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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After Lian Jing’s proposal was passed unanimously by A1, the group of eight people who were in a tizzy almost never got quiet. Various maid outfits and colors, even down to head flowers and gloves, were discussed with great enthusiasm.

Shi Yu wasn’t interested in these things. He took a brief moment to book a car back to Zhong Tan’s home.

When school was over, Zhong Tan sent him a message that said there was a problem with the house. Shi Yu opened the door and saw Zhong Tan was lying on the sofa, and he was sighing in dismay.

“What’s wrong?” He put down the book bag that hung on his shoulder, and looked around the room.

“The landlord called me this morning and said that this plot of land was being looked at by a developer…The rent was doubled and I was told to find another place to live.”

Shi Yu frowned. “So urgent?”

“I guess he wants to get the money quickly. The landlord is ready to emigrate and definitely doesn’t care about the tenants.” Zhong Tan stretched out his finger and made a three. “Asking to move out within three days.”

When he first signed the contract, he only cared about moving in while the rent was low, and hadn’t read the contract carefully. The contract stated that before the lease expired, he would have to pay twice the rent for breach of contract, plus every subsequent clause of the contract was in favor of the landlord.

“It’s all a fucking mess.” Zhong Tan scratched his head impatiently. “I had it all planned out–“

The words stopped in mid-sentence. Shi Yu saw his expression clearly. He was the variable, and now Zhong Tan was facing a new variable.

“I’m going to find a good place this weekend and try not to delay your classes. Then we’ll talk about it later.”

“How much money is missing?”

“It’s not a matter of money.” Zhong Tan instantly denied. “Cub, it’s hard to go from luxury to frugality. We ordinary people are used to suffering, so we can’t enjoy happiness easily.”

Shi Yu knew what Zhong Tan meant and lowered his eyes. “I still have money here.”

“I know. But I’m an investor, and you’re the one I’m investing in now.” Zhong Tan patted him on the shoulder. “I haven’t invested yet, so why are you anxious to give me a return?”

Shi Yu knew about the recent rental market, and Zhong Tan needed to put his energy into his school. He looked down and sent a message to Shi Lan.

Shi Yu just wanted to ask Shi Lan for help with something like a housing agent, so he was surprised when Shi Lan contacted Jiang ChengLi directly.

Later that night, President Jiang himself appeared on their floor.

Zhong Tan watched dumbfounded as the movers helped him empty his things. He was sitting in the limousine before his soul seemed to return to its place. He pressed Shi Yu’s shoulder and asked, word for word, “Tell me, kid. Is it true that after your mother came back last time, she asked you to settle down with the Jiang family?” He lowered his voice and said with concern, “You’re still underage. This isn’t good.”

Shi Yu wanted to say something, but his helpless eyes caught sight of Jiang ChengLi’s pleased gaze in the rearview mirror.

President Jiang smiled warmly and seemed very satisfied with the current state.

Zhong Tan coughed twice with his hands up, then whispered, “That….President Jiang, is it really okay for us to stay at your house again?”

Jiang ChengLi nodded. “We’re all classmates, it’s appropriate to help each other.”

While he was talking like a decent man, Shi Yu saw a small amount of frost on the window of his side of the car.

The sparkling and crystal-clear frost flowers 1 were stuck to the window. They condensed, bloomed and then slowly faded.

Jiang ChengLi was in a good mood, and used the ice to create a small cluster of fireworks for him. Shi Yu’s eyes were downcast and he didn’t speak.

Zhong Tan never dreamed that he would be moved into the Jiang family villa for a second time. He never thought he would have cuddled the white cat that President Jiang kept. His whole body felt as if he were floating. He said to Shi Yu, “Son, I take back what I said in the car. Can you hurry up and get married to President Jiang? I want to eat the soft rice of the Jiang family.”

Shi Yu, “…”

“It’s okay to be the Jiang family’s little maid, just include food and housing.”


