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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lu RanKong watched the navigation screen, locking on to the other Star Warship shown there, and the two Star Warships burst out of the atmosphere of Goseti, heading into the vastness of space. Lan Yu finally snapped out of his daze, feeling the silence around him, hearing only the occasional footsteps.

He had a brief memory lapse and couldn’t remember what he was doing earlier. After closing his eyes for a while, he finally remembered the speeding black sedan, the winding road, and the green shadow zooming in front of him.

Lan Yu concentrated his mind, turned his eyes to the outside world, and after careful identification, realized that he was in the cockpit of a Star Warship, and that his body was controlling it, flying somewhere in space. He wanted to move, but an invisible force suppressed his whole body, like being embedded in concrete, every inch of space around him was filled and frozen, and he was unable to move even a bit.

Lan Yu just called up his spiritual power to resist, when he heard his own voice, “Awake?”

He didn’t respond, only to continue to fight for the right for his body, but this Lontan person was obviously much tougher than the one met in the maternal center, and he couldn’t even after several attempts.

“Don’t bother. You can’t break my mental confinement.” The voice said.

Lan Yu stopped moving and after a moment of silence asked, “Are you K?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know…” Lan Yu replied.

The voice didn’t answer his question, but gave a short laugh, “You can call me Etu.”

“Enjoy the sky outside, or just talk to me like this.” Etu said.

Lan Yu looked at the planet road map in front of him and asked, “Where are you going?”

“What do you think?” Etu said as he worked on the buttons, making the Star Warship adjust its direction.

Lan Yu thought about it and said, “I think you’re going to Kaiju Planet.”

“Smart…” Etu smiled, “We’re going to Kaiju Planet.”

“You can’t get there…” Lan Yu said calmly, “The leap point to Kaiju Planet has been shut down, and automatic defense systems have been placed around it. If any unknown Star Warship approaches, it will be immediately attacked by gunfire.”

Etu said meaningfully, “How can we know if we can get there without trying?”

He reached out and zoomed in on the navigational chart, splitting a floating screen to the right, and Lan Yu saw another Star Warship on the floating screen, just a few hundred kilometers behind him.

His heart pounded.

Etu reached out his hand and pointed at the ship and said, “Colonel Lu is chasing us.”

On the Flying Eagle, Luo Yang pointed to a small dot of light on the floating screen and asked Lu RanKong, “Can we catch up?”

Lu RanKong didn’t answer, only stared straight ahead, the corners of his mouth pursed tightly, his eyebrows locked, his handsome face all cold and solemn.

Luo Yang snapped his mouth shut and stopped talking, but Lu RanKong spoke up at that moment, “It’s full speed now, we can’t catch up.”

“Is there any way?”

Lu RanKong flicked a floating screen in front of him and tapped on it a few times, and a planet road map was displayed, with five separate routes, each leading to a planet.

“There are five leap points in this direction, three of them are going to a desolate planet and one is a mining planet,” Lu RanKong turned off four routes, leaving only the last one, “They are going to this place.”

“Veya Planet?” Luo Yang identified the planet’s introduction at the end of the remaining route.

Lu RanKong didn’t answer, which could be considered acquiescence.

“Veya Planet, this name is familiar…” Luo Yang recalled, and suddenly let out an ah, “If you want to go to Kaiju Planet, don’t you have to go through the leap point of Veya Planet?”

Lu RanKong kept adjusting his hands and said, “K wants to go to Kaiju Planet.”

His voice was calm, no emotion could be heard, but there was anger brewing in his dark, heavy eyes.

Luo Yang’s expression suddenly changed, and he almost jumped up from his seat as he said loudly, “We can’t let him go to the first planet! He’s going to open the interstellar channel! We have to stop K no matter what—”

“Don’t make a scene…” Lu RanKong interrupted him in a stern voice.

Luo Yang just had to swallow the rest of his words into his mouth.

“We’ll pass the first leap point in five minutes. You pilot the Star Warship,” Lu RanKong’s tone carried an unquestionable command, “He won’t allow us to dock, so I have to go for manual forced docking.”

“Manual forced docking… But will we definitely be able to catch up with them when we pass the leap point?” Luo Yang asked.

