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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lu RanKong’s strong arms and embrace made Lan Yu gradually quiet down, and he let him just wrap around his waist without moving.

After a long time, Lu RanKong asked softly, “Do you still want to cry?”

“I’m not crying…” Lan Yu sniffled.

“Mn, just rest against me for a while. Do you still want to rest?”

Lan Yu said sullenly, “No…”

Lu RanKong leaned down and kissed him on the top of his head, saying, “If you don’t want to, let’s go, let’s go visit your spiritual domain.”

“Don’t want to move…” Lan Yu said with a strong nasal voice, as if he was impatient and pouting.

“Okay, okay, we won’t move.” Lu RanKong lifted a hand and stroked his hair.

After a while, Lan Yu lifted his head and said, “Let’s go and take a look in the spiritual domain.”


“Your chest is all wet.” Lan Yu whispered with his nose and eyes red.

Lu RanKong looked down, “It’s wet from the water I just drank, it’s okay, it will dry up in a while.” He took Lan Yu’s hand and walked to the kitchen, where there was still a small door on the wall, and he pushed it open and walked out.

“Ah!” Lan Yu shrieked briefly when he noticed an empty space around him and under his feet, grabbing the person beside him.

“Don’t be afraid, you can step on the ground.” Lu RanKong put his arm around his shoulder, “I was scared at first too, but we are spiritual beings, we won’t fall down.”

“Which way did I just see the passage?” Lu RanKong looked around, “I saw it over there!”

Lan Yu looked in the direction he pointed and saw a huge space distortion, forming a transparent circular passage.

Lu RanKong led him forward and stopped at the entrance of the passage, “Come on, go through.”

Lan Yu had an instinctive fear of this strange sight, so he closed his eyes and let Lu RanKong pull him into the passage.

A few seconds later, he heard Lu RanKong exclaim, “Where is this place?”

Lan Yu hurriedly opened his eyes and saw a large courtyard appear in front of him, with some children running and chasing, and a one-year-old or so being led by a half-grown child, toddling around on a flat area.

“What I saw when I came over earlier was you filming.” Lu RanKong said.

A smile slowly appeared on Lan Yu’s face, “This is the orphanage I lived in as a child.”

Lu RanKong looked at him and said, “Come on, let’s go find out where you are.”

Lu RanKong was about to walk forward when Lan Yu pulled him back, “I’m not here…”

“Then where?”

“It’s free time, so I’m usually in the grove in the backyard.” He pulled Lu RanKong toward the backyard, and all along the way were children running. Although they knew they couldn’t touch each other, they still habitually avoided them.

The so-called backyard was a wasteland behind the orphanage, naturally overgrown with trees and a pathway in the middle. The two walked a short distance down the path and saw the back of a boy.

The boy and a brown bear doll were sitting side by side on a boulder, watching the sunset in the distance, the boy’s thin and small back showing a little loneliness.

Lu RanKong pulled Lan Yu to his side and stopped, sitting together on the boulder.

The boy, unaware that there were two more people beside him, whispered to the brown bear, “Gu Gu, I want to grow up so fast, so I can see the outside world and have my own home when I grow up. Maybe… Maybe I can regain my memory and go see them… Although they don’t want me, I’ll just sneak a glance.”

Gu Gu didn’t say anything, but Lu RanKong turned his head sideways and looked at him tenderly.

Lan Yu also looked at the little boy, at himself who was so good in front of the teacher dean, but behind the scenes just wanted to hide from everyone.

“I couldn’t recall my past at that time, I would always feel scared from time to time, and would often come to the forest alone to see the sunset and feel the wind blow. I didn’t have to smile at anyone here, or say what everyone wanted to hear.” Lan Yu and the boy sat side by side and turned their heads to look at the sunset as well.

Lu RanKong’s gaze fell on the faces of the two, and a sense of trance rose.

It was incredible to think about sitting with your younger self through the gulf of time, yet it made so much sense.

The forest was very quiet, only the lightly rustling leaves could be heard. The boy sat for a while, then picked up the plush doll next to him and walked back.

“Do you think that these are real?” Lan Yu, still looking ahead at the sunset, softly asked.

