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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After Jiang Zhi shook hands with Lan Yu, she hooked her fingers behind her and a staff member handed over two bags. Lan Yu took one of the bags and opened it to see that it was a carry-on he had taken off the Star Warship during his previous trip to QuYa Planet.

He took the terminal out and put it on, and the sergeant came up and said, “Colonel K, please come with me to your room and rest.”

“Go get some rest, and we’ll talk about it when you’re well rested.” Jiang Zhi said thoughtfully, “We have found the jialing crystals on the transport ship, and will bring it back to the military headquarters for preservation. Don’t worry, the cave has been sealed off, the collection team will be here soon, so none of the crystals will be lost.”

Lan Yu saw her staring at Lu RanKong. Knowing that the two cousins had something to say, he followed the sergeant inside the ship.

“Wait…” Lu RanKong suddenly spoke up.

Lan Yu stopped and turned around, Lu RanKong walked to him but didn’t say anything, only looked at the sergeant next to him, who then hurriedly took a few steps to the side, stopping only when he was out of earshot of the conversation.

Seeing that he was about to say something important, Lan Yu lowered his voice and asked, “What is it?” 

Lu RanKong leaned forward to his ear and said, “The toiletries on the warship aren’t good, not much better than the prison’s. Jiang Zhi is a very careful person, so she must have good ones there. I will ask someone to send them to you quietly. Get a good night’s sleep, and I’ll be back after I finish debriefing her about what happened these days.” Lu RanKong finished his speech with a serious face, and before Lan Yu could react, he turned his head towards Jiang Zhi and said, “Let’s go.”

Lan Yu also turned around with a smile on his face, and the sergeant was slightly surprised. Lan Yu noticed it and immediately collected his expression as he said, “Lead the way…”

Through the long corridor of the ship, the sergeant led him to a cabin door, pushed it open, and stood aside respectfully. After he entered the room, he closed the door thoughtfully and left.

It was a large suite with a parlor and a bedroom, and Lan Yu looked in each room, and found that there was actually a kitchenette. He sat down on the soft and spacious sofa in the living room and bounced, thinking of the big iron cage and the dark bilge when he arrived, and his heart rose in a sense of being in a different world.

The warship roared, and he could hear it even when it was blocked by the soundproof walls. He knew that it was warming up and would set off soon. After a few minutes, the couch began to shake, feeling the moment of takeoff, he looked to the right side of the porthole, got up and walked over.

The warship slowly drew up, and a panoramic view of the entire QuYa Prison came into view.

Lan Yu pressed his face against the porthole, looking at the gray-black, fortress-like prison, and silently identified which building was the prison building, and which building was the canteen. When he thought that the people in the prison house were also looking up at the sky and watching the Star Warship, his heart was particularly unpleasant.

——Is there any way to clear or reduce their false accusations and cajoled charges, to leave the prison and sit on the Star Warship with a feeling of freedom?

He didn’t say anything when he said goodbye, but now he waved at the porthole, “Goodbye, my fellow inmates.”

Lan Yu put down his hand in a daze, and a blue color as pure as a jewel appeared in his vision again. It was directly behind the prison, separated only by a mountain wall. He murmured out loud, “Pelican Lake, the blue jewel of QuYa Planet…”

The sunlight blended into the lake, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, as the sky and water became one, endlessly boundless. Pelican Lake had once disappeared from the surface and sunk into the ground, and now it actually reappeared on QuYa Planet in this way.

A small black dot emerged from the middle of the lake, flew in the air for a while, and then plunged into the water again.

Lan Yu recognized that it was the crystal-devouring beast.

The military Star Warship rose to a certain height and stalled briefly in the air. Then, the scenery in his field of vision quickly disappeared, turning into a pile of colored lines. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, there was darkness outside the porthole, except for a yellowish-brown planet hanging alone in the distance, only the size of a basketball, and it was rapidly shrinking.

That was QuYa Planet.

The Star Warship had entered space and was moving at an incredible speed, but it was as smooth as if it were on the ground.

There was a knock on the door.

Lan Yu hurriedly left the porthole and sat back on the couch, saying, “Come in…”

The door was pushed open and a Star Warship staff member pushed a cart in with a large fruit tray on it, containing a variety of fruits arranged in a flowery way.

