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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


A week and a half after the news that Xi Ran was pregnant, the wedding took place as scheduled. It was hard for Huan Xiu to calm down, but it was unrealistic to think that in his next life, he would experience not only a wedding, but also his partner’s pregnancy and childbirth. It felt very surreal, no matter how much he thought about it.

In the dressing room near the rented ceremony venue, Huan Xiu couldn’t help but touch Xi Ran’s belly as he changed, “You really don’t feel anything?”

“It will take at least four or five months before there is any change.” Xi Ran was a little frustrated, it looked like Master was desperate to get the Zerg egg to move. But at the beginning of his pregnancy, his abdomen was so flat that there was no trace of pregnancy at all. He couldn’t even try to show anything.

“And will the baby… egg react by then?” Huan Xiu tried to adapt to the setting that it would be an egg, not a baby, in his belly.

“If he can sense his male father calling, the egg should respond,” Xi Ran explained as he buttoned his shirt up one by one.

Huan Xiu withdrew his hand and also speeded up the process of getting dressed, “I’m looking forward to it… can’t dilly-dally now, I think I’ve heard guests coming.”

“Fathers, are you still not ready? Uncle Lan Ji is here.” Xiao Ye’s voice came through the door.

“I’m almost ready, please come in and sit down for a while, you will be tired after running around all the time,” replied Huan Xiu, turning to Xi Ran with a smile, “I will go out to entertain guests first. Let Lan Ji in for a chat, haven’t seen each other for a while, right?”

“How can I let Master do that alone?”

“There’s nothing to worry about, I’m just going out to talk.”


Xi Ran nodded reluctantly, although he didn’t think a month of pregnancy would be a burden on his body, but seeing that Huan Xiu was particularly concerned about it, he decided to go along with it.

“Wait a minute,” Xi Ran stood up and walked over to Huan Xiu, “Your tie.”

Huan Xiu looked down, the tie on his chest had been tied a bit messily, Xi Ran lowered his head and reached out to help Huan Xiu redo it, staring intently, as if he was not tying the tie, but doing the most important task.

The tie was the same one Xi Ran had given to Huan Xiu, and he had imagined Huan Xiu wearing it when he bought it, but now Huan Xiu was wearing a custom-made white suit, and the delicate and clean fabric really complemented the tie.

“Thank you.” Huan Xiu dropped a kiss on Xi Ran’s forehead as he bowed his head.

When he left the lounge, Lan Ji was standing near the door. He was quite busy with his duties, but found time to attend his best friend’s most important wedding.  Xi Ran didn’t have many friends from his former military days, so he only invited Lan Ji. Many of Xi Ran’s former subordinates, including the Zerg he saved named Lu Yien, were here, chatting with each other.

Since he went to the training camp, he had a lot of well-related recruits, Zerg, who shouted “deputy instructor” affectionately every day. However, now they were in awe of this military Zerg and only dared to stand and watch from a distance.

Lan Ji was standing alone in silence, watching the young Zerg form a group, Lan Ji also did not know what to think.

“You guys are here so early?” Huan Xiu went over to greet him, the guests at his end were scattered, the Zerg that Xi Ran had invited had arrived very early though, so he wondered if it was the army’s trend.

“Mr. Huan.”

“You’re here!”

“Where’s the instructor?”

Huan Xiu greeted them, “Welcome, Xi Ran is still changing, so I came out to greet for him.”

Most of them do not know much about Huan Xiu, only that he was the Master of Xi Ran. A group of relatives and friends in the military department, most of whom were female Zerg, were embarrassed to talk with him much, so they thanked and congratulated him, and then went to the other side to have buffet lunch.

“Lan Ji, you are here,” greeted Huan Xiu. “Xi Ran is inside, I let him rest a bit. Do you want to go in and talk to him for a while?”

Lan Ji looked at Huan Xiu’s face and nodded at him, “Thank you… right. Congratulations.”

Huan Xiu felt that this was probably the first time Lan Ji had completely dropped his expression of distrust and scrutiny and congratulated him sincerely. Should he be happy? So he’d finally gotten the approval of Xi Ran’s friends?

On the other side of the venue, past a buffet and a long table with drinks, were the numbered tables. The pure white tables, chairs and decorations on the lawn were simple and elegant.

