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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei

One of the largest orphanages in Bayard, was filled with balloons today and many children were running around on the lawn. They were very happy because President Calgar, the most distinguished president of the Alliance, came and brought them a lot of snacks and toys.

Calgar had a little girl in his arms and was smiling as he listened to the director’s presentation, accompanied by several photographers pointing their cameras at them. Willson stood a short distance behind him, looking around indifferently.

His terminal rang and Willson went to the side to pick it up. After listening without saying a word, he went over to Calgar and whispered a few words. The director called some kids playing with a ball and asked them to come and say hello to Calgar. As soon as the children arrived, they saw the smile on Calgar’s face disappear, and a cloud filled the room.

“director…” They timidly hid behind the director.

When the director saw this scene, he took the children and stood aside, and the photographer stopped filming.

Willson bowed his head and whispered respectfully, “Your Excellency, the prison report just came in, saying that Luo Pei suddenly asked to see his son, in exchange for returning the object to you.”

Calgar looked at the balloon on the tree beside him, considered it for two seconds, and then said quietly, “Then let him see him.”

“But you’re giving a speech to the whole coalition tomorrow, and then there’s the vote, and if anything goes wrong—”

Calgar held up a hand to interrupt him and said, “The more times like this, the more important it is to get that thing in his hands, we can’t make the slightest mistake during the election. Arrange for them to meet tomorrow, put more people on watch, and write down everything they say and do.”

“As you wish.”

When Willson left quickly, Calgar smiled gently again and said lovingly to the children, “Come on, tell your uncle about your daily life.”

The next morning, Chu Feng woke up on time at seven o’clock, and habitually reached out for the person next to him, but his hug came up empty.

“Chu Feng, are you awake?” Luo ZhouZhou’s voice sounded in the room.

Chu Feng turned around and saw that he was already fully dressed and seated squarely on the bedroom couch. He was wearing a small, well-fitted ink-blue suit, with a jeweled brooch of the same color, and his soft hair was tousled as if he was about to go to a dinner party.

“When did you wake up? Why are you up so early?” Chu Feng propped himself up on both elbows and asked with narrowed eyes. The thin blanket slid off of him, revealing the smooth lines of his upper body, and a few red scratches on his back.

Luo ZhouZhou was suddenly a bit coy and said, “It wasn’t that early, just a little early.” When Chu Feng didn’t move, he reminded him, “We’re going to see the General later.”

“Yes, I’m going to see General Luo soon, I’ll get up now.” Chu Feng lifted the blanket after saying that, and just sat up and fell down again, hissing ‘ouch ouch ouch’.

“What’s wrong?” Luo ZhouZhou asked immediately.

“I was tired last night, my body is sore. No, I can’t get up, no, no.” Chu Feng frowned.

Luo ZhouZhou quickly got up to look at him, reached out and gently pressed his hands on Chu Feng’s back and waist, and asked in a loud voice, “Is this the right place? Does it hurt here? Or here?” He apologized and said, “I’m sorry, I was too strong last night.”

Chu Feng, whose face was still showing pain, suddenly couldn’t pretend anymore. He rolled over and pushed Luo ZhouZhou underneath him, laughed, kissed him, and licked his most ticklish neck, making him bounce on the bed like a fish out of water.

Luo ZhouZhou pushed him away with great difficulty and said breathlessly, “You lied to me, you don’t look like you are in pain at all.”

Chu Feng looked at his blushing face from laughing and his watery eyes, then lowered his head and gave him a peck, then said, “You can be more powerful later.”

When Chu Feng got up and went to wash up, Luo ZhouZhou opened the closet and took his clothes out for him. When he came out of the bathroom, he found a tuxedo on the bed, a matching shirt and tie, and a cufflink brooch next to it.

Chu Feng came forward, lifted up the dark blue dress and said, “Zhou Zhou, we are going to Aleisha Prison, not to a banquet, so this might be a little too grand to wear.”

“But isn’t it more grand to visit General Luo than to attend a banquet?” Luo ZhouZhou asked.

Chu Feng thought about it and said, “You’re right, I’ll go and change right away.”

At eight o’clock in the morning, at the gate of Aleisha Prison, the changing of the guards had just been handed over when they saw a black military SUV coming down the road. The occupants of the car didn’t stop, but simply pressed down the window as the vehicle approached and extended a hand with a military pass.

The hand, with its long bony fingers, expensive gold watch and dark blue gemstone cufflinks, gleamed in the early morning sun. The guard opened the gate and watched as the SUV drove directly to the prison building before stopping.

Chu Feng pushed open the door and stepped onto the ground in his shiny shoes. He got out of the car, straightened his stylish hair, fixed his tie, and curled his arms toward Luo ZhouZhou, who had just gotten out of the SUV.

Luo ZhouZhou took his arm, and the two of them stepped gracefully into the prison building, as if at a banquet, in front of the staring eyes of the guards.

