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Chapter 10: Little Huan Ye

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

Huan Xiu took off his shoes and walked into the house. As he passed the living room, he saw that some vegetables and meat had already been placed on the kitchen board, cut halfway.

“Xi Ran is back?”

“Ah, I… It was me…” Huan Ye seemed to be embarrassed because his poor cutting skills had been seen. He was very ashamed. He lowered his head and said, “My father said you would come home first. I wanted to try and cook something first… but as it turns out, I’m not very good at it…”

Huan Xiu was surprised for a long time, then remembered to go over and take a look. The vegetables on the chopping board were all washed very clean. They were cut into different sizes and looked like they were still a work in progress. He looked at it carefully and found that Huan Ye also knew how to order ingredients from the menu, for the same one they had last night.

Maybe he mistakenly thought that what they ordered last night was Huan Xiu’s favorite food.

Without breaking Xiao Ye’s misunderstanding, Huan Xiu said, “Isn’t this pretty good? Aren’t you worrying too much? By the way, how old are you? Can you reach the table?”

“I stood on the box, so it’s no problem.” Huan Ye insisted.

Huan Xiu couldn’t help laughing. Huan Ye was so obedient that he tried his best to please him, which made him feel a little sad, but touched. He moved the box to one side and said to Huan Ye, “Okay, you go have a snack. Leave the rest to me.”

“How can I do that? You can’t go into the kitchen! Father will scold me if he finds out… Let’s leave it and wait for him to come back.” Huan Ye said anxiously.

“This is an order from your male father.” Huan Xiu replaced the former ‘teacher’s order’ in a very unreasonable way, and instructed Huan Ye to sit on the sofa.

Huan Ye indeed seemed a little hungry. He was eating the snacks uneasily and looked back at Huan Xiu from time to time. Huan Xiu laughed at him and let him eat at ease.

Then he took up the kitchen knife – well, how should he cut the vegetables?

After a brief recollection, Huan Xiu realized that he had lived two lives, but in more than thirty years, he had never worked in the kitchen. It was just that he just swore to Huan Ye, ‘leave the rest to me’. Huan Xiu was embarrassed to give up just because he couldn’t save face.

An hour and a half later, the doorbell rang.

The door opened before anyone inside could react. Xi Ran looked a little confused. He forgot that he could open the front door with his fingerprint and was not used to it. Xi Ran entered the house in a hurry. The cub and his master were at home, so he was feeling guilty for being the last one to come back.

In the living room, Huan Xiu and Huan Ye were sitting side by side on the sofa watching TV, and their relationship was obviously much closer than yesterday.

“I’m going to make dinner now.” Xi Ran said quickly.

“Don’t worry about it…”

“Huh?” Xi Ran walked into the kitchen and saw the prepared ingredients. “This is…”

“This is Xiao Ye’s initiative. I was surprised when I came back.” Huan Xiu laughed. He didn’t say that he had cut half of them, and the result was the same as if Huan Ye had done it all. It was so ugly.

In the next second, he was sold out by the kind Huan Ye.

“Male father also helped! The second half was cut by him. I said it doesn’t matter…”

Huan Xiu, “……”

Xi Ran was surprised for a moment and couldn’t speak.

Huan Ye stood aside with a worried look on his face. He glanced at Xi Ran and said to him, “Xiao Ye is really a good boy.”

Xi Ran came back to his senses and said to Huan Ye, “Thank you, Xiao Ye. You’re really grown up.”

There was an irrepressible smile on Huan Ye’s face.

“But let me do it next time. Master should not enter the kitchen…”

Huan Xiu had come to the kitchen by this time and joked, “It’s just convenient. It’s not a big deal… Or do you think I cut them too ugly?”

“I would never… Cooking shouldn’t be done by male Zergs. What’s more, Master cut it very beautifully.”

If he hadn’t known Xi Ran’s character, he would have thought that he was mocking him by looking at his serious expression.

“Your praise is really unprincipled…” Huan Xiu sighed helplessly and put his hand on Xi Ran’s waist from behind.

Xi Ran visibly trembled and looked at Huan Xiu with some embarrassment in his eyes.

Huan Xiu, “?”

“If… now…”

“Now? What’s the matter?”

Xi Ran lowered his voice a little, and asked tentatively, “If Master wants me now, can I have Xiao Ye go back to his room first?”

“I didn’t mean that.” The corner of Huan Xiu’s eye twitched. It wasn’t a bad idea, but he didn’t really think much about it at this point in time. He didn’t understand… all he had done was touch his waist. Did this contain some erotic meaning of ‘want’ in the Zerg world view?

Because he misunderstood the meaning of his Master, Xi Ran looked embarrassed and concentrated on cooking. Huan Xiu was watching and learning.

Although the family of three had dinner together the day before, the atmosphere on the table had changed dramatically in the short 24 hours. Although it was not exactly a happy family, Xi Ran and Huan Ye were not as cautious as they were yesterday. Huan Ye, in particular, was still a child, and the class system and gender differences of the Zerg nationality were not so deep-rooted in his mind. Huan Xiu was kind to him, and soon opened up to him without reservation. Although he was shy, Huan Xiu could hear the cheerfulness in his tone when talking to him. It may be the first time since he was born that he had a conversation with another Zerg on equal footing, except for Xi Ran.