The inferior female invited from the jewelry shop was talking to a female soldier next to him about how Huan Xiu made the ring by hand. The other female didn’t know much about jewelry, but he could tell that the ring was very impressive, so he nodded repeatedly. When he turned around and saw Huan Xiu standing behind him, he shut his mouth in embarrassment and his face turned red.

Of course, Huan Xiu didn’t mind, but he thought it was a rare occasion to see such a mix and match situation. Many of his colleagues were male Zerg and a small number of inferior females, while Xi Ran’s invitees were mostly female Zerg, who had never interacted with others before, but they might even be able to make a marriage after such an opportunity.

Speaking of this, Huan Xiu remembered that Kaczki, who showed interest in military females at the army headquarters before. His table-neighbor colleague was saying that he had a family he would be bringing, so Huan Xiu was wondering if he was still interested in greeting the military females today.

“Kaczki!” Huan Xiu saw Kaczki from afar. After all, the fact that a family of four occupied half of the round table was a rather striking sight.

“Oh, you look so handsome today. Where is your concu… No, today he should be called your monarch.”

Huan Xiu quickly walked over to the table and exchanged pleasantries, “Let him rest a bit more. He was so busy being dizzy that I didn’t have much of a chance to mention it to you – he’s pregnant.”

Kaczki’s jaw dropped in shock, “Eh? That fast? Why? Any secrets you can share?”

Huan Xiu was dragged by Kaczki and asked for tips on how to get pregnant, telling him he’s been married for a few years now, but there was no news on the baby front. Huan Xiu had no advice, so he kept insisting that it depended on fate.

“Okay… Right, let me introduce you, these are my concubines.” Kaczki had a female Zerg sitting on the left and right, and both of them nodded to Huan Xiu.


“It’s great to have a child so soon…”

“Ah, thanks.” Huan Xiu smiled and thanked.

Kaczki whispered left and right, “Be a little polite, will you…! You two put your two legs down first…!”


Huan Xiu: “……”

Kaczki’s two females had a strong scent of masculinity about them, and it wasn’t just his imagination. Huan Xiu had only come across Xi Ran and other strict female Zerg, but this was the first time he had ever seen such a type of female. He could only sigh that he didn’t understand the world of the Zerg race thoroughly enough.

“No, no, no, I don’t like the nobility’s system anyway, so make yourself at home here.”

“That’s my monarch.”

The inferior female who was sitting far away from Kaczki stood up and greeted Huan Xiu politely, but with a distant attitude. It was rare but not impossible for an inferior female to be a monarch, so Huan Xiu wasn’t surprised.

Soon the other colleagues also arrived one after another, they were already familiar with each other, so without Huan Xiu’s help, they quickly chatted together.

“Male father!”

Huan Xiu turned his head and realized that it was Xiao Ye waving at him from a distance and Xi Ran was also walking towards him.

“I think it’s almost time, and I am too embarrassed to stay in the room.” Xi Ran, the second main character of the show, came out, and the venue was noisy again, many Zerg who had just found out that he was pregnant came over to wish him well, especially the married Zerg, and wanted to celebrate the occasion.

There were no relatives on either side, and the ceremony was filled with young Zerg, so the atmosphere was very relaxed. Speaking of relatives, on the morning of the wedding day, Huan Xiu received an email from his cousin. Although nominally separated, he was still a Huan family Zerg. His cousin sent him a congratulatory letter, which was obviously a copy of a template, with a small aircraft as a gift, which was considered as a courtesy.

The other one was from Ai Le. Huan Xiu had completely forgotten who it was, and it took him a few minutes to remember that it was the inferior female that the original owner used to like.

Huan Xiu had already changed his contact directory number, and he had no idea how Ai Le managed to get the new one, so it must have taken him some time to get it. Huan Xiu roughly read it, and the congratulatory but bitter attitude of the other party was about to jump out of the screen. It also had a bit of a sour tone, explicitly and implicitly implied and how he remembered that in the past how good Huan Xiu was to him. It was a pity that Huan Xiu changed his mind and had long forgotten about this drama, and simply ignored the letter.

He told Xi Ran about it, and surprisingly, Xi Ran didn’t go into a panic.

