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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu seemed to have a different reaction to seeing other people’s fear; he enjoyed it. He hadn’t noticed the mood swings of the person next to him. Jiang ChengLi dropped his eyes. His ungovernable needs led to his right hand being placed on the back of Shi Yu’s neck, Then he gently plucked his right earlobe.

Shi Yu jerked his attention back to him. He covered his ear, his smile replaced by confusion. “What are you doing?”

Daoist Jiang slowly bent his head. His slender fingertips gently pinched the yellow talisman, while the dark pupils of his eyes wavered with coldness. His alpha’s breath was tinged with faint menace, like the sea before a storm. It was gloomy and oppressive, and held a hint of unidentifiable anger. He said, “Don’t let me see you smile at anyone else.”

Shi Yu was silent for a moment. “…Did I smile?”

“Just don’t.”

“…” Shi Yu lowered his eyes and abruptly thought of a phrase. It came out of his mouth as if to himself. “What if he smiled at someone else?”

Jiang ChengLi slowly uncovered the yellow talisman in front of him. The sound made when the paper was rolled and held was very slight, but extraordinarily clear in the night. His breath caressed the omega’s earlobe and brought warmth. “Then I’ll lock you up for life, only for me to see.”

Shi Yu stared at him briefly, then lowered his head and said vaguely, “Someone’s coming, so concentrate.”

Jiang ChengLi looked at him for a moment, then his eyes slowly lifted to the path and he suddenly smiled. “Yes, I’m concentrating.”

It was only during the second half of the New Year’s Day celebration that some people realized that the zombie in point C, who was scaring people with the Taoist priest, seemed a little familiar.

A few female students who weren’t afraid to die, quietly blended into the class team that hadn’t yet explored, stopped on the spot like another round, and then caught Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi who were ambushing at point C.

Shi Yu was in the mood, going all out to scare people.

This time though, he saw several familiar girls who were looking at him with bright eyes. “Wow, it’s really senior Shi Yu! We are senior girls, we’ve liked your story with the President for a long time, can we take a picture together?!”

Shi Yu, who failed to scare people, silently took a step back.

When the girls saw the real person, they were more excited than scared, and followed him. “We won’t post anything, we just want to take a picture together…”

Their words weren’t finished when a figure slowly stepped out of the shadows of the trees.

Jiang ChengLi was holding a yellow talisman in his hand, attached it to the front of Shi Yu’s official’s hat, and naturally shielded him in his arms. The long sleeves of the Taoist fluttered, and the person in his arms had his head held down to his heart. Shi Yu’s ear was pressed against Jiang ChengLi’s chest, his voice was muffled, and the trembling rippled in his ears.

Jiang ChengLi said, “Sorry, this is my personal zombie. No photos accepted.”

The girl, “… Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” Personal! Personal, aaaahhhhh!”

President Jiang was quick and held out his long finger in front of his lips. “Shhh.”

The girls each covered their mouths.

“Go back and watch the sophomore bonfire.”

The girls nodded with tears in their eyes, and before they left, they shot a glance at Shi Yu, who was obediently protected behind President Jiang. The little zombie was still a bit bewildered and peeked at them with a tilted head.

“Damn, did you see the words on the yellow talisman?”

One girl said excitedly, “The main stamp on it! Tonight’s candy is so damn sweet!”

The girls turned around, and in the faint light, they could see that the charm on Shi Yu’s forehead had changed from a flying dragon that could not be discerned at first, to ‘subdued’ written in flowing handwriting.

Yellow paper with red letters, this little zombie had a master.


Nine o’clock. The adventure was over.

It was close to 9:30 when Shi Yu changed his clothes and cleaned the makeup off his face. He was a little lethargic, he hadn’t wanted to move, so he slowly walked to the sink to get water to wash his face.

When he looked up, a tissue was stroked against his jaw.

Shi Yu half-squinted his eyes. “You’re the President. Aren’t you going to host the sophomore campfire?”

Jiang ChengLi leaned to the side. “There’s a vice president. I don’t have to step in every time.”

Shi Yu wiped his face. The bangs on his forehead were drenched in water and fell in his eyes. He fiddled with them for a while. Finally, the person next to him called out, “Shi Yu.”


“Do you want to skip?”

Shi Yu’s hand tightened slightly around a tissue. He turned his head back, his eyebrows raised a fraction. “Now?”

Jiang ChengLi lifted his hand and unzipped his school jacket. Inside was short-sleeved summer clothes, white with blue trim which set off his snow-white skin.

President Jiang smiled, which made deep eye folds especially at the end of his eyes, the curve of which was upwardly colored and brightly colored. It made it easy for him to mess with people’s hearts.

“I don’t think I’ve been over the school wall yet, should we go?” 

Shi Yu asked, “Not watching the bonfire?”

“I’ll save it for senior year.” Jiang ChengLi draped his jacket over him and grabbed the ends of the sleeves, so his smell enveloped the omega in front of him. “Going or not?”

Shi Yu narrowed his eyes. “What if I get caught?”

“It’s all because of my pheromones. I’ll take it alone.” Jiang ChengLi lowered his head until they were nose to nose. “Big deal. Just tell them that I abducted you.”

