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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey [Hello, hello, I kinda came here for this lol]


When Lin HaoMiao realized that Wen Wen was so active, it made his heart shudder. To be honest, just this sentence and look could make him cum.

Normally he would only jerk off, but now he really brought his gun to the battlefield, and this room simply did not have lubricant and other things. Lin HaoMiao fumbled for half a day with Wen Wen’s hole, but it was dry and closed. He did not dare to be forceful, afraid to hurt Wen Wen.

“Is this your first… time?”

Lin HaoMiao, was a twenty-six year old virgin and weakly mmm’d.

“Then I’ll do it myself…” Wen Wen opened his mouth and licked his index and middle finger until they were incredibly wet, then probed his rear, and two fingers slowly probed into the place.

Such a scene that only existed in fantasy… was even more erotic than his imagination!

Lin HaoMiao’s lower body was so hard that it hurt, and he remembered looking at Wen Wen’s photos, imagining the other party’s rapid breathing and lust-filled look during sex. And now Wen Wen not only lay under him, but also took the initiative to spread his legs to him, using his slender white fingers for expansion, in order to allow him to penetrate…

“Almost there… you can come in.” Wen Wen made the mouth of the hole wet, and Lin HaoMiao heard his words. He had long been unable to control himself as he hastily removed his pants to the thighs, holding his waist and inserted himself into Wen Wen’s hole.

“Ah… so hot.” Lin HaoMiao could not help but whisper this exclamation. His voice, because of the excitement, was shaking, “No, I can’t hold back…”

Wen Wen didn’t have the time to ask what could not be held back, Lin HaoMiao’s every action of pulling out and thrusting, fucking him so hard that even his moans were buried in his throat for a while.

Lin HaoMiao gasped, leaned down and fiercely kissed him while pumping rapidly.

Wen Wen’s arms went around Lin HaoMiao’s back and clasped tightly, his pair of legs wrapped firmly around Lin HaoMiao’s body, so tight that not a single gap was left, “Uhhh, mmmn… hold me…”

Lin HaoMiao took Wen Wen into his arms and heard Wen Wen’s muffled voice, “Tighter…”

Lin HaoMiao couldn’t control himself and kissed Wen Wen frantically. Hearing this, he tightened his arms a little more, as if to confirm that what was happening now was not an illusion, and repeatedly pushed his cock hard into Wen Wen’s warm, hot, wet hole.

“It’s so hot… It’s so wet…” Lin HaoMiao did not hesitate to say all the thoughts in his heart, along with the infatuation he had buried for three years. “I love you. I love you. Wen Wen… I love you…”

“Mmm, ah…” Wen Wen’s fingers gripped hard at Lin HaoMiao’s back, scratching several clear red marks on it, “I also… I will also start to love you…”

This sentence was already enough to make Lin HaoMiao delighted, his waist kept swinging to send himself into Wen Wen’s hole, the force of which was like trying to stuff his whole body in. Wen Wen was hit by this rapid impact and moaned loudly a few times. Lin HaoMiao’s legs also trembled.

“I’ve loved you for three years, every day… every night… thinking about holding you, sticking inside you, watching you come…”

When Wen Wen heard this, he had the illusion that he was going to climax.

Maybe it wasn’t an illusion.

With a loud moan and the sudden tightening of Wen Wen’s hole, Lin HaoMiao seemed to know where his sensitive spot was.

“Now you’re finally mine…”

“Ahhhh—” Wen Wen threw his neck back, his breathing sharpening. His whole body trembled from being stimulated at his g-spot, “You, you have to be mine too, ah… mine alone.”

“Of course.” Lin HaoMiao bared his heart to express his heartfelt wish and could only repeatedly whisper I love you, like a mantra continuously floating into Wen Wen’s ears.

Wen Wen was eventually fucked to the point of cumming under the violent onslaught of Lin HaoMiao, and then the sticky fluid stained both of them. His lower abdomen and pubic region were wet.


Lin HaoMiao looked at Wen Wen’s panting and disoriented expression after his orgasm, as he imagined how he used to masturbate through the wall every day, and roared and shot all the fluid he had been holding for days into his longed-for hole.


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Hot! Hot!

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The intensity was hot! ❤️

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Me reading: I’m not weird. I just had an acquired taste for things 💁‍♀️

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