“Colonel K, these are the most famous specialty fruits of Planet Earth. Try them.” The staff introduced it with a nervous smile.

Lan Yu nodded slightly.

The staff placed the fruit plate on the coffee table in front of the sofa and said carefully, “Colonel K, Colonel Lu said it’s good to try, but don’t eat too much, there are more delicious ones at noon.”

Lan Yu lifted his eyes to look at him and gave a faint ‘hmph’. He felt that the glance was ordinary and had little emotion, but the staff member still stiffened, his smile barely hanging on his face.

“Anything else?” Lan Yu asked when he saw that he wasn’t leaving.

“Colonel Lu also said that the pink fruit with white dots inside is delicious, fragrant and soft, but it’s easy to get hot if you eat too much, so if you’re afraid of acne, you should only eat one. The green kind is said to be very good for the skin, you should like…” The staff’s voice was getting smaller and smaller, and finally mumbled almost inaudibly.

Lan Yu interrupted, “I know, you can go out.”

“Okay…” The staff pushed the cart and left the room as if he was fleeing.

Lan Yu surveyed the plate of fruit, used a small fork to pick up the pink with white dot fruit and fed it into his mouth, it was really fragrant and soft and delicious. After eating one, remembering what Lu RanKong said about acne, he chose the green fruit pulp that was said to be good for the skin and ate it. He ate several pieces of fruit in a row, as he hadn’t eaten any fruit at prison all this time. His mouth was still chewing, as the small fork reached for another piece.

Just try it, don’t eat too much, there are more delicious ones at noon… Lu RanKong’s words came to his mind at the right time, causing his fork to pause in the air.

Lan Yu put down his fork with interest and got up from the couch, ready to take a shower. Just then, the door was knocked on again. He quickly re-fastened the button on the top that he had just unbuttoned. “Come in…”

The door pushed open and the same staff member who had made the fruit delivery was there with a bag of stuff in his hand. He put a bag on the coffee table and backed out again, “Hello Colonel K, Colonel Lu asked me to bring you toiletries.” 

Lan Yu walked over and opened the bag to look inside, shampoo and shower gel mask face cream serum; it had everything, all brands he hadn’t seen in this world, and he could tell just from the packaging that these were quite high-grade. Apart from the shampoo and shower gel, the other skin care products haven’t been opened.

Lan Yu pursed his lips with pleasure and smiled, carrying the bag of toiletries into the bathroom.

In the other suite on the same floor as Lan Yu, Lu RanKong was sitting lazily on a wide sofa, eyes slightly closed, body leaning back, arm resting behind his head.

Jiang Zhi sat on the couch to his right, lifting the cup of tea in front of her and sipping it gently.

“In other words, there was a Lontan person here before the interstellar channel between the Lontan Planet system and the Sasu Planet system was opened?” She asked.

Lu RanKong replied, “Yes, the murder of Liu Zhao’s lover happened six months ago.”

“How is that possible? The interstellar channel was opened only six months ago.” Jiang Zhi looked confused.

Lu RanKong shook his head from side to side, “It’s not clear to me.”

Jiang Zhi said seriously, “I have to report this discovery to the top.”

Lu RanKong sniffed the air, straightened up, picked up the teapot and poured himself a cup. After tasting it, he exclaimed, “Pule Planet’s Rinse Snow, good tea!”

Jiang Zhi gave him a blank look and said, “Are you being sarcastic? What kind of tea have you never tasted? And you’re complimenting an ordinary cup of Rinsetsu?”

Lu RanKong sighed exaggeratedly and said, “I always drank boiled water in the barracks, this ordinary Rinse Snow you speak of is something I haven’t seen in a long time.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he shouted to the door, “Xiao Lin!”

“Yes…” The door was pushed open and the staff member who was delivering Lan Yu’s stuff poked his head in.

Lu RanKong lifted the cup of tea on his right hand and said, “Xiao Lin, send a pot of this tea to Colonel K as well.”

“Yes…” Xiao Lin retreated again and closed the door.

Lu RanKong took another sip and raised his eyes to find Jiang Zhi staring at him with a few meaningful glances.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He touched his face.

Jiang Zhi didn’t answer and asked something irrelevant, “Are you and K close?”

