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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey [Hm, hm, a bit of fellatio near the end.]


After dinner and on their way home, Xi Ran looked a little dizzy. Huan Xiu was really worried that Xi Ran might bump into the wall. Huan Xiu teased, “Did you drink too much?”

“No, it’s just a little unbelievable…” Xi Ran confessed, rubbing his fingers subconsciously back and forth against his palm, and anyone could tell he was a little anxious.

“Relax. I meant to make you happy, wouldn’t I lose more than I gain if you got stressed out over it instead?”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I knew it…” Huan Xiu sighed, if he didn’t let Xi Ran do his part, he would probably be restless until the day of the wedding ceremony.

“I’m still looking for wedding sites and the destination for our honeymoon, but it doesn’t look like we have jobs where we can take time off whenever we want.”

“Yes, indeed…” Xi Ran forced himself to hide his inner turmoil – a honeymoon?

Huan Xiu smiled inwardly when he saw Xi Ran’s eyes wandering suspiciously. “After looking at all the aspects, I think autumn is more suitable. But I haven’t decided on our clothes yet, so I’ll leave this to you.”

Xi Ran immediately asked with a dignified look, “What kind of clothes does Master like?” 

Huan Xiu didn’t think much of it, “If I have to give an example… a traditional white suit is very good, the kind that matches when worn by two people.”

Xi Ran nodded, “Traditional suits ah… I’ll take note.”

“Don’t take my words too seriously. Since you’re doing it, just pick what you think is right for you.”

“I also think traditional suits are good. Master will look good in anything.”

After discussing the wedding, Huan Xiu went upstairs to take a shower first. Since they had a few drinks together at dinner, Xi Ran, who had already taken a shower, went to the kitchen to make some tea for Huan Xiu. When it came to tea, black tea and flower tea were popular among the Zerg, especially among the nobles. But Huan Xiu mentioned once that he preferred green tea. On the Zerg home planet, the green tea was not very good, so Xi Ran bought some imported tea from other planets and asked his friend Lan Ji to bring some back when he was on a mission on his home planet.

He remembered his best friend’s reluctant expression through the light screen.

“Your male Zerg is so pampered, and has to drink that… Can he not just drink water?”

“He didn’t ask for it, I wanted to buy it for him. If it’s troublesome, forget it, I was just saying it in passing.”

Seeing his friend’s sincere smile, Lan Ji sighed and frowned, “Okay, okay, I get it.”

Xi Ran was helpless, Lan Ji really didn’t have a good impression of male Zerg, even though he had seen how Huan Xiu treated him, he still felt uneasy all day long.

Now that Master was going to hold a wedding, Xi Ran was filled with joy and hoped that Lan Ji would come to the wedding. He was younger than him, but Lan Ji worried like a mother all the time and this would help him feel relieved.


Xi Ran imagined the scene and didn’t know what to do. If he was really there, how should he behave so as not to lose Master’s face?

Let’s practice first, Xi Ran thought, and then decided he should start investigating suits first. He didn’t know much about clothing and he didn’t really care much either. The number of times he wore a suit were few and far between, for example when he was an officer and before his first marriage, when he attended a few parties. Including an old one that didn’t fit him anymore, that he rented several times since then.

He felt like that was a long time ago.

Xi Ran turned off the kettle and skillfully made tea. He hardly thought about his the previous few years of his life, he just found it a bit unbelievable. In his previous marriage he was just an object to be used when his owner felt like it and discarded when he didn’t. He even thought that maybe that was how most Zerg marriages were, so he faced it all coldly, like many female Zerg behaved, like a dead tree.

He would never have thought that he would one day feel warm and sour from the bottom of his heart just because he was making Master’s favorite tea in the kitchen.

When Huan Xiu came out of the bathroom, he saw the teacup on the bedside table, and when he went to pick up the cup, the temperature was just right.

“Thank you.”

“No, it’s not something to be thanked for…” Xi Ran, who was sitting on the side of the bed, immediately replied. But Huan Xiu laughed and ignored his words. Every time he said that, Huan Xiu ignored him and continued to thank him the next time, like a silent protest to Xi Ran’s attitude.

Xi Ran was aware of his small problems, so he took the initiative to change the subject, “For a custom suit, I need Master’s size.”

Huan Xiu sat beside Xi Ran on the bed, “You’re looking into it so soon?”

“The custom suit shops are busy too, so it’s better to have a few extra days.”

“Size…” Huan Xiu only had a towel on, and he still had water droplets on his body. It was obvious that he was using the same body wash, but Xi Ran felt that Huan Xiu’s body smelled better than his own after a shower.

Huan Xiu’s hot breath sprayed onto Xi Ran’s ear and trailed off, “—would you like to measure it yourself?”

Xi Ran was stunned, not quite sure how to respond. However, although his mouth was a bit clumsy, his behavior was not delayed. As soon as Huan Xiu expressed his desire, Xi Ran took the initiative to wrap his arms around Huan Xiu’s neck and kissed him. 

