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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Over the weekend, Huan Xiu and Xi Ran helped Huan Ye with a final check of his suitcase and a few more items, before dropping him off at the meeting point with his Zerg classmates on Monday.

Huan Ye was a bit shy, as many of his classmates had already been there for a while, and it was his first time to go out, so he was worried that he would seem clueless. But when he arrived at the meeting place, he was a little proud that he was the only one who had been sent here by both of his fathers. The rest of his classmates were mostly sent by drivers from home, or a few were brought by their female fathers.

Many cubs couldn’t help but stare at Huan Xiu with curiosity, even the female Zerg that came by couldn’t help but glance at him a few times, they were very concerned about such a male Zerg appearing.

Xi Ran unhappily took a small step in front of Huan Xiu.

“Then we’re leaving, I’ll pick you up Friday afternoon.” Huan Xiu touched Huan Ye’s head, Huan Ye nodded and ran away to his classmates.

After he left the school, Xi Ran still looked a little concerned. “Master, you don’t have to see Huan Ye off every time… I’ll just follow if there’s anything in the future.”

“Why?” Huan Xiu asked knowingly.

Xi Ran hesitated and said honestly, “…They were all staring at you.”

“It’s good that they’re staring at me because they envy you.”

“I know that. But I get a little moody, I can’t explain why.” Xi Ran sighed.

“It’s also good to want me for yourself.” Huan Xiu smiled.

“It’s not! No, it’s not that I don’t want to monopolize you at all. Maybe a little…” Xi Ran struggled with this for a while. He was still a little afraid of revealing his desire to monopolize Huan Xiu openly.

Huan Xiu didn’t push him and waited for him to finish and confirm his words.

Everything went on as usual afterwards, Huan Xiu went to the institute and Xi Ran went to the military department. But there was one difference, Huan Xiu had made progress in making the ring today. The research institute has recently improved the latest mecha device, so besides text data and information, they also brought the old models and scrapped machines.

“This is a standard model used by the army last year. This one’s pretty much broken, but it’s good enough to experiment with. We can also take a closer look at the weakest point…” The Zerg, who was in charge of the project, started to assign tasks to his men.

Huan Xiu looked at the damaged mecha and couldn’t help but imagine that Xi Ran was still at the front line last year. Was this the kind of model he used?

He might’ve had a more advanced one than this, because of his rank. Huan Xiu would like to see the armor that Xi Ran used in the past. He didn’t know if he was still on the frontline or if it was just like this one, and had been decommissioned.

Huan Xiu touched the outer layer of the mecha, the metal under his hands was very cold. He suddenly wondered if he could find Xi Ran’s old mecha and make a ring for him out of the materials on that machine. It would be best if he could get the actual mecha if it hasn’t been retired yet, otherwise he would have to find a similar model. Huan Xiu’s first ideas were starting to take shape, and although not as exquisite as gold and silver, the raw material of the mecha was actually a precious metal.

He thought it was possible to make a meaningful ring that matched Xi Ran, right?

After thinking about the problem for a while, Huan Xiu became very happy when he found a solution. The next thing he needed to do was to find out the model number of the mecha that Xi Ran used to fly, but that was not a difficult task.

After work, there was no need to pick up Xiao Ye, so Huan Xiu went home first. Every morning Xi Ran would order the ingredients for dinner and have them delivered directly to the house on time. Huan Xiu took the ingredients to the kitchen before and watched Xi Ran cooking for three days, so he learned a little bit. Today, he was in a good mood and decided to practice his knife skills.

When Xi Ran rushed home, he saw Huan Xiu in his apron.

“Why is Master in the kitchen again?” Xi Ran’s voice was a bit grumbling, but he still stood by his side.

“Just practicing. I’m home early anyway.”

“It would be nice if I got home earlier than Master every day.” Xi Ran had never felt this kind of eagerness to return home before.

“Your military training is more important.”

Huan Xiu was not ready to hand over the knife to Xi Ran, saying that it was better to finish the job than give it to someone else.

Xi Ran complimented sincerely, “Master has improved a lot since the last time.”

“Once I try it, I’ll do better a second time.”

Xi Ran watched intently as Huan Xiu cut the vegetables, and he was absorbed in watching. Huan Xiu felt a bit helpless and he was a little nervous. Xi Ran smiled, but his tone was a little hesitant, “It’s true that Master can do anything well if he wants to. With a little practice, you might be able to do better than me.” 

“Maybe? But it is very troublesome to practice, not to mention doing it every day.” Huan Xiu leaned in and gave Xi Ran a kiss, “Thank you.”

Xi Ran subconsciously refused to accept Huan Xiu’s thanks, “Of course this is a female Zerg’s job. It’s not worth thanking.”

“Don’t say that, nothing at home is a job.” Huan Xiu laughed.

It was the first time Xi Ran had heard such words. In his mind, Huan Xiu had already given him so much, which he had never dreamed of. Even so, Huan Xiu said ‘thank you’ to him, which made Xi Ran feel very ashamed. Compared to Huan Xiu, he really didn’t feel that he had done anything.

“Thank you too,” Xi Ran responded.

“Thank me for what?”

Xi Ran thought for a moment, but his words got stuck before he could say them. It was hard for him to express how he felt these days, so he replied clumsily, “…Many things.” 

“I’d rather have another kind of thank you from you,” Huan Xiu joked. He didn’t expect that after he said that, Xi Ran would look at him and then take his face in his hands and kiss him heavily.

Within a second after their lips met, Xi Ran retreated and looked at Huan Xiu nervously, as if he was afraid that he might have misunderstood.

Huan Xiu was stunned for a moment and couldn’t conceal his surprise, “You actually understood what I meant.”

Xi Ran breathed a sigh out, as if relieved. Then he reported to Huan Xiu, somewhat solemnly, “I am making progress.”

Huan Xiu was aroused by his frank behavior and immediately remembered the ‘routine exercise’ of the last two nights. Because he tasted the sweetness of a Zerg in heat, he was as restless as an adolescent boy, and he had to go back to his room at least once or twice every night before he was somewhat satisfied.

He put down the barely chopped ingredients and sets things aside.

“Want me to continue cooking?”

“No,” Huan Xiu took off his apron and tossed it aside, “I want to try something new.”


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Ahhh these two sweetness overload and the light teasing from HX keeps it playful. Thank you for the chapter

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