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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


When Lan Yu was three months pregnant, Lu RanKong applied for a job at the Sasu Planet military headquarters. Luo Deng didn’t release him, so he finally had to live temporarily on Sasu Planet as an expatriate non-commissioned officer of the Third Force of Zata Planet.

During this time, Luo Yang began to contact his own people and conveyed that the Emperor of Sasu Planet was willing to support them in their struggle against the Hor, and would do his best to assist them.

Lan Yu understood the purpose of the Emperor. If the Hor cannot rule, they will not have the power to invade the Sasu Planet system, and they can at least keep the peace of Sasu for another hundred years.

In addition, he intermittently recalled the recipe for the evil-defying soup that his grandfather had taught him. After providing it to the laboratory, the laboratory was also intensifying its development, and it was said that there had been a major breakthrough.

After the success of the development, the stabilizer could enter mass production, and they would no longer be helpless against the Lontan people.

The two of them arrived at Sasu Planet, lived in the villa of Fei Hongxie, and Lu RanKong didn’t have to go to the military headquarters every day to check in, and could be at home every day to carefully serve his pregnant husband, only occasionally doing some tasks in Sasu Planet.

Lu RanKong didn’t have the anxiety of a father-to-be and was confident about everything. He only worked on the recipes every day and made food for Lan Yu in different ways. Lan Yu started to prepare clothes for the baby: removing the logos, washing them with baby detergent, drying them in the sun, and folding them in the closet of the child’s room.

The walls of the child’s room were also painted with money patterns by Uncle Chen, so Lan Yu asked Lu RanKong to repaint them in a light blue color. The crib and closet inside were made by Lu RanKong himself, sandpapered and polished, having not even a single splinter.

It was a beautiful day, so after lunch, Lu RanKong drove Lan Yu to the countryside for a walk.

Lan Yu was now five months pregnant and his belly was already bulging out, and his wide sweater couldn’t hide his clumsy figure. When he got out of the car, the two of them followed a small river. The road by the river was a bit uneven, so Lu RanKong held him carefully.

As they passed a farmhouse, a cow lay panting in a pen while the owner stroked its belly.

Lan Yu couldn’t help but ask Lu RanKong in a low voice, “Is this cow sick?”

Lu RanKong looked at it for a moment and said, “No, it’s giving birth to a calf.”

The man who heard the conversation turned his head to see that it was two strangers who, by their dress and temperament, had probably come from the city to play.

“Yeah, Mary’s having a calf, the first one, and it’s a little hard to give birth.” He explained to Lu RanKong and Lan Yu.

Lu RanKong asked the man, “Do you need any help?”

The man was worried that he was a little too busy to deliver the baby alone, and when he heard this he said, “Of course, that’d be great.”

Seeing that Lan Yu was pregnant, he warmly guided the man to his home, poured hot tea and set out local snacks.

Lu RanKong hitched their coats on the back of the chairs and gave Lan Yu the words while rolling up his sleeves, “Just sit here and wait for me. There’s the smell of blood during the birth of a calf, and you have a weak appetite now, so you can’t be affected.”

“Mn, go ahead.” Lan Yu said.

The man saw that Lu RanKong’s shirt fabric was very good, looking of high grade, and found a plastic raincoat to him to put on, covering him from head to toe. Time passed by very fast, and in less than half an hour, the calf was born smoothly. The male owner of the house was smiling from ear to ear, and claimed that Lan Yu and Lu RanKong were his family’s valued guests.

Lan Yu listened to the man’s repeated thanks and stood at the door waiting for Lu RanKong who was washing his hands.

A few moments later, Lu RanKong came out, also with water on his face and a few strands of wet hair falling on his cheeks, his face a little white.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you feel unwell?” Lan Yu asked.

“Nothing, I’m just a little tired, so I took a cold shower.” Lu RanKong said.

After the male host thanked him again and again, the two of them said goodbye and left.

