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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lan Yu asked, “Who got your chip activation code?”

Luo Yang looked at him and didn’t say anything. A strange feeling suddenly surfaced in Lan Yu’s heart, which became stronger and stronger as Luo Yang’s silence grew.

“How many Lontan people came to Sasu?” Luo Yang didn’t answer, so he asked another question first, his voice showing neither happiness nor anger.

Luo Yang spoke up, “I’m not sure about that, but I know of three.”

“Which three?”

Luo Yang looked at Lan Yu, “One is Yifu, guarding the Jialing crystal in QuYa Planet, who died not long ago.”

“Yifu… Is that the one who killed Xu and pretended to be a police officer in QuYa Prison?” Lan Yu asked him for confirmation.

Luo Yang asked blankly, “Who’s Xu?”

“The janitor who worked at your bar for a while.”

Luo Yang recalled, “I remember, the janitor, so he was killed? I thought he quit his job.”

Seeing Lan Yu staring at him, he hurriedly explained, “I really didn’t know he was killed by Yifu. Noe and Yifu often met at the Black Crow Bar, but I didn’t know them well.”

“Not well?” Lan Yu asked.

Luo Yang was silent for a moment before continuing, “Noe and Yifu were both real criminals who committed a huge crime in Lontan Planet and were going to be executed. I don’t know how, they also secretly took the interstellar channel to the Sasu Planet system, and were hiding here. Although I know their true identity, we usually didn’t interfere with each other, and didn’t communicate. It’s just that they didn’t take me seriously and didn’t avoid me when they talked about things, so I knew some of it.”

Lan Yu thought the name Noe sounded familiar and Lu RanKong reminded him, “The Lontan person we killed in that cactus mall was named Noe.”

Yes, the Star Warship caught Noe disguised as a Star Warship soldier, and before he died said that they both killed Noe.

Lan Yu asked, “So you’re both stowaways?”

Luo Yang hesitated, “Yes, but I’m not like them, they’re really guilty.”

“There’s a question that’s been bothering me.” Lan Yu leaned back in his chair and put his fingers against his temples, “Why did Noe plant a bomb in the mall? What exactly was he trying to do? Smash up that street to kill some ordinary people so he could expose himself? To show how powerful he is?”

Luo Yang looked at him with a peculiar gaze again like he did at the beginning, and Lan Yu sensed something as he stared at him closely as well.

“If you keep putting on this look and say nothing, is there any point in talking?” Lan Yu was a little annoyed.

“You know, we Lontan people can’t kill each other because of the chip buried in our body.” Luo Yang changed his posture a little uneasily.

“Mn, you mentioned it already.”

“But there’s still a way to kill a Lontan person if you want to.”

“What way?” Lan Yu asked without moving.

Luo Yang grabbed his lapel, “The chip buried in a Lontan person’s body is analyzing the current person’s thoughts all the time. If there’s killing intent towards another Lontan person, it will be recognized and stop all your next abnormal behavior.”

“For example?”

“For example, if I serve a glass of wine and want to put some poison in it and serve it to a Lontan person, then my thoughts will instantly be acquired and analyzed by the chip, thus preventing my next action of putting the poison in. If I want to point the gun at them, my gun won’t be lifted. I wanted to hire other Sasu Planet people to help me kill, in other words, buy a murderer, but I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth.”

“Very high-end technology.” Lan Yu said, “So how can you avoid the chip’s identification?”

Luo Yang bowed his head in silence for a few seconds and then said, “It’s not hard to kill a Lontan person if you’re not on Lontan Planet, but on Sasu Planet.”

Lan Yu narrowed his eyes at him and asked, “What do you mean? It make the purpose less clear?”

Luo Yang looked up abruptly, surprised, “You’re really good, you guessed it right away. It’s true, as long as the target of killing is not directed at the Lontan person, then the chip can’t identify your purpose and won’t stop your next move.”

“Then Noe planted a bomb in the mall, ostensibly to kill a Sasu Planet person, but in fact his real purpose was to kill a Lontan person?” Lan Yu sat up straight from the back of the chair he was leaning against.

Luo Yang opened his mouth but didn’t answer, so he acquiesced.

Lan Yu pressed on, “Who was he going to blow up?”

Luo Yang looked at him without making a sound.

The room was quiet. As Lan Yu’s heart floated a guess, he began breathing rapidly, his heartbeat also speeding up.

“Xiao Yu…” Lu RanKong sensed his abnormality and called out very softly.

Lan Yu asked, “You also heard Luo Yang’s words. Who do you think that Lontan person was going to deal with?”

“Was it… K from before?” asked Lu RanKong tentatively.

Lan Yu put his fingers against his temples and looked at the tips of his shoes as his mind raced.

If the local police department encountered a difficult case they couldn’t handle, they would always turn to the army stationed near Bell City for help.

If Noe knew that Lu RanKong, one of the army’s two strongest officers, was away on business, then the chances of the police department sending K to the army for help would be very high.

Even if the one sent wasn’t K, he could continue to make it difficult until K arrived. Then he would detonate the bomb, aiming to blow up the group of hostages, hoodwink the chip’s analysis, and let K die along with him in this explosion.

