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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The old man squinted and sipped his tea, leaned back in the recliner and asked, “Xiao Yu, did you drink the soup?”

“Yes!” The child answered loudly from the room.

The door opened and a skinny little boy came running out.

Lan Yu immediately recognized that he was himself as a child, exactly the same as in the group photo taken at the orphanage, but he looked a little younger. He stared intently at the scene before him and didn’t want to blink.

Shu Yu ran over to the recliner, put his hand next to the old man’s ear, came close and said loudly, “Drank it, not a drop left.”

The old man reached out and slapped him, “Why are you so loud? Do you want to make me deaf?”

Shu Yu laughed, “Grandpa, you’re actually deaf.”

“Bullshit, my ears are very good.” The old man couldn’t help but laugh too. “Remember, you have to drink that soup all the time, even if grandpa isn’t here anymore.”

“I know, I know.” Shu Yu skimmed his lips.

“Remember the recipe, too, and give it to your children later.” Grandpa exclaimed.

“I drink it every month, and I remember the recipe very well, since I have to make soup for your great-grandchildren later.”

Lan Yu saw Shu Yu smiling nervously, smiling like every child who has been loved, without caution and ingratiation, only the wantonness of being tolerated.

Grandpa opened his mouth with few teeth and patted him on the head, “No nerve, no shame…”

“It was you who said you wanted to give it to my child, isn’t that your great-grandson?” Shu Yu retorted, with a wry, sly light in his eyes. He asked again, “Grandpa, can I go out to play?”

The old man didn’t seem to hear him, and picked up his tea from the table to drink.

Shu Yu started to shake the old man’s arm and begged, “Grandpa, can I go out to play?”

The old man still drank his tea and ignored him.

“If you don’t say anything, that means you agree.” Shu Yu walked backwards towards the entrance of the courtyard, “Then I’m going to look for Fan.”

The old man put down his cup of tea and said, “You’re going to look for that naked guy again? It might rain today, so don’t go out.”

Shu Yu turned his head and ran out of the courtyard like the wind, his voice coming from far away, “I’m deaf too, I can’t hear you!”

Lan Yu stood outside the courtyard, covering his face with his hands, tears spilling out through his fingers. Some vague fragments gradually came to his mind.

The old man’s wrinkled but warm hand stroking the top of his head; his eyes that seemed like they would never open, but overflowing with warmth; him trembling with the medicine standing in front of the door, saying ‘Xiao Yu, it’s time to drink the medicine’… 

Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu… 

The old man’s eyes were closed and he was lying in a chair asleep. Lan Yu slowly walked to the door of the courtyard, crossed in, walked to his side and squatted down, quietly tilting his head to look at him.

“Grandpa…” He called out in a hoarse voice. Lan Yu reached out in panic to grab him, but his hand passed through his arm and he only caught a piece of nothingness.

He stood up and reached out again and again to touch the front, until the old man and the ginkgo tree and the small courtyard all disappeared from sight.

With tears streaming down his face, he watched in awe as his surroundings turned into that dormitory in the barracks, and he stood in the middle of it, reaching his hand out in front of him.

“Why must the Lontan people come and invade our Sasu Planet?” Lu RanKong was still questioning Luo Yang.

Lan Yu slowly walked over to the bed and sat down, burying his face in his hands, hot tears spilling out of his fingers as he took big, deep breaths, trying his best to calm his tumbling emotions.

Luo Yang’s voice came in, “I don’t know, my clan is just a small clan, I’ve told you everything I can.” He continued, “I just want to be able to live, and for Yun Jie to live peacefully. I don’t want to steal any solid agent information, and will not hurt any Sasu Planet people. But there’s no way, I can’t escape…”

Yun Jie cried out with tears in his eyes, “Luo Yang…”

Lu RanKong asked, “So do you know when K invaded my spiritual domain?”

“Not sure, you were K when I first met you and never spoke about yourself.”

“Xiao Yu…” Lu RanKong suddenly called Lan Yu.

“I’m here…” Lan Yu returned in a hoarse voice.

Lu RanKong said after a few seconds of silence, “I can probably guess when K invaded your mental domain.”

Lan Yu asked, “Before I entered the orphanage?”

Lu RanKong said, “You were there the day my mother died, and you were both lying motionless on the beach. I don’t know how I got dragged away by the maid.”

“What kind of scene was it?” Lan Yu knew it was cruel to ask, but he had to ask.

Lu RanKong took a deep breath and said, “There was a cliff by the sea, with seawater and boulders below, and mother—”

“You can just talk about me, don’t mention anything else.” Lan Yu hurriedly interrupted.