After that day, Lan Yu felt that there was something wrong with Lu RanKong. He used to talk a lot when he mentioned the baby, but now he was frowning and silent, avoiding talking about it.

As the months went by, Lan Yu’s belly grew bigger and bigger, as big as a small basketball, and Lu RanKong often stared at his belly for days without saying a word.

“He’s been moving too much, it’s time to rest and sleep. Come and touch it.” Lan Yu took his hand and dropped it on his belly.

The baby was very active and the fetal movement was obvious. Whenever he moved particularly hard, he would calm down as soon as Lu RanKong’s warm and broad hand touched him.

“Okay, he’s not moving anymore.” Lu RanKong drew back his hand in a flat tone and turned around to squeeze juice for Lan Yu.

Lan Yu stared at his back with a trace of confusion under his eyes. If he recalled carefully, it was after he returned from that outing that Lu RanKong began to show signs of anxiety. He didn’t like to talk about the baby and wasn’t keen on building a nursery. Waking up in the middle of the night one night to find him sitting on the edge of the bed looking at his belly with a complicated gaze, startling him.

Lu RanKong looked down at the churning juice and was lost in thought, not even noticing when Lan Yu walked up behind him.

Lan Yu stretched out his hand and put his face around his waist from behind, asking in a jarring voice, “What’s wrong with you?”

Lu RanKong pressed his hand on his waist, gently rubbing the skin with his thumb, without making a sound.

“Don’t you like the baby?” Lan Yu asked.

His face rolled around on Lu RanKong’s back, asking not very far from the truth. Because even though Lu RanKong wasn’t interested in the baby, the moment he learned Lan Yu was pregnant, he was genuinely surprised and filled with longing for the baby’s arrival.

“I like it.” Lu RanKong replied.

Lan Yu nudged him with her stomach and said, “Then why don’t you even want to touch him?”

“It’s not like that.” Lu RanKong’s body swayed twice when he was pushed, so he turned around to hold him and said carefully, “Don’t use your stomach to push, you’ll get hurt.”

“I’m only using a little more strength.” Lan Yu wrapped his hands around his neck and blew on his face, “Tell me, what’s on your mind all day?”

Lu RanKong hesitated and shook his head, “Nothing.”

Lan Yu tilted his head to think and asked, “Did you… Did you get scared when you delivered the cow that day?”

Lu RanKong gave him a quick glance and continued to shake his head in denial.

Lan Yu pouted at the juice next to him, so Lu RanKong picked it up and raised it to his mouth, and after feeding him a few sips, Lan Yu said, “Why don’t we go to the obstetrics hospital tomorrow?”

“For a checkup? Okay.” Lu RanKong replied and then asked in confusion, “But didn’t you just have a checkup last week?”

“It’s not a checkup, it’s for you to see the medical facilities and the delivery room.” Lan Yu said.

The next day, Lu RanKong was reluctantly taken by Lan Yu to the maternity hospital.

This was the best maternity hospital on Sasu Planet, and Emperor ChengFa had even sent someone to instruct the director. So when he heard that Lan Yu had come to visit the maternity ward, the director hurriedly came and followed the two of them to make a personal introduction.

“So don’t worry, with these instruments, your body will return to its state before the birth within a few days after delivery, no different from before, and the pain of childbirth will be much less.”

The director knew that the Omega before the birth would be more or less fearful of childbirth, so he kept talking to Lan Yu.

“Is that the same as a cow giving birth to a calf?” Lan Yu asked deliberately.

The director pushed his glasses and laughed, “How can it be the same? With our current level of technology, childbirth will not hurt and the pain will be reduced to a large extent, not the same thing as a cow giving birth to a calf.”

Lan Yu gave a sidelong glance at Lu RanKong, who had been silent beside him, and said aloud, “So it’s different… Then I’m relieved.”