Lu RanKong froze and said, “I guess…”

“I remember you two used to be at odds with each other, right? You were also worried that something might happen on this mission, and now you’ve become so close?” Jiang Zhi asked, narrowing her eyes.

“Did we? It’s not really good, we’re just ordinary friends.” Lu RanKong said.

Jiang Zhi snickered as she replied, “Ordinary? You’ve sent him fruit to eat, a cup of tea, even my toiletries were scavenged to send to him. I’m afraid that if there’s something good, you will pay tribute to him. If this is not ‘good’, what can good be considered to be? Your brother-in-law doesn’t even give me as much as you give K.”

Seeing that Lu RanKong didn’t reply and only drank tea, Jiang Zhi slightly narrowed her eyes, and said, “I see ah, in fact, this is not like a friend, could it be… Is it possible that you and he are in that kind of relationship?”

“What kind of relationship?” Lu RanKong asked, bewildered, and when he saw Jiang Zhi’s teasing expression, he immediately reacted. A mouthful of tea almost spurted out of his mouth, as he hurriedly said, “What nonsense! This person is particularly delicate – picky, so I take care of him a little, so as not to upset him. That person… You’ve heard of his temper.”

Jiang Zhi looked unconvinced and said with a smile, “There are so many Omegas for you to choose from, who have you ever been this attached to? I just thought you were not yet enlightened, so you like Alphas ah… But I’m not that old-fashioned. You don’t like Omegas or Betas, but prefer Alphas, I can accept that.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s not like that.” Lu RanKong waved his hand and added, “Besides, why do you want brother-in-law to be attentive to you? You are always away on business trips. How much time do you have to spend with him properly? You don’t take good care of your Omega, but want him to take care of you instead?”

“Okay, okay, I was wrong.” Jiang Zhi hurriedly raised her hands in surrender, “Don’t get mad at me, I’m really wrong.”

“Really wrong?”

Jiang Zhi said frankly, “I had planned to take a long vacation and take your brother-in-law on a trip to visit all those scenic planets.”

Lu RanKong put the teacup back to the coffee table, folding his long legs on the stool in front of him with a comfortable sigh, “I finally have a few days of rest, after completing this task. The military must give me at least a week of leave.”

Jiang Zhi looked at him hesitantly and said, “Since you are resting, why don’t you go home?”

Lu RanKong remained in the same position, but the smile on his face slowly disappeared.

Jiang Zhi added, “Not just going home to see your father, but Uncle Chen, who has been taking care of you. He misses you so much that he keeps talking about me every time he sees me. The last time you came home was last year, right? He’s been talking about it for almost a year.”

Lu RanKong’s cold eyes softened a bit at the mention of Uncle Chen. He said, “I’ll look for a chance to see Uncle Chen, even if I have to meet him outside.” 

Jiang Zhi pondered for a moment before adding, “Xiao Fan—”

“My name is Lu RanKong now after my mother, don’t get it wrong.” Lu RanKong interrupted.

Jiang Zhi pursed her lips and said, “RanKong, he is at least your father and has been very attached to you, but because of your attitude, he can only care for you silently behind your back.”

Lu RanKong didn’t make a sound, only lowered his eyes to look at his lapel.

“He secretly also admonished Liu Deng, otherwise you think you could’ve been promoted to Colonel in the army in such a quick time?” said Jiang Zhi.

At these words, the air in the room instantly froze and dropped to freezing point. Lu RanKong slowly turned his head to look at Jiang Zhi, his eyes cold and hard.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Zhi asked nervously.

Lu RanKong stood up and pushed a few stools away from his feet.

After staring at Jiang Zhi for a few seconds, he lifted up the prison uniform he was still wearing and pointed to a certain spot around his waist, saying in a calm tone, “There are bullet wounds from my battle with the Star Pirates.” He lifted his prison uniform up to reveal a small piece of firm pectoral muscle and pointed to the lower chest, “There was also a gunshot wound here, sustained during a Star Warship rescue operation. I was in a coma for half a month, walking on the line of life and death. During that mission, I rescued all the hijacked passengers and killed several of the hijackers. On my back, if I didn’t have a healer, I would have even more scars, large and small, than I can count.”