“Aren’t you curious as to how I handled it?”

Xi Ran shook his head, “I know Master will definitely take care of it.”

Huan Xiu couldn’t help but smile relieved, as his trusting and calm demeanor was a far cry from his cautious look at the beginning. It was true that even deep-rooted beliefs could change gradually.

It was his honor to be able to put a ring on such a lovely partner once again.

Standing in front of the flower gate made up of white roses and lilies, Huan Xiu affectionately wrapped his arms around Xi Ran’s waist. In keeping with the happy atmosphere of the wedding, they answered the MC’s question, “Do you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner?” without any solemnity, as if they were answering “Do you want coffee or milk for breakfast today?”

After answering “I do”, Huan Xiu leaned forward and gently placed a kiss on Xi Ran’s lips. A sudden cheer and whistle could be heard from the guest seats. Even the silent military females opened up and applauded vigorously, after all, they were also military females and they were even more empathetic to Xi Ran’s hard journey and happiness today.

“Please exchange rings.”

Huan Ye, wearing a miniature matching children’s suit, trotted over from the side as soon as the master of ceremonies had finished speaking, taking charge of the small box containing the rings. Although it was not a hard task, he was really nervous.

“Fathers.” Huan Ye carefully opened the box and straightened his arms, handing it to the two men.

Huan Xiu whispered his thanks, “Thank you, Xiao Ye, for your hard work.”

Xi Ran touched his head, and Huan Ye’s face blossomed with a big smile and turned a little red.

Huan Xiu took Xi Ran’s hand and put the ring on his ring finger. Xi Ran has been wearing the ring for some time, and he took it off earlier today for the ceremony, but he felt relieved once the ring was back on his finger.

“…Then it’s mine.” Huan Xiu brought his own hand forward and stopped in front of Xi Ran.

Xi Ran held his hand in one hand and slowly but firmly placed the ring on his ring finger, then lowered his head and kissed Huan Xiu’s ring lightly, as if he were a knight guarding the king.

Huan Xiu was stunned and laughed helplessly, “Such a handsome move, but you got ahead of me.”

Xi Ran looked up, and before he could stand still, he was pulled by Huan Xiu’s hand, their fingers interlocked. Xi Ran’s center of gravity wobbled forward a few steps, just as he was hugged by Huan Xiu’s arms.

Huan Xiu was the first to deliver a passionate kiss before the master of ceremonies could announce, “You may kiss your partner.”

“Oh… Master…” Xi Ran closed his eyes and held Huan Xiu in his arms as the guests wished him well.

Huan Xiu was glad that he had found his own sweet and warm home in this big world, where he had lived a new life.


[Cong Mu:『Picture』 had a wedding ceremony with the poster today. The atmosphere at the wedding was great.]

[Wow! Kiss photo!]

[Even though it’s only a long-range side view, I can tell that the poster and his Master are very handsome! Blessings!]


[……! It’s……!]

[What what? Upstairs, knows the poster?]

[Response: I was there! I’m sort of his… subordinate? …Didn’t even realize Cong Mu and the poster were them before! I’ve been following this post…]

[@xrxrr OP come see, you’ve fallen off the horse again…]

[Has the poster been cursed with falling off horses?]

[Is this world too small?]

[No, it’s the traffic on this forum that’s too high. His posts are back up all the time, we’ve got hot tags all over the place, just click into this board and flip through them.]

[It’s kind of sad, but I actually kind of want to laugh.]

[If I could be this sweet, I’d fall off the horse.]

[Wake up, upstairs.]


On the morning of the second day after the wedding, Huan Xiu woke up before Xi Ran, so he went downstairs and took on the task of making coffee and toast.

“What’s wrong with female father?”

“Ah, he’s embarrassed to go out because of some things.”

“Hm?” Huan Ye was puzzled.

Huan Xiu patted Xiao Ye’s head and smiled, “I’ll go check on him. You eat first.”

Huan Xiu returned upstairs, opened the door and entered the room. Xi Ran’s communicator was tossed to the side and he was covered by the blanket.

…This development was somewhat déjà vu.



“Sorry, I didn’t think much before posting the pic. I just wanted to share our happiness, I didn’t realize that the Zerg who attended was also in the post.”