Lu RanKong visibly relaxed after that day and started making things for the baby again, making several toys in a row. Every night before going to bed, he would also press himself against Lan Yu’s tummy and tenderly tell stories.

“That star beast can swallow two people in one bite if its mouth is open, ow, ow. Dad chopped off its head with a sword…”

In the middle of the night, Lan Yu was asleep when he noticed a hot stream coming out from underneath him and woke up instantly.

He nudged Lu RanKong, who was hugging him, and said, “BaoZi, go get ready.”

Lu RanKong opened his eyes in a daze and asked in a low, hoarse voice, “Do you want some water or the toilet?”

By the small orange light above the bed, Lan Yu stared at him and said, “I’m in labor and we need to go to the hospital.”

After a few seconds of silence, Lu RanKong sat up abruptly, his voice so sharp that it broke into a whisper, “Going… going into labor?”

“Yes, he’s coming. Now go to the car and let’s go to the hospital.” Lan Yu said, as he sat on the bed and listened to Lu RanKong stumble down the stairs, not knowing what he knocked over midway, with a loud clang.

Then the car was driven out of the garage and parked outside the villa, and Lu RanKong rushed back upstairs to the bedroom to help Lan Yu downstairs. The good thing was that there was no need to pack anything, Uncle Chen had long been in the ward with all the items needed, just waiting so all they needed to do was go directly to the hospital.

The vehicle was driving on the road to the hospital, there wasn’t much traffic in the middle of the night, all the way through unhindered.

“You have to breathe deeply now following the frequency, come on, join me. Breathe out, breathe in…” Lu RanKong drove while Lan Yu, the passenger, took deep breaths.

Lan Yu said, “No, I don’t feel unwell.”

Since he had great physical quality, he only felt some stuffiness in his abdomen and waist, but there was no special uncomfortable feeling.

“Don’t be nervous, don’t be afraid. I will always be with you, relax…” Lu RanKong’s voice was a little off-key.

Lan Yu leaned back and looked at him and said, “I’m not nervous, nor afraid, so drive safely.”

Lu RanKong was like a chatterbox all the way, talking non-stop and fast. Lan Yu was afraid that he would have an accident while driving, so he could only talk with him to calm him down.

“The fact is that the birth of a child is nothing. Now that technology is so advanced, it will not cause any harm to your body, and it will not be too painful. If we go in now, tomorrow morning we will be able to sit at the table and eat breakfast, and the baby will be eating meat pies…” Lu RanKong chattered on and on, taking several deep breaths in the middle, and beads of sweat began to seep from the corners of his forehead.

Lan Yu reached out and patted the back of Lu RanKong’s hand on the steering wheel and calmly said, “Yes, so don’t be afraid, don’t be nervous. It’s no big deal. Watch out for the red lights.”

Because Lu RanKong had informed them in advance, the hospital was also prepared. The vehicle had just entered the hospital gate, and Lan Yu saw the director with a group of doctors and nurses waiting in front of the ward building rushing over as soon as they saw Lu RanKong get out of the car.

Lan Yu was helped onto the stretcher bed and pushed into the elevator, which went straight to the top floor.

“Mr. Lu, please wait here. We need to do the examination first.” At the entrance of the waiting room, Lu RanKong, who wanted to follow him in, was stopped outside.

The moment the door closed, Lan Yu heard him talking to someone on the terminal, “Luo Yang, come here. Yes, just the hospital you were told about before…”

After the examination, the doctor said gently, “There’s still some time, so you can go back to the ward and rest for a while.”

Lu RanKong had just finished talking on the terminal and was standing by the door of the waiting room with bated breath, and the moment the door opened, he rushed up and asked, “Is the birth finished? Is it over?”

Lan Yu, lying on the bed being pushed by the doctor, couldn’t help but say sideways, “It hasn’t even started yet.”

Once back in the ward, Lu RanKong helped Lan Yu walk slowly around inside with the doctor’s guidance.

