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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The dormitory was next to the convalescent building, a separate small building. The outer wall was painted with blue sky and white clouds, their room was on the second floor, single suite, top and bottom beds.

“Let’s just make do, because there’s no empty dormitory for the time being, so you can only live together and wait for someone to leave before moving.” Sister Liu explained to the two.

Lu RanKong walked inside the room, grabbed the iron bars of the bed and shook it twice.

The bed was strong and he said with satisfaction, “We have to understand the actual situation of the institution. Two people in one room is good enough, we have no problem, besides, work is the most important thing.”

The expression on Sister Liu’s face gentled a bit.

“Our sanatorium staff welfare is very good. See these rooms? They’re spacious, equipped and complete, with the same bedding and guests.” Sister Liu walked to the bed, reached out and pressed the bed, as she introduced with pride, “Even the items such as shower gel, shampoo, cream are all prepared for you, and the same as the guest suite.”

“It’s pretty good…” Lan Yu was a little happy to hear that there was a face cream.

“It’s the weekend, so you can rest for two days, and start working the day after tomorrow.” Sister Liu said.

“The day after tomorrow?” Lu RanKong frowned, “We want to work earlier.”

There were only a few days left, they had to hurry up and line up the people here.

Sister Liu, probably the first time she encountered this kind of new employee request, was slightly stunned and asked, “Tomorrow then?”

Lu RanKong added, “Since we’re already here, let’s start this afternoon, I’m not used to being idle, it makes me uncomfortable.”

Sister Liu looked more gentle and turned to Lan Yu, “What about you? Do you want to rest in the dorm or work today?”

“He’s the same…” Lu RanKong interjected.

Lan Yu smiled at Sister Liu, “Work is what makes people really happy.”

Sister Liu’s face was full of relief and she said with a smile, “Even if you’re busy, you have to eat first. It’s almost lunch time, so you two just go to the cafeteria and show your work badges.”

“Okay…” The two of them answered.

After Sister Liu left, Lan Yu went to the bathroom to wash his hands and saw a bottle of cream on the sink. The bottle looked good, very high-grade, but after unscrewing the cap, a cloying sweet fragrance rushed out, and the smell showed that the quality wasn’t good.

Lan Yu treated his skin very importantly and would never use unfamiliar skin care products, but it was either to feel a little tight in the face, or scoop out a little to apply.

After putting the suitcase away, the two of them went out of the dormitory building to look around and slowly walked to the entrance of the convalescent building.

“Let’s go up there?” Lan Yu asked Lu RanKong.

“Let’s go and see.”

When they entered the elevator, there were six floors. Lu RanKong pressed the number six and said to Lan Yu, “Let’s check from top to bottom.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, there was a sound of running footsteps in the lobby, so Lan Yu reached out to stop the elevator door, and a young man in a suit rushed in.

The youth had an Alpha gland body patch on the back of his neck, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, looked like a graceful elite, carrying a briefcase in his hand, but also speaking into his terminal.

“Sister, I’m coming up now… Already eaten… I’m coming to see my niece first. Yesterday when I hugged her, she was still smiling at me, surely she recognized me as her uncle… Three-month-olds also recognize people…” He looked at the elevator numbers, but didn’t press anything else, and when the elevator stopped at the sixth floor, his feet flew out.

Lu RanKong put his arm around Lan Yu’s waist, signaling him to get out of the elevator, and just as he lifted his foot, he heard the loud cry of a baby, and there was more than one wave of sound. He paused in his steps and moved back half a step without moving, then reached out to press the door closing button.

Lan Yu blocked his hand and said, “You have to see every floor.”

“Our main priority is to meet the adults, we don’t need to see these children. The Lontan person also can’t get into the body of a baby, since they can’t move and can’t walk.”

Lu RanKong’s hand continued to reach for the door closing button, so Lan Yu put his foot against the elevator door between, “Since it’s our job, we must check each floor clearly.”

Lu RanKong was silent for a moment and said, amidst the cries, “You check this floor, I’ll go to the next floor to speed up the process.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he was dragged out of the elevator door by Lan Yu.

