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Chapter 11: Registering Huan Ye

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

Although Xi Ran was not good at expressing himself and there were many misunderstandings in their dialogue, Xi Ran’s personality could be easily interpreted from his various behaviors. After getting along with Xi Ran in such an identity and form for a short day, Huan Xiu felt that the other was still a person worthy of paying attention to for the in-depth understanding of the relationship.

Huan Xiu was casually watching the Internet news, and Xi Ran was idling around. So Huan Xiu casually mentioned what Xi Ran usually did to kill time. Xi Ran thought about it and told him that he was usually training and had little leisure time. Since he was injured, he often went out to relax. According to him, it was to go jogging in the park or by the river, or sit in a daze.

“Oh,” Huan Xiu said, “So when we met for the first time, you happened to be there to relax.”

“It’s very close to my previous rental, and I’ve been around a lot. That day, I was running as usual, and then I saw you from afar…”

Huan Xiu paused for a moment and asked, “Are you curious how I fell into the river?”

Xi Ran hesitated and replied, “A little bit.” Then he immediately added, “But if master doesn’t want to say, and I won’t ask.”

As if expecting him to say this, Huan Xiu gave a smile, “If there is a suitable opportunity in the future, I will tell you all about it.” What he said included the suicide of the original, and even the fact that he was a soul from Earth. Although Xi Ran seemed to be very obedient to him, it was precisely because of this sense of distance between them that Hu Xu was not sure that he could share such shocking things with others.

“Okay.” Xi Ran nodded without complaint.

“There’s no open place for jogging around here,” Huan Xiu said quietly. “By the way, I’d like to recommend some books for you. Although paper books are not popular now, it’s fun to read them occasionally.”

Huan Xiu took out some books he had read before from the bedside table and asked Xi Ran to select from them. He saw that Xi Ran took them with fear. If he didn’t want to read them, he wouldn’t force him.

“It’s meant to kill time. I’m just recommending it to you.”

Xi Ran thought that the books that Huan Xiu was engaged in with such a profession must be obscure and difficult to understand. He was hoping that he could barely understand it with his own slightly shallow reading capacity. However, after a close look, he found that these were just ordinary narrative novels. He was a little surprised that Huan Xiu could also read such easy to understand things.

Seeing that Xi Ran’s expression changed from nervous to relaxed, Huan Xiu couldn’t help laughing, “Do you think that all the people who engage in scientific research are antiques?”

“No!” Xi Ran suddenly raised his head and saw the expression on Huan Xiu’s face. He felt helpless and said, “…Master, please don’t make fun of me. “

As a result, the atmosphere in the room was much more relaxed. The two quietly looked at each other in bed, but unexpectedly the atmosphere was very harmonious. Later, Huan Xiu was a little sleepy, but Xi Ran was fascinated by the suspense novel he chose. This female Zerg, who had always been known for his keen observation, didn’t notice that he was looking at him.

“Don’t you sleep?” Huan Xiu reached out and swayed his hand in front of him.

“Sorry, I’m going to sleep now…” Xi Ran’s body was stiff. It was an instinctive reaction. He felt a little ashamed that he didn’t notice Huan Xiu next to him when he read the novel. It never occurred to him that he had only been there for a day, and he was completely relaxed like this. Was it because Huan Xiu was too generous to him?

“I’ll go to bed first, and it’ll be okay if you look at it for a while,” Huan Xiu approached and put a bookmark on the page Xi Ran had turned to. “Borrow it. Then let’s go shopping during the weekend and buy one you like?”

“Thank you, master. This looks good. I can read the same.” Xi Ran reached out his hand and touched the bookmark. He didn’t really read idle books, let alone paper books, because of his growing environment as a child and later joining the army. He had been out of touch with this for a while, and felt that such things were particularly beautiful.

“Let’s go together then.”

Huan Xiu turned off the bedside lamp, lay in the quilt and said good night. Although he said that Xi Ran could not care about him and sleep when he wanted to sleep, he was not prepared to do so. Seeing Huan Xiu lying down, he turned off all the lights in a hurry for fear of affecting his rest.

They had a good night’s sleep.

The first day of cohabitation seemed to go slowly because of all kinds of wonderful experiences and freshness. But once they got used to it, time went by quickly. In the twinkling of an eye, it was the weekend when Xi Ran made an appointment to go to Huan Ye’s school.

“Did father go to the elementary department…”


“There’s a fountain inside. Ah, the University Department should also have…” Huan Ye was a bit tangled. He wanted to introduce some things about school to Huan Xiu, but he was afraid of saying the wrong thing. He didn’t want to look bad.