Killing K was his ultimate goal.

Luo Yang had been observing Lan Yu’s expression and knew that he had already guessed it, so he nodded and said, “You’re correct, what Noe wanted to deal with was the third Lontan person that I know.”

Lan Yu stared closely at his mouth, his pupils slightly dilated. He saw Luo Yang speak softly, “It’s you, K.”

Luo Yang’s softly spoken words were like dropping a bomb in Lan Yu’s heart, which set off a huge wave. He clutched the armrest of the ebony chair beneath him, and his whole body had frozen.

After a long time, Lu RanKong said carefully, “Xiao Yu, it seems that the K before is the Lontan person, who invaded your spiritual domain and took over your body.”

Lan Yu murmured, “Is that so?”

“It’s not that you crossed into K’s body, but he’s been occupying your body.” Lu RanKong affirmed, “You are Xiao Yu…”

“K, K, are you okay?” Seeing Lan Yu’s ugly face and not speaking, Luo Yang asked apprehensively.

Lan Yu came back to his senses and forced himself to put it aside for the moment, saying in a dumb voice, “It’s okay, go on, I’m listening.”

“Soon after I came to Sasu Planet, K found out my whereabouts. I didn’t want to get involved with other Lontan people, so I hid all over the place, and luckily in the process, I met Yun Jie.” Luo Yang looked at Yun Jie with a soft gaze.

“Yun Jie had been working at the Black Crow Bar, and K came to the door, but there didn’t seem to be any other intentions, so I let my guard down as time went on.” Luo Yang twitched uneasily, “Until one day he suddenly revealed my chip activation code. At that time I was stunned. He said that as long as I do something for him for the future of Lontan Planet, he wouldn’t do anything to me, so I had no choice but to agree.”

“So you were looking for a chance to steal the Institute’s stabilizer information?” Lan Yu asked.

Luo Yang nodded.

“Later he brought two more Lontan people to the bar, namely Noe and Yifu. As for more, I haven’t seen them and I don’t know them, but I’m sure there are more.” He continued, “K is actually a Hor. 1 I don’t know when he came to Sasu Planet, only that he has been lurking over here to prepare for Lontan Planet to invade Sasu Planet again later. He was able to contact Lontan Planet, not only to report the situation of Sasu Planet, but also to get the chip codes of other Lontan persons over here.”

Luo Yang’s Adam’s apple twitched, “Yifu was sent by him to guard the jialing crystals, while I stayed at the Black Crow Bar, I don’t know exactly what Noe was doing, but I know that these two have been discussing how to deal with K.” At this point he looked at the side of the wall in silence, taking a moment before continuing, “We three were clear. One day, we won’t be able to escape the fate of being removed, so Noe decided to take the risk to kill K. Only when he was dead could we be truly safe.”

He looked at Lan Yu and asked, “Do you know why I know you’re not K?”

Lan Yu replied with a dry voice, “Because I shot Noe to death?”


Lan Yu asked again, “If Noe was going to blow up K with a bomb, wouldn’t he have died with him?”

Luo Yang sighed, “Noe was already very dangerous, so it’s not surprising that he wanted to die with K. According to his plan, when K arrived at the scene and found out it was him, it was too late to activate the chip, so he just needed to detonate the bomb with the intention of blowing up the others. Only, he didn’t expect that K wasn’t the same K at that time, and you took back your body, also shooting him dead.”

“Taking back my body…” Lan Yu repeated softly.

Luo Yang looked at him, “You are the true owner of this body, only your spiritual body returned. Didn’t you realize?”

Lan Yu sat motionless in the chair, Yun Jie’s eyes darted around, but he knowingly didn’t make a sound.

“Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu.” Lu RanKong called out twice worriedly.

A few moments later, Lan Yu asked softly in a dream-like voice, “Who am I? Is everything I’ve experienced a dream? Lu RanKong, are you real? Or are you also a dream I had?”

“Xiao Yu, it’s not a dream, it’s all real, I’m real too.” Lu RanKong said urgently.

Lan Yu murmured, “Now you stay in my head, and then give me that this is all real. I wonder if I have actually gone crazy, all the crossing ah, Lontan person ah, including you, are all fake, and is actually a fantasy I conjured up…”

“You’re not crazy, baby, listen to me.” Lu RanKong sensed that Lan Yu’s current situation was not quite right and was very anxious, but there was nothing he could do. After all, he didn’t even have a body right now and was still staying in Lan Yu’s spiritual domain.

“Xiao Yu, how about you let me take control of your body right now, okay? Take a break and look at your spiritual domain first, and I’ll talk to him.” Lu RanKong asked in a soft voice.

Lan Yu was stunned for a few seconds before he responded and gave a very soft muffled sound, agreeing to Lu RanKong’s proposal.

The two quickly exchanged body rights, and Lan Yu hunkered down in his mental domain, listening to the sounds of Lu RanKong and Luo Yang’s conversation outside.

Their voices were clear, but at the moment they sounded like meaningless notes that slipped into his ears and drifted away.

