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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The confession was brief, and Shi Yu burned the look of Jiang ChengLi’s bent eyes and low smile into the bottom of his heart. He seemed to have waited a long time for these words. Like the light of daylight that melted the winter frost, it melted the piece of ice inside his eyes into water.

Jiang ChengLi embraced Shi Yu and eagerly let him listen to his dragon’s heartbeat. Pheromones scattered like fog around the two. Everything expressed the alpha’s delight. There was nothing more joyful than the response to a long unrequited love.

Downstairs, Mr. Jiang was holding the cat. His voice was diffuse, “Come down to eat.”

Shi Yu blushed and broke away from Jiang ChengLi’s embrace. He bowed his head and said vaguely, “But can you wait for me?”

“Of course. As long as you say you like me, I’ll do anything.” Jiang ChengLi’s voice was slightly hoarse, and he gently rubbed his face. “Why so good?”

Shi Yu felt his heart was stinging.

The dinner was a happy one. Both Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Jiang were particularly pleased with the omega and invited him to stay the night.

Shi Yu went upstairs to take a shower, while Mr. Jiang called his son into the study.

“You’re almost an adult.” Jiang Ruo looked at his wristwatch. “Do you have a plan? Whether to live in this world or go back with us.”

Jiang ChengLi was sitting on the sofa and looked into the gaze of his warm, but sober, father. “I’m with Shi Yu.”

Jiang Ruo stared at him for a long time, before he turned over the report in front of him. “This is Jiang Jing’s research data. Your pheromone fluctuations over the past few years aren’t small. You know why.”

Jiang ChengLi hadn’t answered. He knew what his father was talking about. It had to do with the contract he’d signed as a teenager.

“Your mother sees you as a child. She will always put you first.” Jiang Ruo rubbed the bridge of his nose, his eyes were helpless. “For so many years she has been going around the world to consult the ancient books left by the clan, trying to help you unlock that immature contract.”

As parents, they could never just watch their child’s life deplete.

Jiang ChengLi’s expression changed slightly. “You promised me that you would respect my choice.”

“Yes, we promised you that we would accept whatever you chose. Even if it meant crossing the race and falling in love with a human. But you should also be considerate of your mother.”

Jiang ChengLi jerked up from the couch.

“She will tell Shi Yu everything. You don’t want to deceive someone who likes you, or even loves you, do you?” Jiang Ruo got up along with him. “Besides, it’s too late now.”

Jiang ChengLi felt the heat on his collarbone, he raised his hand to stroke the place where the brand remained. The contract would leave a brand in the same place for both people, so both would disappear.

The pale golden lines faded and receded. The skin returned to its original state after a burning pain. The mark of the contract was gone. His complexion altered abruptly. He pushed open the door and walked into the guest bedroom. Shi Yu was already asleep.

Asleep on Mrs. Jiang’s lap.

Mrs. Jiang sat on the edge of the bed, her face pale and gentle, as she softly stroked Shi Yu’s forehead. A lullaby whispered on her lips.

Jiang ChengLi hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly. He looked at his mother. “What did you do to him?”

Mrs. Jiang raised her eyes slowly. “It was his own decision. He chose to sacrifice his old memories and feelings of liking you, and give you back your life.”

Jiang ChengLi looked at her woodenly. “Give up liking me?”

“Because I like you so much, I don’t want to be ashamed of you.” Mrs. Jiang sighed. “I made a lot of effort to get the completion of the renewal spell. You will talk to me in a tone that is not so impulsive.”

Jiang Ruo moved. He passed where his son was standing in the doorway and walked over to his wife. “Okay?”

Mrs. Jiang nodded, carried Shi Yu to the pillow and tucked him in.

“Your previous bonds all came from that immature contract of yours. Perhaps his liking for you was influenced by pheromones. Has it never occurred to you that it would be unfair to him if this were all true? If your charm is that great, getting him to like you again will be easy.”

Mrs. Jiang’s gaze at her son was mixed with a touch of provocation. “You can’t let people live their whole life eating your life, right?”

Jiang ChengLi turned his gaze sideways, and a dark shadow fell on his eyes.

The door behind him quietly closed. He went to the bedside to look at the boy’s peaceful sleeping face.

There was a long moment of silence before he let out a sigh of relief.