As he counted the wounds, there was no expression on his face, only after he put down his sash did he grit his teeth, “Everything I have is something I put together myself, and it has nothing to do with him.”

Jiang Zhi exhaled deeply, her voice trembling a bit, and said repeatedly, “I’m sorry, RanKong, I’m sorry.” She raised her hand to cover her face again, “How come you didn’t tell me about these things, and the others didn’t report it to me.”

Lu RanKong said, “I’m the one who didn’t let Major General Liu tell you these things, and not many people know my identity.”

“You don’t have to deliberately hide your identity.” Jiang Zhi put down her hand and looked at him.

Lu RanKong lowered his eyes and said, “I don’t want to rely on others, I just want to rely on myself.”

Jiang Zhi looked down and thought for a while, then said sincerely, “RanKong, actually uncle is not much to blame. He was too busy, so he couldn’t take care of you and your mother. It’s justifiable to be a little negligent occasionally. Once he talked to me, although he didn’t say it explicitly, the implication was that he felt sorry.”

“He has nothing to apologize to me for.” Lu RanKong said indifferently, “The only thing he’s sorry for is my mother.” Seeing that Jiang Zhi was about to speak, he raised his hand in a stopping motion and said, “You suddenly said this today, but he actually asked you to say it, right?”

Jiang Zhi replied, “It was his idea, and I wanted to say it myself.”

Lu RanKong was silent for a moment and then said, “I will go back, don’t worry, as soon as this warship arrives, I will go back.”

Lan Yu soaked in the bathtub and drifted off to sleep, not getting up until the water was cold. He ruffled through the bag that Lu RanKong had sent him and applied body lotion all over his body, doing a full set of skincare procedures in a skillful manner, satisfied that his skin felt hydrated and glowing again. He took out a white robe bathrobe in the closet and put it on, loosely tying the straps, leaving most of his chest exposed. Wrapping a dry towel around his hair, he picked up a glass of water from the small cabinet and drank it as he walked out. The bedroom was across from the bathroom, separated from the living room, and he walked towards it, his face still flushed from the steamy heat.

When his eyes swept over the wine cabinet to his left, he paused with his glass of water.

The glass door reflected the figure of a man, Lu RanKong was sitting on the sofa behind him, staring at him.

Lan Yu turned around abruptly and asked, “When did you come in?”

Lu RanKong then averted his eyes and said, “I’ve been here for a while.”

“Then why didn’t you say anything when you came in?”

“You were in the shower, should I have yelled?” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu put the glass of water on top of the wine cooler, entered the bedroom, closed the door and opened the closet on the wall. In the closet were brand new uniforms and shirts, and a comfortable cotton sweatshirt.

Lu RanKong sat quietly on the couch, looking like he was staring at the carpet in front of him, but in reality, the scene from earlier kept coming back to him.

K came out of the bathroom with a blush on his face and at the corners of his eyes, and his white pecs were flushed pink under his loose-fitting bathrobe with a few small droplets of water hanging from them… He felt his mouth dry and tried his best to get this image out of his mind. But the impact of this scene was too great and he couldn’t think of anything else.

The long, slender legs hidden under the bathrobe, the pink and white skin, and… 

He picked up the pot of tea that he asked the staff to bring, poured himself a cup, tilted his head and gulped it down, thinking it didn’t work, he poured another cup. Lan Yu dressed and came out, and saw Lu RanKong clenching a teacup, then drank cup after cup while he stood without moving.

Lu RanKong glanced at his figure out of the corner of his eye, quickly put down the teacup, stood for a few seconds before reacting, holding the teapot and asked, “This tea is very good, I brought it especially for you, want to try it?”

Lan Yu nodded his head. He was very thirsty after coming out of the shower, even after drinking a cup of water, it wasn’t enough.

Lu RanKong reached for another cup and almost knocked it over with his fumbling hands. He held it up and explained, “My hands are slippery…”

Lan Yu wiped his hair with a towel and walked over to stand by the coffee table.

A faint scent with warm water wafted into Lu RanKong’s nostrils. He collected his mind and started to pour the tea, and after a few drops dripped down from the teapot spout. It was gone.

He looked at Lan Yu, who was also looking at him, and Lan Yu asked calmly, “This is specially for me?”


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