Lu RanKong watched the boy’s back disappear at the end of the woods, then turned back around, reached out and gently touched Lan Yu’s hair and said, “Xiao Yu, these are real.”


Lu RanKong’s hand slid down his hair, then took him by the shoulders and said, “I believe you when you say you used to live in this world.”


“Actually, I didn’t believe it at first. I thought that after your body was occupied by K, your mental body fell into a deep sleep, and what you thought had happened was actually a dream of your own making.” Lu RanKong shook his head and said. “But now I don’t think so. Whether it’s you making a movie or you hugging the bear just now, it’s all so real.”

Lan Yu looked at him quietly, watching the sunset jumping in Lu RanKong’s eyes with points of light.

“Although the dimension in our eyes is complete, it doesn’t mean that this space is really complete. It’s like a piece of glass, polished smooth to be seen by our human eyes. If magnified to a certain degree, its surface is actually uneven. Space is the same way, if you zoom in to a certain degree, you will see the space-time gap.”

“Space-time gaps?” Lan Yu murmured and asked.

“Yes, this is the conclusion that has been researched by recent scholars, and the electromagnetic storm you were talking about, I think it was a space-time gap that had been forcibly pulled apart.” Lu RanKong explained. He continued after a pause, “The spatial distortion we just passed in your mental domain is a memory fragment of the scene left in your mental domain when you crossed the space-time gap. Only that spatial pressure was so great that it affected your mental body, causing amnesia.”

Lan Yu’s eyes widened, “You mean to say that the electromagnetic storm is the time gap, and when I was still Shu Yu, my mental body crossed the time gap and then continued to live in another world?”

Lu RanKong nodded.

Lan Yu suddenly remembered the night he crossed over, the female anchor in the car, the electromagnetic storm many years ago, many listeners may still remember… 

Many years ago, many years ago… then that would be the time Shu Yu traveled over.

Lu RanKong tightened his hand around his shoulder and said, “Originally you took a stabilizer when you were a child, so your spirit would return to your body soon, but by mistake, it went into a time gap that opened to another world, so K was confined in your original body. Later the time gap opened again and you were sent back because of your special physique, squeezing out the K that remained in your body.”

Lan Yu was stunned for a moment and asked, “Then why is there no fragment of K’s memory in my body?”

Lu RanKong pondered for a moment and then said, “That void in your mental domain, I guess it was left by K.”

“Just that void where you can’t see anything?”

“Yes, it looks like a void to us, but it’s not really. It’s the memory left behind by K. It’s not activated.”

“Why do you say that?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong said, “Since the Lontan person can enter our spiritual domain, he can get the memories of the original owner from the memory fragments, but he didn’t know what ever happened to the original owner. In other words, the memory fragments between the Lontan person and us cannot be connected and cannot recognize each other.”

He patted Lan Yu’s shoulder and continued, “In the piece of nothingness in your spiritual domain, there’s a spatial distortion, and through that spatial distortion, we can see your memories in the other time and space, and the two time and space are connected through this channel.”

Lan Yu looked at the sunset in the sky and said, “You mean that after K squeezed me out, I went through the space-time gap to the other dimension, and K only started to generate memory fragments at that time, so between that void and my memory fragments in the other dimension, a space-time channel appeared?”

“Yes…” Lu RanKong nodded.

“Then K can’t see my previous experiences and can’t see the space-time passages because they are also my memories?”

“That’s right. Your mental domain appears to be full of emptiness to him.”

Lan Yu pondered for a while longer and breathed a sigh of relief, feeling some comfort that his past hadn’t been peeked at by K.

The sunset in the distance continued to sink, and the last glimmer sank into the horizon, leaving only a sky full of red haze.

“Let’s go, let’s go see again—” Lu RanKong’s words ended abruptly, Lan Yu turned his head and found that there was no one around him, only himself left on the empty boulder.

“Lu RanKong!” He shouted but heard no response.

He instantly thought that Lu RanKong should have returned to his body, so he didn’t panic and began to concentrate on taking back control of his body.

The person lying motionless on the sofa moved his arms and legs, then opened his eyes and sat up.

“Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu!” There was a knock on the door of the room, and it was Lu RanKong outside.