President Jiang was generous enough and helped Zhong Tan to find the closest single-occupancy apartment to his school, so he could move there in a few days. Shi Yu tried a few times, but Jiang ChengLi seemed unhappy that he intended to live with Zhong Tan, and revealed nothing to him.

Shi Yu wasn’t going to take advantage of Jiang ChengLi for nothing. He also wanted Zhong Tan not to think too much, so he paid three months’ rent without Zhong Tan’s knowledge. When the money was transferred, Jiang ChengLi hadn’t immediately touched the money, only looked at him. The pupils of his eyes were haloed with a beautiful watery blue.

“Student Shi, is it not appropriate to talk about money between us?” Jiang ChengLi smiled, and nodded at Shi Yu’s businesslike contract.

Shi Yu rightly said, “A pheromone relationship is a pheromone relationship, and rent is rent. We have to make it clear.”

“It’s not far from his school and the location is also close to the city center for a single apartment.” Shi Yu looked at the video footage Jiang ChengLi brought back and whispered, “President Jiang is really capable.”

Jiang ChengLi laughed. His hand supported the side of his face. “Not really. I just found a single apartment, one bedroom.”

Shi Yu’s fingertips paused for a moment. He heard Jiang ChengLi as he slowly said, “So there is no room for you.”

Shi Yu, “…” Are you doing this on purpose?

Jiang ChengLi was regretful. “I apologized to Auntie Shi. She thought I was too unreliable and said I had to take care of you until she returned home.”

Shi Yu simply wanted to laugh. “Then my mother, she–“

Jiang ChengLi deliberately leaned on the desktop. A pure white dragon tail gradually took shape, then slowly moved into Shi Yu’s vision.

“–wants you to live here.”

“… Fine.”


After two weeks of preparation, the school art event kicked off. Following the opening ceremony with the principal’s briefing, each class returned to their assigned booths and started preparing. The cafe where A1 and Omega Class collaborated was on the ground floor of Building A. The students started working according to their planned assignments.

The physical work of moving things was basically taken care of by Class A, while the Omega Class was only responsible for serving as waiters. The ordered dresses arrived the previous evening. He Huan and Xia ZhiNing had hidden them until noon to keep them a mystery.

It was the standard black and white maid outfit, with matching hair accessories and gloves.

The Omega Class boys accounted for half of the second gender so they didn’t have much resistance to the dresses, but thought they would be painful to wear. Fortunately, all the boys were wearing it so there wasn’t much sense of absurdity.

Except for Shi Yu.

“You’re the best looking of our Omega Class boys’ faces, so we decided to give you the most unique set, out of selfishness.”

Before entering the bathroom, He Huan mysteriously shoved the black paper bag in her hand into Shi Yu’s arms. “Go and put it on. You’re the one who’s going to win the show today.”


Shi Yu opened his mouth to refuse, but found himself unable to deny He Huan’s eager gaze. He went into the cubicle, gr the taabbed the bag hanging from his front pocket, and pulled out a pure white costume. It consisted of a black lace-up, a small white dress, a silver wig, and…fluffy cat ears.

“He Huan.”

“I’m at the door! What’s wrong?!”

“Must I wear it?”

“Yes!” He Huan made it difficult. “After all, we’ve negotiated with Class A. Ah, I see all the boys in our class have changed. What about you? You have to hurry up, you have to get makeup done next!”

“…” There was no way back. Shi Yu hesitated, then put on the dress with shame.

He Huan waited for a long time and finally heard the cubicle door open. She turned back in anticipation, and saw a figure in white just as she had hoped.

The young man was tall and lean, with dazzling pale skin. With the fluffy skirt that reflected his white complexion, it seemed like he was glowing. The hem of the skirt fell just at the bend of the thigh, while below were long thin stockings. Also very cute two cat paws as shoes.

The wig was a little crooked, and Shi Yu’s delicate features were revealed. The small mole under his eye set off his eyes; bright and playful. He had struggled for a long time with whether to wear the cat ears before he finally got the courage to put them on, so they were somewhat messy, but extremely cute.