“You were lying on a rock, and I thought you had jumped off the cliff too. Then I was sent back to the main planet, and when I asked someone to inquire later, I got the news that you were indeed gone.” Lu RanKong recounted in a muffled voice, “I didn’t dare to go to Chaya Planet again for a long time, but a few years later I got up the courage to go there once, and I went to your house, and the neighbors said… Your grandfather also passed away. I wanted to visit the cemetery, but I was too afraid to face it.”

Lu RanKong was silent for a moment and then said in a dry voice, “I also always wondered why you and my mother died together. I was even afraid that when my mother was depressed and committed suicide, she happened to meet you and dragged you along with her—”

“It couldn’t…” Lan Yu interrupted him, “It couldn’t have been like that.”

Lu RanKong murmured, “Yes, because you’re not dead at all, and your body had been occupied by a Lontan person. So, my mother’s death was also most likely related to K. It’s not all my father’s responsibility…”

Lan Yu clutched his head anxiously, “But I still can’t remember what happened that day, except when I saw my grandfather and remembered him…”

Lu RanKong hurriedly soothed, “Don’t worry, you can think slowly. Even if you can never remember, we can still find K. You should have only been unconscious at that time, and that’s when he entered your body.”

Lan Yu looked up, “Yes, we need to find K. We also need to check the previous information and figure out the trajectory of his life over the years.”

“Yes…” Lu RanKong said.

“What kind of person is K usually in front of you guys?” Lu RanKong continued to ask Luo Yang.

Luo Yang said, “He’s very calm, not very talkative, and a bit gloomy, which makes people afraid to get close to him.”

“And does he usually act out and do things that seem a little crazy?” Lu RanKong asked.

Luo Yang froze and shook his head, “No. If you had said Noe, he was more like that. After all, Noe was like a lunatic, but K wasn’t like that.”

Lan Yu has now recovered his emotions, hearing about the K from Luo Yang’s mouth, and the K he knew, it was like they were two different people.

Lu RanKong obviously thought of this too and asked in his mind, “Xiao Yu, what do you think is going on?”

Lan Yu replied blankly, “I don’t know…”

Lu RanKong propped his hands on his knees, his upper body slightly leaning forward, “Luo Yang, let me ask you one last question.”

“What?” Luo Yang heard the last question and sat up straight, Yun Jie began to get nervous again.

“Did you have any ideas in mind when you drugged me and prompted me to go into heat?” Lu RanKong’s gaze was cold, but the corners of the mouth hooked up a smile, this smile scared Luo Yang. 

He stood up as he hurried to explain, “No no, in fact, no matter what the situation after it was, I would’ve given you an injection of inhibitors, and wouldn’t have let you have an accident.”

Yun Jie also hurriedly nodded his head.

Lu RanKong raised a hand to stop the rest of his words and asked, “How did you find out K was an Omega?”

Luo Yang mumbled, “I saw the suppressant he carried with him once.”

“Then why did he go into the military camp?”

Luo Yang hesitated and said, “Probably for Colonel Lu.”

At these words, Lu RanKong sat up straight, and Lan Yu in the mental domain was also stunned.

“K mentioned him twice and seemed quite attached to him, but of course that’s just my guess.”

Lu RanKong looked sideways in contemplation, tapping his fingers on the armrest of the ebony chair. A moment later stood up and said, “Okay, you can go, leave the body to me.”

As soon as Yun Jie heard this, he also rose to his feet and flung himself excitedly onto the transparent wall.

Lu RanKong said, “I will ask Colonel Lu to get you a new identity and a Star Warship ticket. It’ll be done in a few days, so just be patient. But like you promised, give me the power to activate your chip.”

“That’s fine…” Luo Yang was busy nodding, “I want a ship ticket to Goseti Planet.”

“Goseti, Retreat Planet?” asked Lu RanKong.

“Yes, the scenery is very nice there, so Yun Jie and I will go to live in Retreat Planet and find a random job.”

“No problem…”

Luo Yang and Yun Jie looked at each other excitedly.

Lu RanKong added, “Although you have gained a new identity and are going to live incognito on Sasu Planet, you can’t be completely out of surveillance, so I’m going to need you to report your affairs.”

Luo Yang and Yun Jie’s faces full of joy immediately dissipated as they looked at him nervously.

“But don’t worry, as long as you stay peaceful, I can guarantee that the military department will not take any action and you can get the maximum freedom.” Lu RanKong said.

Luo Yang thought about it and felt that this result was already very good, and it was impossible to live completely unmonitored, so he nodded happily, “I will keep my promise, live a good life with Yun Jie and not do anything against Sasu Planet.” He clicked on the terminal in his hand, typed quickly in it, then turned the floating screen toward Lu RanKong and solemnly said, “This is my chip activation code and the method.”

