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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu looked at the beast females who were stuttering and talking, and then looked at Kona and his guards and escorts. Suddenly he realized that it would not be easy to return to the Association in human form when the females could not walk in human form. Most of the female beasts would have to be carried or assisted on the shuttle.

The number of beast females was relatively large, and most of the guards were young, they were not suitable to carry humanoid beast females.

After all, many beast females had been married, and male possessiveness was particularly strong. Other than critical moments, if other males and partners made close contact, it would make them unhappy.

What’s more, this was just after the transformation into human form. You can imagine how angry those males would be when their own mates became human for the first time and were held by other males. The beast females themselves probably would not be willing.

With that in mind, he contacted Kona and explained his concerns.

Kona settled down from his excitement, “You are right, it is better to let them return to their beast form and then let them take human form after they reach the association’s residence.”

After the two discussed, Gu Yu cut off the monitor again and said to the beast females, “Congratulations, all of you have been successfully transformed! Now, cover yourselves with the cloak. Yes, hold it in your hands, cover your body, take off your clothes in the cloak, and then return to your beast form. 

“If you turn into a beast form directly, the clothes of medium and large beast females will most likely be ruined.”

Many of the beast females were not too willing, still wanting to maintain their human form, looked in Gu Yu’s direction and screamed.

Gu Yu gently reassured: “You can’t walk yet. If you don’t regain your beast form, you will need to be carried to the car by other males. After returning to the association, your guardians will visit you,and you will be more excited to let your mate’s or relatives touch you first since you are taking human form for the first time, right?”

The beast females nodded, obediently covered themselves with their cloaks, removed their clothes and transformed into their beast forms.

Some of the beast females were not very good at taking off their clothes, so Gu Yu explained how in detail.

The first ones who managed to take off their clothes and transform into a beast form helped others enthusiastically, peeling off their cloak and pulling down the trouser legs with their mouth.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but laugh at this, and it wasn’t long before the monitor was filled with a variety of different animal-shaped beast females.

Gu Yu: “This set of clothes you already know how to wear, take them back with you to the association, then in the room, turn into human form and change, and wait for your relatives to visit you.”

The large and medium-sized beast females very nimbly balled up the clothes with their paws and picked them up with their mouths. The more agile females picked them up and put them on their shoulders. The small females called anxiously from beside their clothes.

Gu Yu hurriedly reassured, “It’s okay if you can’t take it, there will be staff to help you take it back.”

He turned on the monitors, and the males in front of the monitors were transfixed by the act of the beast females taking their clothes. The beast females, or rather, the new natural females, left the villa in order to get on the shuttle.

They had left every day in order and had become so skilled that no one cut in line.

But today was different from the past, they were going much faster, wanting to get back to their loved ones quickly. The group of natural females were lining up to board the shuttle when His Majesty arrived at the entrance to the net wall.

He had been watching the surveillance on the way here and knew exactly what was going on. He waited patiently and before long, he saw Cilo.

Cilo was staying in the garden, so he came out quite early. He had sharp eyes and looked over at once. He went out and quickly ran to His Majesty’s side.

His Majesty took the clothes and cloak he had bitten into into his hands and rubbed his head with a soft gaze. Cilo bumped him with his head and looked in the direction of Cyno’s villa.

His Majesty soon led him to Cyno’s villa again. Cilo bit the clothes in His Majesty’s hand, and when His Majesty let go, he gave His Majesty a look and ran to the guest room.

His Majesty immediately understood what Cilo was going to do and quickly ran after him, and when he reached the door, it closed in front of him.

His Majesty touched his nose, and a smile flashed in his eyes. Was Cilo shy?

Thinking so, he was in a happy mood.

Cilo had a clear and light personality, with very little emotional ups and downs, and he usually worried about not understanding Cilo’s emotions.

In the future, Cilo would have a human form, and it would not be like the leopard, where he could not see his expression.