When he walked to the window, Lan Yu saw several military vehicles parked at the hospital’s main entrance, a team of guards who just jumped off opened the way, and Emperor ChengFa and Gu Jun got out of the vehicle.

“Father and big brother are here.” Lan Yu nudged Lu RanKong, “Go and tell them the situation.”

Lu RanKong didn’t want to move, “I want to stay with you.”

“It’s still early, besides I’m fine, there are still nurses here, don’t worry. Go ahead.”

When Lu RanKong went out of the door, the nurse came to hold him, “Mr. Lan, your Alpha is really good to you.”

Lan Yu said as he walked, “I’m good to him too, I’d be worried too if he was going to have a baby.”

The nurse pursed her lips and smiled.

Lu RanKong returned in a short while, saying that his father and big brother were waiting in the VIP room and wouldn’t come to disturb him. Lan Yu thought it was for the best, so he wouldn’t have to brace himself to talk to them both.

Lu RanKong took over the nurse’s position and continued to hold Lan Yu as he walked around the spacious ward. As he walked, Lan Yu suddenly eeked and stopped in his tracks, rubbing his stomach.

“What? Is it starting to hurt?” Lu RanKong asked alertly.

Lan Yu frowned and said, “No, it’s because I don’t feel anything anymore.”

Although his stomach had not been hurting much, his waist and abdomen were swollen, but now the soreness and swelling had been reduced and he was relieved.

The doctor soon arrived and after some examination explained, “It’s fine, everything is normal and the baby is very healthy.”

After the doctor left, Lan Yu sat against the bed while Lu RanKong lifted both of his feet onto the bed and sat on the edge of the bed gently rubbing his calves.

“Why don’t you let father and brother go back? They didn’t rest well in the middle of the night, and now they aren’t moving, and they don’t know when I will give birth.” Lan Yu said.

“Okay, I’ll let them go back first.” Lu RanKong said.

Emperor ChengFa went back to the palace after being persuaded, and Gu Jun stayed behind and continued to wait in the VIP room. Qin Zin also arrived and accompanied him.

Lan Yu let the nurse also leave the ward and leaned against the bed, talking to Lu RanKong with a sentence or two. He said he was annoyed again and reached out his foot to kick someone, but Lu RanKong put his arm around him and said nervously, “Don’t move, don’t move.”

“Do you want to eat fruit? I’ll go peel an apple for you.” Lu RanKong asked.

Lan Yu thought about it and said, “I want to. But don’t cut the pieces in odd shapes, they should all be square and the same size.”

“I know.”

Lan Yu opened his mouth halfway and frowned at Lu RanKong who was holding the plate.

“Choked up?” Lu RanKong reached out and pulled the apple out of his mouth.

Lan Yu shook his head and began to breathe deeply, “It’s hurting, it might really be coming.”

There was another wave of unrest and the doctor gave Lan Yu an inhalation of an analgesic. These analgesics were harmless to the body and the fetus, and were used clinically to ease the pain of childbirth.

But Lan Yu’s physique was so special that the analgesic had no effect. As he was about to deliver, the doctor said decisively, “Push him to the delivery room, we can only hold on for a while.”

Lu RanKong’s face was pale as he held Lan Yu’s hand and asked the doctor, “Are there any other analgesics?”

The doctor shook his head, “Other analgesics will affect the fetus more or less, I don’t recommend using them.”

“No, I can bear it.” Lan Yu said to Lu RanKong, sweating profusely.

The moment he was wheeled out of the room, Lan Yu saw Luo Yang poking around at one end of the corridor, and Lu RanKong spotted him, signaling for someone to come over. The pain was so intense that Lan Yu couldn’t think of anything else but to cling to Luo Yang’s hand beside him, gasping for air.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m right by your side, don’t be afraid.” Lu RanKong trotted after the hospital bed, sweating more than even Lan Yu, hanging on his chin.

Luo Yang followed, accompanying Lu RanKong as he took the hospital bed to the entrance of the delivery room and watched the door close tightly.

