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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


At 2am, Zhong Tan brought the prepared snack to the door. “Shi Yu, are you sure you don’t want to eat something? You haven’t eaten much tonight.”

A long time later, there was a loud noise behind the door, as if something had been overturned or tossed. Then, Zhong Tan watched as Shi Yu, cheeks slightly red, slowly pulled open the door and revealed a tiny gap in the doorway.

“I’ll eat some. Where is it?”

Zhong Tan looked at the gap, only two fingers wide. “Open the door. This plate of baked chicken wings can’t be stuffed through.”

Shi Yu coughed violently, pulled back a bit, stretched out a hand and took it. “Thank you.”

Zhong Tan reached out and blocked the door before it closed, then narrowed his eyes. “Kid, what are you doing? Sneaking around…You’re not watching an alpha and omega ‘educational film,’ are you?”

Shi Yu was stunned when he realized what he was talking about, and simply opened the door. “I was just picking up my things, nothing else.”

Zhong Tan looked around, but there wasn’t anything wrong to be seen. “Eat and rest early. It’s been a hard day.”

After the most dangerous person had been dealt with, Shi Yu glared at Jiang ChengLi who was standing behind the door.

“Couldn’t you change back to your original form?”

Jiang ChengLi looked at him. “I was in such a hurry that I forgot.”

Shi Yu squinted his eyes. He didn’t quite believe that. When he came back from the car, Jiang ChengLi was still a small one in his pocket. Then when he arrived home, just after he washed up, he became big by the bed.

It wasn’t obvious when Shi Yu was alone, but when an extra, taller boy was standing in the room the space became narrow and cramped.

He raised his hand and touched the tip of his nose. He was sleepy. Probably because the workload today was too much. When he was in the shower he became a little drowsy. He came out and smelled the fine and continuous cold snow frost smell. He was like a dizzy and drifting person who suddenly fell into a gentle net. All the discomfort was gone as if he had found a home.

Jiang ChengLi quietly observed his expression and came up with a thought.

“It’s better for you to become smaller.” Unfortunately, Shi Yu’s reactions were a bit slow now. He touched his neck. His voice got foggier and foggier. “It’s better to be small. Easier to hug.”

Jiang ChengLi moved closer in silence and sniffed Shi Yu’s body.

He had just finished taking a shower, and his body still smelled of the Zhong Tan family mint-scented shower shampoo which was cool. Jiang ChengLi hadn’t liked it much and wanted to rub his own smell on him, but hadn’t found the opportunity.

Shi Yu was unaware of his change. He lazily climbed into bed then tried to find other pillows and bedding to share half with him.

Jiang ChengLi eyes darkened imperceptibly. In front of him, the teenager’s skin was a light thin red, the end of his eyes slightly drooped and the corners of his lips were a little wet which gave him a charming appearance. He hadn’t thought about doing anything in Shi Yu’s bed tonight, but it seemed the opportunity came to him.

“Shi Yu.” He whispered the name of the teenager in front of him and spread his pheromones silently all over the bedroom. “Are you very sleepy?”

The lingering pheromones were like a fog. They spread and flowed, tenderly intertwined with his hair, caressed his skin inch by inch, soothed and compelled.

Until the desire, dominated by the pheromones in the body, started to boil.

Shi Yu felt dizzy.

Jiang ChengLi quickly held his waist and hooked him into his arms.

“You’re in heat,” he murmured in his ear.

Shi Yu gave a dazed, “ah.” All the discomfort that had just risen was conquered by this hug and he leaned meekly into Jiang ChengLi’s arms.

“It’s…all right.”

“You want me to change back into my original form?” Jiang ChengLi hugged him and rashly felt the pheromones that emanated from him.

It was a sea that belonged to him alone.

He pressed the tip of Shi Yu’s ear and kissed it lightly. “But the little ice dragon can’t ease your discomfort.”

Shi Yu’s fingertips couldn’t be helped and clenched the corner of his shirt. He breathed lightly, thirstily and chased the pheromones. “Give me…”

Jiang ChengLi’s eyelashes fluttered a bit. He hadn’t expected such blunt words to come out of Shi Yu’s mouth. He laughed lightly, and if Shi Yu was normal, he could’ve heard the hint of danger mixed in with the laughter. “Say it again, what do you want?”

“I…” Shi Yu’s voice paused. Then a thin, low hum of displeasure. “I want you.”

The back of his neck was brushed by a cold fingertip. Shi Yu was pressed against the pillow before he could react. He struggled unhappily and was pinned against the bed by his wrists.

Then, the back of his neck ached.

The ice and snow fell on the back of his neck, all the uneasiness and heat melted away. His fingertips trembled, and he slowly, feebly gripped the corner of the blanket.

Jiang ChengLi gently stroked his back. His fingertips wandered over his spine. His heartbeat was fast. He felt it.

Jiang ChengLi excitedly bit down harder.  Shi Yu felt pain and let out a small sound.

The alpha behind him loosened his mouth slightly, looked to see his reddened earlobe and kissed the back of his neck after the pheromone injection was completed.

“Good job.”


It was a new week, and the news that President Jiang was still on leave had the entire Omega Class a bit down.

When Shi Yu returned, he saw Lian Jing was lying dead on his desk. “President Jiang, our dream man. President Jiang, when will he come back?”

