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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Luo Yang was adjusting the direction of the Star Warship, and according to the trajectory chart, the Star Warship would start to turn in three minutes. Evelyn wanted to speed up Lan Yu, but when he saw Lu RanKong was fighting with him, he thought it wouldn’t be over for a while, so he suddenly turned around and rushed towards the cockpit.

Lu RanKong was quick, so as soon as Evelyn turned around, he punched him hard in the undershirt. He felt his body was not at his disposal when his fist reached mid-air. Lan Yu retracted his fist as soon as he got the body right, and staggered forward two steps before he could stand.

“Why did you hit yourself in the back? And use so much force?” He shouted angrily at Lu RanKong.

“There’s no way to do it without crippling him.”

“Do you have to cripple your own body? Can’t you think of another way?” Lan Yu’s voice was so anxious that it changed its tone, “Besides, his strength and yours is equal, so what can we do with him in the end if the two of us are knocked out after the fight? At that time he can directly enter Yun Jie’s body, and then deal with us both.”

Lu RanKong calmed down, said, “The Star Warship’s rear cabin is equipped with an electric wave transmitter. Use that and try the chip activation code to kill him.”

Lan Yu rushed to the driver’s seat and said, “Okay, but first I have to get you into Luo Yang’s body, and I’ll take care of Evelyn, so you can enter his chip activation code.”

Evelyn rushed to the pilot’s seat, squeezed Luo Yang aside, and with a few quick taps on the virtual screen, the Star Warship flew off again towards Kaiju Planet.

“Get out of my way! The first thing I’m going to do when this is over is to activate your chip.” Evelyn gritted his teeth and said to Luo Yang.

Lan Yu rushed forward, Evelyn sidestepped him as he slashed down at his forearm, and the two quickly battled again.

“Luo Yang, come in.” Lan Yu shouted to Luo Yang as he fought.

A green shadow flashed, Luo Yang from Yun Jie’s body entered directly into Lan Yu’s spiritual domain, and Evelyn’s kick just froze in the air. Yun Jie took this opportunity to dart out of the driver’s seat like a rabbit and hide behind an equipment.

“This is Yun Jie…” Luo Yang’s voice sounded in Lan Yu’s mind.

“What about Lu RanKong? Did you squeeze him out?”

“Squeezed him out, but looking at this situation, he didn’t squeeze into Yun Jie’s body, he should’ve returned to his own body.”

“Ten minutes from Kaiju Planet. If you want to land, please prepare for landing in advance.” The Star Warship alert sounded.

With Luo Yang in his body, Evelyn and Lan Yu were unable to do anything, only having a temporary truce. Evelyn turned his head to look out the window, and Lan Yu stared closely at his face, trying to determine if Lu RanKong was inside his body. But there was no hint of abnormality in Evelyn’s expression, making him start to panic in his heart.

“Luo Yang, he doesn’t seem to be inside his body with Evelyn either, so he wouldn’t be squeezed out of the Star Warship and floating in space, right?” He once again asked Luo Yang for confirmation.

Luo Yang said decisively, “No, if he’s not in Yunjie’s body, he must have gone back.”

Just then, Lan Yu saw Yun Jie move. He got out of the small space where he was hiding and ran noiselessly to the rear of the pod.

“He’s Lu RanKong! Lu RanKong is acting like that…” He said to Luo Yang.

The Kaiju Planet was close enough for Lan Yu to make out the interstellar channel hovering over it, like the spatial tunnels he had seen in the spiritual domain, with light flowing and twisting and changing on its surface.

The Star Warship slightly reoriented itself towards the interstellar channel, and Lan Yu’s heart fluttered, so when Evelyn’s hand reached for the red button under the console, he quickly grabbed his wrist.

“What do you want to do?” Lan Yu asked.

“Get out of the way…” Evelyn said coldly.

Lu RanKong used Yun Jie’s body to already run to the aft of the pod and pressed twice on a row of buttons on the ship’s wall, which slid open a foot square space, revealing a radio wave transmitting instrument and popping up a floating screen. Lan Yu watched the direction with his eyes, his heart lifted high, hoping that he could move faster and not be discovered by Evelyn.