After a while, the door still did not open, he was a little worried and knocked gently on the door, “Cilo, are you okay?”

“… Sather,” a few moments later, a very clean male voice came from inside the room, “you open the door.”

His Majesty Sather was stunned, and a feeling of electricity went straight from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head. This is it, this was how Cilo should be. A faint voice in his psyche said so.

A moment later, a soreness struck his eyes, he took a deep breath and closed them heavily. When he opened his eyes again, he appeared to be back to normal. His voice was gentle: “Okay, wait a minute,” he said, and then reminded, “You do not move, careful not to fall.”

He had long poked around the Merlin’s trio’s transformations, and he knew that a beast female like Cilo, in his beast form, would not, at first, walk in his human form. He opened the terminal and used the access permission Cyno had given him, and it was the first time he had used it in all these years.

“Tick…” The door to the room opened with a beep.

Sather pushed the door open and stepped inside, closing it behind him. His gaze fell on the youth on the couch to his right. The youth had sharp blond hair, bangs fell to the end of the slightly raised eyes shaped like the double phoenix, and light brown eyes with a transparent texture.

His skin was very white, and he was tall and perfectly proportioned. He sat on the arm of the sofa, feet stretched out diagonally, looking particularly long. His right hand was casually resting on the back of the sofa, and his long, white fingers looked exceptionally good against the dark sofa.

He looked at the door, and after a few seconds, his head tilted slightly to the left, “Sather?”

His Majesty Sather finally returned to his senses and took a big step towards Cilo. Cilo searched his vocabulary and lifted his hand from the back of the couch and pointed to the middle of the couch, where the cloak had been placed.

“Moving from here to there,” he traced his finger from the couch to the doorway, “there’s nothing to hold onto.”

His voice was light and steady, not at all anxious because he could not walk. Very calmly explained why he was sitting at the arm of the sofa and did not go to the door.

Sather went to him, raised his hand to touch his hair, and caressed the side of his face. The touch under the hand was soft and delicate, Sather did not hold back and held the person tightly in his arms.

Cilo laid the side of his face against his chest, feeling his rapid heartbeat, and reached out to wrap his arms around his waist, “Sather.”

He simply called out Sather’s name, his voice tinged with joy.

“Cilo,” Sather hugged him tighter, sniffing the side of his neck, “you’re so pretty.”

Cilo: “Well, I’ve always looked good.”

Sather smiled, let go of him, and kissed him on the cheek, “Tired? Let’s go out to eat, and I’ll take you back to rest afterwards.”

Cilo nodded, his expression didn’t change much, but raised his hand and wrapped it around his neck.

Sather smiled deeper, picked him up in his arms and walked out of the room. He swept his eyes, Cilo’s feet were bare, “Are your feet cold?”

Cilo shook his head and wiggled his feet.

After Gu Yu was brought back by Cyno, the two of them sat on the sofa waiting for His Majesty and Cilo to come out. When he saw Cilo, Gu Yu froze and sighed in his heart, he was so handsome.

He was just like the main character in a manga.

Cilo was taller than Merlin, about 5’8″.

His Majesty greeted them, and Cilo nodded after him. His Majesty didn’t put Cilo down, and the four of them went straight to the restaurant.

Gu Yu and Cilo were next to each other, and Cyno and Sather each sat next to them.

Cilo looked to Gu Yu, “Thank you.”

Gu Yu smiled and said, “You’re welcome, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Cilo: “I’m tired.”

Gu Yu reassured, “Just take a rest, the first transformation is very exhausting.”

When Cyno and Sather glanced up, they looked into each other’s soft eyes and they quickly averted their gazes.


Female Protection Association Headquarters

The reception was full of people. Families who arrived early had already completed their identity verification, and many others who were delayed because of something were now being checked. Although there were many people, no one was impatient, and everyone’s face was full of joy.

