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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

Lan Yu pressed the blade of his dagger against Liu Zhi’s neck and said in a gravelly voice, “Okay, now tell me your little secret with Uncle Chen. Shh shh shh, don’t lie. I don’t like lying kids.”

Liu Zhi stiffly stifled the scream that was about to come out of her, then closed her mouth and breathed in sharply, her nose huffing and puffing.

“Say it…” Lan Yu’s breath sprayed on Liu Zhi’s neck as he spoke.

With a jolt, Liu Zhi blurted out, “I was wrong, I shouldn’t have joined Uncle Chen and sold all the family’s cigarettes and alcohol and those expensive ingredients secretly. It wasn’t my idea, it was Uncle Chen who started it, and only after I found out did he bring me along and give me a share of the money in private. It’s all because of him!”

“What nonsense!” Uncle Chen’s face turned red and he was just about to explain, but catching sight of Lan Yu’s dark sweeping eyes, he immediately swallowed all the words.

“Is that all? Do you have nothing else to say?” Lan Yu asked.

Liu Zhi said with a flourish, “Every Wednesday night, Uncle Chen’s nephew waits at the entrance of the neighborhood, and we deliver those things to him—”

Lan Yu gave a short laugh, and his face twitched nervously twice, “I’m not asking you about that, give me the rest and think about it.” 

His handsome face appeared with a dark kind of expression, looked crazy and terrifying, and everyone secretly drew a cold breath.

“The rest, the rest… I shouldn’t have stolen Miss’s milk custard, shouldn’t have stolen Madam’s lipstick…” Liu Zhi cried.

Lu RanKong stood up and walked towards the window, coughing again as he passed by Lan Yu.

Lan Yu paused and said, “I’ll ask, you answer.”

“Okay, wuwu…” 1

“Where are you from?”

“I’m a local, and my home is in the East Side on Willow Lane.”

“How do you prove you’re from Willow Lane?”

“I have a Kata Planet resident card to prove it.” Liu Zhi rolled her eyes and looked in the direction of the maid’s room, “I can go and bring it to you.”

“That doesn’t count, some other way of proving it.”

“Wuwuwu, I can call my parents to prove it.”

“That won’t do either…” Lan Yu said kindly.

Lu RanKong leaned against the window and suddenly interjected, “There used to be a pastry chef on Willow Lane who made delicious pies, but unfortunately he passed away a few years ago, what was that chef’s name?”

Liu Zhi looked at him with teary eyes and choked, “Qiao Dongsheng, Uncle Qiao…”

Lan Yu slowly loosened his grip on the back of her head and withdrew the dagger.

Although she was out of confinement, she still didn’t dare to move, standing in place with shrunken shoulders and silently weeping. Wang Wei was silent after hearing that Liu Zhi and Uncle Chen had stolen and sold their belongings, and stood with a sullen face.

“Sit down. Why are you standing?” Lu RanKong invited Wang Wei and Mrs. Wang, warmly like he was the owner of the villa. He also told Liu Zhi, “Liu Zhi, make some tea, I’m thirsty. Do you have any purple tea from Pulok Planet? Or maybe Rinse? Orred tea? If not, their new tea will be fine. I’d like the Mizui Mist tip, which came out last month, it’s very fresh.”

Lan Yu had never even heard of these teas, but seeing Wang Wei’s face change, he knew they must’ve been very expensive. Liu Zhi answered with a trembling voice, wiped away her tears, and left the living room quickly. In a moment of silence, Lan Yu tossed the dagger in his hand, caught it, and slowly walked towards Uncle Chen.

Uncle Chen didn’t wait for his question, and finished his answer in one long breath, “I am from Spine town of Kata Planet Bell City. There are only two brothers in my family, both working as laborers in Bell City. The town of Spine has a master Wang who sells marinated meat, and a mother and son Lee who sell fruits and vegetables, and the one at the head of town has good pasta, and the pastry chef is Joshua who came over from the main Planet.” 

Seeing Lan Yu stop in his tracks, Lu RanKong told his as well, “Uncle Chen, you also go to help make tea.”

“Oh, okay.” Uncle Chen wiped the sweat off his forehead and carefully walked around Lan Yu towards the back kitchen, and trotted up just after leaving the living room.

Lu RanKong walked back to the sofa and sat down, leaned back easily, looked at Wang Wei and said, “Now it’s just the three of you, so let’s talk about each of you.”

Things had developed so far, and Wang Wei had understood that these two people weren’t looking for a gelded insect, so he held the back of the sofa and asked, “Colonels, can you tell us what your actual purpose is?”

Lu RanKong also stopped hiding it, and reversed the carelessness just now, solemnly speaking, “Wang Wei, now among the three of you, someone’s mental domain has been occupied by a Lontan Planet person. In other words, out of the three of you, one is no longer human.”

“Bullshit!” Wang Wei almost jumped up, his face turning red, “My wife and daughter are with me every day, if they were taken over by a Lontan Planet person in the mental domain, how could I not know?”

“And you, it’s the three of you, not only your wife and your daughter are suspected.” Lu RanKong reminded him.

“You, you…” Wang Wei couldn’t say anything, pointing his finger at him.