Evelyn continued to reach for the red button that fired the Jia beam cannon, and Lan Yu squeezed his wrist in a deadly grip as they wrestled with each other. But his strength wasn’t as strong as Lu RanKong’s, and when his hand was about to touch the button, he called out sharply, “Luo Yang, get out!”

As the green shadow flashed out, Lan Yu used all his strength to slam into Evelyn, knocking him back a few steps, and then blocked his entire body in front of the button, shouting, “Come back!”

Luo Yang abruptly drilled back into his body.

“I don’t want to fight you. That’s my Alpha’s body, and it hurts my heart to break it.” Lan Yu calmly said to Evelyn.

Evelyn took a deep breath, suppressing the anger that was churning inside, and pushed Lan Yu hard to the side. Lan Yu grabbed the control table with both hands and the ground with both feet, and the two started a new wave of wrestling.

Lan Yu stalled while taking a glance at Lu RanKong, seeing him stretching out his fingers to trace in the air while writing on the instrument’s light board, then erasing and starting over. It looked like the complex string of startup codes wasn’t fully remembered and something went wrong somewhere.

Seeing that he was about to be pushed aside again by Evelyn, Lan Yu called out again, “Luo Yang!”

Luo Yang understood and dug out. Lan Yu charged at Evelyn again. He dodged to the side when he hit him, and then went on to press the button to fire the Jia beam cannon. Lan Yu steadily turned around and threw a punch to thwart Evelyn’s movement.

After they fought several moves, Evelyn suddenly saw Yun Jie, who was operating the electric wave transmitter at the end of the pod, as if he thought of something, his face changed abruptly. Lan Yu cursed in his heart,  when he saw him dash to the rear of the pod. He knew that he couldn’t let Evelyn leave, so with a vertical leap, he locked Evelyn’s neck to the ground with a forceful slam.

He made a clean move, and Evelyn fell heavily against the ship’s wall with a muffled sound of flesh on flesh. The thought that this was Lu RanKong’s body made Lan Yu’s heart ache, but he still pinned him to the floor. Evelyn took a deep breath and suddenly rolled to the left, leaping up and kicking out with his foot.

Evelyn took the opportunity to dash towards the stern of the ship, leaping and clenching his fist in the air. Lu RanKong was tormented by the last character, racking his brain to recall it, but no matter how he wrote it, it showed up wrong.

Seeing that Evelyn’s fist was about to hit him hard on the head, Luo Yang sprang out from a corner and quickly burrowed into the body of Yun Jie where Lu RanKong was.

Evelyn’s fist stalled in the air again. He roared in anger and tried to drag Yun Jie away, but saw him standing helplessly in front of the floating screen, his fingers pausing on the input surface without moving. He instantly understood that the body had changed and his heart was relieved.

“The Star Warship has re-routed. The target is fifty million light years away from the nameless planet.”

The planet map navigation voice sounded at the right time, Evelyn no longer cared about Yun Jie, and ran straight to Lan Yu who was adjusting the direction. Although Lan Yu didn’t know how to operate the Star Warship, he looked at their actions just now, and learnt which were the control direction buttons. He started pressing the buttons randomly, so the Star Warship wouldn’t move towards Kaiju Planet.

Evelyn just ran to a place six or seven meters behind Lan Yu, then stopped his feet, and his expression froze. He felt a fierce spiritual force was snatching his body, and the onslaught caught him off guard, and he instantly lost his body rights.

Lu RanKong grabbed the body with a flourish, and couldn’t care less about anything else, so he turned around and ran in the direction of Yun Jie. He could detect that Evelyn was mobilizing his spiritual power and had to seize the time and opportunity.

Seeing Luo Yang with a nervous face protecting the radio wave transmitter, he said as he ran, “It’s me, Lu RanKong.”

Luo Yang breathed a sigh of relief and shouted excitedly, “You know the activation code for Evelyn? Come on, come on, enter it!”

Lu RanKong skidded to a stop in front of the launcher, stopped just before his fingers hit the floating screen, and his expression began to twist, clenching his teeth in a growing grimace.

“What’s wrong?” Luo Yang asked just before he alertly cradled the square box-sized transmitter in his arms.

‘Lu RanKong’ reached out for it, and he nimbly ducked to the other side.

