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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lu RanKong sat beside Lan Yu, reminiscing as he spoke, picking and choosing to tell the story.

Lan Yu asked with interest, “What happened after that?”

“Then we played together every day, catching fish and shrimp, catching birds and stuff like that. The child’s parents were gone, so he lived with his grandfather who was old and frail, and it wasn’t easy for him and his grandson.”

After saying this, he looked a bit dazed.

“The last time you said you had a friend who ate the Zikang cabbage with you, was that him?” Lan Yu suddenly remembered this incident.

Lu RanKong said, “Yes, that’s him. When we were picking vegetables in the vegetable field, we found that Zikang’s vegetables were so delicious.”

So it was just a little playmate, not some other friend. Lan Yu was vaguely happy, but then he remembered Lu RanKong’s sudden depression when this was mentioned that day, could it be related to this little playmate? He couldn’t help but ask, “Are you still in touch with that kid?”

After a few seconds of silence, Lu RanKong said, “No. My mother died suddenly, and I was taken back to the main planet by my father.”

Lan Yu stopped asking questions and just pressed his chest to look at the empty planet ahead. The two didn’t speak again, quietly hugging beneath the shining planets. The interior of Star Warship was quiet and smooth, not a single tremor could be felt, as Lan Yu listened to Lu RanKong’s steady heartbeat and drifted off to sleep.

When he woke up, he found himself lying on a soft bed, covered with a blanket. He stared at the ceiling for a few seconds before remembering that he was on the Star Warship.

Sitting up, he squinted out the porthole and saw that the Star Warship had landed, and there was a huge military docking bay with several Star Warships parked and others taking off and landing outside. He was just about to call out to Lu RanKong when those images from last night came to his mind.

It was as if they had happened in a dream with a dazzling planet light that was quite surreal.

Lu RanKong and he kissed. They hugged and kissed each other, more than once.

He touched his lips, and now he didn’t feel anything, but it did happen.

They had kissed.

Lan Yu put his hands down and sat on the bed and began to remember, his heart fluttering.

I’m in love, right? I think so. Although he didn’t explicitly say we were dating like in the movie, he asked me to be his Alpha, and I agreed.

Besides, he said he had planted himself in my garden, so how can you just plant it and dig it up the next day?

These silly words were a bit ridiculous when he thought about them now, yet he kept going back to them over and over again, not noticing the smile on his face as well. When he woke up, he realized that it was quiet outside the suite and he didn’t know if anyone was there. He lifted the blanket and put on his slippers, gently pulled open the door and stuck his head out to look.

The two of them suddenly changed their relationship, and he didn’t know how to face him properly, but it would be weird if they were embarrassed. He wasn’t sure how to face him calmly.

Knock knock knock, knocking came from the direction of the front door.

“Come in…” Lan Yu said.

The door was pushed open and the previous staff member came in and asked respectfully, “Colonel K, are you awake?”

“Yes, I’m awake.”

The staff member said, “The Star Warship has been at Zata Planet for more than an hour, and Colonel Lu said not to disturb you and to wait for you to wake up, so I waited outside the door and knocked when I heard something.”

Lan Yu, seeing his fearful look, said, “It’s okay, I’m awake.”

When he asked if he knew where Lu RanKong had gone, he said, “Colonel Lu asked me to tell you that he had to go to his father’s house and would be home for about five or six days, so don’t worry.”

“He’s off the ship?”

“Yes, Colonel Lu is going to transfer to the Sasu main planet.”

Lan Yu heard that he had already disembarked and felt a sudden loss in his heart.

“He said he left a message on your terminal, please check it.” After the crew finished, they brought in a food cart with various kinds of breakfast and said, “Colonel K, you can have breakfast before you get off the ship.”

Lan Yu was getting frustrated and nodded casually.

“Next to the meal tray, there is an item that Colonel Lu left for you, please check that as well.”

“What item?” Lan Yu asked in a spirited manner.

“I’m not sure, it’s a small bag.” When the staff finished, seeing that Lan Yu had no further orders, he politely excused himself and withdrew from the room.

Lan Yu saw a sealed file bag next to his dinner plate, so he picked it up and put it on the coffee table, then sat back on the sofa and couldn’t wait to tap on the terminal in his hand. He wanted to see what message Lu RanKong had left for him.

When he clicked on it, he found a small red dot in the communication software, and an additional friend request. He couldn’t think of anyone other than Lu RanKong who wanted to add K as a friend, so he agreed to the request.

A three-dimensional virtual screen popped up, and Lu RanKong’s figure appeared in front of Lan Yu. He jumped in his heart and reflexively tried to touch his hair to see if it was messy, but found that the background was the couch underneath him.

It turned out to be a video, not an instant call.

Lu RanKong was sitting in his current position, had changed into his military uniform, with broad shoulders and narrow waist, he looked handsome and compelling. Lan Yu suddenly blushed a little, wanting to look away but couldn’t help looking more closely.