“Will you be able to fly the Star Warship?”


“If you can, don’t worry about it.”

Lu RanKong explained, “The Star Warship will slow down when it passes the leap point, so we’ll take that opportunity to board.”

Luo Yang stammered, “If we don’t slow down after the leap point, the Star Warship will easily lose control.”

“Didn’t you just say you were going to stop K no matter what?” Lu RanKong unlocked his protection and stepped out of the driver’s seat, “I’ll take care of docking, you take care of keeping the Star Warship going at full speed.”

“But… but…”

“No more buts. If you’re told to go full speed, go full speed.” Lu RanKong rudely interrupted him, “Now switch to the pilot’s seat.”

Luo Yang had to switch to the pilot’s seat. Lu RanKong went to the rear of the cabin, opened the closet and took out a pressure-resistant spacesuit from it. He put on the suit, adjusted the intercom, and said to Luo Yang, “Because it’s a forced docking, the hatch will be opened later, so I’ll close the rear compartment now. You just go full speed ahead and leave the rest to me, got it?”

“Understood…” Luo Yang replied with a sweaty head.

The female navigator’s voice echoed in the cabin, “Two minutes to leap point. Please reduce speed to safe range.”

A transparent safety screen rose up between the rear cabin and the cockpit, allowing free passage but ensuring that the cockpit’s air pressure and air wouldn’t be affected by the rear cabin.

“One minute to the leap point. Please reduce speed to a safe range.” The female voice was still prompting, and a sharp alarm tone rang out in the cabin.

Lu RanKong put his hand on one of the large rings on the bulkhead and took a deep breath.

“Luo Yang, don’t panic. If you catch up to that Star Warship and slow down again within a minute, we won’t lose control of this Star Warship.”

“I… I can’t guarantee that.” Luo Yang gasped nervously.

Lu RanKong snapped the safety line attached to the ship’s wall around his waist and said, “You can guarantee it. I trust you.”

“Warning, warning! The Star Warship is going too fast! 30 seconds to leap point. Please reduce speed to safe range as soon as possible.”

Amidst the female navigational voice and the shrill, piercing alarm tone, Lu RanKong turned on the viewable screen in his pressure-resistant spacesuit, and the Star Warship’s current external view appeared in the upper left of the transparent visor.

“Twenty seconds.”

“Ten seconds.”

“Five, four, three, two, one. The Star Warship is entering the leap point.” The Star Warship lurched violently and made an ear-splitting sound as it rushed into the leap point at top speed.

Lu RanKong’s facemask showed a field of colored dots and lines in the upper left of his facemask, and he watched for a moment, his hand clutching the ring.

“They’re slowing down, just ahead.” Luo Yang shouted over the intercom, his voice changing tone because of the tension.

Lu RanKong shouted back, “Keep going. We’ll be next to their door and parallel in a minute.”

The Star Warship lurched more violently and began to sway from side to side. The pressure of space was pulling on it like it was trying to tear it to pieces.

“We’re almost there, get ready!” Luo Yang continued to shout.

Lu RanKong didn’t reply, his eyes always gazing at the image in the upper left of his visor.

“Here it is!” Luo Yang shouted again.

“Now slow down and keep up with their speed.” Lu RanKong ordered.

“Already slowing down, and are running parallel to them, not a centimeter back and forth.”

“Test the pressure outside the ship.”

“Within human tolerable range.” As Luo Yang’s voice fell, Lu RanKong powered up and rotated the ring, the veins on the back of his hand bulged, and the door was forced open.

The rear compartment was empty, except for a bucket left by the preheating workers. The plastic bucket was torn into pieces the moment the door was opened and flew out of the doorway. Lu RanKong’s pressure-resistant space suit kept him from being torn apart, but his entire body flew up, too, and was tugged again by a safety rope on the bulkhead.

He yanked hard on the safety rope so that he could grab the ring again, let out a yell, and continued to turn the ring with difficulty in a flying position. The docking device reached out from the door and leaned into the door of the Eagle, which was about a meter apart, and kept beeping, “Warning! Opposing Star Warship not allowed to dock! Warning! Opposing Star Warship not allowed to dock!”