Evelyn, who had taken away the body, stopped trying to grab the launcher and took his time. With a sinister look on his face, he strode towards the driver’s seat, saying coldly, “Luo Yang, I’ll be sure to satisfy you when I’m done with them and enter your activation code.”

Lan Yu looked at the planet chart in front of him with bated breath and concentrated on the Star Warship, his face full of tension. He was so close to Evelyn that he turned around and threw a side kick, aimed at Lu RanKong’s thigh.

Evelyn dodged to the side and punched him hard in the chest. This punch used his full strength, and Lan Yu didn’t dare to resist, but had to take two steps back. Evelyn took the opportunity to reach out on the directional buttons, adjusting the Star Warship’s route back and pressing the fixed course.

“The Star Warship has re-routed. Target is 50,000 kilometers away from Kaiju Planet,” The navigation female voice softly sounded throughout the ship cabin once more.

Lan Yu saw that he was going to press the red button to launch the Jia beam cannon again, took two steps forward, and aimed his elbow at his right chest and hit hard.

Lu RanKong’s flesh was strong there, and he was able to take it.

But when the elbow had reached Evelyn’s chest, he found that he didn’t avoid it, and the whole person stopped, and the hand that pressed the red button stopped in the air.

Lan Yu reacted to the fact that Lu RanKong had grabbed the body right again, and hurriedly stopped the attack with a sharp brake, stumbling a few steps forward because of the sudden suspension of the force.

Only to see Lu RanKong in an unusually bizarre position, like a stroke victim, and like a zombie slowly turning his head, struggling toward the rear of the cabin.

“Keep reorienting… I’ll enter… the chip activation code.” He spoke with difficulty, in an altered voice. He took five steps forward, two steps back, and then continued forward, his forehead bruised and his legs seemed to weigh a thousand pounds.

Luo Yang hurriedly ran towards him holding the radio wave transmitter, saying, “Hold on, I’ll come over.”

Evelyn finally relinquished Lu RanKong’s body and turned into a green shadow that flashed out of his body and condensed into an entity. Lan Yu had no time to worry about it, he was pressing the keys randomly again, trying to change the direction of the Star Warship.

The green shadow rushed at him, only to have someone faster get in front of Lan Yu and slam a fierce punch at him. Evelyn dodged out of the way and went around Lu RanKong to continue on. He had no desire to fight, but Lu RanKong wouldn’t let him go, landing punch after punch.

“You’re a parasite who only crawls inside other people’s bodies, a green skinned monster who can’t see the light. Finally, you dare to fight me head on.”

Lu RanKong finally took full control of his body and slammed one punch after another at Evelyn. He swept away the frustration of not being able to make a move before, his fists and kicks were as harsh as swords, as swift as the wind, and the ship’s cabin kept making muffled sounds of blows.

The two were equal in their fist and kick exchanges, but Evelyn’s moves were tricky and dexterous, and Lu RanKong was soon hit by several blows. But he seemed to be unaware of the pain, and only attacked with life-threatening moves.

“You forced my mother to fall off a cliff and die, stabbed my father, and stole Xiao Yu’s body for so many years, so today you will pay with your life.” Lu RanKong’s eyes were red, like an enraged lion, every word crumbling out of his teeth, every punch carrying a monstrous amount of indignation and fury.

Evelyn soon felt numbness and pain in his arms, and his physical strength couldn’t keep up, while Lu RanKong’s attack didn’t let up, and his punches were swift and fierce, making Evelyn’s left and right clumsy and increasingly difficult to support.

Lan Yu concentrated on the Star Warship, ignoring the intense battle beside him, only dodging a little when the wind swept past him and continuing to operate with full concentration. When he saw that the Star Warship would always reset itself, he pressed a virtual button on the console, and as soon as he lifted his finger, the entire ship tilted to the left, standing 90 degrees on its side.

He was not fixed in the pilot’s seat and hurriedly grabbed the armrest of the pilot’s seat beside him, but Lu RanKong and Evelyn slid into the ship wall together.

The two leapt up at the same time, and Evelyn was faster than Lu RanKong. He saw an opening and struck him in the chest, but Lu RanKong didn’t dodge or avoid, he carried the blow hard and struck Evelyn in the left chest as well. Evelyn hit, but before he had time to retreat, he saw Lu RanKong’s fist also arrived in front of him. He didn’t expect Lu RanKong to use this injury-for-injury fighting style, so he had to raise his left arm to block it in a hurry.

