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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

[The kid is away and well… the title says it all.]

“?” Xi Ran showed a somewhat puzzled expression.

Huan Xiu moved the cutting board and knife to the far left of the table to make room for them.

Xi Ran thinks that by ‘new thing’, Huan Xiu meant trying something related to cooking, so he waited for him with a serious face.

The next thing he knew, he was kissed back by Huan Xiu.

“Oh, mn…”

Huan Xiu cupped Xi Ran’s cheek in one hand and pressed against his waist with the other, pushing him somewhat forcibly against the table behind him. Xi Ran’s legs pressed against the cupboard, unable to retreat, only his upper body fell backwards, and he was able to stabilize himself with his elbows.

“…Master.” Xi Ran understood the meaning of Huan Xiu’s words in hindsight. He felt a little embarrassed – he had just told Master that he was making progress and so on, and then he turned around and reacted half a beat slower.

“It’s a good thing Xiao Ye isn’t home, we can try something we’ve never tried before.”


“Can’t I?” Huan Xiu rested his chin on Xi Ran’s shoulder.

“Of course you can!” Xi Ran replied positively.

Huan Xiu knew Xi Ran couldn’t refuse. He smiled and came over to hug Xi Ran in an affectionate kiss.

Xi Ran enjoyed the kiss very much. He had never known that such an act could bring him such pleasure from the psychological aspect alone, and the feelings that Huan Xiu loved and cherished were transmitted through the kiss, and the mere thought of it made his heart softer than ever.

Xi Ran had never imagined that he would become so emotionally involved. After all, he had a bad impression of male Zerg, he never thought he would meet someone like Huan Xiu. And Huan Xiu even wanted only him.


“You’re very proactive.” Huan Xiu joked when he saw Xi Ran actively unbuttoning his shirt. Xi Ran was usually aggressive, but today, he felt that he was even more passionate. Was it because he was in the kitchen?

“Does the Master like this? Or should I leave it to you to take off…” Xi Ran suddenly stopped, frustrated, “I forgot, Master said that taking off your clothes is also a love affair.”

“Don’t be so stubborn… continue.” Huan Xiu said with amusement.

Even though Huan Ye was not there, Xi Ran was still not as straightforward as he usually was since he was in the living room. After unbuttoning Huan Xiu’s buttons, he stopped. Maybe it was because he thought it was still a little weird to be naked in the kitchen.

Huan Xiu quickly unbuttoned both of their pants and pulled them down to fall around their ankles, leaving no room to change their minds. Huan Xiu quickly lowered his head to lick Xi Ran’s chest through his shirt and reached his hand out to Xi Ran’s back hole.

There was no discomfort, but Xi Ran grunted when his fingers entered.

“It’s so wet.” Huan Xiu was still amazed by the fact that his female Zerg had been in heat for the past few days. Female Zerg didn’t get hurt easily compared to human men since they would secrete some body fluids, but in the last few days, Xi Ran had been so wet and slippery.

But it was amazing that he could even give birth to a child…

Huan Xiu withdrew his finger after two movements, just like he is used to doing. In fact, there was no need to expand now. Huan Xiu lifted one of Xi Ran’s legs and made him bend it so that he could stand facing him before he could enter. Xi Ran propped himself up on the table with his elbow and his breath gradually became very heavy, “Master… Please come straight in.”

It was hard to hold on after hearing that kind of language, but Huan Xiu was relentless in his attempts to get Xi Ran to gradually change his title, “Call me by name.”

“……” Xi Ran has been asked to call his name several times in the past two days and he felt like Huan Xiu was doing it a little too much. But he was getting used to it because he didn’t want to disappoint Huan Xiu.

“Huan… Huan Xiu…” He didn’t dare to look Huan Xiu in the eye when he said his name, and only looked up when he was done.

“Can you repeat the last one as well? And don’t add ‘please’.” Huan Xiu continued to make demands.

“…Come straight in.”

“Connect the dots—”

He was so slow that Xi Ran also saw that Huan Xiu’s smiling face was deliberately teasing him. Xi Ran pursed his lips and whispered, “Huan Xiu… come in quickly…” 

Huan Xiu was finally satisfied.

“Mn! Ah…!” After being entered, Xi Ran was unsteady on his feet. The pleasure from the back and the ramming action of Huan Xiu made it difficult for him to keep his center of gravity on one leg. He tried to lean back on the table as much as possible, but his back was a little uncomfortable on the hard surface.

Making love in the same place where he normally cooked and washed the dishes did feel very different, a bit strange. Even though Huan Ye was not at home, Xi Ran was too familiar with the way Xiao Ye sat at the table in the dining room every morning and evening while he waited for food and did his homework, which made Xi Ran feel a bit restrained.

“Don’t be nervous, Xiao Ye isn’t here.” Noticing Xi Ran unconsciously turning his head back to look at the table, Huan Xiu nibbled on his earlobe, indicating his lack of concentration.

“Sorry…” Xi Ran hugged Huan Xiu’s neck to show that he wasn’t inattentive.

