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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


In the palace, a group of military ministers were discussing a certain proposal, and there was a lot of bickering all morning. Everyone else respectfully retired, and only a few of the ministers stayed behind.

In the past, after each meeting, Emperor ChengFa would leave them to discuss for a while, so this time they thought he would also logically sit at the long table without getting up.

However, Emperor ChengFa stood up, while reaching for his attendant to put on his coat, as he asked curiously, “Why are you still not leaving?”

The others looked at each other, and then said, “Oh oh, I’m leaving.”

Emperor ChengFa put on his coat, accompanied by Uncle Chen and followed by a few guards, and walked towards the villa where he lived, asking Uncle Chen, “Has Gu Fan arrived?”

“Yes, they are waiting for you to go home before they start the meal.” Uncle Chen had a joyful smile on his face.

Emperor ChengFa glanced at him and asked, as if inadvertently, “Is he alone?”

Uncle Chen replied, “There are two people…”

“Mn…” Emperor ChengFa only responded, no emotion could be heard.

Lan Yu was sitting on a wide sofa, his well-fitted suit outlining his perfect figure, opposite Gu Jun and his fiancée Qin Zin.

Lu RanKong was also there earlier, but when Gu Jun talked about some wooden sculpture he had as a child, he had to go upstairs and bring it down to show Lan Yu, and now there were only three people left in the living room.

“The meeting should be over soon, father is just getting better, I’ll go get him.” Gu Jun got up and said to Qin Zin, “You and Xiao Yu can talk.”

“Okay…” Qin Zin said.

Qin Zin was a typical aristocratic Omega lady, with a dignified temperament, but didn’t make people feel very close. When the living room was quiet again, Lan Yu felt that he should say something, otherwise the two people would only sit in silence, more and more awkward.

“I’ve heard of you…” It turned out that Qin Zin spoke first.

Lan Yu was stunned, looked at Qin Zin, found her eyes were shining, both fists half-clenched on her knees, her upper body slightly leaned forward.

“To think that you are an Omega, I simply, simply… Hey, I don’t know how to say it, I’m just so excited.” Qin Zin was a little incoherent, “You also caught so many Lontan people! I actually… I actually, I can still sit in front of you and talk to you.”

Lu RanKong and Lan Yu went back to Zata Planet after killing Evelyn, and only told the family about Lan Yu through the terminal, and also revealed his Omega status. Emperor ChengFa didn’t say anything at that time, but Lan Yu’s retirement application was approved on the same day.

Liu Deng bashfully gave Lu RanKong half a month’s vacation, allowing him to accompany Lan Yu around and enjoy the leisurely time of retirement. After a few days of rest, the two set out to Sasu Planet to meet Lu RanKong’s family.

“Ah, I actually—” Lan Yu was just about to be polite when he heard footsteps coming from the door and hurriedly stopped talking.

Lu RanKong was coming down the stairs and looked at the door, calling out, “Father…”

Lan Yu and Qin Zin both stood up from the sofa.

Lan Yu was nervous at the thought of seeing Emperor ChengFa soon, but Qin Zin was facing the door, and her eyes were still looking straight at him. Emperor ChengFa entered the door, followed by Gu Jun and Uncle Chen, and the guards stayed at the villa gate.

“Your Majesty…” Qin Zin finally turned back her eyes and greeted respectfully.

Lan Yu, although he was in civilian clothes and had retired from military service, still jumped to his feet and gave a military salute.

Emperor ChengFa pointed his finger at the dining room table where food was already being served and said, “Let’s eat, I’m hungry. That group of people kept arguing and arguing, there was no end to it.”

“Let’s eat…” Uncle Chen also hurriedly urged.

When the food was served, Emperor ChengFa sat down in the main seat and Uncle Chen tucked two more cushions behind him. Uncle Chen chattered, “His Majesty hasn’t even recovered from his injuries, and he has been busy all morning.” 

Emperor ChengFa said helplessly, “I’m already well. If I’m not feeling well, I won’t force myself to go.”

“Yes, yes, you’re right.” Uncle Chen was full of disbelief.