“I’m here…” He answered. He got up so fast that he stumbled on his feet, but quickly stood firm and went forward to open the door.

Lu RanKong stood motionless outside the door, and even without opening his mouth, Lan Yu recognized him from the warm look in his eyes.

Both of them took a step forward in silence and embraced each other again.

After a long time of separation, Lan Yu then saw Yun Jie, who was standing in the hallway with his back to them.

Lu RanKong reached out and ruffled a clump of his forehead hair and whispered, “There, it’s okay.”

Turning to Yun Jie, he said, “Luo Yang, I’ll walk you out. Your new identity will be sent to your terminal in a few days.”

The two walked out of the villa, Luo Yang looked up at Lu RanKong with a languid expression.

“Do you have anything else to say?” Lu RanKong asked.

Luo Yang hesitated and said, “I put a catalytic drug in K’s Crow Wings, it’s harmless to his body, but…”

“But what?” Lu RanKong sank his face.

“The rutting period is actually not over, it’s just a temporary suppression of the fever with inhibitors.” Luo Yang gouged his face with his hand and whispered.

“And then what?” Lu RanKong asked afterwards.

“And then… It may be different from the normal rutting period and he will continue to have hot flushes.”

Lu RanKong instantly turned pale, and when Luo Yang saw him about to get angry, he quickly added, “Because of the residual effect of the drug, I suggest to stimulate the hot flush and let his heat period end naturally. This method is the best for his body.”

“How does it end naturally?” Lu RanKong reached out and grabbed him by the collar, his tone fierce.

“Mark, mark.” Luo Yang panicked, “Stimulate K’s fever, then mark him…” His voice grew smaller and smaller and finally disappeared into his mouth, holding his breath and preparing fearfully for Lu RanKong’s wrath.

Yun Jie also huffed nervously in his mental domain.

After hearing this, Lu RanKong turned his head to look aside and didn’t move. A few moments later, he let go of his collar, and also reached out to smooth out the folds on it, smiled, and said very kindly, “Let’s go…”

Yun Jie saw his anger suddenly dissipate, as if nothing had happened, so he was a bit overwhelmed as he was still standing.

Lu RanKong, with his hands in his trouser pockets, took two steps and then stopped, turned around and asked curiously, “What are you staring at? Come on, let’s get you out of here first.”

“Oh oh, okay.” Luo Yang breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly followed.

Lan Yu waited for them to leave the villa and then returned to his room, sitting on a deck chair on the terrace, quietly staring ahead.

A gust of wind blew, a little cool, he curled both feet also on the chair, wrapping his arms around them.

Ten minutes later, familiar footsteps came from the bedroom door, someone sat down beside him, and he was instantly enveloped in warmth.

“Sent Luo Yang away?”

“Mn, what are you thinking about?” Lu RanKong took him by the shoulders.

Another night breeze blew by, Lan Yu felt the coolness and unconsciously hugged his arms, “I’m not thinking about anything, I’m just dazed.”

Lu RanKong laughed lightly and said, “Let’s get some rest and think about it tomorrow.”

“Mn…” Lan Yu nodded. He could really rest early after what he had experienced today.

Lu RanKong led him to the house, Lan Yu yawned and asked, “Just now Luo Yang said that K entered the army to get closer to you. Why?”

Lu RanKong thought about it and said, “In a few days, I’ll take you to my house and you’ll understand everything.”

Lan Yu heard this, all the sleepiness disappeared, “Go… go to your house?”

“This time we have both arrived at Sasu Planet, so it wouldn’t be right not to see Father once. We will get married when you retire from the military, so we’re already in a hurry.” Lu RanKong naturally explained. He turned his head and saw Lan Yu’s nervous face, so he added, “It’s okay, my elder brother is very nice. If father gives you a look, I will give him a look back.”

The moment these words came out, Lan Yu was suddenly not nervous anymore.

“Rest first, I have to go to Liu Deng to report the situation.” Lu RanKong said.

From Luo Yang, they had obtained a lot of information about the Lontan Planet, and Lan Yu knew that this information was very important, and had to be reported, so he went to bed first.

The warm orange light and soft bedding in the room with only a small lamp on made people drowsy, and Lan Yu tossed and turned for a while before falling asleep.

