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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

After Wang Wei finished speaking, he wanted to go out to see what those policemen were doing in the courtyard, but was stopped by Lan Yu.

“Mrs. Wang, you tell us too.” Lan Yu said.

Mrs. Wang let go of her daughter, squeezed her skirt a bit, and recalled, “I was born on the main planet, followed my parents to live in Kata Planet, was introduced to my husband, and had a daughter after two years of marriage…”

Lan Yu listened while observing Wang SiMao.

From the first moment he saw this little girl until now, there was only emptiness in her dark eyes, as if all the light had been sucked out of them, lacking emotion.

——Provided that the rabbit in her arms was not taken away.

Could Wang SiMao be the Lontan Planet person?

“Colonel K, do I have to go on?” Mrs. Wang asked softly when she saw no reaction from Lan Yu after speaking.

Lan Yu came back to his senses, “No need…”

Mrs. Wang breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Then can I bring Si Miao back upstairs?”

“No…” Lan Yu wagged his finger, “She also has to speak…”

“What can she tell you?” Wang Wei stood up from the sofa and said in a loud voice, “As you can see, she can’t say a word.”

Lan Yu abruptly looked over, his eyes were like two icy daggers, freezing the rest of his words in his throat, only to sit back down with a strained neck. Lan Yu got up, walked to Wang SiMao, bent over with his hands behind his back and looked at her.

Wang SiMao’s eyes passed through him and fell blankly into the distance.

Wang Wei stopped his words, and Mrs. Wang nervously reached out slightly, as if Lan Yu was about to snatch Wang SiMao back if he made the slightest move.

“Did she slowly become like this?” Lan Yu asked.

Wang Wei said, “No, there were no signs at all before, and she became like this overnight.”

Lan Yu straightened up and said, “Tell me more…”

Wang Wei was silent for a moment and then sighed, “My wife was with her that night, Li Han, just tell Colonel K.”

Mrs. Wang, with sadness in her eyes, twisted her hands uneasily and said, “That was six months ago. I remember that night Si Miao was drawing in front of the window, and I was making a vase doily right beside her, and just when it was done, she suddenly fell in front of the window and kept convulsing…”

Wang Wei raised his arms and hugged her to his side, patting her comfortingly. “She was already unconscious when we got there, and she woke up in this state.”

Lan Yu looked over at Wang SiMao, who didn’t seem to hear what the others were telling her, still sitting dumbfounded, her face wooden.

“What did the doctor say?” He asked.

Wang Wei said in a hoarse voice, “They said it was stimulated by the outside world. But until now, we are not sure what kind of stimulation she has suffered. I only have one daughter, if she is not well, what is the use of making more money?”

“It’s time for you to spit out the money you earned.” Lan Yu said.

“I’ll spit it out, it doesn’t matter.”

Lan Yu squatted in front of Wang SiMao again, watching her expression change while reaching out to squeeze the rabbit in her arms and slowly pulling it out.

Wang SiMao still didn’t react, but just as the rabbit was about to be pulled away, Lan Yu saw a sudden change of complex feelings in her blank eyes.

First tension, then fear, and finally anger. Just as she opened her mouth to scream, Lan Yu violently shoved the rabbit back into her arms. Wang SiMao immediately quieted down and resumed her previous state, holding the rabbit quietly.

Lan Yu knew in his heart that the rabbit must have something to do with her reaction.

Was she the Lontan Planet person? It was possible. But what if she wasn’t? If not, could her illness be related to the Lontan Planet person?

He watched the rabbit carefully.

It was one of those ordinary plush dolls found in every mall, with pink fur that was a little faded and pale. The two eyes were ordinary glassware, nothing mysterious. He reached out and squeezed the belly, which was soft and padded, but could feel no foreign body.

He thought about it, gently took Wang SiMao’s right hand, and the moment she started to get restless, covered her hand on the rabbit and slowly stroked it down the rabbit’s head.

Wang SiMao regained her composure and strangely didn’t refuse the gesture, allowing Lan Yu to take her hand and stroke the rabbit together, letting the soft plush doll’s long fur slip through her fingers.

Lu RanKong, who just stepped into the hall, saw this scene and stopped, quietly leaning against the door frame. Wang Wei looked up to see him and was about to speak up when Lu RanKong put his index finger against his lips in a silent gesture.

Lan Yu continued to take Wang SiMao’s hand to pet the rabbit, and saw her eyes gradually light up. Slowly, she opened her mouth and murmured in a nearly inaudible voice, “Mommy…”

“Hey, mommy is here, baby, mommy is right beside you.” Mrs. Wang answered in a rush.

Wang SiMao was deaf to her voice, only concentrating on the rabbit in her hand, her eyes glowing with light as she stared ahead, and her mouth chanting more and more clearly, “Mommy, mommy…”

Mrs. Wang hurriedly straightened up from Wang Wei’s arms and moved over while replying, “Baby, mommy is here, mommy is right here.”

She was about to lean in when Lan Yu, who had been facing Wang SiMao, suddenly turned his head and looked at her with a cold gaze, “Sit still…”

His tone was hard and his expression was cold, Mrs. Wang was so scared that she didn’t move and turned her head to Wang Wei. Wang Wei shook his head at her, meaning not to go over, and she lowered her head a little aggressively.

Wang SiMao still looked ahead, but her eyes were flooded with water, and a line of tears slowly rolled down.