Lan Yu sat down on one side of the table, and Gu Jun said, “Father, you should rest for a few more days, and tell me what to do.”

“All day long, you keep saying you are busy, when there are things you can leave to Elder Brother.” Lu RanKong said stiffly, dropping his eyelids.

Emperor ChengFa shook his head in a good mood and said, “As you wish, as you wish. I will rest for a few more days and let Gu Jun go around with those old guys.”

“Yes, Father, leave it to me.” Gu Jun replied.

Lu RanKong cleared his throat, took Lan Yu’s hand beside him and said loudly, “Let me formally introduce, this is my Omega. The military calls him K, but his actual name is Shu Yu. You can call him Lan Yu or Xiao Yu.”

Upon hearing so many names, the others were stunned. Emperor ChengFa didn’t have any unusual reaction, only lifting his chopsticks and saying naturally, “Eat, eat, don’t let the food get cold. Xiao Yu, Qin Zin, you two eat more.”

Gu Jun smiled and said, “This one’s very delicious. It’s a mushroom from Pule Planet, it’s fresh and fragrant, and it’s very rare, only one or two can be picked from the high cliff.”

Lan Yu went to look at the plate. There were mushrooms like small umbrella caps, white and tender, surrounded by a few western blue flowers, green and white, which made people’s fingers tingle.

“Xiao Yu, it’s your first time eating at home. There are no rules at home, no one needs to serve dishes, and just like ordinary people, you can take whatever you like.” Emperor ChengFa said, then stretched out his chopsticks to grab a clearing tea mushroom.

“Yes…” Lan Yu respectfully returned.

Lu RanKong also reached out to the plate and took a mushroom and put it in Lan Yu’s fine white porcelain rice bowl, urging, “Try it, it’s delicious.”

Lan Yu took a bite of the mushroom and his eyes lit up. The mushroom was really tasty and smooth, more than any other mushroom he had ever tasted.

Lu RanKong finished his own mushroom in two or three bites and asked Lan Yu, “Is it good?”

“Yes, it’s good.” Lan Yu nodded his head frantically. As soon as the words left his mouth, four pairs of chopsticks reached out to the stack of tea mushrooms at the same time.

Lu RanKong picked another one and put it in his bowl, saying, “Have some more if you like.”

Qin Zin, who had been sneaking peeks at Lan Yu while eating, also picked up a mushroom and stood up to put it into Lan Yu’s bowl.

Emperor ChengFa put the one he had picked up on a clean plate next to him and turned his head to call a servant not far away, “Bring it to Xiao Yu…”

Only Gu Jun fiddled with the plate a few times, but found that there was none left, so he had to take chopsticks of broccoli and chew it in his mouth.

After the meal was over, Lu RanKong was about to drag Lan Yu for a walk when Emperor ChengFa walked up the stairs and turned his back on them and said, “Xiao Yu, come to my study for a moment.”

“Yes…” Lan Yu replied. He didn’t know what Emperor ChengFa wanted to talk to him about alone, so he was a little nervous and sent a pleading look to Lu RanKong beside him.

Lu RanKong squeezed his palm and said in a voice that only two people could hear, “Don’t be afraid, it’s just something like let’s live a good life. Go and listen.”

Lan Yu went upstairs and looked down at Lu RanKong when he was on the stairs. Lu RanKong grinned at him and pressed his hands down in a calming gesture. Lan Yu looked at him with hatred.

Lu RanKong, seeing that no one was paying attention to him, tugged his pants leg up to reveal his calf and mouthed at Lan Yu, “I’ll let you pull the hair…”

Lan Yu stood at the door of the heavy study and took a breath, reaching out to knock on the door.

“Come in…” Emperor ChengFa’s voice rang out.

Lan Yu pushed open the door, “Your Majesty…”

“Come in and close the door behind you.” Emperor ChengFa’s back was facing the door, standing in front of the wide floor-to-ceiling window looking out with a cup of hot tea. Lan Yu didn’t dare to make a sound, so he stood in the middle of the room without moving.