After Lu RanKong read it, he deleted the content he had entered.

Lu RanKong didn’t say anything, just walked to the vase, reached out and opened the dark room door.

As the door opened, Luo Yang walked out quickly and clung to Yun Jie who pounced on him.

Lu RanKong coughed, “Okay, you go back to Yun Jie’s body first.”

Luo Yang looked at Yun Jie with difficulty and said, “I can’t get out yet.”

“Can’t get out? Why can’t you get out?” Lu RanKong remembered that he had asked this question at the beginning, but Luo Yang didn’t answer at that time.

Lan Yu also looked at Luo Yang through Lu RanKong’s eyes and from his spiritual domain.

Luo Yang explained, “It’s like this, after a Lontan person enters someone’s spiritual domain, to detach from the original body, we have to use some power, which we call numinous power. The original spirit body will instinctively resist the intruder, this is the numinous force. If we want to detach from the body, we can detach by following this force. Even if the original host’s spiritual body is swallowed, the numinous force exists in its own spiritual body, and if you want to go out to release it, you are pushed out of the original host body.”

Lu RanKong slightly narrowed his eyes, “You mean, since Colonel Lu’s spiritual body is not inside the body, you won’t be able to obtain the force that pushed you out?”

“Yes…” Luo Yang said apprehensively, “Because he had taken stabilizers, the moment I entered his mental domain just now, his entire mental body detached, so now I can only wait for him to come back and squeeze me out. Don’t worry, he’ll be back in a few hours.”

Lu RanKong didn’t speak again and looked down at the floor as Yun Jie slowly leaned over to Luo Yang and met him nervously face to face.

“Tell you what, you two go into the guest bedroom and rest for a while until your bodies change back.” Lu RanKong said.

Yun Jie and Luo Yang nodded their heads, “Okay, okay.”

They went to the room pointed out by Lu RanKong and just pushed the door open, Lu RanKong again barked out, “You two are not allowed to have any intimate behavior, and you are not allowed to be next to each other and make out.”

“I understand, I understand, this isn’t my body now.” Luo Yang hurriedly separated from Yun Jie a bit.

“I will come and check from time to time.” Lu RanKong added.

“Don’t worry, we will keep our distance and sit far away from each other.” Luo Yang reassured him repeatedly.

Lu RanKong also walked back to the master bedroom, conversing with Lan Yu as he walked.

“I know why K has been staying inside you.” Lu RanKong took a bottle of ice water from the small refrigerator, unscrewed the cap and raised it to his lips, but thought of something and stopped, put the water back in the refrigerator and went to the water fountain to get a cup of hot water.

“You’ve just gone through an estrus, so don’t drink ice water for now. Remember to drink something hot when you get your body back later.” He told Lan Yu.

Lan Yu answered sullenly.

Lu RanKong took a sip of water and said, “Because your mental body is completely detached, he couldn’t get out even if he wanted to, and was trapped in your body. He had to enter the Ministry, so he had to pretend to be an Alpha to achieve his goal.”

Lan Yu withdrew his synchronized vision with Lu RanKong and lay down on the dormitory bed, covering his face with the quilt. Then he lifted the quilt again and wrapped his arms around Gu Gu next to him, burying his face in its soft belly.

“So Xiao Yu, you really are Shu Yu,” Lu RanKong said with certainty.

He didn’t know yet that Lan Yu had already met Shu Yu in his spiritual domain and also met his grandfather, and had internally agreed with the fact that he was Shu Yu, so he was still explaining to him.

“K squeezed out your spiritual body when he invaded your spiritual domain… But I don’t think you’ve ever drunk a stabilizer, right? So how could it happen?” Lu RanKong asked in wonder.

“I drank it…” Lan Yu suddenly spoke out.

“You drank it?”

Lan Yu raised his head and rolled over, hugging Gu Gu to his chest and looking at the ceiling, and said quietly, “My grandfather has been giving me some kind of medicine to drink since I was a child, one bowl every month, and said that everyone in our family must drink it to avoid disaster. I think what he gave me to drink should be the stabilizer.”

“Your grandfather could make his own stabilizer?” Lu RanKong asked.

Lan Yu had dimly remembered some fragments of his grandfather, and he said in a dry voice, “He didn’t call the soup stabilizer, but an exorcism soup, saying that drinking it would keep away evil spirits.” His voice was a little unsteady and vaguely trembling, “That medicinal soup was very bitter, but I had to drink it once a month. I wanted to pour it out secretly, but he was standing next to me and watching me drink it. Every time I finished it, he would get a candy from the tin can in the cupboard and feed it to me…”

Lan Yu stared at the ceiling and kept blinking his eyes, trying to blink away the watery breath.