“Mn, mn…”

Huan Xiu was aggressive with his advances, and it was very rewarding to make a man like Xi Ran go limp from a kiss.

And Xi Ran seemed to enjoy it too.

However, there was something unexpected today, after kissing for a while, just when Huan Xiu was about to push Xi Ran down, Xi Ran didn’t move.

“What’s wrong?” Huan Xiu was surprised since Xi Ran rarely didn’t do what he wanted in bed. But if the other asked for something in bed, he would be happy, as it would be a rare improvement.

“I can help you with…” Xi Ran looked confused, as he was not very good at expressing himself verbally. He struggled for two seconds, simply stood up, then quickly got down on one knee between his legs, his head facing Huan Xiu, who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Hey, Xi… oh…” Huan Xiu stopped mid-sentence as Xi Ran took his half-hard penis into his mouth.

On their first night together, Xi Ran had started with oral sex, but he was on a mission then. His attitude was completely different now. After all, Huan Xiu hardly ever let Xi Ran do it to him. He has been teaching him all kinds of pleasures in bed, so he had put aside the more service-oriented behavior.

Today, he didn’t know what kind of wind was blowing to make Xi Ran offer to help him.

“Oh, oh… mn, mn… good…” Soon Huan Xiu was completely hard and Xi Ran was sucking hard on his rod, making lewd noises in his mouth, mixing his precum with saliva. Compared with the first time, Xir Ran’s technique was much better. While doing it, Xi Ran recalled what Huan Xiu had done to him and tried to mimic it. 

Xi Ran’s palm was a little bigger than Huan Xiu’s and the tightness of his grip on the base of the shaft made it a very different experience for Huan Xiu. After swallowing the whole thing for a while, Xi Ran tried to rub his finger over the bottom half of the penis again and stroked it up and down, then opened his lips slightly and stretched out his tongue to lick the tip like an animal licking its food.

As he was vigorously licking, Xi Ran looked up to see Huan Xiu’s reaction, wanting to confirm the results.

Huan Xiu’s interest was heightened by the way Xi Ran looked up at him from down there.

“What’s wrong with you today? So… mn… suddenly. “

Xi Ran stopped for a moment and replied, “Because Master said, ‘would you like to measure it yourself?'”

Huan Xiu was stunned.

His original intention was to do it so that Xi Ran could get his hands on him – although Xi Ran wouldn’t be able to do it either. But Huan Xiu didn’t expect Xi Ran to understand the meaning to this extent.

“…So, I’m measuring Master’s… size.” After Xi Ran said that, he lowered his head again, not daring to look directly at Huan Xiu, but he was not sloppy at all, and slowly swallowed the whole member into his mouth as if he was ‘measuring’ it with his tongue.

Huan Xiu was really amazed. He never expected that he would be the one to be subjected to Xi Ran’s dirty jokes one day.

But, of course, Huan Xiu was happy to have it happen. Compared to the first time, Xi Ran’s mood was not so much of a servant who thought he was inferior to him, but rather full of the desire to make him comfortable and to see him happy.

Of course, there was no reason for him to stop him, right?


The two of them had a wild time deep into the night, and after the affair, Huan Xiu was lazy as he thought about getting up early for work tomorrow. Xiao Ye was returning home, and although he missed him a bit, he had to admit that with the kid at home, most of the exercise sessions were restricted to the bed.

So, raising a child had its good and bad points.

Huan Xiu laughed helplessly.

Huan Xiu’s eyelids started to droop when he was lying on the bed, because his energy level was consumed a great deal and unlike the female Zerg with a bug constitution, he could not recover after a while. Huan Xiu lay on the bed and had a fight with his eyelids for a while. 

Xi Ran, who went to the bathroom to clean up, went back to the bed and was pulled into the quilt by Huan Xiu. Xi Ran knew that he was really tired. 

“Sorry, I was a little slow… I was thinking about the wedding ceremony.”

“Looking forward to it? I’m going to have to do better then…” said Huan Xiu with his eyes closed.

Xi Ran moved closer to Huan Xiu, sticking close to him. He knew he should let Master sleep now, otherwise he would be very tired in the morning, but he was in a happy mood and wanted to talk a bit more. “Mn. Is Master looking forward to it too?”

“Of course. It’s been a dream of mine for many years to be able to stand in front of everyone and get married openly… Or a fantasy… or something.”

Xi Ran said, “Ah.”

So Master was looking forward to it too. He had forgotten that in Master’s original world, he was ‘homosexual’. Not to mention the public, it was hard enough to maintain a relationship that even one’s parents and best friends may not understand, let alone having a big wedding.

“I’m sleepy. I can’t… I’m going to sleep. I’ll talk to you in the morning…” Huan Xiu was already yawning heavily.

“Mn, ah, Master, go to sleep.”



“I’ll sleep too.” Xi Ran gently placed his hand on Huan Xiu’s.

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Sue R
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