“Both of my children are excellent. Xiao Jun is good at handling political affairs, and he likes it very much himself. I think he will do a better job than me in balancing family and state affairs when he is the emperor. And Xiao Fan has a warm personality and doesn’t like to be confined, so he can do whatever he wants to do in the future, I won’t interfere in his business. Xiao Fan seems to be a hard-headed child, but in fact, he’s very sensitive and kind inside.” Emperor ChengFa paused for a few seconds and then said, “Just like his mother.”

Lan Yu listened carefully, even breathing very softly.

“When his mother and I met and fell in love, I was just a royal son, and I had a lot of time to spend with her and take care of her, and we were happy together.” Emperor ChengFa looked out of the window for a moment and then said, “But I reached this position. I was not only her Alpha, but Xiao Fan and Xiao Jun’s father as well. There are so many heavy responsibilities and obligations. I always let her down… She left a lot of daily diary entries after she passed away, and I saw you in it.”

“Saw me?” Lan Yu couldn’t help but ask in surprise.

“[It was a beautiful day and Shu Yu, Xiao Fan’s little friend, came to play with him. He is a cute kid, a pretty Omega, and he gave me a little fragrant bag he made himself and a bunch of wild flowers picked on the road. I just thought how nice it would be to have another little Omega like that with ChengFa, and I watched him and Xiao Fan chasing each other on the beach, my heart feels happy…]” Emperor ChengFa with a dark voice, fluently recited a paragraph of diary entry.

Lan Yu looked at the tall but sad back and his heart trembled slightly. How many times did he have to read it over and over again to remember the writing of his wife’s life so well?

“She used to write in a diary every day, writing down all kinds of interesting things in her life, and wrote several big books. But the content is intermittent and chaotic, I just thought she was not in a good mood at that time, and I didn’t know why until now.” Emperor ChengFa raised the back of his hand, lowered his head, and seemed to be wiping away a tear. “I hope Xiao Fan is just as his mother wanted him to be when she was alive, to not carry any of life’s burdens and to live freely with the one he loves.”

A moment later, he turned to look at Lan Yu. There was nothing left on his face, he was still majestic, just a vague hint of red remained under his eyes, “Xiao Yu, living well with Xiao Fan in the future is the greatest expectation his mother and I have for you.”

Lu RanKong waited at the bottom of the stairs, scratching his ears while looking up.

Gu Jun handed the peeled orange in his hand to Qin Zin and snickered, “Look at you, what’s there to worry about? Would Father eat him up?”

Lu RanKong looked at Qin Zine and asked, “Sister Qin, did Father talk to you?”

Qin Zin swallowed a clove of orange and shook her head, “No, I’m very well-behaved.”

“Oh…” Lu RanKong just said, “What do you mean you’re well-behaved?

“What’s with your attitude? How can you talk to your sister-in-law like that? You have no manners…” Gu Jun scolded with a stern face and handed Qin Zin a piece of paper, saying softly, “Wipe your hands, don’t get orange juice on them.”

Lu RanKong gave Gu Jun a blank look and said to Qin Zin, “Don’t think that Elder Brother is so nice to you, it’s not true. He peeled the orange for you, but he didn’t even remove the white veins on it.”

Gu Jun was surprised and asked, “Do you have to pull off the white lining too?”

“Listen, do you have to pull off the white lining too? It’s so fake…” Lu RanKong fanned the flames, “When Xiao Yu wanted to eat oranges, I pulled off all the white veins on them.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he heard the sound of the door opening from the study upstairs. Lu RanKong hurriedly said to Gu Jun, who had gotten up and rolled up his sleeves, “We’ll have to fight another day. Xiao Yu is out, so I have to go ask.”

He took three or two steps upstairs and met Lan Yu, who had just closed the door to his study.

He was about to ask him quietly how he was doing, when he saw Lan Yu turn around, his eyes red.

Lu RanKong’s smiling face slowly sank and he asked gruffly, “Did he teach you a lesson?”

“No…” Lan Yu sniffled.

“No? You’re crying and you still say no? I have to go ask him…”

Lan Yu pulled Lu RanKong and said, “No, go to your room, I have something to say to you.”