“SiMao, where is mommy?” Lan Yu asked in a soft voice. His voice was different from the bland expression, both gentle and careful.

Lu RanKong, who was leaning against the door, didn’t say a word and looked sharply at the others in the room.

“SiMiao, tell me, where is mommy?” Lan Yu squatted and continued to ask patiently.

Wang SiMao suddenly spoke, choking back a sob, “Mom said she would become Tutu to stay with me all the time.”

“Who is Tutu?”

Wang SiMao stopped talking again, and Wang Wei replied, “Tutu is the rabbit.”

Lan Yu held Wang SiMao’s hand and continued to pet the rabbit, asking softly, “Why did mommy turn into Tutu?”

Wang SiMao’s whole body shook for a moment and turned his eyes to look at Lan Yu in front of her. Those eyes were no longer empty, but there was a strong sadness and fear in them.

“Mom was dying, and she said she would become Tutu and grow up with me, and that I should touch Tutu when I miss her.” She whispered.

Mrs. Wang stood up and went to pull Wang SiMao, “SiMiao, what are you talking about in front of the guests? Isn’t mommy fine? How come I’m dying?” She smiled apologetically at Lan Yu, “She’s a little unstable, I’ll take her upstairs to take her medicine.”

Lu RanKong, who had been silent at the door, suddenly spoke up, “Mrs. Wang, sit down, if you make any other moves, this gun of mine could easily go off.”

He had already pulled out his gun, his finger on the trigger turned from side to side.

Lan Yu also felt the needle between his fingers, the silver-white metal casing glittered in the light. Mrs. Wang’s chest rose and fell sharply, and after a moment of silence, she sat back down on the sofa with a sullen face.

Lan Yu didn’t continue to ask, but Wang SiMao released a loud shout while crying, “I don’t want Tutu! I want mom! Mom’s body has the green shadow, and she told me not to be afraid, and said that she will become Tutu to always be with me! This person is not mom…”

“Don’t listen to SiMao’s babbling, she’s obviously just talking nonsense because she’s stimulated.” Mrs. Wang interrupted again. She turned her head to Wang Wei and said urgently, “Honey, let me take SiMao back to the room to rest.”

“No, let Liu Zhi take her.” Lu RanKong said drily.

Liu Zhi, who had been standing by the wall, trembled and hurried over, picked up Wang SiMao, who was still crying, and headed upstairs, followed by Uncle Chen.

Wang Wei didn’t stop them, only sat frozen on the sofa.

“Honey, do you also believe SiMao’s words?” Mrs. Wang asked him with tears in her eyes.

Lan Yu stood up and suddenly asked, “Mrs. Wang, you just said that the night your daughter had an attack, you had just made a vase doily, correct?”

Mrs. Wang took a few deep breaths with her eyes closed and replied, “Yes…”

“And you haven’t done it again since?”

“My husband doesn’t like me doing this, so I haven’t done it since.”

Lan Yu walked over to the coffee table, moved the vase out of the way, picked up the crocheted vase doily, and shook it in his hand, “Is this the one?”


“Nice handiwork…” Lan Yu smiled and slowly raised his eyes, “Tell me, what kind of weaving method did you use for this vase doily?”

What kind of weaving method?

The words were out, and not to mention a bewildered Wang Wei, Lu RanKong also showed a little confusion.

“Just the usual method, nothing special.” Mrs. Wang stood up, reached out and lifted her shoulder length hair behind her.

“What are the usual methods?” Lan Yu asked.

“Who would remember this, I just knit according to my feelings.”

“Do you have to switch stitches in the middle?”

“Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.”

“Then did you switch them or not?”

“I did…”

“How many did you use?”

Mrs. Wang glanced at the vase doily Lan Yu was holding, which was light brown and silver gray, as she replied, “Two kinds…”

“Two?” Lan Yu laughed, narrowed his eyes slightly and asked, “Are you sure it’s two kinds?”

Mrs. Wang calmly answered, “It’s two kinds…”

Lan Yu took the vase doily and paced slowly to the sofa without speaking, circling around her and looking at her. The look on his face was peculiar, like a smile, but the light in his eyes was frighteningly cold.

The entire room was quiet, only the sound of his military boots sounded on the carpet, making a slight scraping sound. Then he stood still, smiled, and said in a low voice, “Mrs. Wang, let me tell you, this vase doily has five flat stitch rows and five reverse stitch rows, then five rows for the colored thread, and two rows of the cinnamon!”

Lu RanKong: … 

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June 8, 2021 10:42 am

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Poor lu rankong still wondering what military training would teach weavingg😂😂

June 8, 2021 11:28 am

Hahaha! Lan Yu for an Alpha you know much lol 😂

Sue R
Sue R
June 8, 2021 11:47 am

I thought colonel Lu got surprised by the knowledge of the dolly in K more than to find out about Mrs Wang.🥰🥰🥰🥰

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He pulled an Elle Woods on her.

June 16, 2021 12:31 pm

Who knew his passion for crochet would come in so useful?!
Thank you for translating.

July 14, 2021 5:46 pm

All of this is amazing! Lan Yu’s children skills and weaving knowledge has helped him make it this far in the investigation! He’s so smart. 🤩

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Fatheemat Sulayman
August 1, 2021 12:04 am

Lol…Mr weaver skills come in handy

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Lan Yu is full of surprises Lu Rankong is getting overwhelmed…😂

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Nothing strange he is simply a man of culture.

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