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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Evelyn suddenly spoke up, “Etu, do you see? Do you see the most beautiful planet?”

Etu looked out from the transparent wall in front of him, and Lan Yu’s vision was followed by an orange planet ball, with a soft and beautiful glow in the dark sky.

“Kaiju Planet, this is Kaiju Planet… I saw it, what a beautiful planet.” Etu murmured.

They watched quietly for a while, and Evelyn said, “In a few minutes we will see the interstellar passage, and now I am going to activate the Jia beam cannon.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Etu, you will stand with me, and receive the worship and cheers of all Lontan people.”

Etu’s voice trembled with excitement, “Thank you, my Lord…”

Yun Jie kept shrinking by the ship’s wall, hugging his shoulders, hanging his head and looking at his feet without moving. Etu hurriedly walked towards the bow of the ship, when Yun Jie suddenly looked up, his eyes were like two sharp blades, looking at him coldly.

The familiar gaze made Lan Yu cry out in joy, “Lu RanKong is inside Yun Jie’s body!”

Etu perceived Yun Jie’s gaze, his feet slightly paused, and there was a moment of doubt. In that instant, Yun Jie, who had already been in Lu RanKong’s possession, sprang out abruptly and came around behind him with sensitivity and swiftness, locking his right arm around his throat.

Etu made a backhanded back grab, Lu RanKong dodged this, and then smoothly put his hand on his back, and pushed forward. Etu stumbled two steps, and was pushed against the wall of the ship.

Yun Jie’s physical ability was far from Lan Yu’s, but Etu didn’t expect him to be able to attack himself, and with Lu RanKong’s excellent fighting skills, he was pinned against the ship’s wall and couldn’t move.

When Evelyn heard the commotion and looked over, his face showed a look of surprise and anger, and he took a big step towards him. Lu RanKong suddenly let go of the left hand that was holding Etu’s arm, darted into the inside pocket of his jacket, and pulled out a silver-white needle.

It was the one Lan Yu had put there earlier.

“Lu RanKong!” Evelyn had already reacted that this wasn’t Yun Jie, raised his fist and smashed it in the air against Lu RanKong.

His punch came with great force and speed, Lu RanKong tried to dodge, but this body was not trained, so his movement was delayed by half a second, seeing that Evelyn had already rushed to the front.

Lan Yu knew that with the strength of Lu RanKong’s body, Yun Jie must not be able to carry this full force of the blow. Just as his heart was pumping tight, a green shadow flashed into Yun Jie’s body faster than Evelyn’s speed.

Evelyn was leaping in the air, suddenly let out a roar of pain, and his fist in mid-air changed direction. He didn’t lose his momentum, but he brushed past Yun Jie and fell behind. Luo Yang rushed into Yun Jie’s mental domain, which the chip recognized in that instant and forcibly prevented Evelyn from harming Luo Yang, who was also a Lontan person.

Evelyn turned around quickly, his face grim as he surveyed the other side, his gaze fell on that injection and suddenly reached out to snatch it.

Lu RanKong, who dominated Yun Jie’s body, knew deep down that he was no match for him, and turned around and ran for the cockpit.

Yun Jie and Luo Yang, who were huddled in the mental domain, urged, “Run, run, run…”

Etu also chased after to help, but just lifting his foot to take a step, the whole person shuddered and stood still.

Lan Yu, who was in the same body as him, saw that Etu also wanted to go after Lu RanKong, so he mobilized all his spiritual power and began to seize the body right.

It was an instinctive force that pushed and drove against the spiritual bodies that didn’t belong to him, to push them into a small corner and then drive them out. Lu RanKong rushed to the back of the wide cockpit, and when Evelyn came after him, he circled the cockpit. When Evelyn reached over the back of the driver’s seat to grab him, he stepped back, holding the syringe in his hand.

After a few laps around the cockpit, Evelyn laughed in anger and stood without moving again.

“Luo Yang!” Lu RanKong shouted to Luo Yang from inside his body.


“Wait, I’ll count to one, two, three, and on three you’ll leave my body.” Lu RanKong said.

Luo Yang guessed what he intended to do and immediately replied, “Okay…”

Lan Yu was fighting against the Etu, and the spiritual energy around him was pressing against him like a boulder, as he was desperately trying to hold it back, and then slowly pushing it away.

Lan Yu was in the center of the vortex, his feet were firmly in place, as if they had taken root. Because of his concern for Lu RanKong, he had developed a strong will power, recovering lost ground inch by inch, gradually expanding the space that belonged to him, and surprisingly forming a 50/50 confrontation with Etu.

“Etu!” Evelyn looked at Lu RanKong through the seat and shouted at Etu, “Come and catch this escaped chicken!”