His left arm made a crunching sound and he took two steps back with a muffled grunt.

Lu RanKong coughed twice, wiped away a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand, and arched his back slightly, muscles tensed, and assumed an offensive stance. Lan Yu used his left hand to hoist himself up on the armrest and his other hand to press the key corresponding to the one that started the button, and the ship tilted to the right and quickly reset.

He was relieved to see that the ship didn’t stop after the reset, but continued to the right until it was on its side again.

This time he was prepared and stood with his foot on a bump on the console while Lu RanKong and Evelyn slid from the left wall directly to the right and together they slid into the open wall locker on the wall of the ship.

The two fell into the closet while attacking each other, but this space was really small, so they both reached out and grabbed each other’s neck.

Lan Yu loudly asked Lu RanKong, “What do I have to press to reset the Star Warship?”

“Press… Press…” Lu RanKong’s face turned red and he couldn’t say a word. Evelyn’s green skin had risen to a dark green.

Luo Yang huddled in a small compartment at the end of the cabin with the emitter in his arms, only showing his head to look out, and said in a loud voice, “Just press whatever, it will always be adjusted.”

Lan Yu guessed that the reset was around these keys, and pressed another key at the bottom, and the ship finally started to regain its balance. Lu RanKong and Evelyn both emerged from the locker, choking and coughing desperately as they resumed the battle.

Evelyn had already broken his left arm and his movements were sluggish, unable to take advantage of his agility. Lu RanKong, on the other hand, was fighting harder and harder, and had time to curse the green skinned monster.

The two exchanged kicks with each other, and since Lu RanKong had thick skin and flesh, he instantly stood firm. And Evelyn’s Lontan person’s body hadn’t moved as a human for a long time, so his physical strength couldn’t keep up in all aspects. The body is already defeated, and is only struggling to hold on.

He quickly calculated in his head, gasping for breath to cast his eyes to Lan Yu in front of him. But just as he scurried out, he was blocked by Lu RanKong, who had already discovered his thoughts, and another punch came crashing down on him, making him crouch down in distress before he could dodge the blow.

“Scared? Don’t dare to fight me head on? Trying to get into my Omega’s body again? You obscene green skinned rat.” Lu RanKong just wanted to pinch his knuckles, but halfway through the action he stopped and started to turn his neck. Then he took off his jacket and threw it to the ground, wearing only a short-sleeved T-shirt. The T-shirt was sweat-drenched and stuck to his body, his abs were like layers of stone tired stack, and his arm muscles were solidly bulging.

Evelyn jerked out to the left, and Lu RanKong stepped in front of him, saying, “Passing is not an option, I will not let you go through here.” 

Then he shouted, “Luo Yang!”


“Come a little closer. If the green skinned rat squeezes me into Yun Jie’s body, you immediately squeeze me back.”

“No problem. The whole process will only take a few seconds.”

“And what if he invades Yun Jie’s mental domain?” Lu RanKong blocked Evelyn left and right, kept exchanging blows with each other, and his mouth didn’t stop for a moment.

“Don’t worry, Yun Jie is not in good health, so he’s not hard to handle. You can directly grab the transmitter to enter the password to end this.”

Lu RanKong seemed to be having a back and forth with Luo Yang, but in reality, he was cutting off all ideas for Evelyn. Luo Yang also moved closer to this side, at a distance of ten meters from Evelyn, still holding the transmitter in his hand. Evelyn didn’t make a sound, as he silently fought with Lu RanKong, but the look revealed his inner rage at this time.

“What did he just set? I just turned away from the direction, but the Star Warship automatically corrected course again, and continued in the direction of Kaiju Planet.” Lan Yu shouted anxiously.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to Kaiju Planet, Evelyn was eager to launch the Jia beam cannon, but he was held back by Lu RanKong.

Lu RanKong knew he couldn’t make it clear verbally, so he kept punching and kicking, and said, “Just keep adjusting the direction, or go in S-shape.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the bow of the ship began to warp upward, and Lan Yu panicked and said, “The S-shape can’t go any further.”

“It’s fine, it’s okay to go up.” Lu RanKong looked sideways and was kicked in the calf by Evelyn, with that burst of pain he dared not to be distracted.