Shi Yu plucked away his jacket and skilfully tied the two sleeves around the front of his neck.

“Then let’s go, evildoer.”


The school sports field was set up with a bonfire, and all the students were gathered around with tiny fireworks. On such a rare and beautiful starry night, there was singing and laughing. Some people quietly came together to talk around the fire while others gathered in groups and had a discussion about the sky.

As Shi Yu walked around the building, he heard the whispers of a few girls who were hiding on the stairs.

The girl who was crying the loudest broke down and said, “Oooh…I love President Jiang so much. I got into this high school for him.” 

The girl next to her whispered comfortingly, “Just…just can’t help it. The war correspondent sent a message. Indeed, President Jiang was seen hugging the omega.”

“I know. I regret that I haven’t had the courage to confess…”

“Youth is all about regret.”

“That’s not the point, the point is that I actually found for sure that the two of them are super compatible!”

“…” Then there was nothing more to say.

Shi Yu was lost in thought when his earlobe was lightly touched. He turned around and Jiang ChengLi’s gaze was a little more intense in the night.

“Did you hear that?”

Shi Yu was confused. “What?”

“She said we are super compatible.”

“…” Shi Yu thought to himself. You have good ears.

Jiang ChengLi laughed out loud and patted his shoulder. “This wall. Go over it.”

Shi Yu looked up. The fence was more than a meter high, but had no barbed wire on top.

“This side was recently reinforced. The old one was just demolished, and the new one hasn’t  been built yet.” Jiang ChengLi stood by the wall. “There’s only one chance.”

This was ‘only once.’ Inexplicably, Shi Yu felt a little excited.

The night breeze was unusually cool, as if blowing through his shirt into his heart, clearing out that long undusted place. Even in the distant past, Shi Yu hadn’t liked to reveal his feelings, because it was childish and meaningless. But this evening was different. He was happy and excited. The richness of his emotions couldn’t be described with words.

The sports field was full of people. All the laughter was a hundred meters away and left behind. They were rebels and carried out their escape plan in a corner where no one could see them.

Just the two of them.

Shi Yu took two steps back, then ran with an assist, his figure so sharp that it looked like he had tiny wings. After he landed steadily, he saw the owner of the kiosk across the street was watching him with interest.

The owner even gave him a thumbs up, complimented him on his good stance.

Shi Yu turned around. “There’s no one, come on.”

Then, pheromones like the frosty snow in early winter and the slightly cold wind descended from the sky with their master. Jiang ChengLi landed right in front of him.

When their eyes met, Jiang ChengLi gently rubbed his hair, his voice was soft. “Let’s go.”

Shi Yu followed him and unconsciously reached out to touch his bangs.

It seemed that the wind had heated.

He turned around and saw the surprised expression of the kiosk owner across the street.

The students in the neighborhood all knew Jiang ChengLi. The outstanding President was handsome and unique, and he almost single-handedly created a legend for Nan Zhong. Tonight, the legend had fallen to earth. He was no longer the unattainable Kaolin Flower, but an ordinary student who threw down everything and took him over the wall.

No one would believe that it was Jiang ChengLi who proposed they skip school, right?

When Shi Yu thought about how Jiang ChengLi had taken him out of the school, something simmered in his chest, hot and warm, but not burning. This was what adolescence was like, knowing that you are unique in a particular moment was enough to make your blood boil.

The thread of reason in his mind was gradually overcome. Shi Yu stared at Jiang ChengLi’s hand which hung in front of him, and after a long time he took it.

The cool fingertips trembled slightly for a moment, then gripped Shi Yu’s hand even harder.


Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi stopped in front of a milk tea store in the heart of the city.

Shi Yu didn’t understand these things, being reborn, but often heard Lian Jing and He Huan say how good this one tasted. He wanted to give it a try.

Jiang ChengLi saw that he was looking, and took his hand. “What do you want to drink?”

Shi Yu stood next to him. “Taro boba?”

His pronunciation was a little rudimentary and not just because of the superimposed words. Jiang ChengLi couldn’t help it and laughed.

The child next to him wasn’t too happy. “No, I want regular milk tea.”

They came when it was close to the store’s closing time and were the last two customers. The lady who took their order looked at them with a smile. “May I ask what you want?”

Jiang ChengLi smiled warmly. “A cup of taro boba, pearl milk tea, chi chi berry, and a blueberry sea salt cake for the little one.”

Shi Yu froze. “I didn’t order that much!” And who’s a kid?

Jiang ChengLi casually turned back. “Then you just pick what you like to drink, and the rest is mine.”

The little sister couldn’t control her auntie smile. Her eyes were full of flowers as she placed the order for the two young handsome boys. For once, Shi Yu dragged Jiang ChengLi to the waiting area to sit, only to find that most of the customers who remained in the store had their eyes on them.

His nerves tightened a little, and he tried to let go of Jiang ChengLi’s hand.

He hadn’t expected to be held even tighter, as his fingers were slowly and methodically gathered into Jiang ChengLi’s palm.

“What? Do you have to throw a tantrum when I invite you to drink milk tea?” Jiang ChengLi held his chin and complained in a doting manner.


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