Etu was fully concentrating on fighting with Lan Yu for the right to the body, and couldn’t open his mouth or divide his extra mind now.

“Luo Yang, are you ready?” Lu RanKong stood across from Evelyn, his eyes watching him like a hawk.

Luo Yang in the mental domain replied, “Ready…”

Evelyn suddenly rose up and grabbed Lu RanKong with his upper body over the high seat again.

Lu RanKong, who had been watching his movements, continued to circle around the seat, dodging the blow while mentally chanting, “One…”

“Etu!” Evelyn’s gaze was gloomy as his mouth continued to shout out for Etu.

Lan Yu took advantage of this opportunity to attack the pool and take over more.

“Two…” Lu RanKong and Evelyn stared at each other, their eyes unflagging.

Evelyn finally sensed that something was wrong with Etu and couldn’t help but turn his head to look. Just a moment after he turned his face sideways, Lu RanKong fiercely flashed out from the right side of the seat, raising the needle in his hand high and aiming it at his neck.

“Three!” At the same time Lu RanKong yelled out, a green shadow flashed out from within his body and the shiny needle stuck in front of Evelyn.

Seeing that the needle was about to pierce the skin of Evelyn’s neck, his reflexes and combat skills developed over the years, he leaned his body back at that instant, and the needle swept past his face, bringing up a gust of wind.

Lu RanKong missed the blow, turned and ran in the direction of the Etu.

Evelyn straightened up and felt his hands behind him, pulling out his gun and aiming it at Lu RanKong’s back. Lu RanKong heard the movement behind him, but saw Etu standing still and knew that Lan Yu was confronting him and that the opportunity must not be missed, so he just gritted his teeth and continued to charge forward.

Evelyn’s finger was on the trigger, and Luo Yang flashed out from somewhere again, while drilling into Yun Jie’s body. Evelyn’s hand deflected uncontrollably in that instant, then bang! The sound of gunfire echoed through the ship as the skewed bullet hit the roof of the ship, crumbling out a spark before falling to the ground and rolling with a tinkling sound.

When Etu saw Lu RanKong coming at him with a needle in his hand, his pupils tightened and he subconsciously withdrew the mental energy he was fighting with Lan Yu and dodged to his left.

Lan Yu, who was doing his best, felt his body relax, and the power that had been trying to suppress him suddenly weakened, and he seized this opportunity to quickly take control of his body. He felt his heart beat, he felt the flow of blood… Felt the movement of his fingers… 

Etu showed a painful look, eyes looking to the right, obviously trying to hide, but his body didn’t move and began to spasm.

“Luo Yang, get out!” Lu RanKong let out a shout.

Luo Yang drilled out of Lu RanKong’s body again, and in the very next second, the injection in Lu RanKong’s hand was already stuck into Etu’s neck, and with a hard press, the medicine was poured in as much as possible.

“Etu!” Evelyn shouted angrily.

“My Lord…” Etu stared at the rushing Evelyn and mumbled something, with resignation in his eyes.

A green shadow detached itself from Lan Yu, floated in the air, and condensed into a solid body to fall heavily on the cabin floor. Evelyn raised the gun in his hand again, and Luo Yang once again burrowed into Yun Jie’s body.

“You Lontan Planet’s bitch! Shameful traitor!” Evelyn cursed through gritted teeth as he watched his hand holding the gun could no longer be aimed at Yun Jie.

Lan Yu finally felt a real body and at the same time heard another voice in his head, “Xiao Yu, I’ve been squeezed into your mental domain by Luo Yang.”

“Lu RanKong?”

“Yes, just squeezed over. Don’t be afraid, now I am with you.”

Evelyn looked at the already dead Etu and turned his gun full of violence to aim at Lan Yu.

Lan Yu lunged out to the right at that instant, and as the gun went off, a fire planet bloomed where he had been standing.

He flipped on the ground and quickly got up and rushed towards Evelyn, leaping forward as he turned his gun around and kicking it out of his hand.

Lan Yu also ignored the gun and punched at Evelyn. The two men each took a step back after a bang. Luo Yang had nimbly scampered to pick up the gun, and then ran to the garbage destruction barrel in a flash, and threw the gun in.

The destruction barrel emitted a slight hum for a few seconds, and a line appeared on the display, [Decomposed into high-risk recyclable material.]

“No need for this gun. No matter who you hit, it’s our people’s bodies that you’re hitting.” He said to Yun Jie in his mental domain.

“Hmm…” Yun Jie affirmed.

The planet map navigation voice sounded, “The Star Warship will enter the Kaiju Planet domain in five minutes. Please prepare the ship’s personnel.”