His slight affectionate gesture made Huan Xiu very moved. It was a wonderful thing to have such a mature and independent man willing to devote himself to his lover wholeheartedly at home.

Xi Ran’s front end was already hard without touching, resting on Huan Xiu’s belly.

“My clothes will get dirty,” Xi Ran worried.

“It’s what you wear at home anyway. Besides, I’d love to get dirtied by you.”

Xi Ran blushed.

Huan Xiu couldn’t take it any longer. Xi Ran’s insides were just as hot and wet as the previous days. Moreover, Xi Ran’s genital tract was still open, and he could penetrate it with just a little bit of thrusting. Each thrust caused Xi Ran’s tract to contract slightly, but it soon opened again instinctively to allow the male Zerg to release his seed.

“Ahhh…” Xi Ran let out a muffled moan. He used to hold his voice back, but Huan Xiu said as ‘motivation’ that it sounded good when he screamed, so Xi Ran tried to do it.

As long as it was something Huan Xiu liked, he would definitely do it.

“Mn, mn ah—!”

Huan Xiu’s movements were getting faster and faster, and Xi Ran was shaking from the impact, standing shakily, so he could only hold on to Huan Xiu’s neck as hard as he could. But he was worried that the weight would be too much for Huan Xiu, so he was in a dilemma.

Huan Xiu noticed Xi Ran’s slightly bowed upper body, “Is this posture strenuous?”

Xi Ran was too embarrassed to voice his concerns, “Kind of… I can turn around.”

“Okay.” Huan Xiu lowered his head and kissed the tip of Xi Ran’s nose, but of course he leaned down like this so he could go deeper.

Xi Ran gasped for a moment and nodded his head.

Then they changed positions, Xi Ran crawled on the marble table and was entered from behind by Huan Xiu. Since his clothes were unbuttoned, his chest was directly on the cool table, which instantly made his nipples hard.

Master didn’t notice… Xi Ran thought to himself.

Huan Xiu remembered Xi Ran’s resistance to rear-entry before, but it seemed that as long as he touched him more, got closer and said more, he didn’t fear it. When he saw Xi Ran’s shoulders shrink, Huan Xiu thought he was frozen by the marble table, so he wanted to reach out to him to help him with a cushion.

“Is it cold? Ah…” Huan Xiu laughed, “Your nipples are standing up.”

“……” Xi Ran buried his face in the crook of his arm.

Huan Xiu rotated his fingers around the tip of Xi Ran’s nipples as he moved his waist, occasionally pinching them in amusement.

“Uhhh, mn… Mn…” Xi Ran grunted, but he didn’t ask Huan Xiu to stop.

Rubbing the tips of his breasts against the cool surface of the table and the skin of his fingers, which looked hot by comparison, Xi Ran’s breath quickened and he became aware that his body was more sexual than he had imagined – or rather, more responsive to Huan Xiu’s stimulations.

The sticky body fluid became white at the point of contact due to impact, and with the sound of entering and existing, it made a “ba-da ba-da” sound. Xi Ran inevitably thought of the way he prepared breakfast and dinner at this table, and now he was in the kitchen with Master in the same position.

Huan Xiu lightly touched Xi Ran’s back, feeling the skin all the way up his spine, his fingers moving to the left, grazing the tiny crevice where his bone wings were tucked in.

“……! Ah, mn… ha…” Xi Ran tensed up, then suddenly lost his strength.

“Too sudden? Did it scare you?”

Huan Xiu lowered his body to touch Xi Ran’s front, not realizing that the other had already ejaculated.

“Surprised… there’s too much sensual stimulation there.” Xi Ran pursed his lips.

Huan Xiu knew how sensitive a female Zerg’s unique bone-wing was, and he looked it up and found that the inside was not suitable for touching. But at least he could touch around the crevice, where the skin was more sensitive than other parts. Of course, a female Zerg would also be nervous about being touched in an overly sensitive area.

“Don’t reach in…” Xi Ran whispered hesitantly.

“No, I won’t. I’ll just touch the outside.” Huan Xiu reassured him.

“…Mn.” Xi Ran obeyed and raised his back slightly to touch Huan Xiu’s front.

“You don’t have to do that intentionally.” Huan Xiu lost his smile. He rubbed his fingers carefully over the skin that was the most delicate part of a female Zerg with his rather rough and calloused fingertips, that were used to hold tools and were not as soft as most male Zerg’s.

Xi Ran’s reproductive tract contracted sharply as he was touched, continuously sucking Huan Xiu in.

“You’re going to make me cum…”

Xi Ran hurriedly tried to relax a bit, “Master touched that place, and I almost came…”

“That was a compliment to you,” Huan Xiu said helplessly, and began to speed up for the last time.

It was a compliment? Xi Ran felt relieved, but soon his mind went blank.

It was 9:30pm.

Maybe it was good to have Huan Ye here.

After all, that way they would be more restrained… After a quick glance at the clock, Huan Xiu looked at the ingredients, which were still intact and placed aside.

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