Lu RanKong was unmoved, still turning the ring and trying to adjust the distance of the docker.

After a click, the ship lurched slightly, all the sharp whistles and alarm sounds disappeared, and the other side’s door opened automatically.

“We’re connected! We’re connected to that Star Warship!” Luo Yang’s excited voice came out from the intercom, “Colonel Lu, you actually knew this docking method. Their doors are really open.”

Lu RanKong pressed a button on the ship’s wall to adjust the air and gravity, and he fell from mid-air. He replied, “It’s a method I learned from the Star Pirates, where the docker used a certain angle to confuse the other side’s shutdown system to open the doors.”

“Hurry up, only two minutes to connect. Don’t bother with this ship now.” Lu RanKong bowed and entered the docker channel, Luo Yang followed.

In the belly of the Eagle, Etu looked at the screen in front of him and said to Lan Yu with a smile, “You saw that, right?”

Lan Yu was so nervous that he almost passed out of breath, but now that he heard Etu say that, he replied, “He’s always been very good.”

“Yes, very good…” Etu’s voice sounded calm, “The guests are already on board.”

Lu RanKong darted out of the docking bay and into the belly of the Flying Eagle, with Luo Yang close behind him.

“Colonel Lu, Luo Yang, it’s been a long time.” Etu still looked ahead with his back facing them as he greeted them. 

Hearing this familiar voice and looking at this familiar back, Lu RanKong’s eyes instantly flushed red. His eyes were fixed on the person in front of him, and he began to take off his anti-pressure spacesuit, throwing it aside, and then took out the injection from his coat pocket, before walking straight ahead in large strides.

He didn’t want to hear the story of this man nor did he want to ask other questions, he just wanted to stick the injection into his neck and let him get out of Lan Yu’s body quickly. The door of the ship clicked shut behind him, and the Flying Iris was forcibly detached and slid into the vastness of space.

Lu RanKong had only taken a few steps when he felt a buzz in his head, as if something had hit him with great force, followed by a moment of confusion, and his body was so light that it seemed to float. He instantly realized that this was an invasion, but still tried to stay awake, calmly letting himself through the initial burst of dizziness.

No matter whose mental domain this Lontan person went to, he and Lan Yu were able to use each other’s needles. As his vision cleared and the buzzing sound dissipated, he saw the console and Planet Sky, and understood in his heart that he was in Lan Yu’s mental domain.

Lan Yu’s body was free and he could continue to use the syringe against him.

Lu RanKong was trying to talk to Lan Yu when he saw himself slowly turning around and facing ‘Lu RanKong’.

But he just stood still and didn’t make any movement.

The ‘Lu RanKong’ on the other side wasn’t nervous at all, and stretched a long lazy back and said, “Finally, we have successfully boarded the ship.” Then he walked forward, breaking the needle in his hand with a crack as he walked, and said, “Etu, we’re almost close to Veya Planet, so we can make preparations in advance.”

“Yes, my Lord.” ‘Lan Yu’ replied.

Lu RanKong then reacted, and at that moment, he fell into a cold cellar. His body chilled, as he abruptly looked at Luo Yang, who was still standing at the stern of the ship.

Luo Yang seemed to be aware of his sight and said with a bitter face, “K has invaded Yun Jie’s mental domain before, and both Yun Jie and I are unable to grab him.”

“Warning! A defense network has been detected ahead. Please switch to a new line in time.” The navigation female voice rang out, making Lu RanKong come back to his senses.

He saw ‘Lu RanKong’ raise his wrist and started dialing the terminal, learning his usual tone with a bit of urgency, “General Liu, immediately shut down Veya Planet’s defense control network and open the leap point again.”

Liu Deng’s voice rang out loudly in the cabin, “Why do you want to shut down Veya Planet’s defense network and open the leap point? Where did you go after that Lontan person?”

“It’s too late to explain, just trust me and do what I say first. I can catch that Lontan person.” The voice of ‘Lu RanKong’ was decisive and sure, with a strong confidence.

Liu Deng raised the volume, “Are you crazy? What if you are chasing that Lontan person and let him go to the Kaiju Planet?”