Evelyn and Lan Yu confronted each other in silence, and rushed towards each other at the same time, their two fists collided in the air as they battled each other. Each of them attacked fiercely, with Evelyn occupying Lu RanKong’s body with excellent strength and explosive power, each punch brought up a whistling wind sound.

Lan Yu didn’t dare to fight him hard, so he moved nimbly, dodging those moves and then looking for an opportunity to strike. When Evelyn kicked him, he dodged sideways and clamped down on Evelyn’s ankle, while his other hand chopped at his calf.

Lan Yu’s body leaned back and his fist swept past his face, bringing up a few strands of forehead hair by the wind of the punch. He straightened his back again and threw an elbow at Evelyn’s armpit.

“This son of a bitch! Using my body to hurt my Omega!” Lu RanKong stormed in Lan Yu’s mental domain, “You don’t want to spar with this big guy. Use some tactics, like poking him in the eye.”

Lan Yu’s hands didn’t stop, but he couldn’t help but say, “Shut up. That’s your body, what if I break it?”

“The Star Warship has entered the planet domain. The planned route is about to be completed.” The planet map navigation voice sounded again.

Listening to this voice, a trace of imperceptible anxiety appeared on Evelyn’s face, which was keenly captured by Lan Yu.

“Luo Yang, go and turn the Star Warship around.” Lan Yu backhandedly blocked off Evelyn’s punch before loudly instructing Luo Yang.

“Understood…” Luo Yang walked around the two and went to pilot the Star Warship.

Evelyn tried to stop him, but Lan Yu was faster than him and stepped in front of Luo Yang.

The Star Warship automatically slowed down as it entered the domain of Kaiju Planet, but the orange planet was getting closer and closer, and the silhouette of the mountain peaks above could already be seen in shadow, and a huge circular space above showed up.

Lan Yu took a quick glance at the gap, and Lu RanKong gave him a lecture, “That’s the closed interstellar channel.”

Evelyn also saw the interstellar channel, and struck out even more viciously, each move with a viciousness that would kill Lan Yu. Lan Yu didn’t dare to unleash his hands and feet because he was concerned about the body of Lu RanKong. Even when he landed punches, they were only on the parts that didn’t matter.

Lu RanKong became anxious and kept telling Lan Yu not to worry about his body and to beat his opponent to death. Evelyn also saw this and simply exposed the vital points, not defending but attacking, and soon forced Lan Yu to the ship’s wall. With a muffled sound of flesh hitting flesh, Lan Yu was hit by a punch on his left shoulder. He grunted as his body fell down, and was kicked hard in the back by Evelyn, and his whole body flung out.

Lan Yu only felt a surge of blood in his chest and abdomen, a sharp pain in his shoulder and back, and clenched his teeth to keep from crying out in pain. Just as he tried to get up, his whole body was light, the pain disappeared, and his body no longer obeyed his command. He understood that Lu RanKong took away the control of his body.

Evelyn saw Lan Yu fall to the ground, so he leapt up quickly, then descended, left knee curled in the air, intending to land heavily on Lan Yu’s back with his knees.

Lan Yu suddenly rolled over to avoid it, and Evelyn changed direction in the air and extended his leg to kick out. He was confident that this kick would hit Lan Yu in the chest, and his ears seemed to have heard the sound of broken ribs. He was also sure that Lan Yu wouldn’t attack him, so it was an offensive move without defense.

However, Lan Yu rose to his feet and punched directly at his outstretched left calf. Evelyn knew from the speed of the punch the power, if he was hit, the calf bone would be broken on the spot, so he immediately twisted in the air and landed in a twisted position on the side.

Lan Yu didn’t give him a chance to catch his breath, and kicked him before he could stand still. The kick was fierce and vicious, targeting the lower half of his body. Evelyn hurriedly retreated, but the kick was already in front of him, and he could only roll to the ground in a wretched manner and tumble out.

“You want to die?! How dare you kick yourself in that part! What if it breaks?!” Lan Yu yelled in his mental domain in shock and anger.

Lu RanKong paused and withdrew the kick that followed.

Evelyn quickly leapt up from the ground, narrowed his eyes and said, “Lu RanKong…”

“That’s right, it’s your grandfather.” Lu RanKong cracked his knuckles, making a snapping sound. His eyes looked at Evelyn from beneath the crest of his brow, his gaze chilling.

“Don’t crack it, stop it! It’ll thicken my knuckles! What’s the point of making these unnecessary movements?” Lan Yu spoke again.

Lu RanKong stopped pressing on his knuckles and began to turn his neck from side to side.

“You are quite hard on your own body.” Evelyn grunted, not daring to take him lightly again.

“You beat the old man Omega, and you don’t allow me to be tough?” Lu RanKong made a sound from between his teeth.

“But it’s your body.”

Lu RanKong asked, “So what?”


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