Lu RanKong looked down and observed his expression, but didn’t retort, and led the person to his room. After entering the room and closing the door, Lan Yu wrapped his arms around Lu RanKong’s waist and buried his face in his shoulder.

Lu RanKong leaned his back against the door, wrapped one hand around Lan Yu’s shoulder, held the back of his neck with one hand, and gently rubbed his thumb on the skin on the side of his neck.

“What happened? Were you wronged?” He asked in a soft voice.

Lan Yu’s voice was still a bit jarred, “Xiao Fan, you know, I don’t have parents.”

Lu RanKong heard this, the movement of his hands stopped, his voice was more gentle, “Mn, I know.”

“I grew up envying those children who had parents.” Lan Yu raised his head, his eyes sparkling as he looked at Lu RanKong, “Your father loves you very much. Especially you, I envy you.”

Lu RanKong swallowed hard, the knot in his throat rolled up and down, and said, “I know…”

“He loved your mother, too.” Lan Yu raised his hand and stroked Lu RanKong’s hair, saying softly, “Make up with your father, from the heart.”

After a long time, Lu RanKong buried his face in the top of his soft hair and nodded gently.


Three years later… 

Sasu Main City docking ramp.

It was 8:00 p.m., and the lobby outside the ramp was filled with reporters, with their long-barreled guns pointed at the exit of the ship.

At today’s biggest interstellar film festival awards ceremony, a new actor, who had never heard of him, picked up the Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer awards for just a few scenes in a film, leaving countless people stunned and sending the media into a frenzy.

“He is a new actor who portrays his characters so well that many veteran actors who boast of their acting skills can’t catch up. But… He’s really a newcomer.” One of the most vicious critics commented.

“His features are perfect for the big screen, they are perfect, impeccable.” The best actress, who never compliments other people’s looks, shrugged into the microphone and gave a rare compliment to the newcomer.

The newcomer’s profile was so mysterious that even the best reporters can’t dig up any past experience, and when interviewed, they just smile and don’t answer positively.

The more mysterious it was, the more speculation and rumors there were.

Some say he looked like Colonel K. Some retired veterans, in particular, insist that he was their former Colonel K. Of course, no one will believe it. But he just looks like him.

What’s even funnier was that some of the prisons showed a movie and some of the inmates stood up and claimed that the new guy had served time in this prison.

These rumors were good to hear.

After all, even the moon center was out, a caregiver said that it was his colleague, standing together with a child.

But this newcomer was very surprising to everyone, when asked the question won this award, next was not ready to take a few good movies starring male first, he said he acted in this film was only a momentary interest, next will rest until the time to continue shooting.

So capricious?

The reporters all gathered here and waited for the best newcomer who just came out of the ship. According to the itinerary that was inadvertently leaked by the staff, he would be returning to Sasu Main Planet on the current Star Warship at this time.

While the reporters were waiting, the best newcomer had already left the ramp through other channels.

Lan Yu didn’t have time to change his costume, so he walked out of the ramp through the empty military channel, wearing a dress and dragging his suitcase. He pressed the car key in his hand in the direction of the parking lot, and a streamlined limited edition luxury coupe flashed its lights.

He put the suitcase away, got into the driver’s seat, took off his tuxedo and threw it in the back seat, then brought over a paper bag, took out the black trench coat inside and put it on. His hair, which had been sprayed with a styling spray, was ruffled and a few strands fell on his forehead, revealing a bit of wildness in his handsomeness. The high bridge of the nose falls in the face of the shadow, above a set of black sunglasses.

Beep, beep.

The terminal rang.

Lan Yu took a look at the number, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile, and pressed connect.

Lu RanKong’s voice immediately rang out, “Baby, are you here yet? I can’t pick you up today.”

“I’m already here…” Lan Yu said.

“I was in ambush in that bandit den this afternoon, quietly turning on the terminal and turning off the sound to watch the award ceremony. You were so charming, I got excited watching…” Lu RanKong’s low, dark voice came through.

“Be careful, why look at the terminal when you are on a mission?” Lan Yu’s heart instantly lifted.

