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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


MoMo looked at the picture of the dormitory on the screen, and sounded excited, “Can we live together in the future?”

KiKi’s eyes lit up, then quickly dimmed, “So I won’t be able to see A’Sheng every day?”

Gu Yu slid the screen down and read out the following description.

[If you have a partner and your home is close by, you can go home at night, but you need a guardian to pick you up. And you can’t go home on your lunch break, you have to be in the dorm.]

He quickly understood the reason for this arrangement. He explained, “As you know, natural females are very precious, and the journey home from school may be dangerous, so fewer pickups will keep you safe.”

KiKi nodded, “That’s great, A’Sheng is sometimes very busy at work and doesn’t have time to pick me up at noon.”

MoMo: “Roald too, although he’s home all the time now, he says he’ll be away for a while if he’s on a mission.”

Merlin: “That’s good, my brother doesn’t have to worry so much.”

Gu Yu continued reading. Near the dormitory was the medical wing, which was staffed mostly by caretakers. Kona had written a note there that the number of caretakers and guards would be adjusted later. Gu Yu nodded, as the number of natural females increased, it would take too many people to have the same number of caretakers and guards as before.

After the hardware, it was time for the software: the natural female program. The first week’s curriculum was very loose, three classes a morning, all basic; walking, literacy, writing and general knowledge of life. Probably considering that walking was tiring, the three contents were interspersed in each class.

The later classes increased to include history, literature, math, physical education and music, as well as electives, cooking, flower arranging, painting, etc.

“What do you think?” He inquired.

The three men and the leopard nodded with shining eyes. But on the specific course choices, the three made some comments with their experience of learning during this time. For example, for literacy, they preferred to watch fun little story films to recognize words, rather than watch the lessons directly and have to click on the pronunciation, remembering them one by one.

Gu Yu wrote down their comments, explaining that it was their idea to give back, and sent it to Kona.

The next day, the major news was all about the Star Alliance meeting for natural females.

Gu Yu went to the Grand Villa as usual to help the beast females transform without any repercussions. 

In the Brilliant Splendor conference room, representatives from all stars gathered, all sixteen members of the Star League.

The meeting was chaired by His Majesty of Splendor himself, accompanied by Marshal Cyno and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. His Majesty’s expression was gentle, as if he was having a tea party.

The Ratter Prince was the first to propose that Ratter Star would be willing to pay a certain amount of money in order for Brilliant Splendor to allow him to send Ratter Star beast females to Brilliant Splendor to participate in the transformation.

The planet Yus immediately seconded.

The rest of the stars also concurred one by one.

This was the best way to deal with the situation. If we really start a war, Brilliant Splendor would not be the only one to be faced. If we don’t, we’ll lose our lives.

His Majesty was not surprised by this result, otherwise the stars would not have met in the conference room, but in the battlefield. The trouble was the specific payoff each star paid.

Each star had different resources and argued about it for a long time.

Cyno’s eyes swept over them all, “No need to argue, everyone can pay with star coins. Transformation needs range and the range is limited. Each planet can have twenty square meters. The rent is ten million star coins per square meter per week. You yourselves decide the type and number of beast females, but the area cannot exceed twenty square meters.”

Insect Duke face’s was hard, “This is not fair, some races are large, twenty square meters can only transform a few natural females, those small races, almost forty can be transformed!”

All stars have beast females of all races, of all sizes.

But in terms of adult size, the insect race’s beast females were the largest.

Insect race beast females were completely different from the rest of the planets’ beast females. They were extremely fit, just like the rest of the planet’s males. This also made them grow up and need a lot of nutrition. They would constantly strengthen themselves, and their body size would also get bigger and bigger.

Not only are they large in size, the insects couldn’t sit in their beastly form and would cover a large area.

Cyno looked at the insect duke indifferently, “Not fair? In terms of numbers, one occupies ten square meters and one occupies a quarter meter, flat parity, you think that’s fair?”

“I agree with Marshal Cyno’s proposal, there is a range limit for conversion, and it makes the most sense to count by area.”

“Yes, I am also in favor.”

The representatives of the stars took their positions.

The corners of the insect duke’s mouth sank and he did not speak again. The male insect had a high IQ, and he actually understood that Cyno’s words were fair, but when he thought of the size of the insect females, he was angry. Unless the immature insects were allowed to transform.

But in that case, if he wanted to live as they did in the days of his ancestors, it would take a long time.

Luther said: “My race beast females like water, and can not be separated from water for a long time. I am willing to pay more money, in hope that the scope of the Ratter’s lease could have a pool built.”

Then several representatives of other planets said that some of their races also needed water and they were also willing to pay for the construction.

The foreign minister smiled and said, “This is a small problem, we will make good arrangements, the Star Alliance agreement has been sent to all of you, please sign if you are willing.”

All the representatives of the planets signed, and some of them could not hold back their excitement, “When will we start?”

His Majesty and the Foreign Minister both looked at Cyno.

Cyno didn’t answer directly, but sent a message to Gu Yu.

Gu Yu calculated, “Eleven days later.”

Cyno knew from Gu Yu exactly when the beast females would be transformed, and the second batch of beast females would be completed in ten days.

Eleven days exactly to start the third batch.

Cyno inquired, “Will you be tired? You can rest for a few days, it’s okay to be late.”

Gu Yu, “It’s okay, even if I don’t play in front of them, I still have to practice by myself, I’m not tired.”

Cyno thought for a moment that eleven days would be enough for the new venue to be ready.