“K hasn’t been to the bar for a long time, and we didn’t know he was in trouble. It was only when we saw the news of Noe’s murder that we guessed he had been squeezed out of his body by the original owner.” Luo Yang’s voice came in, “I also saw Colonel Lu’s interview at that time, and he was doing the bomb throwing motion to the camera.”

Lu RanKong mumbled a bit awkwardly, “He is quite handsome…” Without waiting for Luo Yang’s reply, he asked, “So where’s K now?”

“I don’t know…” Luo Yang said, “He was able to contact us through different numbers, and Yifu traced the numbers back to their origins, but they were all numbers that other people didn’t use, and changed them once.”

“So Yifu was killed by the chip he activated?”

“Yes. The day Yifu died, K suddenly called me on the terminal and said that the blood Yifu left in the mine was found on Sasu Planet’s side, and that he shouldn’t be able to hide anymore, and asked me to hide myself well, lest I don’t live long.”

“So after you exposed your whereabouts at the Institute, you were afraid of being cleared by K, so you took the desperate step of simply going after us to blackmail us into protecting you?”

“I’m sorry, I really had no choice.”

Lan Yu listened in stunned silence for a while before he raised his head to survey his surroundings and found himself standing on a beach.

Looking at the charmingly shaped spiked roofs in the distance, it suddenly occurred to him that this might be the Chaya Planet Weft town Lu RanKong had mentioned.

Luo Yang and Lu RanKong were still talking when he walked along the coastline, unaware that he was on a big road with more houses around him, and came to a small town.

He stopped and looked around. It was a typical seaside town, lined with small stores selling local specialty items. There was a wind blowing, and he smelled the seawater, vaguely fishy and salty, not unpleasant, it even felt familiar.

As he gradually moved forward, there were more people on the not-so-wide street.

There was an old woman dozing in front of the house, an old cat squatting at her feet. The owner of the butcher’s store was dividing ribs with a machete, and the price of meat was written in chalk on the wooden door next to him. There was no traffic on the narrow street, and toddlers were walking around with their young mothers following idly behind.

Lan Yu looked at all this in a trance, feeling that this scene was familiar, but he couldn’t remember it. He slowly moved forward, and when he came to a small store with a closed door, without thinking, he asked an old lady who was drying clothes beside him, “Why aren’t you selling plum soup today?”

The aunt continued to dry her clothes without answering or giving him a sideways glance. He stood silently for a while and continued to walk forward. There was an alley to the right, and as he walked there, his feet naturally turned right into the alleyway. After walking on the brick road for a few minutes, a small courtyard appeared in view.

The small courtyard looked very dilapidated, the bricks on the fence had fallen off quite a bit and were stacked on top of it. A very thick ginkgo tree in the courtyard, the leaves rustling in the wind. There was an old man under the tree, sitting on a recliner, with a cup of tea in his hand, eyes closed, relaxing in the sun.

This scene was so familiar, like a painting engraved in the depths of his memory, even if it was temporarily sealed, but in the moment of reopening, every line and color was vividly visible.

Without other excessive memories, the fondness and excitement within him made him clearly realize that this old man was the closest person to him.

“Grandpa…” He murmured out naturally.

A warm liquid gushed out of his eyes, and he was at a loss for words as he reached out to wipe it away, only to wipe more and more.

He didn’t dare to make a sound, nor did he dare to go forward, so he just stood outside the fence, staring fixedly at the small courtyard.

A leaf fell with the wind and landed on the old man’s knee. The old man opened his dusky eyes, twirled the leaf, as if he sensed something, looking over the wall.

Lan Yu instantly held his breath and clenched his hands so tightly that his nails were piercing his palms.

The old man’s eyes passed through him and looked far away, then turned back and shouted in a hoarse, old voice, “Xiao Yu…”

“Yes…” The voice of a child came from inside the low house.

“It’s windy and a bit cold, you need to put on more clothes!”

“I’m not cold, I don’t want to.”

“Xiao Yu, did you hear me? Add a piece of clothing!” The old man continued to shout.

The child raised his voice, “Grandpa, I’m not cold.”

“What are you doing? Why don’t you answer grandpa? Are you going to wear the new short sleeves to show that naked guy? You know how to look good, what if you catch a cold?” The old man ignored his answer and talked to himself.

The child finally said helplessly, “Yes, Grandpa, I’ll add a shirt.”

The old man listened clearly to this sentence and said nothing more, smiling as he picked up his tea and drank it.

Lan Yu, watching this scene teary-eyed, couldn’t stop shaking.


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Translator Notes:

  1. MonkeyNote: Ye he is, the biggest Hor. lol


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Fatheemat Sulayman
Fatheemat Sulayman
August 13, 2021 12:51 pm him being an actor or a movie star wasn’t real or what, like it seem like the k have been dominating his body from childhood

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Sue R
August 13, 2021 1:09 pm

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HOLY SHIT- I WAS RIGHT!? Gosh I feel so smart! Damnnnnn though wait, so I’m guessing Lan Yu wasn’t fully dominated by ‘K’ in his spiritual domain so that’s why he’s still alive after all these years. But damnnn does it feel good for your theory to be correct.

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