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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Despite his mixed emotions, Xi Ran returned his attention to work after the break. Since Huan Xiu was nearby, he couldn’t afford to make any mistakes.

Huan Xiu’s co-workers couldn’t help but say, “Once he looked at you, it was like he couldn’t wait to glue himself to your body… Haven’t you only not seen him for half a day? Not half a year?”

“It shows that I still have charm.” Huan Xiu half-joked.

“That’s true. A male Zerg like you obviously has great qualities”

Huan Xiu smiled but gave no response. All the Zerg knew that he was determined to marry this one, and they were both impressed and sighed with regret.

After their work was over, Huan Xiu asked the director to let him stay here and wait for Xi Ran, and after confirming that there was no problem, all the male Zerg from the institute left first.

The female Zerg, who seemed to be Xi Ran’s predecessor, welcomed Huan Xiu and sat him down in the lounge. He became much more attentive after leaving the workplace. After all, Huan Xiu was the master of the junior he cares a lot about, so he doesn’t dare to be negligent.

“We only have mineral water here…”

Seeing the embarrassment from the other side, Huan Xiu even said he didn’t need anything to drink and would just wait here.

“The new instructor will be here after this shift is over.”

“Oh, do you guys do day and night shifts?”

“I’m in charge of the training at night, but I’m a full-time employee. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have no one to watch the group of kids for a single moment.” The instructor smiled. It seemed that the recruits were very lively. Most of the recruits were still in the third stage. Strictly speaking, they were still kids.

“Mn,” Huan Xiu looked at the time, there should be more than an hour before Xi Ran’s side finished, “Can I go watch the training?”

The instructor looked troubled, the precious male Zerg’s request was hard for him to refuse, but training was not allowed to be visited by outsiders if it wasn’t requested from above.

“I was just curious to see my family member, it’s understandable if it’s inconvenient, don’t be embarrassed.” Huan Xiu gave up on his own initiative, knowingly.

The instructor was relieved, “Thank you for your understanding… Xi Ran is very dedicated. He has done a great job since he came here. We are all honored that an officer of his caliber retired from the front lines and was willing to come back as an instructor.”

“I know that he is very conscientious and responsible in everything he does.” Huan Xiu didn’t hide his approval of Xi Ran.

“Yes, he is. But there is still some time before the end of the day and you will be bored here. I can ask Xi Ran to leave early if needed.”

“No, don’t disturb him.” Huan Xiu refused.

“I’ve heard him mentioning you occasionally… I’ve heard that you love him very much. Now I see that it is true.”

“Really? What did he say about me?” Huan Xiu pricked up his ears immediately.

“For example, when he was getting changed after training, Xi Ran always acted very fast and said that his Master was waiting for him at home and that he would go home early to cook dinner… things like that”

Huan Xiu couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of such an anxious Xi Ran, he felt it was very sweet.

It was a good time to ask about the ring materials.

Huan Xiu thought about it and asked if the instructor knew anything about Xi Ran’s old mecha and explained his plan to make a ring.

The instructor had an incredulous look on his face, “I know the mecha he used to use here, but I don’t know if he used this model on the front line. After all, the real front line has a lot of special models and advanced ones that aren’t available here.”

“Well then, I’ll check again. If you can, can you ask for me? But it’s best not to let him know I’m doing the ring thing, I still want to surprise him.”

“Well, I’ll try… That’s a really big surprise. He’ll be very, very touched.”

“Right?” Huan Xiu could imagine.

The instructor’s expression was still a little stupefied. He had seen more pampering than he could have imagined.

“Then please let me know if you have any news. He seems to trust you, so you should be able to find out easily.” Huan Xiu took out his communicator and exchanged contact information with the instructor.

The instructor was hesitant.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, how can I put it… I would be very guilty of exchanging contacts in secret like this behind Xi Ran’s back…” said the instructor, hesitating. Although this was for the surprise for Xi Ran, he had mixed feelings, this was after all the cherished Master of another Zerg.

Huan Xiu saw that the other party was also concerned and stated straightforwardly, “I’ll give you my work number only. Don’t worry, I definitely won’t fall for you.” 

“……” The instructor’s mood became even more complicated.

While waiting, Huan Xiu went to book a restaurant outside, thinking that he and Xi Ran could go out for some delicious food today. When it was over, Xi Ran practically ran all the way here.


“Why are you in such a hurry?” Huan Xiu hurriedly stood up.

“I kept you waiting too long…”

“No, I’m not tired of sitting here. Why don’t you sit down and rest for a while?”