This floor was the area for babies, the door signs on both sides were printed with bathrooms, massage rooms and so on. The two of them walked forward amidst the sound of loud cries and stopped outside the nursery.

The entire room had glass walls, and there were rows of cribs inside. The babies lying on the beds were crying with their mouths open, their little hands and feet fluttering in the air.

A Beta female in a pink nursery dress was sweating as she walked around holding a baby, whispering coaxingly. Several intelligent caregivers, with diapers and small water bowls in hand, stood overwhelmed by the wall.

The young man with gold-rimmed glasses they had met in the elevator was also inside, standing in front of a crib, whispering and coaxing a crying baby, his eyes full of love.

“Baby, you’re crying so sadly, oh, why are you so sad? Don’t be sad…” Lan Yu’s face was going to be pressed against the glass wall, speaking to the baby in the nearest crib.

“He can’t hear, and he’s not looking at you. Let’s go, let’s go to the fifth floor.” Lu RanKong urged.

“Let’s go, let’s go…” Lan Yu said so, but his feet didn’t move, and he nudged Lu RanKong beside him, “Look at that baby, everyone is crying, but he’s sleeping so well.”

In the corner of a crib, there was a baby of about two or three months lying with its pink mouth open amidst the loud cries of the sky, sleeping soundly.

“It’s funny…” Lu RanKong said perfunctorily and began to survey the passage on the sixth floor.

“Look, he even blew a saliva bubble.” Lan Yu’s voice was full of excitement, “Look…”

Lu RanKong said, “Ha, it’s really interesting, come on, let’s go to the fifth floor.”

A few moments later he turned back to Lan Yu and saw him staring back at him.

“What’s wrong?”

“You didn’t even look…” Lan Yu said.

Lu RanKong defended, “I did…”

“Then which one did you say I was referring to?”

“Just… Just that one.” Lu RanKong pointed down haphazardly.

Lan Yu pursed his lips, “Forget it, let’s go, seeing how you can’t stay for a minute.”

The two were about to leave when the sweaty caretaker looked up and spotted them, and when she saw the work tags on their chests, she looked delighted.

“Not good, let’s go.” Lu RanKong decisively pulled up Lan Yu and left, and the caregiver chased after them with a child in her arms.

“Wait! Wait!”

Lu RanKong tried to pretend he didn’t hear, his feet were flying, but Lan Yu pulled him back, “Listen to what she wants to say.”

The caregiver ran up and asked urgently, “Are you two the newest employees of the institution?”

“Yes, the new employees who came in today.”

“Haven’t decided if we want to stay or not, so we’re just taking a look around.”

Lan Yu and Lu RanKong replied at the same time.

The caregiver asked, “Can you help me then? If you have nothing else to do.”

“I don’t think there’s anything.”

“We heard that the pipes are rusting, so we’re going to check them out.”

They both replied again at the same time.

The caregiver, seeing that Lan Yu was better at talking, looked at him and said, “I’m short of staff here, can you help with the kids first?”

“If it’s not too long, yes.”

“It’s a matter of water for the whole hospital, so I’m not available.”

The caregiver simply said to Lan Yu, “Thank you, then.”

Lu RanKong saw that Lan Yu was going to follow her and pointed to the direction of the room, “Aren’t there several other intelligent caregivers inside?”

The caregiver sighed, “I can’t help it if the child won’t let the intelligent caregiver coax him. Besides, the intelligent caregivers can do other things, but they are a bit more rigid in coaxing the children.”

Lan Yu pulled Lu RanKong, who wasn’t moving, and whispered, “Let’s go, those babies are crying badly.”

Lu RanKong scratched his head and said irritably, “It’s too scary to hear those cries.”

“What are you afraid of? They’re just babies, are they scarier than a Lontan person?”

“What’s so scary about a Lontan person? These children are the murder weapons on earth!”

“Then don’t run around, wait for me, just a moment.” Lan Yu saw that the caregiver was already walking back, and gave Lu RanKong a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Then I’ll go with you.” Lu RanKong followed Lan Yu into the nursery.

