Yoidore Koi wo Sezu

Yoidore Koi wo Sezu Cover

Artist: Hashimoto Aoi
Language: English
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Thirty-two year old Suwa Misumi is a Master of Sake and has just recently been fired from his job due to causing trouble from being “too friendly” since he doesn’t like to refuse requests. At the lowest point in his life, he now finds a restaurant he desperately wants to work at. Only problem is that his latest drunken one night stand is the owner!!

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Black or White

103 thoughts on “Yoidore Koi wo Sezu

  1. Thank you for the new chapter. Lately I’ve been thinking that I haven’t thank you enough for all the chapters that you provided. I usually try to write something more meaningful than a simple thank you, but now I think if it is really how I feel then it’s enough to be said. So, thank you.

  2. Sometimes I enjoy the screenshots at the end just as much as the chapter, which is why I love this scanlations group! Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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