After a moment of silence, Lu RanKong asked, “Do you remember everything?”

“I can only remember a few things about my grandfather.” Two lines of tears slid down the corners of Lan Yu’s eyes.

Lu RanKong didn’t disturb him and remained quiet. After a few moments, Lan Yu calmed down and asked, “What are you doing now?”

“Nothing, I’m just holding a glass of water and staring at it.”

“Then what are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about Luo Yang, who took over my body, making it so I can’t hug you and comfort you.”

Lan Yu sniffed and said, “I’m fine, for so many years, when things happened, all I had to do was cry, and after that, I’d be fine.”

“Is that so?” Lu RanKong murmured in a very soft voice, “I wish I was always by your side, so whenever you were sad, I’d make a pony animal to coax you, and you wouldn’t cry.”

Lan Yu listened to his gentle voice and suddenly felt that the strength and self-soothing he had been doing had lost its effect, they couldn’t support his fragility, only Lu RanKong’s embrace could.

“Lu RanKong, I miss you so much, please give me a hug.” He cried again.

After two whimpers, he felt quite embarrassed and buried his face in Gu Gu’s stomach.

Lu RanKong didn’t say anything, but Lan Yu knew he was giving him time to cry. He was a little ashamed, but felt that this was also quite good.

While shedding tears, he looked up at Gu Gu’s belly, twisted away a thread left on it, and then leaned up to continue whimpering.

When his shoulder was suddenly touched in his spiritual domain, Gu Gu was slowly drawn away.

Lan Yu snapped his head up and turned around, and in his teary eyes, he saw Lu RanKong standing behind him. His hand continued to tug at GuGu, and then threw it on the pillow.

“How… how can you come in?” Lan Yu was so shocked that he forgot to cry for a moment.

“I haven’t taken back my body right and came in.” Lu RanKong bent down to wipe the tears on his face, his hands moved gently, his breathing was light, his gaze was focused and serious. He took him in his arms again and said tenderly, “Don’t cry, let Brother Bao hug you.”

Lan Yu’s face was pressed against his tight abdomen, and he inhaled deeply, letting the reassuring familiar scent linger in his nose, as his hands slowly wrapped around his waist.

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August 14, 2021 1:30 pm

Did Noe do something to Lontan-K and, in turn, take over that body, so becoming the ‘mad’ K?
This is an awful lot for Lan Yu to take in. His and LRK’s closeness is lovely and the latter has handled it all so well. He and Shu Yu are reunited.
Hopefully LRK will have his body back soon.
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 14, 2021 1:59 pm

The grandpa knew stuff and things, how exciting! I wonder if that made LY a target from Lontan!K.

I’m still heartbroken and a bit teary bc of LY. He was robbed of his childhood and a loving grandpa. Even tho LRK has his Xiao Yu back, I’m suffering. 😢

p.s. we were robbed of a childhood-friends-to-royal-husbands-story. f*ck the Hor Lontans!!

Sue R
Sue R
August 14, 2021 2:01 pm

Finally, the past was clearer.

August 14, 2021 3:07 pm

So now Lan Yu has a “formula” for a much cheeper stabilizer if only he can remember it.

August 14, 2021 7:42 pm

Very good Lan Yu remember everything, their interaction is gratifying, it’s beautiful, I love them!

August 14, 2021 9:56 pm

Absolutely adore this couple💞💞💞

August 14, 2021 10:02 pm

Wow..K really so meticulous in his plans…😲😲😲

August 15, 2021 5:45 am

I thought his spirit resists K that’s why K acts like crazy…

Anyway, if Lan Yu’s spirit was squeezed out, then perhaps he really became a movie star to another world, then he just ‘transmigrated’ back to his original body… K is probably among the soldiers who opened the leap point. Who knows, maybe he’s on the body they’re close with

August 15, 2021 11:25 pm

I’m crying too 😢😢

September 4, 2021 2:13 am

I just had a realisation. Lu RanKong’s birth name was Gu Fan, and Lan Yu’s teddy bear was named ‘Gu Gu’ it was probably subconsciously named after Lu RanKong.

November 29, 2021 1:57 am

What i think now is Shu Yu Family have a stabilizer recipe that can mass producee!!!!!!! 😱😱
I think his granpa is really sad 😭 how his granpa think after his only grandson is invade by lontan 😭😭 OMG i want to kill K or Lontan person who actually make our Xiao Yu life like this 😭

March 19, 2022 11:01 am

So I think it was prob LY granpas who’s the target and LRK mom was involved,mayb trying to protect LY or sth?

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
November 26, 2022 6:28 am

he always used his baozi’s nickname to comfort xiao Yu lmao

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