However, after dinner, Huan Ye quickly entered his own room. Huan Xiu did not know whether he heard what Xi Ran had said before, so he deliberately avoided them. This made him think about how soon the enlightenment education of Zerg cubs started.

Xi Ran insisted on taking care of the dishes and Huan Xiu couldn’t deter him, so he stayed and chatted with him.

“What are the specific tasks of the military logistics team?”

“Organize the warehouse, transport goods and documents between departments, and compile the data of each department…” Xi Ran listed them one by one and told Huan Xiu everything in detail. After talking about it for a while, Xi Ran seemed to realize that he was too wordy, and then he stopped. “…That’s about it. “

“I see,” Huan Xiu nodded. “Let me also tell you what I do every day.”

After that, without waiting for Xi Ran to say anything, Huan Xiu began to list them one by one like the other. Of course, he didn’t mention any confidential research information, so he was talking about trivial things like ‘trying to connect part A to part B’. However, Xi Ran was so fascinated that he even turned his head to listen to Huan Xiu and when he was halfway through washing dishes, he stopped what he was doing.

“Do you really like mecha?” Huan Xiu thought that Xi Ran used to use this kind of military equipment when he was in the front line. It was just that now he may never get to use them again.

Xi Ran didn’t show any nostalgia or regret about it, but just nodded.

“Next time I have a chance, I’ll show you the open parts. But at the beginning, it may look completely different from the finished product.”

“No, I’m very happy to hear this description from Master.” Xi Ran turned around and put his attention back into the sink and put the clean bowls he finished washing in the cabinet one by one.

Seeing this, Huan Xiu couldn’t help but ask, “Honestly, do you want to stay in the military?”

Xi Ran was stunned for a moment and unexpectedly gave a very clear positive answer, “I don’t know. I may not be suitable for this position, and I’m a little unmotivated by the job. If possible, helping to train new guys would be more suitable for me now.”

“So you applied somewhere?”

“It’s complicated. I’ve submitted my application, but it’s very slow… So far, there is no news. “

“At least you’ve tried to do it,” Huan Xiu smiled.

After closing the door of the disinfector, Xi Ran specially wiped his hands. Huan Xiu noticed that he was extremely meticulous in such small details.

“Thank you, Master, for standing here this entire time. In fact, you can go upstairs and rest first.”

“I’m tired from studying during the day, and want to talk more at night.” There was no connection between the two, but Hu Xu said that anyway.

Xi Ran skillfully took his words in another meaning, “Then I’ll give Master a massage to relax?”

“No need to…” He felt bad. Xi Ran got up earlier than he did in the morning. Not to mention, after work, he cooked and washed dishes. Now he wanted to give him a massage. Besides sleeping, he was moving all day.

“You should go take a rest.”

Xi Ran didn’t refuse, probably because he was really tired, so they went back to the bedroom after each other to take a shower.

Huan Xiu was sitting on the bed with the bedside lamp dimmed, watching the news on a light screen in the night. Xi Ran came out of the bathroom as naked as yesterday. Huan Xiu didn’t know whether Xi Ran was not used to wearing pajamas, or he was thinking about his ‘needs’.

“Aren’t you cold?” Huan Xiu looked at Xi Ran and asked, “Do you usually sleep naked?”

Xi Ran hesitated for a moment and said frankly, “If I sleep by myself, I will wear a T-shirt and boxer shorts.”

“You don’t have to worry about me. You can always wear what you want.”

“Doesn’t Master want to do it today…?” Xi Ran looked inquisitively at Huan Xiu.

“I think you are very tired today, aren’t you? Is the logistics department busy?”

“It doesn’t matter to me!” Xi Ran, with a little bit of a rush, said he was completely okay.

“There are dark circles under your eyes. Don’t push yourself too hard.” Huan Xiu patted the bed and motioned for Xi Ran not to stand around naked and come to bed.

Xi Ran was really very busy. In order to get his application for his change of department approved by his superiors, he had not slowed down because of the gap or recuperation since he entered the logistics department. Instead, he worked extra hard. Today, he made breakfast and dinner carefully. He wanted to make a good impression on Huan Xiu in this respect. After taking a hot bath, he relaxed a little, and his tiredness overflowed uncontrollably.

Although he didn’t know whether this was a good idea, now that Huan Xiu had spoken, Xi Ran went to find his usual bedtime T-shirt, put it on with some uncertainty, and then hesitantly went to bed.

“Isn’t that better?”

“Does Master think so?” Xi Ran frowned a little, “Won’t it reduce your libido?”

Huan Xiu was dumbfounded, what twisted and straightforward theory was this?

“No. Don’t you think it’s fun to have someone else take off your clothes sometimes? It’s not always good to be naked all the time.” After Huan Xiu said that, he felt that he might not be so good himself if he could say this kind of thing with a straight face.

“I see. Although I don’t quite understand… But since Master has said so…” Xi Ran indicated to him that he understood.

Although the conclusion may be slightly different from the original intention, Huan Xiu decided not to go into this issue for the time being.

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