They understood the association’s approach, and the people the association wanted to protect were their loved ones. The beast females returned to the association and were the first to be examined. The caretakers recorded the data and sent them back to the resting area.


The professor looked at the door card in his hand, once again determined the room number, and stopped at the door of 3303.

He knocked gently on the door, “A’Hao?”

A crackling sound immediately sounded from the room, followed by a voice that struggled to remain calm but was chagrined.


Lin Qing quickly opened the door, pushed it in, and saw a short white-haired youth sitting on the floor with a trash can slumped to one side. He breathed in and picked the youth up, his neck was immediately wrapped in a slightly icy hand, and the youth’s head came close to rest at his shoulder.

Exactly the same action as the original form.

Lin Qing closed the door with his foot, carried the person to the edge of the bed and set him there, looking down at the other party’s knees, “Did you fall?”

A’Hao shook his head and lifted his foot to show him.

The sweatpants he wore were short, and his white leg was directly exposed.

Lin Qing did not see an injury, and gently pressed at various places, “Does it hurt?”

A’Hao was laughing at his pressing, “No, it tickles.”

Lin Qing listened to his soft laughter, his eyes fell on his face. The young man’s eyes were round, with a childish look, and when he smiled his eyes were half-curved, which made people’s hearts happy.

A’Hao thought of something, let go of his hand and shaped both hands to form a heart, “That’s right.”

Lin Qing leaned down close to him, “The previous one was also great.”

A’Hao was about to say something else when he was annihilated by a kiss.


Kona sat in his office while his assistants were sorting out the data and he looked at the information.

“Yingcheng Glandular Research Institute,” he read out softly, thought for a moment, and went into Star Network to check, “Sure enough, it’s him.”


Lin Qing walked with A’Hao for a while and then had lunch together.

After A’Hao fell asleep, it was time for his visit. He sat by the bedside and looked at A’Hao, who was covered with a soft quilt, with a gentle gaze.

The feeling that all words echoed and all actions were responded to was even better than expected. His terminal vibrated, and he thought it was a message urging him to leave, but he didn’t expect it to be a communication from President Kona.

He and Kona had communicated, but it was a long time ago.

Kona greeted first, then directly stated his intentions, “Lin Qing, this is Kona. You’ve done glandular research before for your research on soothing agents. I’ve read your profile, and you’re very good. I hope you can join the research of transformation agents. After thousands of data studies of natural females of various different races, there is a great connection between transformation and glands. I very sincerely invite you to join the research group.”

Kona was very sincere: “As long as you are willing, you don’t have to worry about everything else, I will transfer you from Yingcheng to the association in the name of personnel transfer, and will also arrange a place for you to live in Splendor City.”

Lin Qing’s heart moved when he heard this and looked at A’Hao on the bed.

“Yes, if my assistant is willing, I would like him to come as well. I have a research project on my hands at the moment, which is at the end, and currently, he is following up.”

Kona: “No problem.”


All parts of the association were filled with joy, and the busy staff could not help but look happy at the sight. In the future, the family, there must also be natural females.

At 1:00 p.m., the families left the natural female’s residence with reluctance.

At the same time, they received a message from the association about the arrangements for the natural female school.


An ordinary hotel

When Hank saw the news, he looked excited: “Great, Bear can go to school.”

Bear exclaimed, “That’s great! I love Splendor!”


Soon after the families returned, some couldn’t resist going online to share their joy, uploading photos with their own natural females. They still had their senses, though, and the natural females’ faces were done up with cute pictures.

Kona posted the news of the successful conversion of all the first natural females, numbering three thousand, at 2:00 pm.

The crowd had seen the families share and already knew about the successful conversion of the natural females today, yet they were still shocked when they saw Kona’s post. There were actually three thousand! Wasn’t there initially only two thousand people?

Kona directly explained the reason, while stating that a new address was being built, and that more people would be converted at once in the future.

The crowd was suddenly boiling.