He looked to the representatives of the stars, “Eleven days to start.”

After the meeting adjourned, the representatives of the stars went back to their residences and opened teleconferences to discuss the choice of beast females.

During dinner, Gu Yu learned the details through Cyno.

Gu Yu did the math and found it very profitable.

The next day, he received a huge sum of money and the Brilliant Splendor Star Medal of Honor.

Looking at the reward card with a series of zeros, he froze for half a second, with a feeling of it not being quite real.

Suddenly rich!

Cyno laughed lightly, “This is what you deserve, until the transformation potion is researched, you will always have a share of the dividend.”

Gu Yu thought about it, put the medallion away carefully, and then put the huge amount of money into his and Cyno’s shared account. Not long ago he was thinking about how to pay Cyno back, but he didn’t expect to be so rich all of a sudden.

Cyno noticed his actions and a smile flashed in his eyes, what a cute little mate!

Two days later, the first batch of beast females were about to be transformed. Gu Yu confirmed that there were no beast females in heat and controlled the evolutionary energy to 999.

With Merlin’s experience, he knew very well that the beast females would be in a very excited mood when they felt they could be transformed. They would not be able to resist transforming immediately.

Of course, there might be those who, like KiKi, wanted to transform in front of their beloved. However, the latter idea was also based on the fact that the beloved was very close, otherwise it was difficult to hold back for so long. In order to cope with the transformation, one had to prepare in advance.

After all, natural females were undressed when they were just transformed. As the day before had slowed down the speed of evolutionary energy transfer, he also spent a lot of time helping the beast females consume energy.

At this point, the beast females were almost out of energy, and they instinctively felt that they were just a little short of transformation.

Gu Yu’s pause made them anxious and somewhat aggrieved, whimpering in the direction of Gu Yu.

Gu Yu soothed, “You guys take it easy, when you transform, you will all be undressed, but if you wait a while, the president will get you clothes.”

He would wait to cut off the monitoring, but after all, the garden was in the open air and there were many small friends around. If directly transformed, even if they were not very civilized, it would be very embarrassing.

Kona heard his words, and his face could not hide the excitement, with the help of the caretakers and guards, they handed out cloaks and clothes to the beast females. The clothes were on the large side of the sports set, since the size of the transformed beast females were not the same, all had the large size.

They covered the beast females with cloaks and placed the clothes next to the beast females.

All the beast females were covered by the cloak and only their heads were exposed.

Gu Yu looked at the screen and wanted to laugh a little, this kind of scene looked very funny, especially with the small size of some beast females, who were accidentally completely covered.

Kona finished handing out clothes and cloaks and led the men out of range.

Gu Yu spoke to him and cut off the monitoring of the rest of the places.

After all, beast females had different personalities, and in case they were too excited and jumped up, that cloak would not be too useful. There were monitors all over the villa, and many people were watching the state of the beast females through the monitors.

And those people, all males!

He opened his mouth to remind them, “When you feel able to transform, concentrate on transforming, don’t move too much, you have many companions around you.”

He didn’t want a stampede or something like that to happen.

He smiled and said, “Be safe and don’t lift your cloak.”

If a group of unclothed teenagers suddenly appeared in front of him, he would also feel embarrassed. After the reminder, he took out his flute and began to play.

When the evolutionary energy of all the beast females became 1000, he immediately stopped consuming Goodwill Points. He continued to play the tune as his eyes swept across the monitor screen, and quite a few of the beast females very quickly consumed the 1 Evolution Energy they just had.

Almost in the blink of an eye, many teenagers and youths appeared on the screen, lying on the ground, covered with cloaks and looking excited.

They had all colors of hair and eye color, and all were very good looking. The transformed beast females surveyed their hands, and some could not resist jumping up, but thought of Gu Yu’s words and slowly sat up.

The cloaks slid down their backs.

Gu Yu stopped playing and reminded, “Surround yourself with the cloak.”

The youngsters fumbled to pull the cloak back up, and their fair skin flushed red.

Gu Yu gently reassured them a few times and patiently taught them how to put on their clothes.

Sportswear was particularly easy to put on. Those with original beast forms with hands comprehended especially quickly, and then helped the little ones around them to put their clothing on.

Their eyes shone brightly, sizing each other up, recalling the words they had heard over and over again, while talking in simple words.

Their joy was substantial, and Gu Yu couldn’t help but smile.

Kona seemed anxious and messaged him, “Is it done? Is anyone uncomfortable?”

Gu Yu replied, “Currently fine, it went well.”

This time, the whole process was very careful, the energy consumption slowed down at the end, and also kept using music to help consume. No beast females appeared like Merlin to have such physical discomfort.

His eyes carefully swept over the monitor, making sure all were dressed, he reminded again, “You just turned into human form, and you will not be used to walking, it is best to sit in place. Do not be anxious, you have a lot of time to practice walking.”

He turned the monitors back on.

The males in front of the monitors were all stunned.

Full of natural females, this was heaven!

His Majesty, who was sitting on the couch of Cyno’s villa, had been fidgeting and jumped up from the couch at this point, “I’ll go get Cilo!”

The guardians of the natural females, who had been waiting for news, received a message at the same time.

[Your family’s beast female has been successfully transformed, please register your information at the association before 12 noon, and after passing the identity verification, you can visit them.]

All the family members who saw the message were dumbfounded for the first time, followed by wild joy.

Successfully transformed!


The author has something to say: 

Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~See you tomorrow~~~

Merlin, KiKi, MoMo: Excited! So many little friends (^o^)/~

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