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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After opening the mental cage, Lu RanKong rushed to the bedside and pulled Lan Yu up.

“They’re going to cross the leap point, so we have to think of something quickly.” Lan Yu panted, “My injection was in the inner pocket of my shirt, and Etu didn’t find it.”

Lu RanKong held him up and said, “Don’t worry, he didn’t notice that we broke free. You can recover your mental strength first and wait until it’s almost time to start.”

The Star Warship was close to the leap point, and Etu and Evelyn were looking out nervously. Etu also didn’t divert their attention to Lan Yu. Only when the leap was successful and another planet appeared outside the Star Warship did they breathe a sigh of relief.

Evelyn gazed greedily at the outside of the ship, and hands on the console were trembling slightly.


“My Lord, your subordinate is here.”

“I have been in the Sasu Planet system for so many years, and I have never smelled the scent of the gacha flowers back home, or heard the bells of the Miguel Temple… I’ve waited too long for this day…” He turned his head to look at the Etu with a wild light in his eyes, “Then, you and I will be the gods of Lontan Planet, because we have created a new Lontan Planet. No more injuries, no more death—”

There was a heavy bang, which seemed to be the sound of metal hitting the ground.

The two turned their heads to see Luo Yang still struggling forward with his hands up, and a metal water cup rolled on the ground.

Evelyn snickered and said, “The chip will thwart your foolishness, so save your breath. I have your chip activation code, but I don’t want to kill you now, until you and your people willingly kneel at my feet to thank me and repent. But inferior races like you, who think only of your own crap all day long, can never understand the ambitious goals of our Hor.”

“We just want to live a good life, so indeed we can’t understand your ambitious goal of going to war in the Sasu Planet system.” Luo Yang replied with hatred.

Evelyn looked at him icily for a moment, then looked out the window and said, “Then I’ll tell you why we came to the Sasu Planet system.”

Lu RanKong and Lan Yu stepped out of the darkened bedroom and surveyed their surroundings.

“Where do you think this is?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong looked at the liquid couch in the center of the room and said, “We’re in Evelyn’s memory fragment, which is supposed to be his residence on Lontan Planet.”

“Is it the same as the dormitory in my memory fragment?” Lan Yu asked.


Lu RanKong said with a sudden start, “A door opens in the kitchen wall of your dormitory, and when you push it open, you will enter another fragmented space, in other words, the dormitory is the place where your memories are summarized.”

“You mean, this is also the place where Evelyn’s memories are summarized?”

Lu RanKong started looking around, “I think this room should also have a door that leads to various fragmented spaces… But I don’t see a door.”

“That must be the door.” Lan Yu pointed to a wall that had a watery pattern on it, the size of a door.

Lu RanKong went over, reached out and pressed on the area, pushed it, and a door opened slowly. The conversation between Evelyn and Luo Yang continued outside, and the two listened as they stepped through the door.

“You fools! You never know only to fight for something that doesn’t matter, always staring at only an inch of heaven and earth in front of you.” Evelyn gazed coldly at Luo Yang and slowly approached him.

Although Luo Yang stood still, his slightly trembling body and clenched fists revealed his inner tension. Evelyn stopped in front of him with a somewhat strange expression, both condescending and with a touch of pity. He asked, “Luo Yang, do you know how old I am?” 

Luo Yang answered back, “I don’t know…”

“Etu, tell him.”

Etu looked at Luo Yang and said clearly, “It has been almost a hundred years since I followed the footsteps of the Lord and chose to stay in the Sasu Planet system when the Hor retreated.”

Luo Yang listened a little dazed, Evelyn patted his cheek and said, “I am 124 years old.” He continued to ask. “Have you seen my body and do you feel that I have changed?”

Luo Yang shook his head mechanically, “I don’t feel any change.”

Evelyn gave a wry smile and said, “No change is the reason we came to Sasu Planet.”

“No change is the reason for coming to Sasu Planet…” Luo Yang muttered.

Lu RanKong and Lan Yu also heard the words.

“What do you think it means?” Lu RanKong asked Lan Yu.

Lan Yu frowned for a moment and suddenly asked, “Evelyn was saying that he had spent many years in the Sasu Planet system, how long is this many years?”

Both of them knew that Evelyn had been here for a long time, or at least occupied Lan Yu’s body for many years, but they had never thought about it specifically, only that he had come to Sasu Planet through some other method more than ten years ago.

Lu RanKong instantly reacted and replied very quickly, “The interstellar channel has been closed for almost a hundred years and was only opened six months ago.”

The two men looked at each other and saw a daze in each other’s eyes.