He pressed the back of his hand against Shi Yu’s face, and interlocked his fingers with the boy’s other hand as if he was attached to him. He said with a bit of self-deprecation and loss, “No wonder you said you liked me so easily. How cruel, Shi Yu.”


When Shi Yu woke up in the morning, he lay in bed for a long time.

His consciousness wandered outside of time and space, as if his brain had undergone some correction and rebooted. He slowly got up, looked at his surroundings, then remembered that he was staying at Jiang ChengLi’s house.

President Jiang had done his best to help him to clear his name.

After that incident, Jiang ChengLi gradually became good friends with him.

Shi Yu pressed his temples and felt that something was wrong, but he wasn’t able to remember.

Ah, yes…He was an omega and Jiang ChengLi was an alpha. They shouldn’t be so close even if they were good friends. While he was thinking about this, there was a knock at the door.

He got out of bed to open the door, and saw Jiang ChengLi was leaning on the door.

President Jiang, who was half a head taller than him, was propped up by the door. His gaze moved down to meet Shi Yu’s eyes. He asked, “Are you awake?”

Shi Yu frowned imperceptibly and mewed.

Jiang ChengLi’s teenager expression changed and he suddenly smiled.

Shi Yu scowled. “What are you laughing at?”

“You used to have this look when you met something you didn’t like, and didn’t want to approach.” Jiang ChengLi took a step back. “Come down for dinner. I’ll take you home later.”

Shi Yu hadn’t quite understood. He stood still and thought for a while, then turned back to wash.

He hadn’t known why he thought…When he saw Jiang ChengLi just now, his eyes seemed to carry a hint of hope, or something. But they changed so fast that he hadn’t had time to explore it.

Shi Yu paused and wondered, How can I be good friends with Jiang ChengLi if I can’t even read his expressions?

By the time he washed up and went downstairs, Jiang ChengLi was already seated at the dining table, waiting for him.

Shi Yu glanced upstairs. “Uncle and Auntie aren’t coming down to eat?”

Jiang ChengLi lowered his eyes. “No need to wait for them.”

Even if Shi Yu wasn’t able to figure out what his best friend was thinking, he could see that Jiang ChengLi wasn’t very happy right now.

After breakfast, Jiang ChengLi escorted him back. Shi Yu replied to Shi Lan with two messages on the subway, then looked up to ask Jiang ChengLi, “Is the student council going to change at the beginning of next semester?”

Jiang ChengLi said, “After all, it’s senior year.”

“That’s right. It’s time to focus on college.” Shi Yu frowned and thought. “Which one are you going to?”

Jiang ChengLi stared at him for a long time before he swallowed the words, ‘the same as you.’

“How about taking the same one?” Shi Yu abruptly looked up. “Then we can go to the same college.”


The author has something to say: 

Xiao Jiang: The progress bar of my strategy was almost full, then my mother deleted my archive.

What can I do, just repaint. xD


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Sue R
Sue R
August 30, 2021 5:32 pm

Oh…we were back to the future 😆😆⭐
It’s alright, they just have to reform their feeling and president Jiang is very good at pamper Shi Yu.

August 30, 2021 9:25 pm

Old memories is gone but Prez can create new lovely one with SY now😄😗😄😗😄

August 30, 2021 10:07 pm

Well, mother’s feelings, what can you do. Pres don’t worry with this last sentence, it seems that your progress bar cen be restored very quickly.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 30, 2021 10:48 pm

Uh oh.. i wish you luck Jiang ChengLi. Go catch his heart again

August 31, 2021 7:40 am

Poor JCL, I thought both their memories would be changed.
At leadt SY thinks they are close friends, rather than no relationship at all. There’s still a glimmer, as Shi Yu clung on to their memory.
Won’t they appear odd to their friends though? Their memories are in tact, it’s not like a reversal of time itself.
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 27, 2022 7:46 pm

I don’t understand the parents concern of Shi Yu sharing life with JCL. I mean as a dragon, JCL is going to have much longer life span right? So, what is the problem with the life contract? When they are together later, won’t JCL had to find some spell or contract too, to ensure Shi Yu didn’t die of human old age first? At least, with the contract, they live and die together. Poor JCL, he had to work hard and control himself again.

June 8, 2022 7:11 pm

Thank you for the chapter.
I understand why his mother did that, but it feels like denying destiny to me.
Good thing SY wouldn’t announce that he’s dating JCL. It’ll make the pursuit less strange for their friends.

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