If before, because they knew they could be converted, their hearts were full of hope, and now, they were seeing hope become reality. What they didn’t dare to think before, they dared to think now.

As the crowd talked excitedly, Kona sent out another post about the selection of the second and third batches of beast females. The second batch would start tomorrow, and most of them were family members of the workers so they knew their roots.

Another two hundred would be drawn from the medallion winners, and the drawing would be held on Gu Yu’s Wide Word account. The same time as last time, the identity of the winners would be checked correctly before the beast females were selected to participate in the transformation.

One hundred medals won last time and now they would not be able to continue to participate.

Of course, if a person had won more than one medallion, they could still participate, and if the last time they did not win the prize they could also try again. Originally, many people were dissatisfied that most of them were family members of the system, but after seeing the rules of the third batch of beast females, they had nothing to say.

Three o’clock in the afternoon would open the qualification certification of the third batch of participating beast females to transform, all those who wanted to participate, were entered in the identity verification platform, to verify their identity.

Those whose identities were valid and who did not have any criminal record would be eligible to participate in the third and subsequent batches of the lottery.

Starting from the third batch, at least two thousand people would be drawn each time.

Of course, medallion owners still had another lottery.

That is, equivalent, they have two chances to draw the lottery each time.

All of a sudden, the comments got excited: [Oh my God, it’s great!]

[Ahhhhh! Great, I finally don’t have to embarrass my IQ, the medallion is too hard for me!]

[From today onwards, every day, I’ll silently recite ‘I am the Ough!]

[I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have stolen the model in the first place, I’m sorry, I was wrong, give me the case to pin it!]

[From today onwards, I’ll be a good law-abiding citizen. One day, I will hold my family’s natural females shopping in the street ~]

[My grandchildren, hahaha, who dares to do bad things in the future, fat beat!]


After Gu Yu’s lunch break, he received a reminder from Kona’s Wide Word account and couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the comments. He turned his head to Cyno and said, “The president is awesome.”

Cyno: “He wasn’t the only one who made the decision.”

Gu Yu dawned on him, probably the news was released after the discussion.

The medallion had two chances to be drawn to motivate the crowd to work hard to get the medallion. People without a criminal record also had one chance to appease the masses and keep them from resenting the specially selected people.

It also reminded the masses not to do bad things, or they would not even have a chance to win the lottery if they leave a record.

Soon, Gu Yu received a message from Kona, and opened the Wide Word and skillfully opened the lottery, with the deadline still at 3:50.


Kona’s Wide Word post was sent to the other planets’ representative offices, as well as the planets, with very rapid speed. The representatives were in an excited mood, three thousand people at once, all of them succeeded!

Many representatives began to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after silent calculation, wanting to rent more positions. Twenty planets at a time, according to the average size, only twenty can be converted at a time, compared to Brilliant Splendor, too few!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was once again busy and started playing Taiji with various representatives. The alien masses, on the other hand, coincided with one thought: Can we change our star nationality?

The association continued to be busy, in addition to natural females and beast females, and research about pharmaceuticals. The stars, in addition to discussing the lease of land, also took into account the potion research and proposed joint research.

Kona did not refuse, but only said that he had to personally select the talent. He did not hesitate to select all the top researchers of each star.

He knows very well that to completely change the status quo of natural female scarcity, it was not possible to only rely on Gu Yu.

The entire Star League had more than ten billion beast females. Even if it only took a week to transform, that was 12,000 a month, and a year at most could only transform more than 150,000.

Even if Gu Yu still had three hundred years to live, and not counting whether his ability would degenerate in old age, a lifetime without stopping, could only transform more than 100 million.

What’s more, the number was far less than 10,000 at a time, and it would be impossible to keep going without a break. For now, the work of transformation was on track, and Gu Yu did not have to worry about anything every day, he just needed to go to the villa to train vocal music.