His expression blended in with his temperament. An arrogant cat in captivity, who was holding back a small hiss, not wanting to enter the area full of strangers.

It was a heart-beating level of cuteness!

He Huan even took two steps back, really shocked by the contrast Shi Yu made. She almost had to pinch herself. She held her breath for a long time so she didn’t explode in place. Then she forced back the nasal surge of blood and controlled her emotions. “You wait a moment. I’ll change too.”

While talking nonsense, she took out her mobile phone and snapped a series of pictures of Shi Yu. Shi Yu’s gaze was discomfited, and his body felt wrong everywhere.

“I want to change.”

“No! Absolutely not!” He Huan growled. She looked at his shocked expression and hurried to calm the mood. “I’ll take you to get your makeup immediately.”

President Jiang! Make sure you look at your little kitten!


Li Chen was lamenting that this year’s student council was still busy. Otherwise he could have dragged Jiang ChengLi to wear women’s clothing. The women’s clothes were going to be hot and lively.

“President, you’re so cunning. You just want to enjoy yourself, right?” Li Chen knocked on Jiang ChengLi’s desk. “Tsk. Letting Little Teardrop Mole wear a dress…Your high class alpha fetishes are really exciting.”

Jiang ChengLi lifted his eyelids and gave him a cold sweeping glance. “Knowing that a dominant alpha is not to be messed with, you’d better not look at him too much later.”

Li Chen was stabbed by those cold eyes and instantly jumped to the office door. “Ah, they seem to lack a handyman. I’ll go first. Busy, President. Bye–“

Jiang ChengLi lowered his eyes. A few rows of data flew from his pen, then he realized he was a little distracted. He closed the pen cap, took off his glasses, picked up the student council armband and walked out of the office.

For Nan Zhong’s school art activities the media entered the school every year. After all, with the college’s cultural heritage, publicity couldn’t be missed.

Jiang ChengLi followed the patrol map and walked through the stalls of each class in the second year of high school before he finally arrived at the A building. He discovered that it was even more lively than he had imagined.

Lively was not enough to describe it; it was overflowing.

People were lined up to go to the A1/Omega Class Cafe and had filled the waiting area. A1 students even started handing out numbers in the hallway.

Li Chen’s message came right then, and Jiang ChengLi clicked on it.

[President, it’s not that Brother won’t help you, but you should hurry over and take the Little Teardrop Mole in your pocket! From what I know, more than thirty people have already asked him for his We Chat!]


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Translator Notes:

  1. These are often referred to as fern frost because of the way that it resembles ferns.


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August 15, 2021 5:17 pm

Poor Shi Yu doesn’t seem to have a reliable support network. 😓

Even his good friend that sheltered him from the family trying to sell him to a pedophile is being evicted in a way that would be highly illegal in my country. (The eviction period is a minimum of 3 MONTHS, if the tenant has done nothing bad and the owner just wants to sell!)

August 15, 2021 5:25 pm

I wish I could see SY in his costume with that expression! What a riot! I’d also like to see the dragon …. Are these two in a serious relationship? SY said “pheromones are pheromones and rent is rent.” This sounds like all he sees in JCL is a pheromone swap partner. Thanks for the work bringing this fun story out.

Sue R
Sue R
August 15, 2021 6:54 pm

What can he do?? I think he will go there using his authority to snitch Shi Yu away.😝😝😝

August 15, 2021 8:18 pm

Prepare yourself for another pheromones storm from our president🥰🤭i imagine he will explode seeing Shi Yu being surrounded by his admirer…

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Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 16, 2021 10:29 pm

Jiang ChengLi was totally honest with Shi Yu about needing him around and why ~ their pheromones matching (even though potentially dangerous too).
Don’t Alphas and Omegas pair up based on scent attraction; so that’s normal, but JCL has a condition out of his control and SY fights his attraction, whilst being addicted to the dragon. What a pair! 🙄

August 16, 2021 10:31 pm

Thank you for translating and editing. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Ahhh those asking for SY’s We Chat are courting death by dragon 😭 🫡

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