZhouZhou was a little afraid to look at him, but he looked away and said, “Anyway, as long as I find my mate, the flowers can’t grow, and the Sunset Face will disappear.”

Qi Fen looked at him with bewilderment, and the veins on his forehead jumped, but he finally relented.

Luo ZhouZhou closed his eyes and recalled the whole process, “He drank my… first and then I drank his… and it was gone from my body…” 1

“He drank mine first, and then I drank from him.” Luo ZhouZhou stopped abruptly, opened his eyes, and said loudly, “Chu Feng’s blood.” 

He turned to the dazed faces of the two men and said, “Check Chu Feng’s blood, I drank his blood and I was fine.”

“What?” Qi Fen couldn’t understand.

“Director Qi, just do what Director Luo says.” Lin Fan said loudly at the front desk. 


The lab was silent, and only the hum of the analytical instrument working could be heard.

None of the three of them spoke, only staring at the display on the front of the instrument. The results were not yet available, there was no data on the display, and a few words were flashing in the analysis.

Luo ZhouZhou felt a little nervous and exhaled deeply, Chu Feng took his shoulder and patted him reassuringly. Qi Fen didn’t do anything, just stared unblinkingly at the analyzer, but if one looked closely, his whole body was shaking subtly.


The analyzer beeped that the analysis had been successful. A few lines of green values jumped out.

While Chu Feng stood still, Luo ZhouZhou and Qi Fen rushed up at once. Qi Fen’s eyes flew over the numerical values, and he paused when he saw the third line.

“Unknown cell form life form, what is this?” Luo ZhouZhou asked Qi Fen in confusion.

Qi Fen’s breath quickened, “Zhou Zhou, take the specimen, extract the unknown cells, fuse them with the Sunset Virus, and wait for the result.”

“Okay, I’ll go right away.” When Luo ZhouZhou went to the other instrument, Qi Fen sat down on a chair and covered his face.

Chu Feng walked up to him and asked, “The result will be fine, don’t worry.”

“I… I’m afraid to do it myself, I’m afraid… I’ve been disappointed too many times.” Qi Fen choked up, “I’m afraid that he will still have to die in front of my eyes after all…”

Chu Feng patted him on the shoulder and said, “Director Qi, don’t worry, I trust you and Zhou Zhou, even if this one isn’t, we’ll find another way.”

“I hope so.” A long while later, Qi Fen whispered.

Luo ZhouZhou extracted the unknown cells and put them into the replication solution, then sent them into the replicator to be replicated. When the number was sufficient, he put the Sunset Virus in it as well. Under an ultra-high magnification microscope, the unknown cell was a normal ball, and its color was not pretty. It was floating motionless in the replicating fluid, looking unremarkable and spiritless.

Not far away was the Sunset Virus, spreading itself out like a beautiful flower.

Luo ZhouZhou couldn’t help but say, “Go ahead, kill it, kill it.” 

His voice was so loud that Chu Feng and Qi Fen couldn’t help but look over.

Qi Fen’s hand was clenched so tightly that he could see the veins bulging on the back of his hand.

The Sunset Virus was drifting around in the replication fluid, becoming more and more beautiful and eye-catching, and finally drifted to the unknown virus. Luo ZhouZhou held his breath without blinking, afraid that the moment he blinked, he would miss the rest of the scene.

At that moment, he saw the unknown cell, which had been motionless, suddenly change its shape, changing from a round shape to a thin one, and like a flexible rope, it wrapped itself around the Sunset Virus as fast as it could.

The magnificent color of the Sunset Virus quickly changed, not only did its color begin to dull, but its size shrank as well. If it had been a human being, its life force would have been draining away as quickly as if it had been bitten by a vampire, sucking all the blood out of the body in an instant.

After a few moments, the unknown cell returned from its linear form to a round shape, still motionless and floating in a gray puff.

The Sunset Virus was like a shriveled corpse with no vitality left.

Luo ZhouZhou’s heart skipped a beat, and he could see that the virus had lost its activity and ability to replicate itself. In other words, it was dead, completely dead.

He raised his head, his eyes away from the microscope, and looked at Chu Feng and Qi Fen in a daze.

“Well?” Qi Fen’s voice was begging. His expression was both hopeful and pained.

“It’s dead, Director, it’s dead.” Luo ZhouZhou said softly.

“Who’s dead? Who?” Chu Feng asked.

Luo ZhouZhou said, “The Sunset Virus is dead.” 

It was as if Qi Fen hadn’t heard him clearly.

Luo ZhouZhou shouted at him, “Director! It worked! The Sunset Virus has no armor, it’s not dormant, it’s dead!”

“Really? Is it dead?”

“It’s true, it’s never going to be alive again.”

Luo ZhouZhou jumped up excitedly and rushed over to Chu Feng. Chu Feng opened his arms and grabbed him.

“Chu Feng, Chu Feng, Xiao Yu is saved, Xiao Yu is saved. Replicate this cell indefinitely, and everyone who has Sunset Face disease will be saved!”

Luo ZhouZhou shouted incoherently, then held Chu Feng’s face and kissed him indiscriminately.

“Chu Feng, it’s all because of you, you’re the one who dealt with Sunset Face, you’re the one.”

Chu Feng laughed, “Wrong, it’s because of you that I have this unknown cell in my body.”

Only then did Qi Fen come back to his senses. He couldn’t care less about the two people around him who were still praising each other, wiped the tears from his face, and went to look at the microscope.

Looking at it, he sobbed again.


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