The Ministry of Military Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were not as relaxed as he was and were all busy. The Military Department was busy, mainly because of the increase in the number of natural females. They were guarding the association, school, all the natural females needed access to places, and had to be equipped with tight security.

The school had become the meat and potatoes assignment. Soldiers from all military regions had begun to  apply to transfer to the school.

It was important to know that there were very many single natural females in the school, so maybe they would get off while working?

Amidst the excitement of all the people, Herman’s concert was held as scheduled.

The concert was even hotter than expected. The masses’ excitement needed an outlet, and going to a concert, especially Herman’s, would be a great choice.

Gu Yu, Merlin, KiKi, and MoMo, sat together in the holographic room on the second floor to watch the concert. Obviously they were just sitting on the sofa, but they seemed to be in the concert, even next to the shouting audience, and it was very realistic.

Herman’s singing ability was very good, and his physical strength was particularly good. It was like he was born for the stage; with his dynamic rhythm and explosive voice, which set off the high tide of the audience.

Gu Yu’s heart was beating very fast and his inky eyes were bright. He imagined how he would look on stage, scared and excited. He swept his eyes over the excited audience next to him, all of whom were males, yet they were all crazy about Herman.

Because of Herman’s musical ability. If he could be like Herman, standing on the stage with his own ability, that feeling must be great.

At that time, Goodwill Points would definitely soar.

As long as he could realize his dream, Goodwill Points would follow. At this moment, he truly understood why it was called the Dream System-Goodwill Points. If he could achieve his dream, he could easily complete the Goodwill Points mission. If he did all kinds of other things in pursuit of Goodwill Points, it might be easy to fail.

After all, the Goodwill Points acceptance period was only three years.

Goodwill Points could easily change in the later period.

KiKi and Merlin both cheered along with the music, KiKi was simply shouting, Merlin’s words were much richer. MoMo was able to keep his composure at first, but then, pulled by KiKi’s hand, began to sway his hand as well.

Gu Yu soon joined them and found that it was a great feeling to shout with his friends without fear. Even his heart opened up a lot.

The concert lasted two hours, and at the end, the brilliant lights of the stage were turned off, leaving only simple white lights to silhouette Herman’s body.

“The last song, my latest composition, was inspired by my brother and his partner.” Herman raised a bright smile, “My brother is very good, and in my eyes, he is the best looking natural female.”

The audience immediately erupted in good-natured laughter while shouting in unison, “Best looking!”

Light and lazy music played at that moment, and the venue quieted down at once.

Herman’s voice was steady, and the whole song was not too undulating, but very sweet, a very good love song. Herman’s eyes were half closed and he was singing with great devotion.

Suddenly, excited shouts erupted from the audience.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but ahhh, KiKi grabbed his arm and said excitedly, “It’s Cilo.”

Another light appeared in the corner of the stage, following Cilo as he approached Herman. Cilo was wearing a white shirt and black pants, a very simple outfit, but he was tall and long-legged, had an elegant gait and calm expression, and was comparable to a model. Herman snapped open his eyes, and the last lyrics sang out of his mouth, slightly shaking, but more feeling.

As if deliberately handled.

Cilo stood next to him and handed him the flower in his hand, “In my eyes, you’re the best singer.”

Herman’s eyes instantly moistened, unable to speak for a moment. Cilo wrapped his arms around him and gave him a pat on the back. Herman quickly adjusted his mood, returned the favor, and let go again.

He raised both eyebrows and smiled at the audience, “This is going to be the concert of my life, introducing my brother Cilo Anseth.”

Cilo nodded slightly, “Hello guys. You support Herman, very discerning. Thank you.”

The audience, once again, erupted in screams.

Herman’s smile deepened, “Today’s concert was perfect, see you next time.”

He inclined his head and smiled at Cilo, and the two of them turned around and retreated from the stage.

His Majesty, who was waiting in the lounge, silently logged on to the Wide Word and posted a picture of his hand clasped together with Cilo, “My partner, Cilo Anseth.”

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