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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Xie Yan’s expression changed a little, and he suddenly placed a hand on Ji XueFang’s shoulder for her to turn around. He said sternly, “Calm down!”

Ji XueFang’s eyes were bloodshot, and she vaguely sensed that something was off. Her pale lips trembled as she said, “Impossible, how could they do this, impossible…”

Xie Yan said, “No matter what you want to do, we have to get out of here alive first. Think carefully, where in this room might there be clues?”

Finch was relatively calm, as this wasn’t his first time experiencing a situation similar to this. “If you want to sue them, then we’ll have to get out of here first.”

Gao TianRui also looked at her in agreement with the others.

Ji XueFang’s chest rose and fell heavily, and when she saw that the door didn’t seem to be opening anytime soon and that the timer on the other door was still counting down, she gritted her teeth. “Let me think.”

Xie Yan sighed in relief. This room had clearly been prepared for Ji XueFang, so with her cooperation, getting out of here should be a lot easier. He nodded and said, “Think carefully, we’ll continue to look around.”

Speaking of it, the photos scattered across the floor were quite strange, and they had fallen out of the popped balloons right when the puppet finished speaking, so it was very likely that clues to the password were hidden among them. Finch crouched down and began looking through them. He looked at the front, back, and even the scenery in the pictures, but he didn’t discover anything. Could it be that these pictures were only there to target Ji XueFang?

Xie Yan and Gao TianRui were also searching around in every nook and cranny, and they had already finished looking through the wardrobe and bed.

Ji XueFang was still standing there, her expression constantly changing. She suddenly walked slowly to the vanity table and looked at the framed photo laying on it. It was the one Gao TianRui had asked her about.

She had lied to him and said that it was her father, but it actually wasn’t.

She remembered that it was eight years ago, and she had been in her first year of college. Because of her attractive appearance and innocent disposition, that man had fancied her. That man was the first to be so generous and responsive to all of her desires, and she couldn’t resist him at all.

He was her first sugar daddy, and since then, she had fallen into the whirlpool of this rich and extravagant life. She was never able to come out, and she even enjoyed all of this.

She was willing to be bought by others, and then, when she had enough power and money, she continued to use the money to buy other people to work for her. For example, the young actor she had been favoring recently, who had originally been the second male lead for this movie, was one she liked very much, and she was willing to give him money and resources.

Being in this industry, Ji XueFang knew how rotten it was. However, she didn’t care; on the contrary, she enjoyed being part of it, and she felt that everything was tailor-made for her. She took to the industry like a duck took to water.

But at this moment, she didn’t feel any of that pride anymore. She only felt fear, fear that she would be reviled, looked down upon, that people would see her true colors… and that she would lose everything.

She had always been scared of all of these.

Now, the thing she was most afraid of had been placed right in front of her.

Ji XueFang suddenly walked to the door with the timer, faltered, and then slowly entered in a string of numbers. Click! The door opened.

Xie Yan noticed immediately. He didn’t ask Ji XueFang how she found it, but instead grabbed Finch’s wrist and shouted to Gao TianRui, “Let’s leave! Quick!”

They rushed out of the room and into darkness.

Ji XueFang looked at her hands, stunned that she had guessed it right. Her hands trembled slightly, and she looked ashamed. However, she had been in the entertainment industry for several years now, and she was no longer the naive little girl she used to be. She forced herself to say coldly and arrogantly, “We got out. Just wait until the production crew gets a letter from my lawyer!”

Gao TianRui snickered, though he looked at her unscrupulously.

He had looked at all of the photos just then.

But Finch and Xie Yan didn’t feel relieved at all, because coming out had been too easy, so easy that it made them feel that it couldn’t be true. Moreover, it was so silent and dark here, without a single ray of light, and it inexplicably made them feel uneasy.

They were panting heavily, but the fresh air made the symptoms from the gas poisoning disappear slowly. Ji XueFang wanted to leave immediately, but she couldn’t see her own hand even when she held it in front of herself. Suddenly, a huge pair of red eyes appeared!

The next instant, Xie Yan tackled Finch to the ground! The two of them tumbled and crashed into the wall. Xie Yan’s eyebrows creased, and he looked to be in pain.

Ji XueFang looked at the pair of eyes in fear. Gao TianRui was pale and at a loss.

Finch was caught off guard by Xie Yan, but after he recovered, he quickly took out his phone and turned on the flashlight. He saw that there was a deep scratch wound on Xie Yan’s arm and that the pair of red eyes actually belonged to a huge monster that was similar to a dinosaur! It was swiping its sharp, lethal claws at them!

Finch’s breath caught in his throat. In front of this enormous monster, the four of them were like tiny ants. Moreover, they weren’t in a room, but instead in a huge factory!