Lu RanKong hurriedly said, “It’s okay, there were other soldiers there, I was in command.”

Lan Yu started the car and asked, “Have you found out who the leader is?”

“Not yet, but I just found an accidental clue that might be related to the attack on his barracks at the Planet.” Lu RanKong replied.

“Where are you now?”

“I’m having something to eat at the fast food restaurant on Yun Lu Street, honey, I’m so busy today that I’m just having dinner now.” Lu RanKong sounded a bit like he was pouting.

“Then I’ll come pick you up…” Lan Yu turned the car onto the avenue and pressed the window, letting the cool evening breeze blow up his forehead hair, revealing his full forehead.

“Where’s XiaoXiao? Still at Grandpa’s?”

XiaoXiao, Gu ZhuXiao, was his and Lu RanKong’s son, an energetic alpha baby who was still a few months shy of two years old.

Lu RanKong sighed, “He woke up just after you left yesterday, crying for his mom, and I couldn’t get him to go.”

Lan Yu looked at the picture hanging on the front of the car, which showed the three of them laughing. The expression on his face softened and he asked, “When was he sent to the palace?”

“This morning, we just received Liu Deng’s terminal here, and the guards who picked up the children there came to the door.” Lu RanKong replied.

The two lived in Zata Planet after they got married and did not leave until after Lan Yu became pregnant. Because Lu RanKong was not sure about the medical level of Zata Planet, he simply returned to Sasu Planet.

Originally, he wanted to transfer to Sasu Planet’s military headquarters, but Liu Deng refused to let him go, so he ended up staying at Zata Planet, but when he encountered a mission involving Sasu Planet, Lu RanKong was in charge.

Lan Yu, a retired former Zata Planet officer, was inexplicably hired by Liu Deng as a consultant.

These two years down the line, Lan Yu suddenly found that he, a temporary consultant, actually followed Lu RanKong out on many missions.

“Liu Deng, this cunning old fox.” Lan Yu grinded his teeth. However, his missions were not mandatory, but by his own choice. He was only on when he encountered a tricky event occurring and was unsure about Lu RanKong being alone.

In general, it was a leisurely time, and they could also touch the fish as a supporting role or something to get addicted to the drama.

Emperor ChengFa never said he wanted to see the child, but Liu Deng was there as soon as the task was issued, the guards would come to take Gu ZhuXiao to the palace. The reason was that the child could not let the two delay the main business, he had to reluctantly help.

The latter developed to the point that Liu Deng would report to Emperor ChengFa in advance, before Lu RanKong even received the task, and the guards there were already on the door.

“Xiao Xiao seems to have a little diarrhea.” Lu RanKong’s mouth was slurred and he was eating something.

“What’s going on?” Lan Yu’s heart tightened.

Lu RanKong said, “He went to steal ice water to cool his stomach, but only once, I gave him medicine and he was fine. Just now I asked my father, he said he hadn’t pooped again, and the two of them were playing horseback riding. Don’t worry, that thing is in good health.”

“What kind of poop did he have?”

Lu RanKong said, “It’s like the meat sauce on the bowl of noodles I’m eating now, the color and consistency are the same.”

Lan Yu, …

Lu RanKong took two more fragrant puffs and suddenly blurted out, “We have news about the head of the group.”

“I’m coming to your restaurant, wait.”

In the box of an entertainment place in the East District, a big man with a fierce face was conspiring with some of his men when the door of the box was suddenly kicked open with a bang. A few people looked at it in astonishment, only to see two men in black trench coats standing at the door.

One was long and handsome, the other tall and strong, handsome and fierce, both with an ion gun in their hands. The handsome one raised his chin arrogantly, his eyes were cold without a trace of emotion, and when his dark, heavy eyes swept through the room, everyone present began to get chills in their hearts.

“Empire stationed tower Planet third force Adviser K orders you to raise your hands, cooperate with the inspection.” 


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Don’t tell me this is the ending 😂,how could Lu Rankong be describing kid poop with pasta and sauce like that’s one of my favorites food, how could he compare so they’re happily married with a baby boy that’s so similar to Lu Rankong

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