Evelyn just wanted to correct the course, but Lu RanKong couldn’t shake him off. Even if he invaded Lu RanKong’s spiritual domain, they will once again start an endless tug-of-war for the body.

He had no time to lose.

Lu RanKong saw that he was distracted and threw a fierce and vicious punch, hitting Evelyn with a punch to the right shoulder and then kicked him heavily to the ground. Evelyn was injured, coughed a few times, and stood up twice without getting up completely.

Luo Yang looked at the light screen of the transmitter in his hand and simply said, “Colonel Lu, there is one more character. Tell me and I will input it.”

Lu RanKong gazed at Evelyn, who was half-kneeling on the ground, and wiped the sweat dripping from his chin with the back of his hand.

“Okay, I’ll tell you, and then we’ll see which one of us gets him first.” Lu RanKong said. His fists and kicks rained down on Evelyn, but the words didn’t stop there, “That character looks like a baby’s bib with a little fork in the middle.”


He leapt up, fell from the air, kneeling on Evelyn’s chest, a few crunching sounds of broken ribs, a mouthful of green blood spurted out of his mouth.

“A baby’s bib? Is it round?” Luo Yang asked, puzzled.

Evelyn staggered to his feet and stumbled backward two steps.

Lu RanKong walked forward unhurriedly, saying under his breath, “The bottom is round and the top has two flat straps that hang around the neck.”

Luo Yang exclaimed, “I’ve never seen that before…”

Lu RanKong kicked out, and with a muffled sound, Evelyn fell heavily to the floor again, struggling to raise his head and lay down again, only opening his mouth to gasp for breath.

“Open your eyes and see.” Lu RanKong picked up his jacket from the ship’s side floor and pulled out the drool pocket for Luo Yang to see, “This is it, a baby bib.”

Luo Yang frowned at the input screen and said, “You’ve got it wrong, right? There is no such thing as a small fork in the middle?”

Lu RanKong grabbed Evelyn’s shoulder with his hand and lifted him off the ground.

The corners of Evelyn’s mouth were spilling blood foam, and his eyes were still ruthless and crazy as he stared at them, and in the next second, he abruptly entered his mental domain again. Lu RanKong was invaded in the moment to mobilize the sight to look outside, found that the location and perspective didn’t change, and he was actually still in the body.

There was a spiritual power that was trying to grab the control of the body, but no longer so strong, apparently Evelyn’s spiritual power couldn’t keep up.

“So you’re weak like this? I don’t even need to call Luo Yang to help.” Lu RanKong snickered.

He had already used all his strength to stabilize his body power, and after Evelyn’s spiritual power touched the wall several times, it began to retreat and collapse. As Evelyn was being pushed out of the mental domain, Luo Yang looked up and said, “I remember, that character should not be a small fork in the middle, but four vertical lines with two crosses in the middle.”

By this time Lu RanKong had extruded Evelyn out of his body and it looked like everything was as before, Luo Yang didn’t even know what had just happened.

“Ah, it seems so, four vertical lines with two crossed in the middle.” Lu RanKong said under his breath. Luo Yang lit up and started to input, while Evelyn, who didn’t know where the strength came from, suddenly climbed up and lunged at Luo Yang.

Lu RanKong moved faster and leaped up, landed from the air, and as Luo Yang wrote the last click to activate, he held Evelyn’s head in the air and twisted it hard to the right.


Evelyn’s neck made a crisp sound and stayed at a bizarre angle. And then his chest position also flashed light, like a small chip. Then his whole body went limp from Lu RanKong’s hand and fell to the ground. His eyes were still staring at the transparent wall outside Kaiju Planet, until the light in his eyes slowly dimmed and finally disappeared.

Lu RanKong stood in front of his body, breathing heavily.

He heard Lan Yu burst out from the driver’s seat, “I finally know how to adjust the direction!”

The Star Warship turned around under Lan Yu’s control, and Lu RanKong entered the course and started the autopilot. Lu RanKong wrapped his arm around Lan Yu’s waist, and Lan Yu rested his head on his shoulder.

A green figure led Yun Jie to the other side as they also snuggled together.

The Star Warship weaved in and out of the magnificent planet cloud, carrying the four of them to a distant homeward journey.


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