The corridor quieted down and a round-faced nurse asked Lu RanKong, “Mr. Lu, if you want to go in to stay with Mr. Lan, go to the preparation room and change into a sterile gown and go in.”

Lu RanKong turned around and shook his head desperately, “No, I won’t go in, I’ll wait for him here.”

After saying that, he went to a bench and sat down, opened the terminal, and began to play games with Luo Yang beside him.

Round-faced nurse: … 

Lan Yu lay down on the delivery bed, endured one wave of pain, and took deep breaths as the doctor instructed to get ready and start pushing when the next wave of pain came. Lan Yu bit his lip and didn’t say a word as he clutched the handles of the bed rail with both hands.

“Push, push with the contractions…” A voice was shouting guidance from the side.

Lan Yu endured the severe pain and pushed. At that moment, he suddenly felt a relief, all the pain disappeared instantly, the moment felt like from hell to heaven. He froze and wondered if the baby was already born. He looked up to see what was going on, but found that his body was no longer under his control.

After just a few seconds of confusion, he reacted extremely quickly.

“Lu RanKong?” He asked tentatively in his head.

“Yes, it’s me.” Lu RanKong gritted his teeth as he answered, “You don’t need to give birth, let me… let me do it.”

“Is this… is this okay?” Lan Yu asked, somewhat dumbfounded.

“If you can do it, then I can definitely do it.”

The delivery was painful and long, and Lu RanKong followed the doctor’s instructions, pushing again and again. The room was quiet and oppressive, with only the doctor’s monotonous commands and heavy panting. Lan Yu tried to push out Lu RanKong several times, but he flatly refused.

“Don’t fight, this is a critical moment. Don’t let me… let me distract myself by snatching the body back. Leave the childbirth to me, you… tell me a story.” He said under his breath.

Lan Yu blinked his misty eyes and began to tell the story, “There was a little boy, who was afraid of giving birth since he was a child, and then one night, his father – his Omega – wanted to give birth, and the little boy was brave enough to help him give birth—”

“Not to help his omega give birth.” Lu RanKong gritted his teeth, “That’s what little boys are supposed to do.”

“Little boys should scream out if they feel bad. Don’t hold it in.”

“…That won’t work.”

The doctor’s voice with encouragement also rang out from time to time, “I can already see the child’s head, its hair grew well. A hand is also out.”

“Shouldn’t have eaten so much good food in the first place, feeding him so big.” Lu RanKong stifled a grunt of regret.

Lan Yu now obeyed him in everything, “Yes, yes, you’re right, we shouldn’t have fed him so big.”

“I want to sit out the month 1, I don’t want to take care of the baby.” Lu RanKong began to make demands.

Lan Yu was so distressed that he hurriedly replied, “Okay, you can sit at home without the baby.”

Lu RanKong sighed with satisfaction and relief, then frowned in pain.

Finally, after torturing his own father for two hours, a beautiful, robust Alpha baby, crying out, was held up by the doctor.

“Look! What a cute little guy, with a loud cry and sturdy growth.” The doctor said with a smile.

Lu RanKong wearily turned his head sideways, stretched out his fingers to touch the baby’s soft face, and said to Lan Yu with some pride, “We had the baby together.”

Lan Yu’s vision was already blurred with tears as he tenderly replied, “Yes, we had the baby together.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 坐月子 – Zuo Yuezi: (“doing” or “sitting” the month), refer to a set of instructions and proscriptions on women’s food intake, movement and daily hygiene practices for around 30 days following childbirth. These are dated back to ancient China, and were first recorded in medical texts from the Han dynasty (206BC to 220AD). Customs include consuming special tonic foods and drinks, refraining from going outdoors and limiting contact with water during this time. Zuo yuezi is considered to be a set of traditions congruent to the principles of traditional medicine and theory to protect women and prevent them from future ailments.


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