Ji XueFang’s eyes dilated in terror as she mumbled, “No, impossible…”

They had clearly been in a building before, and even if an entire floor was used, it wasn’t impossible for it to occupy such a large area as this!

Everyone wore expressions of fright, fear, puzzlement, and uneasiness.

Just then, Finch could’ve deceived himself by thinking that it was just a cruel prank by the production crew, but now, he was sure that he had encountered another supernatural event.

The monster stared at them with its red eyes as if it was looking at a bunch of ants, and its gaze was derisive and merciless.

There was no way to fight back at all, and even trying to dodge its attacks was practically impossible.

A chill ran down Finch’s spine. He had finally succeeded in the entertainment industry after so many hardships, and he also loved his job. Was he really just going to die here…

The monster stomped towards them, and it seemed to be pondering who it should eat first. Suddenly, another monster pounced out of the darkness, colliding with the first one! The two monsters scuffled, and it seemed to even cause tremors in the ground!

Xie Yan covered his wound and took out his phone and found a light switch on the wall. As he flipped it on, the entire space was lit up at once, taking away a lot of their fear.

As they looked around for an exit, a giggle suddenly sounded. Everyone’s scalps tingled, and they looked towards the source of the sound.

The puppet was sitting on top of a tall pile of boxes, swaying its legs back and forth. It smiled its same eerie smile at them and said, “Ah, people in the entertainment industry are just this fake. They always like to disguise themselves and package themselves as someone that other people will like. They practically forget who they really are, isn’t that tiring? Isn’t being free of the chains and facing oneself a lot easier? This is the imaginary world you want, so fight hard! Unite and work together to solve the predicament you’re in! You know what they’re afraid of.”

The two monsters were still fighting each other, but one of them was clearly no match for the other, and one of the monsters fell towards them! Gao TianRui hastily stumbled backward, soaking with sweat. His legs trembled, and if he had dodged just a second slower, then he would’ve definitely been crushed!

The monster slid across the ground and finally came to a stop in front of Finch. It opened its huge, bloody mouth, and sticky saliva dripped down from its jagged, sharp teeth…

Finch looked at its mouth blankly, and he was so scared he forgot to react. Somehow, the only thing he could think about was that its mouth looked a little like Venom’s, and it made Finch want to recommend it to go to the orthodontist…

However, the monster currently wasn’t in the mood to eat Finch, so it turned around and continued fighting with the other monster.

Although the factory was very big, it still shook from the monsters’ battle. Fortunately, the two monsters were enemies, because if they both wanted to kill Finch and the others, then they likely would’ve died a long time ago! But nevertheless, they still had to find a way to leave as soon as possible, as it was hard for them to avoid being accidentally crushed. Moreover, when the battle between the monsters ended, then the survivor would come to get rid of them…

Gao TianRui pulled Ji XueFang, who was paralyzed from fear, with him, and Xie Yan grabbed Finch. They ran desperately, dodging the monster’s attacks as they searched for an exit.

Suddenly, they saw a white door in front of them!

Xie Yan charged towards it without hesitation and pushed the door open. Then, they all entered a room that was… filled with childish things.

There were various superhero figurines placed on the table, the bookshelves were filled with comic books, and the walls were covered in anime posters…

This room was very abrupt and unexpected, but at this moment, they weren’t in the mood to care about it.

Because the fight outside was nearing an end, and they didn’t have much time left.

With the experience of last time, although this indeed was very preposterous, everyone instinctively knew that this room was probably related to one of them. Since they had already gone through Ji XueFang’s room, then this one could only belong to Xie Yan, Gao TianRui, or Finch.

Xie Yan’s persona was elegant and refined, and Gao TianRui was already forty years old.

Ji XueFang’s gaze landed on Finch… This room looked like it belonged to the soft newbie.

The floor shook violently, and the monster seemed to land right outside the door. Finch’s expression stiffened as he said, “This really isn’t my room…”

But Gao TianRui didn’t believe him and frowned. “At a time like this, if we don’t find a way to get out, then we’ll die. You——”

Xie Yan suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Finch’s wrist, pulling Finch behind himself and met Gao TianRui’s gaze.

Gao TianRui froze.

Xie Yan’s expression was calm and indifferent, his appearance as elegant and handsome as always, and even though his arm was covered in blood, he didn’t look that embarrassed. After all, he had always been like this, looking calm and collected no matter the situation, someone that people couldn’t pick out any flaws from.

So much so that when Xie Yan said calmly, “This is my room,” everyone was dumbfounded.

Then, the first thing they all thought was, Xie Yan, your persona is ruined… 

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