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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


It’s one thing to be aware of it, and another thing to do it. After all, their bodies were still in their twenties, and it was not often that Xi Ran’s rut coincided with Huan Ye’s absence, so they were ready to forget about it for a few days.

From the kitchen to the living room sofa, from the hallway to the corridor, the two of them were lost in their belated affair.

Huan Xiu was frustrated to find that, physically speaking, he did feel a bit tired…

Xi Ran was puzzled by Huan Xiu’s insistence on getting a gym membership card, but he said, “Do you want me to go with you?”

“No need. You come from a military background, do you still need to go to the gym?” Although he was happy to see Xi Ran clinging to him, Huan Xiu did not want to take unnecessary personal time away from Xi Ran.

Xi Ran had no choice but to give up. He didn’t want his Master to feel that he had to follow him in everything, but his heart was torn. There should be a lot of female Zerg in that place, right? In his heart, he was thinking about trusting the Master, but Xi Ran was still a little scared.

Naturally, Huan Xiu didn’t think of such a small detail, but if he knew what Xi Ran was thinking, he would probably laugh and cry again.

On Thursday, Huan Xiu went to the academy as usual to report on the new model, and was told by the head of the armor research department that he would go to the site to check out the armor currently in use for the improvement of the new model.

Of course, Huan Xiu was curious and asked to go with him, but when he got the schedule, he found that their destination was the military department.

Huan Xiu had never been to the military headquarters or training camp before, but he knew it was a big place, so it was unrealistic to run into Xi Ran by chance. However, if possible, he wanted to stay there after the research and wait for his partner.

There weren’t many Zerg at the institute, but only five males decided to go with the director to the military department for research, and Kaczki, who knew Huan Xiu quite well, was also one of them.

The precious male Zerg appeared in a group, which was only common in academic institutions like the Graduate School. When the line of Zerg arrived at their destination, there was a stark contrast between the military section, which was made up almost entirely of female Zerg, and the males.

Even though the soldiers were very careful, there were still many female Zerg in the corridor. It was not often that a group of male Zerg appeared at the same time …… especially when they were all highly educated males who were here to check out the armor. As a soldier, there were few who didn’t like the armor, so more female Zerg were interested in this group of researchers.

Considering their identities, they were still doing their business, at least they didn’t show any emotion on their faces.

“The atmosphere in the military department is really serious…” Huan Xiu whispered to Kaczki. To be honest, this kind of military atmosphere was not something ordinary people could get used to. He couldn’t help but shiver at the cold and unheated building and interior decoration of the military headquarters.

“Most female Zerg are pretty serious in private as well, alright. Or rather uninteresting.” Kaczki shrugged.

“My Xi Ran isn’t.”

“Okay, okay. You’ll have more time later, just go and see him. Leave the good life to us.” Kaczki was deaf to Huan Xiu’s praise of his man.

Huan Xiu laughed and said, “A good life? What more do you want from me? By the way, you’ve already got two females.”

“Not too many,” Kaczki whispered, “and the Zerg in the military are always with female Zerg, and many of them have never touched a male Zerg in their lives. They know we have a special charm”

You think it’s a set card game? ……Huan Xiu spat inwardly.

“And I heard that military females have good body quality and are more likely to conceive.”

Huan Xiu clearly saw the female Zerg who was leading the way had an embarrassed expression on his blank face. The pile of male Zerg beside him had no intention of avoiding suspicion at all, and gave their opinions to the military female right in front of him.

“Ahem. We’re almost there, so you guys prepare the papers first.” After a while, seeing as the conversation was heading in an increasingly strange direction, the director walking in front of him cleared his throat and signaled for them to finish their points and prioritize work first.

Kaczki raised his eyebrows and kept his mouth shut. Huan Xiu knew that he was always complaining about the fact that he has only had one child from his wife, an inferior female, since he has been married for many years, so Kaczki was always nagging him about this. The other male Zerg were more or less interested in these topics too.

Huan Xiu was relieved when the conversation was cut short. He didn’t have the pointless hobby of competing with his colleagues over who has more children and who was more successful. ……

Although they were a little bit of gossips, this group of Zerg was still very decent when it came to serious work. What they did was very basic, which was to observe the current model in use in the warehouse, and then let the Zerg test it on the spot, and collect the feedback information they sent before. The research and experiments were done in the yard.

“Okay, let’s go over to the drill area.”