The nursery had six cribs in a row, all with babies lying in them, covered with small blankets.

The young man had already picked up the baby in bed No. 2 and was walking around the room, unconcerned by the earth-shattering cries and smiling as he teased the child in his arms.

“This uncle is amazing.” Lu RanKong whispered to Lan Yu, “Especially great…”

Lan Yu gave him a look.

“You two just hold the babies and coax them a little. Can you do that?” The caretaker asked.

Lu RanKong shook his head quickly, “I won’t, I’ll just wait for him.”

He leaned over to the wall and stood with the intelligent caregivers.

The caregiver looked at him and said, “It’s not hard to coax a child, children cry mainly for security.”

Lu RanKong remained unmoved, only looking out the window sideways.

“As an Alpha, now is a good opportunity to learn how to bring up children. When you have your own children later, how easy will it be then? No need to go to study classes in advance.” The caregiver continued to persuade.

When Lu RanKong heard this, his eyes brightened as turned back, then saw the baby in the crib frowning with their eyes closed and mouth open, and instantly put away his leap of faith.

Lan Yu squatted beside a crib, turned his head to him and said. “Children cry, I heard it’s to exercise lung capacity.”

“They’ve been exercising for a long time.” The caregiver commented from the sidelines.

Lu RanKong stood for a while longer, and after seeing Lan Yu and the caregiver busy, he finally took a deep breath and walked to the nearest crib No. 5.

A chubby baby boy, three or four months old, was crying vigorously in crib No. 5.

Lu RanKong looked down at him and said, “Don’t cry, I’ll stay with you.”

The fat baby boy heard the sound of a human voice, opened his eyes and looked at him, and continued to cry on his own.

Lu RanKong looked around and saw that no one was paying attention to him, so he bent down and came up to the baby boy’s ear and whispered, “Really, don’t cry, I’m standing guard next to you, no demons or monsters can get close. Do you know what I can do? I once took out 13 Planet bandits with 12 bullets, the most vicious kind, so you can rest assured…”

His rambling whispers were drowned out by the fat baby boy’s heartbreaking cries.

“What to do? He won’t listen to me at all.” Lu RanKong wiped his face and turned to Lan Yu, “My ears are buzzing right now.”

Lan Yu was picking up a baby girl and gently rocking her, saying, “He’s too small to feel the tone of voice, you have to speak very softly and add a little body movement and expression.”

Lu RanKong stared at the baby boy for a moment, smiled, softened his voice and said, “You know what? I once took out 13 Planet bandits with 12 bullets, very brave. So you don’t have to be afraid at all, I can make this place very safe. It’s fun to shoot, like this, bang, bang…”

The little fat man looked at him and cried and almost turned his back.

“What disease might he be suffering from? I saw him holding his breath for a long time, and he wasn’t breathing very well.” Lu RanKong turned his head to Lan Yu and said.

Lan Yu carried the baby girl with him, saying, “It’s nothing, just don’t scare him, speak to him gently.”

“I’m not scaring him. I’m being gentle with my movements and expressions.”

Lu RanKong looked at the baby girl in Lan Yu’s arms and saw that she was crying at a high pitch, a penetrating cry that made people’s eardrums tremble.

“Put it back quickly, put it back quickly.” When he saw Lan Yu leaning over, he wanted to run away from the door like an enemy, but in the end he only took two steps back and covered his ears.

Lan Yu stopped and gently patted the baby girl’s back and coaxed her with a soft voice.

Perhaps his voice was too gentle, the embrace was too comfortable, so Lu RanKong was surprised to find that the little baby girl really slowly stopped crying, opened her teary eyes, smacking the pink mouth and quietly settled down.

Lan Yu waited until she was completely quiet, then put the baby back in the crib and went to hold the baby next to her who was still bawling.

“I can’t help it, the children in the nursery are like this. They were sleeping well, but when one cries and all of them follow.” The caregiver also coaxed one to sleep and slowly put it back in the crib, straightening up to wipe the sweat from her forehead.