Evelyn turned backwards and braced his hands on the console, “A Lontan person will never age if they reside in the body of a Sasu Planet person and then devour their mental body. We, the Hor, discovered this secret years ago. A Sasu Planet person’s spiritual body can keep us forever vigorous, not aging, not dying.” Evelyn’s voice gradually became agitated and excited, and a frenzied light shone in his eyes. “Devouring a Sasu Planet person’s spiritual body can allow us to maintain our current physical state for decades, and if we continue to devour it, we Lontan people will never perish and live forever in this new world.”

Evelyn laughed and turned his head to Luo Yang, laughing so hard that his shoulders twitched, “That’s why I said you are ridiculous. Still fighting for that pathetic right, not knowing that if you occupy Sasu Planet, you will be able to gain eternal life.” He slowly put away his laugh and said coldly, “You and that Sasu Planet person are actually using the same body. Luo Yang, if you devour him now, your body will stop aging at this moment.”

Luo Yang stood still, breathing heavily.

Lan Yu looked at Lu RanKong and said softly, “So that’s how it is. No wonder they are crazy enough to come and take over Sasu Planet.”

Lu RanKong’s face was gloomy and he gritted his teeth, “Today, no matter what, we have to stop them from opening the interstellar channel.”

They had just been listening to the commotion outside, not paying attention to the surroundings, and Lan Yu now realized that they had arrived at a new scene.

It was a dark alley, like it had just rained, the green stone slabs glowed with cold water. There was only one miserable white street lamp at the entrance of the alley, because the wiring contact was poor, the bulb was bright and dim, emitting a hissing current sound.

A footstep came from the distance, and a small, thin man walked in from the entrance of the alley.

“Xiao Yu…” Lu RanKong blurted out at the first moment he saw his face.

A ray of light fell from overhead and shone on Shu Yu’s face. The boyish face was covered with gloom and violence that was not in proportion to his age.

Lu RanKong immediately reacted and said, “No, Xiao Yu, this is not your childhood anymore, this is Evelyn.”

Evelyn’s forehead hair was a bit long, blocking both eyes as he walked down the alley, brushing past both Lan Yu.

“Go, follow him.” Lu RanKong said.

After walking down the alley for a few minutes, Evelyn stopped in front of an old wooden door and raised his hand to knock on it.

“Who is it?” A gruff female voice rang out.

“It’s me…” Evelyn’s voice was cold.

A dozen seconds later, the wooden door opened and an ordinary-looking woman in her forties stood at the side of the door and bowed her head respectfully, “My Lord…”

The scene was funny no matter how you looked at it, but Lan Yu and Lu RanKong didn’t find it funny at all. Evelyn raised a step inside, Lan Yu and Lu RanKong hurried to follow him into the room, before the woman closed the door.

The house looked very simple, so Evelyn sat down on a cloth couch in the living room and asked, “Etu, have you found anything new in the past few days?”

“No, I’ve been watching the palace, but it’s so heavily guarded that I can’t really do anything about it.” Etu answered carefully.

Evelyn didn’t say anything, just stared at the open space in front of him, and then Etu said, “My lord, it’s my fault for not doing my job properly.”

“It’s not your fault, and I didn’t think I could get to the man like this. Take your time, there’s no hurry, there’s always a chance.” Evelyn said.

“Many thanks, my Lord…” Etu returned gratefully and turned to the table again to pour tea, moving skillfully, like a real housewife.

Still staring at the clearing, Evelyn murmured, “I had a chance to get close to him, but I didn’t think his Omega would jump off a cliff and kill himself… A moment of carelessness.”

When Lan Yu heard this, he felt the hand that Lu RanKong had been holding suddenly tighten its grip, and he lowered his head to see the back of Lu RanKong’s hand bursting with force.

He understood what was going on, and also held Lu RanKong’s hand back, clenching it tightly.

“My Lord, that’s not your fault. You didn’t expect it either.” Etu brought the tea to Evelyn’s hand, and then stepped back to the side.

Evelyn took a sip of tea, as if trapped in memory, and said, “That woman went to the streets of the town every day to wander, but also sat there to draw. I, as the owner of a small store, observed her for many days. After trying to enter her mental domain, I found that she actually didn’t drink the stabilizer.”

“This woman is really capricious.” Etu laughed in agreement next to him.

Evelyn handed out the tea, and Etu took a step forward to take it away as he added, “Her mental body never confronted me and was willingly and gradually devoured. Only the other day I received a message that her Alpha was going to take time to visit her from Sasu Planet… I didn’t expect it, and I had no idea this would happen to me later.”