The crowd packed up and followed the director to move their positions.

The females were very cooperative and the work progressed very fast. The director looked at the time and saw that it was faster than expected, so he decided to go to the barracks again. He said it was another place, but in fact it was right next to the drill field, only a five-minute walk away.

“Wow, now we’re really going to have to go find your man,” Kaczki boasted. 

The director cleared his throat, “We are still working, let’s talk about private business later.”

Huan Xiu said, “I’m working hard,” but he didn’t say anything.

Huan Xiu felt that his marriage had no privacy at all, the whole institute knew the gossip. Although it didn’t start out in a good sense, as people’s perception of him changed, and as he took Xi Ran’s words and actions seriously, the gossip gradually became less malicious.

Huan Xiu thought he would wait for Xi Ran at the barracks after work, but it was a coincidence that Xi Ran was among the group of Zerg who were practicing when they arrived there.

Xi Ran and another female Zerg, who looked like a superior, came over to receive them.

“…” The moment their eyes met, Huan Xiu made a short ‘ah’ sound.

“Ma, Master.” Xi Ran’s eyes widened in surprise, and he didn’t expect to see him in a workplace. Then he remembered that he was still in the army, so he shouldn’t be too rude.

The new recruits behind him all looked a little curious and surprised, but tried to refrain from doing so due to their status, but their eyes couldn’t help but glance at Huan Xiu.

“Then please follow me this way. Xi Ran, you can take care of this first. Just take a break and continue the practice later.”


Another older female Zerg, who seemed to be Xi Ran’s fellow instructor, was in charge of receiving the male Zergs from the academy. Xi Ran stayed behind and continued to direct the newcomers.

Huan Xiu quickly smiled at Xi Ran and silently gestured, ‘Wait for me.’

Xi Ran was stunned, knowing that his expression must have been completely devoid of his usual dignity in front of the new recruits. His eyes couldn’t help but keep gazing at Huan Xiu as his eyes were involuntarily drawn over to his Master’s silhouette.

Xi Ran returned to his senses and announced, “Ahem. Dismissed. Assemble in ten minutes.” 

A recruit came up boldly and asked curiously, “Instructor, is that your Master…?” 

“Yes. Is there something wrong?”

“Nothing, just curious …… he looks like he loves you.” The still very young military female Zerg was a little embarrassed.

“Mn…… he …… might.” Xi Ran said vaguely. His mind drifted to Huan Xiu, he didn’t expect Master to appear here, and he was stunned. Now that he thought about it, his manners just now were really terrible. After standing outside for half a day and training with the new recruits for some time, his training uniform was soaked with sweat and his hair was not very tidy.

However, Huan Xiu’s reaction, I think he doesn’t mind very much ……?

Xi Ran thought apprehensively.

“Instructor’s master is a male Zerg of the research institute, amazing.”

“Is he a researcher for armor?”

“Does Instructor’s master inspect your armor exclusively?”

Since it was break time and Xi Ran was the youngest of the instructors, many new recruits came to ask him questions, invariably about Huan Xiu.

“No, we only met after I got out of the army.”

“Ah, so it’s just the last few months, then?”

Xi Ran had probably briefed them on his background when he arrived to take up his post, but he hadn’t specifically mentioned his marital status, that was all. “Right.”

The young female Zerg looked envious and wished Xi Ran a happy marriage, commenting on how good his Master looked.

When he heard ‘Happy Wedding,’ Xi Ran subconsciously retorted, “You’ve got it all wrong, I’m his concubine.”

“Oh.” The soldiers were embarrassed by the fact that there was no wedding ceremony and it was still debatable whether it was a ‘new marriage’ or not. They saw the male Zerg smiling so gently at the instructor in front of an audience, which was rare, so they didn’t think that the instructor was a concubine.

Of course they didn’t know the exact reason, but when Xi Ran saw the embarrassed and pitying looks on their faces, his heart was stuffy and he had an unexplainable urge to be silent for a few seconds.


“What did I tell you? You guys seem to be really close.”

“Then invite us to the wedding ceremony!”

“Ah, well…” Xi Ran’s mind was in turmoil – what’s he saying to his recruits? Isn’t this something that hasn’t been finalized yet? He thought it was a moment of vanity and desire for exclusivity, and was suddenly plunged into a deep sense of guilt.


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Laurelie Irvine
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Still doubting, deep down, but then years of abuse and crap don’t get washed away in only a few months.
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