“…It’s not Master’s fault.” Xi Ran’s voice came out through the blanket, and he could tell he was quite depressed.

Huan Xiu sat on the edge of the bed and forcefully pulled the blanket off, “If you keep this up, you’ll be late for work.”

Xi Ran wanted to skip work for the first time in his life, “Master, I have no face to go to the training camp.”

Huan Xiu felt sorry and amused at the same time, so he pulled Xi Ran out of the blanket. Of course, he couldn’t pull Xi Ran. But he specially came to “please” Xi Ran get up, Xi Ran of course could not ignore Huan Xiu’s intentions.

“I’ve bothered Master to make breakfast again.” Xi Ran ate his breakfast in a somber mood.

“It’s just once in a while. Don’t worry, the soldiers at the training camp all really like you as their deputy instructor and won’t comment.” Huan Xiu comforted Xi Ran.

The internet and forums are really too scary. Xi Ran sighed deeply and decided to never touch this kind of stuff again.

However, Xi Ran never deleted this post because of Huan Xiu’s reason of ‘this is our memory’.

Although this was his first and only post, it had been floating around on the first page of the forum because of its dramatic content and many sweet and true love stories. Whenever Xi Ran wished it would ‘sink soon’, it would be picked up by the new Zerg who talked about it, so it was always popular.

Plus Huan Xiu still liked to post his love from time to time, so it seemed like there was still a long way to go before Xi Ran’s dark history sank.


Addis Note: 

Hey there everyone! With the ending of this novel, this makes 39 complete novels from me (one shots included) and a total of 57 complete novels on our site! 

I actually started translating this novel back in October just so that I could do the multiple releases a day as a Christmas/Holiday gift to you all throughout the entire month of December. I absolutely loved this novel because, as Monkey said (lol), I used it to distract myself from the real world with a cute love story of a transmigrating alpha Zerg. Most of my comments to Monkey while I translated, were, ineloquently, “AAHHHHHHH!!”

At first, I was really sad that XR already had a child but decided it would be fine as long as he did not become a cock block to the pair. When I got to around chapter 3, all I could think of is that I wanted a cute novel filled with love and smex. (FYI, this novel called all the ‘concubines’ slaves but, as I felt really uncomfortable with it, I changed them all to concubine.) Around chapter 10, Monkey made the comment to me, “Xi Ran has to stop calling Huan Xiu master >:|” 

In which we had a conversation about how it would be fine as long as XY understood that it wasn’t in the sense of an actual slave relationship. And, to our pleasure, XY began to call HX his name in private. 

We fangirled to ourselves throughout the entire novel wanting nothing more than the cute scenes to continue on forever. With this novel complete, a super cute, fluffy, sexy, adorable novel with some of the best character development I have read in years, is over. And I am truly sad that I do not have more of this novel to read. 

So I hoped all of you liked this novel and hope it helped brighten your days even just a little bit.  Please leave reviews and ratings HERE so that others may find this novel and enjoy it as well.

If any of you are looking for another light-hearted read to get you through the rest of the year, I really do recommend the other novel I am translating right now called My Home is Not a Magical Creature Farm. It’s a light-hearted comedy that is guaranteed to get at least one laugh out of you every chapter.  (I am actually legit sad that only 74 people are reading it. 🙁 Please, please read it and rate it on NovelUpdates. Haters put it’s the rating to a 2.5 star. When ratings are that low and no one reads the novels, It really makes me want to stop doing it completely.)

Now onto the next adventure, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, all. Let’s put 2020 behind us. 



Ah, so bittersweet that this novel is finished. On one hand, I’m happy it’s out there for others’ enjoyment, while lamenting the fact that there’ll be no more Xi Ran and Huan Xiu adventures (and Huan Ye).


I’ve been hooked on this since Addis showed me the first few chapters, and I absolutely loved the interaction and relationship progress of the main characters, where the transmigration was actually used to further their feelings. I was actually waiting for some faceslapping (that inferior female Ai, the cousin or at least Shi dad), but the best revenge is actually living happily ever after.


Thank you Addis for the translation, and thank you readers for supporting this novel. Happy Holidays to you all!

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
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