Aleisha Prison interview room.

Luo ZhouZhou was excited at the thought of seeing Luo Pei in a few moments, whom he hadn’t seen in weeks. Although he was sitting upright, his hand started to pick at the seam of his pants on his leg, and when Chu Feng took hold of it, he used his other hand to scratch the armrest of the chair.

With each footstep by the door, he turned his head quickly to look, then turned back disappointed.

“General Luo Pei doesn’t come through the door, he just appears inside.” Chu Feng patted Luo ZhouZhou’s shoulder and explained to him.


Luo ZhouZhou stopped turning his head to look at the door, staring only at the small door behind the separating glass, his eyes unblinking.

Today was supposed to be the day of the Calgar All-Conference speech, and Chu Feng was to accompany him on one side. But when he went to take his leave, saying that he couldn’t accompany him today, Calgar agreed without even asking for a reason.

Luo Pei somehow managed to get Calgar to agree to a meeting with his father and son. The only thing that happened was that the meeting took place in the prison interview room, where every word, every action, including their every expression, was under surveillance.

Under such circumstances, Luo ZhouZhou didn’t know what Luo Pei would tell him, and if he were to tell Calgar’s secret, there would be no way to avoid hearing it. But even if he couldn’t say anything, it would be fine to show him Luo Pei’s current situation and just speak some words.

There was the sound of shackles being dragged on the ground in the distance, and someone was being brought over.

Luo ZhouZhou stared nervously at the small, open door, his hand held in Chu Feng’s palm.

When Luo Pei appeared in the doorway, dressed in a red-orange prison uniform, he stood up instantly, pressed his hands against the glass, and cried out, “General.”

Luo Pei also looked at Luo ZhouZhou, walked over to the glass, sat down, and removed the earpiece next to his handcuffed hand and pressed it to his ear.

The two guards who were escorting him stepped back and stood behind him, separated to the left and right. After Luo ZhouZhou also picked up the handset, Luo Pei called out to Zhou Zhou, unable to speak another word, his eyes red.

“General.” Luo ZhouZhou deflated, “When are you going to come out?”

Luo Pei calmed down, pulled out a smile, and said, “Don’t worry about when I come out, as long as you’re well, Dad will be relieved.”

“But I’m not well, I miss you, and Linda.” Luo ZhouZhou’s voice shook a little, “I feel bad for missing you.”

Luo Pei immediately looked to the side at Chu Feng, his eyes like two knives.

“He’s fine.” Chu Feng mouthed.

“Zhou Zhou, I told you long ago that you need to grow up quickly. I know you’ve had a lot of difficulties, but you’ve overcome them all, and Dad is very happy for you,” Luo Pei said. “No matter what happens in the future, you have to go on, just like now. Mom and Dad are always thinking of you and worrying about you. As long as you’re doing well, we can rest assured.”

Luo ZhouZhou looked at Luo Pei with tears in his eyes as he held the receiver in his hands.

Chu Feng grabbed the tissue box from the side, took out two tissues and gently wiped his tears.

Luo Pei looked at him and moved his right hand, habitually trying to reach out and touch his head. As soon as he reached out, the handcuffs tugged, making a metallic crunch, and he closed his grip, holding the handset together.

“Time really flies. In the blink of an eye, you’ve gone from a little baby to an adult,” Luo Pei said. He looked at Luo ZhouZhou with red eyes, “I still remember when you were born, it was a thunderstorm, and the locust tree behind the house was struck by lightning, knocking down half of the wall on the left side of the garage. I was repairing the garage when Butler Li came out in a panic, saying that your mother was having a seizure. Not even half an hour later, you were born on my hand, red as a wrinkled little monkey…”

“Dad…” Luo ZhouZhou held the handset in his hand, tears flowing even harder. Although the little monkey Luo Pei was talking about wasn’t him, but another Luo ZhouZhou who had disappeared, he still felt the love.

“Zhou Zhou, you have to remember that the happiest day of my life was the day you were born,” Luo Pei said, choking up.

Luo ZhouZhou nodded his head desperately and said into the microphone, “I will remember, I will remember very well.”

Luo Pei hung the microphone back up, looked at Luo ZhouZhou again, and placed his handcuffed hands against the glass. Luo ZhouZhou also put the microphone away and moved his upper body forward, placing his head against his hands and rubbing it against the glass.

Luo Pei turned around, wiped his tears on his shoulder, and said to the guard behind him, “Let’s go.”

The guard looked at Luo ZhouZhou, who was still crying, and asked, “Time’s not up yet, no more talking?”

“No more, let’s go.”

As Luo Pei disappeared behind the door, Chu Feng took Luo ZhouZhou into his arms, patted him gently on the shoulder, and kissed the top of his hair.

“Let’s, let’s hurry up and get him… let’s get him out, okay?” Luo ZhouZhou drawled.

“Okay, I’ll think of something.”