“Don’t worry. We are driving a civilian ship, leap over and no Jia beam cannon can open the interstellar channel. But if I don’t open it, I’m afraid I’ll hit the control grid.” The voice of ‘Lu RanKong’ was imitated so well that even the change of tone was just like his own.

“Turn on the video message and let me see.”

‘Lu RanKong’ opened the video message, and ‘Lan Yu’ beside him nodded to Liu Deng, and then pointed the camera at the console, showing that it was a civilian ship.

“I’m with K. We have docked with a Star Warship piloted by a Lontan person. We’re going over now, also with the syringe. Can such a good opportunity be lost? You can be completely at ease with my and K’s ability.”

Liu Deng pondered indecisively.

“Don’t hesitate. We two are sure to catch him, the Star Warship has docked. If we don’t close the prevention and control network, I am afraid that we will hit it head on, K and I will go down with it.”

“I can’t make a decision on this, wait for me for two minutes.”

Liu Deng hung up the terminal, and two minutes later he called them back.

“Emperor ChengFa agreed to your application, and had a message for me to bring to you. You must pay attention to safety, and prefer to abandon the mission at critical moments.”

“Understood…” ‘Lu RanKong’ hung up the terminal, turned his head to look at Etu and slowly showed a smile, “Colonel Lu, Colonel K, I think you are looking at me, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Evelyn, of the Lontan Planet Hor people, in Sasu Planet words, I borrowed a lot of Sasu people’s bodies, so I have many more names.” He paused and added meaningfully, “Of course, the name I used the longest was ‘K’.”

After saying that, he stood up and reached out to toggle the planet route map on those floating screens under the gaze of the Etu.

“In fact, I have never left Chen YuTan’s body, only played a small trick, pretending to be unconscious lying in the woods. And one of my subordinates, using Lin Zhu’s anomaly to attract your attention, entered the sickbay. At that time, Yun Jie was on the roadside, and I was in the sanatorium, and, with the help of the Etu, changed from Chen YuTan’s body to Yun Jie.” Evelyn asked absently while pushing buttons on the console, “Do you understand what’s going on now?”

He said to Etu, “Here, take a look at this and let them see it too.” 

Etu stepped forward and dropped his eyes to the hidden recess below the console with a row of red control buttons.

“See? That’s the Jia beam cannon firing button.” Evelyn smiled, “These two Star Warships were prepared there in advance by me, with modifications to put the Jia beam cannon on civilian ships.”

“Originally, I wanted to bring that Emperor on board after getting injured, but I didn’t expect you two to get involved. It’s okay, it’s the same effect anyway, it’ll achieve its goal as planned.”

Lu RanKong withdrew his eyes and closed them in silence for a while. When he opened his eyes again, the anger under his eyes had dissipated, and his black eyes were bottomless. He stopped looking outside and just looked around, and found himself in a dark room.

The room was simply furnished, with only a sofa-like seat, its texture was very strange, like a flowing liquid. There was a door on the left wall, and he walked over and carefully pushed it open. The room, like the outside, was still very simple, with only a bed placed against the wall, also made of liquid. There were water bubbles slowly rising in the middle of the bed, but they could strangely condense into shape.

There was a person lying on the bed, and Lu RanKong rushed over to him the first moment he saw him, “Xiao Yu…”

Lan Yu kept his eyes in sync with the Etu and hurriedly withdrew his eyes upon hearing Lu RanKong’s voice. He blinked, huffed and said dully, “Did you get squeezed in by Evelyn?”

Lu RanKong said, “Yes, Evelyn squeezed me out and here I am.”

He reached out to pull Lan Yu, and before he could touch the person, he felt that he touched a transparent wall and couldn’t advance any further.

“Etu used spiritual power to confine me, I can’t move.” Lan Yu said with some aggression.

Lu RanKong was just about to speak when he felt the air around him suddenly become sticky, like thick syrup, wrapped around his arms and legs, as he began to sink.

Lan Yu saw that he wasn’t moving properly and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Before Lu RanKong could answer, he heard Etu’s voice ringing out, “Nothing, I just split some of my spiritual energy and created a cage for him as well.” Etu sighed, “A Lontan person’s spiritual power is the most powerful. Colonel Lu, you also stay inside in peace, have a good sleep.”