“There is one, but I wonder if the facilities in each department are the same. I’ll check it out later.”

“Mm-hmm!” Huan Ye’s eyes were bright and he nodded.

Xi Ran listened to them quietly with his ears up, his eyes on the front and his focus on driving.

They arrived near the primary department, found a place to stop, Xi Ran walked out to lead the way. Before, he did all kinds of things about Huan Ye’s school by himself, and he had just come to handle the withdrawal procedures some time ago. Xi Ran stopped by when he visited the school. There were not many people in the school during the weekend, but he would more or less look at next to Huan Xiu. An adult male Zerg in the primary department was very rare.

Xi Ran was a little uneasy because he was in front of Huan Xiu. He always looked back at him. In order to make him not so embarrassed, he took the initiative to step forward and walk side by side with him.

“Sorry, male Zergs are rare here, so master will attract more attention.” Xi Ran was apologetic, though it was not his fault.

“It’s not my first day out.” Now, when he came to this world, he had seen almost all kinds of strange things.

When he came to the staff room, Huan Xiu knocked on the door and went in. When Xi Ran called, he didn’t mention that Huan Xiu was coming, so the teacher was obviously surprised. During the weekend, the young teachers on duty came to do the reception work.

The female, who received Huan Xiu, was a bit unable to lift his spirit. He looked up and was nervous and straightened out, “You, are you…”

“I am his father. I came to apply for re-enrollment.”

“Ah, yes, yes. How do I address you?”

“Huan Xiu. AH, his surname has been changed as well, and you need to re-enter the ID card.” Huan Xiu patted Huan Ye on the shoulder.

“Okay, please take a seat,” the teacher on duty said with a smile. “Can Huan Ye come here again for an entrance test? Although he has studied here before, I still need the necessary programs because he had dropped out.”

Huan Xiu patted Xiao Ye on the back and motioned him to ‘go.’ Huan Ye glanced at Xi Ran and Huan Xiu, took the test paper and pencil and took the initiative to trot to the small room next door.

“Mn, no problem. By the way, I think Xiao Ye might be better off in a different class, right?” Huan Xiu knew that this may be against the rules, but he thought that if he changes classes, it should be a good thing to let Huan Ye stay away from those students who bullied him before and start his campus life again.

“Ah? I’ll try my best to arrange this.” The teacher on duty gently smiled at Huan Xiu.

“That will trouble you.”

“No trouble, no trouble. You see, there’s nothing wrong with working the weekend…” The inferior female came out from behind the table and helped Huan Xiu pull out the chair beside him. He was very enthusiastic, and his eyes were glued to him, hoping to have more communication. Of course, he had heard about Huan Xiu, but he was different from the rumor, he was a very handsome and temperamental male Zerg. He was not the eccentric and weird character he guessed. On the contrary, he was willing to send his adopted son to go through with the formalities. He was a very gentle Zerg.

All of a sudden, all kinds of careful thinking filled his mind. Even female Zerg like Xi Ran could be a concubine. If the other party took a fancy to him, he would be a concubine as well.

“Would you like some water? Tea is also available. Ah, if you don’t mind, I bought canned coffee in the store this morning, but I haven’t opened it yet. If you want to…”

Totally ignoring him, Xi Ran stood aside, indifferent, without any dissatisfaction. On the contrary, he was a little happy. In this way, Xiao Ye’s life in school would be more relaxed.

And the inferior female with a smile on his face close to Huan Xiu? Xi Ran takes a quick glance, but still chooses to remain silent.

“What do you want to drink?” Huan Xiu naturally turned his head and asked Xi Ran.

Xi Ran was stunned. Huan Xiu turned to ask him?

Huan Xiu helped Xi Ran pull out a chair and sat down naturally, “Xiao Ye will have to be in there for a while. Let’s sit and wait. Do you want water?”

“Good, good.” Xi Ran sat down hesitantly. No matter how slow he was, he realized that this was a male Zerg’s deliberate display of concern for him in front of the courteous inferior female, which could be said to be a very straightforward refusal. However, Huan Xiu refused to leave any trace and let the other down. This was also a rare stand.

“Two glasses of water will do.” Huan Xiu was short.

“OK…” Obviously, the expression of the inferior female was stiff. He went to get two glasses of water and handed them them to them.

Xi Ran felt that the other side’s gaze was obviously stabbing, not malicious, but with the unbelievable look of ‘why.’ He took a breath imperceptibly, then raised his head, and frankly intersected his opponent’s line of sight. There was no expression on Xi Ran’s face as always, but his expression was calm.

“……” The Zerg took the initiative to move away and said with a smile, “I’m going to see how Huan Ye is doing.” He went to the next room.

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