LiuZhi had already brought four cups of tea and quickly retreated to the wall, far away, after putting down the tray.

The hot air curled around, the tea fragrance was rich. Lu RanKong picked up a cup and put it under his nose. He took a whiff, before accurately pointing out, “Pule Planet’s purple boiled flower, ripe for picking at the end of May. Although not in time for the tender picking at the beginning of April, it can also be sweet.”

When Lan Yu heard this, he lifted his eyes and looked at him.

Lu RanKong was now half leaning on the back of the chair, relaxed, and the contours of the face softened a bit. Although he was still in his wet combat suit, it didn’t hide his elegance and calm, but made him look like a well-bred nobleman, sitting in the living room surrounded by greenery, sipping a fresh cup of tea in the early morning sunshine.

Lan Yu was in a trance and felt that the person in front of him seemed different. As he was thinking this, Lu RanKong changed his position, crossed a leg, and the gray and white socks appeared in his view again.

Everything was an illusion… 

“Sit down and have a drink, why are you standing?” Lu RanKong pointed to the couch across the room.

Mrs. Wang was about to walk out with her daughter with trepidation, but Wang Wei pulled her back, “I will immediately call Minister Chen of the Ministry of Military Affairs and ask him to get rid of these two people.”

“Minister Chen Dong of the Ministry of Materials, right? Okay, I’ll connect you now.” Lu RanKong put down his teacup and dialed a number on the terminal. He turned it on speaker and the room immediately rang with a ringing sound waiting to be connected.

“Who is it?”

“Lu RanKong…”

The tone on the other side immediately changed, turning enthusiastic, “Young Master Lu ah, Lu—”

Lu RanKong interrupted him, “Minister Chen, I’m currently a guest at Wang Wei’s house, and he said he wants to ask you to kick me out.”

“Wang Wei? Which Wang Wei?” The voice on the other side was confused.

“The same Wang Wei who built the 4th dormitory building for Kata Planet’s 3rd unit mecha battalion.” 

“Wang Wei… Wang Wei…” Minister Chen obviously didn’t remember this person, but he immediately said in anger, “This Wang Wei is so rude! He shouldn’t expect to receive any more projects from the military ministry in the future—”

Without waiting for the other party to finish, Lu RanKong hung up the terminal. In the silence of the room, he asked Wang Wei, “Did you hear clearly? It was Chen Dong’s voice, right?”

Wang Wei’s mouth was slightly open and he looked confused.

Lu RanKong nodded again at the opposite sofa and said, “Don’t stand like this, it makes me very stressed. Sit down, talk, be easy-going, just like if we were friends.”

Lan Yu, the easy-going friend, pulled out the dagger again, pulled a silk napkin from the tea tray, and wiped it slowly with a sullen face.

Wang Wei stopped resisting and sat down on the sofa in silence, while Mrs. Wang looked around and sat beside him with her daughter.

“Ask away…” He said.

Lu RanKong picked up his cup of tea, blew at the tea leaves floating on the surface, and spoke, “Tell us all about something you have experienced before, or a secret that only you know.”

Wang Wei swallowed and said in a hoarse voice, “I don’t know what to tell.”

“You don’t know what to say… Let’s see…” Lu RanKong showed a thoughtful look and asked Lan Yu beside him, “What year was our house built?”

“Why are you asking me?…” Lan Yu half raised his eyes.

How do I know what year it was built? I’m sorry, I’m similar to someone from the Lontan Planet, I came from somewhere else.

Also, why are you saying ‘our’?

Lu RanKong turned to Wang Wei and said, “So tell me, which year was the fourth building of the barracks built, which materials were jerry-rigged, and how much benefit did you get from it? Tell me everything…”

Wang Wei’s forehead veins jumped twice, “I can say what happened in my old town, and also, my building was not jerry-rigged.”

“No cutting corners? Okay, then you give me a sum of money to say clearly, I will verify it myself.” Lu RanKong opened the terminal recording, “Even without this matter today, I also intend to find the contractor to repair the building for investigation. We can also catch the Lontan Planet person at the same time.”

Wang Wei was silent.

Lan Yu changed his sitting position and said in a calm tone, “I am an impatient person, if you don’t understand my temper, take a minute and online search K, then you’ll have a good understanding.” 

“I built that building five years ago, that is, in 1769 Star Calendar, and the military department paid me 37 million star coins. Of which the construction materials cost 4 million star coins…”

Wang Wei began to spit out the figures with difficulty, and Lu RanKong interjected every now and then to record them all. As they were talking, the sound of footsteps came from the forest road outside the villa, and the sound of the intercom.

“You ask, I’ll inform them not to come in yet, and just deal with the bug corpse outside.” Lu RanKong whispered to Lan Yu. At the same time, he shoved the tiny syringe into his hand, “If the Lontan Planet person attempts to burrow into you, give yourself a shot.”

Lan Yu watched as Lu RanKong quickly exited the room with a pang of panic.

So this Lontan Planet person could keep changing hosts?

HR5 will kill the spiritual body that didn’t belong to the body, but he was also an outsider. If the Lontan Planet person went into his body, and he pressed the needle down, it would be impossible to say who would die first.

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  1. Sound for crying.


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