Shi Yu’s jacket moved slightly. He reached out to squash the dragon and sat down in his seat.

“Prince, did you go to visit the sick? I miss President Jiang so much.”


“Eh, answering so quickly, you’re really so stone-hearted.” Lian Jing pretended to be sad and raised his hand to touch the corner of his eyes. “If President Jiang could give me half of the tenderness he gave you, I would find someone to talk to about love every day.”

He Huan threw a cookie at his face. “Because you think about this kind of marginal thing day after day, no handsome alpha will look at you.”

“Beautiful alphas can look. I’m not even picky.” Lian Jing pretended to touch his belly. “As long as the future child has good genes, I’m fine.”

He Huan joked. “Our school has the best genetic Kaolin Flower in the pocket of Prince Shi.”

Shi Yu’s face was stiff. Jiang ChengLi, in his coat pocket, hadn’t moved either.

It was a mistake.

The second year of high school was so tight, that some students had already started to imitate the third year of high school by stacking their books on their desktops. Shi Yu thought about it, took the books out of his drawer and piled them on the right hand side.

He Huan was curious. “Wow, the school bully has started to join our civilian life?”

The passing Xiang Wuzhu pushed up his glasses. “I bet two candies that the prince isn’t stacking books for studying.”

“Maybe it’s to send love messages to the President in class.”

Shi Yu, “…”

The math teacher in the Omega Class was an older teacher with a lot of experience in teaching. The only drawback was that he liked to ramble, which had a hypnotic effect. And on the Monday after the holidays, a large number of people fell asleep before half of the class was over.

Shi Yu took Jiang ChengLi out of his pocket. The little ice dragon was sleeping, but moved by his not-so-gentle action, he twitched his tail unhappily. Jiang ChengLi was so cute when he was about to sleep that Shi Yu put a paper towel on his exercise book to make sure it was soft before he put the little ice dragon on it.

Jiang ChengLi’s wings waved and he slowly plopped down on the simple ‘nest’ Shi Yu had built for him. His tail tapped the pencil.

It meant: ‘Listen carefully.’

Shi Yu wasn’t paying any attention. His finger snuck over and touched his tail. Jiang ChengLi was about to go back to sleep when he felt his tail tip being lightly pinched and slowly swung in that direction.

Then his wings, which he had tucked behind his back, were stroked along the lines again. He gradually opened his beautiful ice blue eyes and stared at the teenager in front of him.

Shi Yu tasted a trifle of rebuke in his eyes, but unexpectedly he got up to play.

This was a classroom. Most of the students in the grade were yearning for the high-cold President. Every omega dreamed of being his marked partner. But they didn’t know he was on Shi Yu’s desktop, holding a pen.

Jiang ChengLi threatened to show his fangs, lazily wagged his tail and reminded him to listen to the lesson.

The omega, who appeared emboldened after being tagged last night, actually dared to reach out and poke his horn.

The little ice dragon bared its teeth in a silent threat. Shi Yu knew this was the bottom line, slowly got down and put his face close to the little ice dragon. “I want to touch your belly.”

The little ice dragon’s tail pushed his fingertips away. Meaning: he refused.

“Please, I’ll be gentle.” Shi Yu winked. “I’ll give you pheromones then.”

The little ice dragon still pushed his hand away.


Jiang ChengLi turned away deliberately. The exercise book in front of Shi Yu was condensed with fine ice.

He looked down, only to find that on it were ice cubes condensed into words.

[Begging who?]

“Begging Jiang ChengLi.”

[Know what to ask for when you make terms with the dragon?]

“I’ll agree to anything.”

Jiang ChengLi narrowed his eyes and then decided to acquiesce.

So for math class, Shi Yu listened to the first half of the basic questions, then at the back, he concentrated on touching the little dragon cub in his hand.

The dragon’s horns, tail and the dragon’s belly when he wasn’t paying attention.


Very, very, very good.

In the end, before the class finished, Jiang ChengLi left a message on the paper. [Come to the student union at noon.]

After that, Shi Yu discovered that the little dragon cub was missing from his pocket. After lunch, he went straight to the library. Ultimately, this part-time job was approved by the student president himself, so he had no reason to miss work.

That is, until Li Chen smiled, walked up to the teacher’s office in the library and held a stamped leave slip in front of him.

“Student Shi, President Jiang wants you to come to the student union.”

Shi Yu hadn’t expected Jiang ChengLi to go to such great lengths and took the leave slip. “Okay.”

He wanted to see what President Jiang would do to him in a place like the Student Union office.

Li Chen stood still and shook his head. He’d rarely seen Jiang ChengLi show that kind of expression. Shi Yu…he was unlucky.

Shi Yu was oblivious to Li Chen’s regretful expression and walked openly to the Student Union office. He stood in front of the door and hesitated for a moment, but then he knocked with his fingers. The person behind the door seemed to have waited a long time for this knocking sound. The door opened that moment and Shi Yu was dragged in unawares.

The winter pheromones blanketed the entire office, as if frost and snow fell on the tips of his hair.

Shi Yu looked up and saw that Jiang ChengLi loomed in front of him.

Not only pheromones, his eyelashes were condensed with frost, crystal ice lines ran from the corner of the eye then snaked to the muzzle as his alpha pheromones spread. His lips were licked by the tip of his tongue. “Here you are.”


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