He didn’t know how long it took, but in the haze, he felt Lu RanKong get into bed with the fragrance and watery smell of shower gel.

Lan Yu rolled over, and as usual, he was in Lu RanKong’s arms, letting him gently touch his cheek with his lips, squinting comfortably, ready to fall asleep again.

He didn’t notice that Lu RanKong had dimmed the lights and at some point gently uncovered the glandular patch on the back of his neck.

It was only when he felt the warmth of his lips and tongue brushing against the gland that Lan Yu woke up abruptly, as if he had been electrocuted, and recoiled, reflexively pushing Lu RanKong away.

“You… why did you rip off my glandular patch?” He asked in a panic.

There was moonlight shining through the window, and he saw Lu RanKong’s eyes shining with a light, penetrating an aggression and wildness he had never seen before, like a snarling beast.

“Xiao Yu, you’re in heat again.” Lu RanKong said in a hoarse voice, “I feel it…”

Lan Yu was stunned, then he realized that a hot tide had risen in his belly again, spreading to all his limbs and bones, not at the same speed as the previous wisps, but this time it was raging and instantly surged to his whole body.

Lu RanKong at some point also uncovered the Alpha gland patch on the back of his neck, allowing the pheromones to float freely in the air. A strong smell came overwhelmingly at Lan Yu, wrapping him up in a thin layer, invading every inch of his exposed skin with force.

It was a good smell, like crisp mountain snow with cold air, but mixed with the drunkenness of alcohol, making his heart beat faster instantly, his hands and feet becoming weak and losing strength.

Lu RanKong slowly approached him and sniffed around his neck, saying in a husky voice, “Xiao Yu, do you smell my pheromones? I can smell yours.”

Lan Yu said in a shivering voice, “Yes, I can smell it. Put it back on.”

Lu RanKong continued to rub fondly against his neck, saying, “Your pheromones smell so good.”

“What… what do mine smell like?” Lan Yu was too weak to speak loudly.

“I can’t say, it’s like purple glucosamine flowers, so sweet that people can’t stand it. And a little bit of sea salt, like Crow Wings.” Lu RanKong’s teeth began to gently suck and bite at the glands on the back of his neck.

“Don’t you bite, don’t bite, I’m scared…” Out of the Omega’s instinct for gland protection, Lan Yu sensed the danger, and like a prey being held tightly by a beast at the back of his neck, he was unable to struggle against it, only sobbing vulnerably for mercy.

Lu RanKong looked down at him without saying anything, just gasping for breath. He felt like a pervert, wanting both to make him laugh and to see him continue to cry.

After a while, he reached out to wipe away the tears near the corners of Lan Yu’s eyes and said, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t force you. I’ll go and place an order online, buy a few more inhibitors and have them delivered quickly.”

After that, he turned on the light beside him and turned over to get the terminal on the bed. When he was about to get up, he found that the corner of his shirt was tugged. He lowered his head and saw a white, thin hand reaching out from under the covers and tugging at the corner of his shirt.

Lu RanKong looked at the hand, and Lan Yu was looking at him, his face and lips were red, but his eyes were moist.

Lu RanKong struggled, but the hand tightened its grip.

“What do you mean?” Lu RanKong stopped moving and just leaned down to look at Lan Yu, his voice was muffled and low, with a little resonant sound, like it was coming from his chest.

Lan Yu looked at him without saying anything.

Lu RanKong swallowed roughly and said, “I’ll go get the terminal and order the inhibitor for you and have it delivered by the smart delivery guy.”

Lan Yu shrank under the blanket, then came right back out, and his hands never let go of the corner of his shirt.

Lu RanKong closed his eyes and looked at him again, a drop of sweat rolled down his forehead, “You’re not letting me order inhibitors?”

Lan Yu nodded his head gently.

“Do you know what this means? I’m going to mark you tonight.” Lu RanKong’s eyes became darker than ever, the backs of his shoulders slightly tensed with aggression.

After a breathless silence, Lan Yu replied in a shaky voice, “Be gentle…”

Lu RanKong, at that moment, only felt like something exploded in his brain, and everything was filled with a moment of blankness.

Everything in the world lost its color, leaving only a bright and dazzling Lan Yu.

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