Yoidore Koi wo Sezu

Yoidore Koi wo Sezu Cover

Artist: Hashimoto Aoi
Language: English
Volume 1
Chapter 0Mediafire
Chapter 1Mediafire
Chapter 2Mediafire
Chapter 3Mediafire
Chapter 4Mediafire
Chapter 4.5Mediafire
Complete Volume 1 with extra pageMediafire Volume 1 without extra page
Extra page

Volume 2
Chapter 5Mediafire
Chapter 6Mediafire
Chapter 7Mediafire
Chapter 8 should come out in the following Cheri+ releases.


Thirty-two year old Suwa Misumi is a Master of Sake and has just recently been fired from his job due to causing trouble from being “too friendly” since he doesn’t like to refuse requests. At the lowest point in his life, he now finds a restaurant he desperately wants to work at. Only problem is that his latest drunken one night stand is the owner!!

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Volume 1

Hate, hate, hate
Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete

23 thoughts on “Yoidore Koi wo Sezu

  1. I was wonder where the online manga reading sites get their translation from and where their real website was. Guess this answer the question. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  2. Have there been any announcements made on when this is going to be updated? I love this story, but of course they have to leave it on a cliffhanger! I’m just hoping that this doesn’t become a “dropped” project. Love the work the teams does though. Thank you for all the translations.

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