Lu RanKong ignored him and only said to Lan Yu, “Xiao Yu, we are now spiritual bodies, so you can condense your spiritual power and talk to me only, and Etu won’t be able to hear you.”


Lu RanKong stood beside the bed and struggled to reach out his hand to pull Lan Yu, but the air slowly stagnated as if it had an entity, making him like a small worm in amber, finally unable to struggle.

Seeing Lan Yu lying on the bed looking at him, he said, “Don’t be afraid, there will be a way.”

Lan Yu said back, “I’m not afraid…”

Through the transparent walls of the Star Warship, a grayish white planet could be seen, cold and dead. In the sky above that planet, a black round hole was hanging.

“We have reached Veya Planet, and Liu Deng removed the defense control net and the leap point is open.” Evelyn gave a light laugh.

Etu returned respectfully, “The Lord is ready, the army will come as soon as you open the interstellar channel.”

Luo Yang, who had been standing at the stern of the ship with no one bothering him, looked around and quietly grabbed a metal water cup in his hand.

Lu RanKong struggled a few times and said to Lan Yu, “Xiao Yu, we can’t take turns pushing.”

Lan Yu stopped struggling and asked, “What then?”

“A Lontan person’s spiritual power is indeed powerful, so we have to focus our spiritual power together. First release the confinement that is suppressing us, and let one of us out.” Lu RanKong said.

“Let’s try it then…”

Lan Yu closed his eyes, concentrated his spirit against the force that was holding him down, and pushed outward with all his might, and as with every previous attempt, the cage didn’t move at all. When the stalemate was over, another wave of spiritual power came in, fierce and majestic, with a familiar aura, merging with his spiritual power.

Lan Yu’s heart was lifted and he knew it was Lu RanKong.

The two spiritual forces pushed outward together, filling each other’s vacancies. Gradually, Lan Yu seemed to feel a slight fluctuation above him, and a crack appeared in the airtight prison.

“Do you feel it?” He asked through clenched teeth.

“I feel it, I’ll count. One, two, three.”

The two men exerted themselves in unison, and the confrontational force gradually retreated, leaving a small space around Lan Yu slowly. At that moment, he opened his eyes abruptly, and his mental energy burst out, converging into a sharp beam and stabbing straight at the crack.

The crack widened and split down the middle, and Lan Yu felt a sudden relief, as a thousand pounds lifted off his body. The two strands of spiritual energy rushed out of the gap and then chopped down in front of Lu RanKong.

Like a cold blade splitting a long river, the invisible but perceptible mental power cage instantly broke into thousands of fragments and disappeared into pieces in the air.


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Fatheemat Sulayman
Fatheemat Sulayman
August 26, 2021 1:31 pm

Ohhh…Evelyn? Is a girl or boy lontan? So Evelyn have been the real notorious K , Evelyn must be so powerful to have alot of subordinates that works for him or her

August 26, 2021 3:39 pm

Ok so I was like a third correct in my theory. Evelyn’s arrival was totally unexpected! I wonder what happens now that both LY and LRK are free from their mental cage, will they try to gain their bodies back or try to ask for help/worn others somehow?

August 26, 2021 10:06 pm

So, Etu was the one who went for Emperor Chengfa but ended up in Lan Yu.

K/Evelyn was like a stowaway on Yun Jie before leaping to Lu Rankong (and ejecting the host out, as K does).

The warships that looked like convenient escapes for Etu/’Lan Yu’ were actually prepared by K/Evelyn in advance to open the interstellar channel.

Got it.

August 27, 2021 12:16 am

LY and LRK really a couple made in heaven….their cooperation always sync with each other😍😍😍

August 27, 2021 5:15 am

What a team! So K’s Lontan identity is finally exposed. They are underestimating this in-love-partnership though.
Exciting stuff, looking forward to the next chapter.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
August 27, 2021 7:12 am

I was overwhelmed by the wild imagination. It’s fun and tired in the same time. 😰😰🤖🤖🤖❣️
Thank you for your hard work.

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