Lan Yu heard Lu RanKong’s breathing ragged, and he looked sideways to see that his eyes were red, his jaw was clenched, and his chest was rising and falling sharply. He reached out, cupped Lu RanKong’s face, and slowly turned him to face him.

Lu RanKong met his gentle gaze, and the hostility under his eyes gradually dissipated, revealing a deep sadness. Lan Yu took him into his arms and gently patted his back, Lu RanKong bowed his upper body and buried his head in the crook of his neck.

“She tried to kill me, well at the last second the chip popped me out of my body, not far from a young child playing in the water…”

Evelyn grimaced and shut his mouth for a moment before saying hatefully, “Who would have thought that such an ordinary child would have taken a stabilizer? His spirit body has disappeared and trapped me in this weak body. Damn it…”

“My lord, a way will be worked out, there is no hurry.” Etu hurriedly comforted, “Your chip is specially made to protect you in times of emergency, then use the same method to stimulate the chip’s protective function and eject you from this body.”

Evelyn slowly spoke, “Although the chip protects me, I can’t do any self-inflicted actions, and you can’t cause harm to me, so how can we stimulate its automatic protection function and eject me from this body?”

Etu hesitated and said, “How about going through all kinds of dangerous situations?”

After he said this, he seemed to regret his slip of the tongue and looked at Evelyn a little apprehensively.

Evelyn, however, wasn’t angry, and after a moment of contemplation, nodded and said, “Deliberately put yourself in a dangerous situation to stimulate the automatic protection of the chip. This approach can be tried.”

Etu breathed a sigh of relief.

Lan Yu heard this and seemed to understand the reason why K did those crazy acts of death.

Evelyn asked again, “Where is the stuff I put in your place?”

“It’s in the bedroom. Do you want me to go get it now?” Etu asked.

“Go and fetch it and I will see.”

Etu turned into the bedroom and came out a few moments later, holding a square wooden box with some designs painted on it, which looked quite ordinary.

Evelyn took the box and didn’t open it, but only looked at him. Etu hurried back to the bedroom and closed the door of the room.

After hearing the door slam, Evelyn pressed his hand on the information recognition lock, and the box made a soft click and popped open a crack.

Lu RanKong calmed down and lifted his head from Lan Yu’s shoulder and said dully, “I’m okay…”

“Come on, let’s go see what’s in there.” Lan Yu took his hand and walked next to Evelyn.

Inside the box there was actually only a small metal block, all black. It was impossible to tell what kind of material it was made of, with some strange characters protruding from it.

Lu RanKong recognized at once that it was the same type of font as the chip startup code Luo Yang had written to himself.

Evelyn pressed on those raised characters, and with each press, that corresponding character would flash a light.

When he pressed it nine times, a display poked out above the metal block, and on it were still some strange characters. Lu RanKong’s eyes darted over that, and soon found Luo Yang’s chip start-up code.

“This is the tool Evelyn used to contact Lontan Planet. I saw Luo Yang’s chip activation code.” Lu RanKong said to Lan Yu.

“Then can you recognize what those other characters are?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong shook his head. After reading the contents of that display from beginning to end, Evelyn pressed the characters on top of the metal block again and the display disappeared from the air. He closed the lid of the wooden box and reached up and pressed the information lock, locking the box behind him.

“That’s what he used to threaten Luo Yang and Noe and the others, right?” Lan Yu asked Lu RanKong. Not getting an answer from Lu RanKong, he reached out and touched it.

“Huh?” Lu RanKong said, as if he had suddenly woken up, “I found something.”

“What is it?”

Lu RanKong said, “I found out that the code he used to turn off the communicator was similar to the chip activation code Luo Yang gave me. The characters were of the same type.”

“The same type?” Lan Yu was a bit confused, “But they are using the same type of characters.”

“No, it’s not…” Lu RanKong shook his head and led him to the side, “His password and Luo Yang’s activation code are both nine characters, and the first two are exactly the same, both shaped like this.”

He drew two symbols in the air with his hand, with rounded characters and complex strokes.

Lu RanKong continues, “The next seven are different, but there are two repeating characters in between. The sixth digit of Evelyn’s code is exactly the same as the third digit of Luo Yang’s activation code, while the fourth digit of his code also appears at the very end of Luo Yang’s activation code.”

Lan Yu’s eyes gradually lit up and he asked, “You mean that this is actually the number in the Lontan Planet script? Evelyn’s code string is also his chip’s code?”


“Then did you memorize his string of codes?” Lan Yu didn’t pay attention to this at first.

“I memorized it… I guess.”

“Before that night in Fei Hongxie villa, Luo Yang told you the way to start the chip, so let’s try it.” Lan Yu was so excited that his tone was a little unstable.

Lu RanKong was silent.