“Luckily, they stopped crying once I coaxed this one.” The young man with gold-rimmed glasses was holding his niece next to him.

Lu RanKong stood for a while and saw Lan Yu leaning over the bed, making the baby girl start laughing with tears in her eyes, so he turned his head to the fat baby boy who was still kicking his arms and legs, slowly leaned over and rubbed his hands together and asked tentatively, “Elder brother, cooperate?”

The fat baby boy was crying on his own, ignoring him.

“Is that what you mean by willing to cooperate?” Lu RanKong carefully reached out, holding the baby boy under the armpit, and slowly lifted the baby up.

The little chubby boy met his eyes, first huffed, then clenched his little fist and let out an earth-shattering cry, while his face turned red, as if he was about to break.

“Ah… I didn’t hit you, did I?” Lu RanKong said to him with a headache, “Can’t you just put up with it? In fact, a lot of hard feelings in your heart can be endured.”

Lan Yu saw the baby’s two fat feet kicking in the air and said, “Don’t hold him up like this, he’ll be scared if he doesn’t have a place to land.

Lu RanKong clumsily adjusted his position and took the baby in his arms. “He’s still crying, you see, it’s not a matter of holding at all.”

“It’s holding, not carrying across the end.” Lan Yu picked up another infant as he verbally instructed Lu RanKong, “That hand goes across his body.”

The young man with the gold-rimmed glasses, who had been watching with his niece in his arms, couldn’t help but point out, “Look, like I’m doing, yes.”

The babies were soothed and gradually quieted down, their cries dwindling. Like a chain reaction, all the babies stopped crying, and those who didn’t fall asleep sucked on their fingers and rolled their eyes to look around.

The baby boy in Lu RanKong’s arms also slowly stopped crying, only huffing and puffing and choking.

“Elder brother, I’ll put you to bed now, that’s your throne.” Lu RanKong moved carefully, putting him down on the crib, “That’s it, steady, you can do it.”

Once the baby boy was placed back in crib No. 5, Lu RanKong straightened up and found himself sweating profusely and his undershirt was wet.

The young man with golden glasses also carefully placed the sleeping baby girl in his arms back into crib No. 2, leaned down to look at her fondly for a while, and turned to walk out the door.

“Thank you so much, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what to do.” The caregiver also breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Lan Yu for the two.

Lu RanKong’s eyes were full of sympathy, and he asked, with palpitations in his heart, “Are these children just going to lie here, crying and screaming?”

The caregiver smiled and said, “These are children who have just had a bath and a massage, and they will be sent back to their rooms in the afternoon and brought to bed at night.”

The intelligent caregivers standing by the wall also moved in unison, walking silently through the cribs, doing things like covering them with small blankets from time to time.

The caregiver sighed and gushed to Lan Yu, “Our home sounds great, all smart, even the big shots are coming to visit soon. Intelligent caregivers are really hardworking, but ultimately can’t replace the real person. The children are small but very smart, so the intelligent caregivers can’t coax them to stop crying.”

Lan Yu looked down at those babies; some mouthed ‘oh oh’, some nibbled on their little feet, and he felt his heart was going to melt.

“When I retire, let’s have a baby too.” He came up to Lu RanKong’s ear and whispered.

For the first time, Lu RanKong didn’t respond to the proposition, only touched his forehead with his hand, pretending not to hear.

“Well?” Lan Yu bumped him with his shoulder.

Lu RanKong boldly spoke his mind, “I think we can wait.” Then he explained, “My elder brother doesn’t even have one yet, so if I squeeze in front of him, I’ll feel quite insolent.”

Lan Yu laughed lightly and didn’t say anything, so Lu RanKong peeked at him, not knowing if he believed it.


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Lan Yu and the continuing face cream saga 😁 So funny.
LY is, of course, a natural with babies. Poor LRK though, is totally out of his comfort zone, but seems willing, although appears unsure if he’s ready for kids of his own just yet. Hope that won’t be an issue between them.
Guy in glasses seems dodgy.
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 20, 2021 3:13 pm

Lu Rankong this is your destiny don’t run away 🤭

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Sue R
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