The video showed Lu RanKong sitting upright and suddenly speaking in an unskilled manner, “K, ah, dar… Oh, honey… K, ah, ba… Little K.”

Then he cleared his throat and turned his head to the side in silence, reaching out his right hand and pretending to adjust the position of his tie in his uniform, his ears slightly flushed.

Seeing him so nervous, Lan Yu was suddenly no longer nervous, so he leisurely leaned back to the back of the sofa, crossed his legs and continued to watch.

Lu RanKong quickly adjusted his mind, turned back and continued, “Because of some things I need to deal with, I have to go to my father’s house. It won’t be for a long time, at most two or three days. I saw that you were sleeping soundly, so I didn’t want to wake you up. When you wake up, have some breakfast. Don’t leave hungry, eat your fill and then get off the ship, the military department has a car to pick you up and take you back to camp.”

He finished this sentence paused, his gaze began to drift up, “I let people give you my room card and salary card, the room card is a spare, the salary will be managed by you. This ah, the meaning ah, you understand. Just now when you fell asleep, I decrypted the card in your terminal, so you can directly use it.”

After saying that, his ears were so red that they seemed to be dripping blood.

Lan Yu thought of his shamelessness last night, and now him being so shy in the video, he felt it was somewhat funny. He wanted to press pause to slowly enjoy his expression.

Lu RanKong explained a few more things and finally said, “Jiang Zhi is rushing me, so I’m leaving and will be back soon.”

After saying that, he didn’t move, just looked ahead.

Lan Yu also kept his eyes on the screen.


Lu RanKong made a kissing gesture to the air and quickly turned off the recording as the screen disappeared. Until he was sure that the video wouldn’t be available again, Lan Yu opened that bag to look at it and found that there were indeed two cards inside.

One was a room card in the uniform style of the military dormitory, and one was a payroll card. He picked up the dark black payroll card and turned it over and over, his heart a little happy. He used to have so much money that he didn’t care about the amount of money on the card, but having someone hand him the card like this fulfilled something he had always wanted.

Despite this, he smiled and took the card and swiped it on the terminal to see how much Lu RanKong’s deposit was. After the terminal beeped, a row of numbers popped up.

Balance, 375 credits… 375 credits? Just 375 credits?

Lan Yu suspected that he was mistaken and tried to rub his eyes.

Both of them were Colonels, so their salary should be the same. He had more than 400,000 credits deposited in the terminal, and every month there would be a few tens of thousands more added, that was the monthly salary. But how could Lu RanKong be so poor that he had only a few hundred credits left? The month was only half over!

Lan Yu suspected that there was a problem with the readout and refreshed it two more times.

Each time, the result was still 375 credits.

Lu RanKong was confirmed to be this poor. He put the card away expressionlessly, thinking that no wonder this person’s ears were reddening, and he thought he was shy, but he was actually bashful, right?

Lan Yu ate breakfast unhurriedly, then changed into a military uniform, opened the door and followed the staff off the ship. As he walked through a long corridor, he looked at the suites on either side and asked, “Did everyone else get off the ship too?”

“The others?” The crew was a bit stunned.

Lan Yu said, “The researchers you picked up along the way.”

Lu RanKong had told him last night that all the other rooms were occupied by the researchers who had stopped by, and that everyone was sharing a room with two people.

The crew replied respectfully, “Colonel K, this Star Warship was dedicated to pick up you and Colonel Lu, there were no other researchers on here.”

“Then these rooms…” Lan Yu pointed to the suites on either side.

“They were all empty…”

Lan Yu didn’t say anything else, only sneered in his heart.

The car sent by the military department was waiting outside the docking bay. Once Lan Yu got in the car, the SUV headed towards the military camp.

Not long after, a beep came from the terminal.

【Lu RanKong】 Honey, are you awake?

When Lan Yu saw this name, his face turned red, and he felt his body shiver with numbness, his scalp tingling from the sky, but he was secretly happy. He looked at the sergeant driving in front of him and saw that he wasn’t paying attention to him, so he replied to the text.


【Lu RanKong】Baby, I’ll be on the main planet soon. I’ll be busy for a while after I arrive, so I’ll contact you when I’m free in the evening.

Lan Yu’s whole body was again electrified.

【K】Don’t call me that from now on.

【Lu RanKong】Which one?

【K】Baby and the likes.

【Lu RanKong】Why don’t you call me that? That’s what people call each other when they’re in love, and we have to do it too.

In love… Lan Yu pursed up his lips and continued to reply.

【K】I’m still a little uncomfortable with it, so don’t call me that for now.

A message kept showing that it was being typed, so Lan Yu waited patiently with some anticipation. A few moments later, a long message came through.