“If… if it doesn’t work, I’ll… I’ll tear the prison apart and snatch him… snatch him out, okay?”

Chu Feng took him by the shoulders and walked out, saying, “No, there are too many guards, you won’t be able to tear it all up.”

“I… I’ll try.”

“They’re innocent too.”

“I’ll tear up the ones who aren’t innocent.” Luo ZhouZhou cried.

The guard standing at the door glanced at him, his eyes bland. He had seen many such agitated families of prisoners, and had heard even more nonsense about razing the prison to the ground with fire.

When the two men were out, he turned around again without a care in the world.

Luo ZhouZhou turned back and watched from the rear window as the gates closed. Only when the vehicle turned a corner and was no longer visible did he turn around and look out the window again, startled.

Chu Feng also remained quiet and didn’t disturb him, but peeled an orange candy and tossed it into his mouth.

After a while, Luo ZhouZhou said in a soft voice, “Chu Feng, you said the General would tell me the evidence, but he didn’t say anything.”

Chu Feng stared ahead at the car driving by and replied, “He did.”


“General Luo is very cunning— very resourceful. The presidential election is tomorrow, and this is his only chance to say more than a few words about your childhood.”

Luo ZhouZhou asked blankly, “Is there anything I haven’t heard?”

“No, there must be some intention for him to tell this story.”

Chu Feng suddenly stepped on the brakes and asked, “Zhou Zhou, where were you born? It’s only been a few years since that villa of yours was repaired, so it’s definitely not there.”

Luo ZhouZhou took a deep breath, then said, “I don’t know.” He looked at Chu Feng, who looked a little uneasy. “I’m a vampire who came here halfway.”

Chu Feng looked at him in the rearview mirror and said, “Zhou Zhou, how do you know that the Zhou Zhou of your childhood isn’t you? Maybe you are the same person, but your memories are confused?”

“Yes? We are the same person?” Although Luo ZhouZhou knew he was comforting himself, he was very happy with the thought of being the same person.

Chu Feng said, “No matter what is going on, you are Luo ZhouZhou, and there is only one Luo ZhouZhou, and he is a one of a kind baby. So the General and the General’s wife are your father and mother.”

Whether these words were comforting or not, Luo ZhouZhou was happy. His expression lightened a bit and he said, “I don’t know where I was born, because I was too young to remember.”

“Yes, you don’t know, just because you were too young to remember,” Chu Feng said, “But that’s okay, I can find out.”

Chu Feng pulled the car over and dialed Second Lieutenant Lin’s terminal. “Lin Yi, send me all of General Luo Pei’s information, including his previous address.”

“Yes, sir.”

Chu Feng hung up the terminal and looked over at Luo ZhouZhou to find him staring in a daze.

“What’s on your mind?” He asked.

“I was thinking about what you just said, that I’m the most unique baby in the world.”

“Well, yes, and do you think so yourself?”

“Well, I’m sure it was, and the chief said that to me,” said Luo ZhouZhou. 

He was once teased by the other little vampires and hid in the woods by himself for a long time, crying. When the chief came after him, he sobbed and asked, “Chief, am I stupid, so everyone likes to make fun of me?”

The patriarch wiped away his tears, led him back, and said, “Zhou Zhou, you are the smartest vampire, not stupid at all.”

Luo ZhouZhou was still sad and felt that the patriarch was trying to coax him.

The chief stopped, squatted down and said to him, “Every vampire has their own destiny, and you are no exception. The other vampires think you are different from them because they are too ordinary and don’t understand you, Zhou Zhou, you are a gift from God, the most special one.”

“Really? Am I the most special?” Luo ZhouZhou stopped sobbing, a little disbelieving, and a little jumpy at the same time.

The patriarch replied softly, “Zhou Zhou, you are very special, a unique treasure in the world…”

The patriarch also said a lot of things that Luo ZhouZhou couldn’t remember, but this one was so memorable that he wouldn’t feel bad if he was bullied by a little vampire again.

Chu Feng reached out and touched Luo ZhouZhou’s head after listening to his story, “Zhou Zhou, there are many things that cannot be explained and there is no way to prove them. Whether the patriarch was comforting you or not, he was right in saying that you are a gift from the heavens, the most special vampire of all.”

Luo ZhouZhou pursed his lips and smiled, his nose was still red.

“Am I a gift from God?” He asked with deliberate carelessness.

Chu Feng knew what he wanted to hear and flew out the answer, “You are a gift from God.”

“Whose baby?”

“My baby.”

Luo ZhouZhou looked at him askance and said, “I’m Precious’s baby.”

Chu Feng retorted loudly, “Precious’s baby is honey bear, you are my baby.”

“Then I’m Big Crow’s.”

“Big Crow’s baby is Little Crow, and you are my baby.”

Luo ZhouZhou was satisfied and said with a smile, “You are my baby too.”

Chu Feng was still staring ahead, but the corners of his lips quirked up.

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