Xi Ran’s forehead was still dripping with sweat, “No, I’ll take a shower first and then change my clothes.” 

“Mn, don’t catch a cold.”

The lockers and bathrooms were located after passing through the lounge. The soldiers still had their next training and group accommodation, but the rest of the instructors didn’t come in either, so Huan Xiu was still a bit bored.

Did Xi Ran finish early?

Huan Xiu glanced strangely at the door—

He saw a group of female Zerg waiting in a neat line outside.

“…Do you guys have to line up one at a time to use the lounge?”

“No… you’re inside… and we’re not at liberty to disturb, ah.” The female Zerg outside the door held his red face.

“……” Huan Xiu felt really wronged. He didn’t mean to do anything in there at all.

Even if he had done something, he wouldn’t be able to go back to it after he saw all the female Zerg outside. Huan Xiu thanked them awkwardly and silently shrank back. Was this why this group of Zerg decided to drag Xi Ran back early?

“I still don’t know much about the Zerg customs…”

“……?” Xi Ran came out and looked confused as he heard Huan Xiu whispering to himself. 

“It’s okay, let’s go, I’ve booked a restaurant outside today, let’s go eat together.”

The good thing about having short hair was that it dried quickly, Xi Ran had already taken a shower and was ready to leave. Xi Ran was nervous about the time when he heard that Huan Xiu had booked a restaurant. Huan Xiu told him to relax, showing that he had taken this into consideration when booking.

“As expected of Master.”

Huan Xiu was almost used to being complimented on even such small details. He grabbed Xi Ran’s waist affectionately and hugged him as he walked out.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, the group of female soldiers’ eyes darted around all over the place.

“…Then I’m leaving first.” Xi Ran was at a loss as to what to do and said a brief goodbye to his colleagues. He felt that he was being a bit high-profile, as no male Zerg had ever come into the barracks to pick up someone from work, let alone in such an intimate manner. But at the same time, there was a certain satisfaction in his mind.

When he was in this mood, Xi Ran remembered that he had been talking to his new recruits about the female monarch matter, and agreed to invite them to his wedding ceremony…

“What’s the matter? You don’t look well.” Huan Xiu asked in a small voice, “Surely the previous training wasn’t too tiring?”

“No, it wasn’t. But there’s something…” Thinking of Huan Xiu saying that he had already booked a restaurant, Xi Ran looked at the time and continued, “Wait until the restaurant.”

“Okay.” Huan Xiu was puzzled. Xi Ran was still fine in the morning, what could be going on?

Upon arrival at the restaurant, Huan Xiu was stunned by Xi Ran’s first words.

“I’m very sorry, Master.”

“Huh? What happened?”

Xi Ran had a torn expression and decided to take the initiative and admit his mistake. He described to Huan Xiu about how he was asked by the other Zerg after he left, and how he made a boastful speech that he was about to become his partner’s monarch.

“It’s the truth anyway. I thought it was a big deal, don’t scare me.” Huan Xiu let out a sigh of relief.

“And they said… that if there was a wedding, they wanted to attend… and I even agreed to let them come…” Xi Ran sighed deeply, as if regretting his impulsive remarks.

“Sure. It’s the truth anyway.” Huan Xiu laughed.

“Really, so this is also… Hm? Master, you said…” Xi Ran looked at Huan Xiu in surprise and stopped.

Huan Xiu looked at him smilingly and remembered that he had never mentioned the wedding before. Xi Ran was really shocked when he suddenly brought it up under such circumstances.

Xi Ran was more than shocked. He pressed his hand against his chest, as if this would help to ease his violently beating heart, and confirmed once again, “Does that mean we – you and me – will have a wedding…?”

“Who else would it be?” Huan Xiu asked him rhetorically.

“You never mentioned….”

“Because it’s not ready yet.”

“Master’s getting something ready?” Xi Ran was in a state of confusion. Without his knowledge, was Master worrying about things like that? But he didn’t even know anything about it.

Huan Xiu shook his hand, “Don’t ask yet, just wait. I’ll make the arrangements.”

Xi Ran calmed down a bit. How could he wait in peace? He couldn’t even hold back a smile after hearing it.


Xi Ran had difficulty expressing his feelings, “Of course. It feels like… it’s fake.”

Huan Xiu thought to himself before saying, “I’m afraid you’ll be so happy that you’ll cry.”


While thinking about it, he realized he was really looking forward to it. Huan Xiu felt he was actually quite mischievous. 


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Adorable 🥰
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