【Lu RanKong】In fact, I’m not used to it either, but I have to insist on getting used to it. Couples have to call each other as such. You should choose the one you’re comfortable with in your heart, honey or baby, and we’ll get used to it. Anyway, it’s just a title, don’t be too concerned.

Lan Yu suddenly fell face down.

【K】Then you should call me K. I’m not really a baby, it’s just a title that you are forced to use, and I’m not really anyone’s baby.

After sending the message, without waiting for Lu RanKong to reply, he added another sentence.

【K】Not to mention I don’t like it either.

Then he snapped off the terminal and shut it down directly.

Lan Yu raised his head, glanced in the rearview mirror in front of him, seeing the driving sergeant peeking at him, he sank his face and asked, “Do you need me to drive, so you can free up to look enough?”

The sergeant hastily turned away his eyes and looked straight ahead, not even casting a glance at the side with his eyes.

After the military SUV drove for more than half an hour, they finally returned to the barracks. Lan Yu got out of the car and stood in front of the familiar dormitory building, listening to the distant training ground shouting and drinking, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Previously, he felt that the days in the military barracks were difficult, but now that he had been in prison, he found that the days in the military barracks were simply too good. He quickly went upstairs, took out his room card and was about to open the door when the sound of the door opening came from behind him.

“K, you’re back?” It was Chen YuTan’s voice.

Lan Yu turned his head and saw Chen YuTan standing at the door of room 304, as if he was going out.

“Mn, I’m back.” Lan Yu nodded his head to him.

“How did the mission go?”

“Not bad…”

Chen YuTan smiled up, showing a mouthful of white teeth, “Tough job, I’m going to the dining room for dinner now, wanna join me?”

Lan Yu wasn’t hungry yet, and didn’t like to eat with people he didn’t know well, so he shook his head and said, “No, I’m a little tired, I want to rest.”

“Okay, you rest then.” Chen YuTan took two steps toward the stairway, then stopped and asked, “Where’s RanKong? Didn’t he go on a mission with you?”

Lan Yu’s heart heated up when he heard the name now, but his face remained light and he said, “He had something else to do…”

Chen YuTan smiled and asked, “Then do you want me to bring you back food?”

“No, thanks.” Lan Yu said politely.

When Chen YuTan went downstairs, Lan Yu pushed open the door of his room. After closing the door, he flung himself onto the bed. 

Cuddling the stuffed bear, he went to point the black nose through the plastic bag and whispered, “Gu Gu, I’m in love. And you might know the guy, Lu RanKong from next door. I think it’s a little fast too.”

Lan Yu turned over on the bed, looked at the ceiling and continued in a voice only he could hear, “I didn’t even want to fall in love here, you know. I hid my Omega identity, and I can’t say what I’ll do if I transmigrate back again someday.”

He looked sideways at the bear, couldn’t see its eyes, so he sat up and hugged it, ripped all the bags off of it and exposed the whole bear.

“Let me smell, do you smell?” Lan Yu came up to the plush bear to smell, “Okay, no dust or mold smell, Gu Gu you are too clean.” He stopped sniffing and said ruefully, “How do you think I’m going to tell him I’m actually an Omega? How do I explain this? Even I don’t understand why I’m in the military… Hey, I really didn’t expect to fall in love, but he’s moving too fast.” Lan Yu buried his head and laughed again, “He kissed me, and when he kissed me, I forgot to refuse.”

Lan Yu and Gu Gu rambled on for a while before he felt a little hungry. He didn’t want to go to the dining room, so he asked Kong Fei to bring some ingredients and made himself a bowl of egg noodles 1 in the kitchen and started cleaning up.

He changed into comfortable home clothes, removed the bed sheets and threw them into the small washing machine embedded under the sink. The washing machine was installed by the military; they were very pocket-sized, and each use could only fit two or three pieces of clothing or a bed sheet, nothing more could be stuffed in.

But these soldiers also didn’t have many clothes, so this washing machine was completely adequate. Lan Yu put the sheets into the washing machine, then squatted down and pressed the start button. As he stood up, his eyes suddenly glanced at the gap between the washing machine and the wall, there seemed to be something. He squatted down again to take a closer look and found that it was a card with the black side facing out, so it wasn’t usually easy to find. It was only at a certain angle that the golden back was visible.

Lan Yu reached his hand in to get it out, but couldn’t reach it, then looked around, took a hanger over and slowly pulled it out with the card.

He held it in his hand and looked at it carefully.

This card looked like a VIP card of some place and the workmanship had been made with a lot of effort. The texture of the card was quite advanced, black on the back and gold on the front with a black bird flying on the wings, and words on the bottom left, Black Crow Bar.

This should be something left behind by the previous K, probably when he was washing clothes, it inadvertently fell outside the washing machine.

“Black Crow Bar… Black Crow Bar…” Lan Yu remembered that Liu Zhao said that the bar where Xu worked was called the Black Crow Bar.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 鸡蛋面



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Love these 2.
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