“What’s wrong?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong said, “To activate the chip, you must use the radio wave transmitter and manually write the code into it. The radio waves sent out will be recognized by the chip, and then self-destruct. The radio wave transmitter used for communication is available on the Star Warship, but…”

Lan Yu asked, “You just have to have a body to do it, right?”

“Yes, but I don’t know how long it will take to get back into my body. After taking the stabilizer, it will take a few hours for the mental body to return, maybe a day, but we can’t wait that long.” Lu RanKong replied.

Lan Yu took a deep breath and said, “Then I’ll try to get the body back from Etu.”

“Okay, I’ll try with you.” Lu RanKong said.

At that moment in the Star Warship, Evelyn was at the controls of the Star Warship, sailing towards the direction of Kaiju Planet, and Etu went to check the Jia beam cannon at the aft of the pod at his command. He pressed a hidden button on the ship’s wall, and the bottom of the ship slowly became transparent, allowing him to see that a row of silver-white cannonballs had been revealed under the belly of the ship.

“It took me a lot of work to install this thing and to hide it well from people, too.” Etu said smugly.

Etu walked and looked at the Jia beam cannon under his feet, not noticing that in the moment of brushing shoulders, Luo Yang suddenly raised his head slightly. Then, a green shadow flashed out from the body and quickly entered Lan Yu’s body, which was controlled by Etu, from behind.

Lu RanKong was talking to Lan Yu, “And, what we might get is Evelyn’s chip to start—”

Before the words were out of his mouth, his entire body disappeared from Lan Yu’s eyes.

“Lu RanKong? Lu RanKong?” Lan Yu shouted twice, but there was no response.

He guessed that this was because the stabilizer had worked and Lu RanKong had returned to his body? He was about to move his eyes to look outside when he heard Luo Yang’s voice from behind him, “Colonel K, Colonel K, don’t worry, Colonel Lu was squeezed out by me.”

Lan Yu turned around abruptly and was startled, but it was good that the cry of surprise was suppressed in his throat.

He looked at the green-skinned man in the same mental domain and asked carefully, “Luo Yang, is that you?”

“It’s me…” Luo Yang said, “Don’t worry about Colonel Lu, he was squeezed out by me.”

“Squeezed out? Didn’t the stabilizer take effect and he returned to his body?” Lan Yu asked.

Luo Yang shook his head and said, “No…”

Lan Yu became anxious and asked repeatedly, “Where did you push him out? Did you squeeze him back into his own body, or is he floating in the air? What if he drifted out of the ship?”

“No, he won’t.” Luo Yang hurriedly explained, “If you’ve taken a stabilizer and you’ve been squeezed out of your mental body, if there are other people around, the first choice of the mental body is to enter that person’s mental domain.”

“Then he…”

“I was waiting for Etu to pass by Yun Jie’s body when I burrowed in. He should be in Yun Jie’s body.” Luo Yang replied honestly.

Lan Yu didn’t react in the heat of the moment just now, but then suddenly figured out the trick and his eyes lit up.

“You just wanted to squeeze him into Yun Jie’s body. You can’t use Yun Jie’s body to hurt a Lontan person, but he can.”

Luo Yang grinned, “That’s the plan…”

His green skin set off two rows of teeth sharp and snowy, Lan Yu couldn’t help but avert his gaze. Lan Yu explored the same line of sight as Etu, and asked Luo Yang, “Have you not been discovered by Etu? I have a hard time every time I am invaded by a Lontan person.”

He himself felt that every time he was invaded by a Lontan person. His consciousness would also blank out for a while.

“No, he’s also an intruder, as long as I come in and don’t use my spiritual power, only the original owner of the body can feel it.” Luo Yang said, “And after two or three invasion experiences, you will no longer feel uncomfortable, Yun Jie is also like this. When I came in just now, you didn’t feel anything either, right?”

“It seems so…”

“Even if he found me, it’s not too much of a problem, he needs to divide a lot of his mental energy if he wants to imprison me. You can take that opportunity to take back your body.” Luo Yang said.

Lan Yu said, “Then at the beginning when Evelyn took over your body and Yun Jie’s, Yun Jie didn’t grab it.”

Luo Yang was silent before replying, “Yun Jie’s spiritual power is too slender, so I can’t blame him.”

Etu just turned around, when Lan Yu sighted Evelyn and Yun Jie at the same time.

Evelyn was standing in front of the console, and Yun Jie was holding his shoulders, his head buried and shivering in a corner of the ship’s wall.

“Yun Jie is so brave, he didn’t cry today.” Luo Yang said in a proud tone.

Lan Yu didn’t make a sound.


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