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“Can it be me?” The military doctor’s mouth twitched.

“But… but I’ve been badly injured before, and I went to the hospital with the diagnosis that I’d have a hard time getting pregnant again.”

“Even though I don’t specialize in this, that’s what the tests came back with.”

“……” Xi Ran looked down and placed his hand on his abdomen in disbelief. What was it like with Xiao Ye? Yes, he was still in the military, and it was a routine physical before he was appointed, and he was told about the pregnancy in a very casual way. But at that time he didn’t take it too seriously, he just went to the hospital and got the precautionary information and followed it mechanically.

When he was young, he didn’t care much about the so-called pregnancy and childbirth, and he even hoped that he wouldn’t have any more children, or else he would just have another life to suffer in that kind of family. As a joke, God took him out of the situation, and he met someone he really loved, but it really made it impossible for him to have a child. Xi Ran once felt very guilty, thinking that this was due to his original self-destructive mentality and his punishment.

With Huan Xiu’s tolerance, Xi Ran had accepted that they would not have children in the future. And now, he was pregnant?

“Besides, if your previous diagnosis was only difficult to get pregnant again, and it is not the removal of the pregnancy cavity, it is not impossible,” the doctor said, giving Xi Ran a helpless push on his shoulder when he saw that his face was still dull. “But you were lucky. Healthy Zergs have trouble getting pregnant. It seems you’ve been sleeping with your new Master for less than a year. So fast.”

“Thank you…” Xi Ran’s hands trembled a little and looked up at the doctor genuinely happy.

“Thank me for what? If you have time, go to the maternity ward of the hospital and find out exactly how long you’ve been pregnant and what the condition of your pregnancy cavity is. I can’t find that out here.” 

Xi Ran walked out of the infirmary confused, the other instructors saw him walk out and asked him if he was injured or uncomfortable, Xi Ran vaguely muddled through. He was afraid to open up about his pregnancy without going to the obstetrics department for a thorough check-up, but he was afraid it would be a bummer.

Xi Ran’s superior, the main instructor, had been waiting outside the exit of the assessment field for the soldiers to come out. He had been waiting for Xi Ran’s report.

“You’’ve been to the infirmary,” he said. “Is everything okay? What’s wrong?”

Xi Ran couldn’t wait until he went back to the hospital for another checkup, and thought about it, informing his supervisor of the whole thing.

“Really? Then hurry up and go!” The boss looked surprised, as happy as if he had a happy event in his own family.

Xi Ran was not at all polite. He couldn’t wait to get the detailed report to put his mind at ease and to give Huan Xiu the biggest surprise of all.

The assessment continued until the afternoon, the Zerg who passed with distinction started to come out, until it was dark, and the Zerg who got into a hard battle or gave up in the middle of the day were brought out intermittently.

After a whole day of battle drills and running, the new recruits were exhausted. When they got back to the first floor of the residence, a group of Zerg were chatting and cheering each other up when they realized something, “mn? Isn’t the instructor having dinner with us today?”

“He,” laughed the instructor, glancing at the communicator screen, “has taken leave to return to the main city early.”

“We’re going back tomorrow at noon. Did something happen, he’s in such a hurry.”

“Mn, says there’s a matter to report back right away.”


The Zerg are in awe.


“…Done!” Huan Xiu took a deep breath. Finally, he had succeeded in getting his ring finished as well. He looked up at the time, it wasn’t too late, not even nine o’clock yet.

“Congratulations!” In addition to the inferior female from last time, there were several more onlookers in the jewellery studio this time.

“Thank you. I’m sorry to borrow your place, but I needed you to stay with me until this hour.” Huan Xiu knew that the studio was supposed to close at five o’clock.

The staff said they stayed of their own free will, just to see this engagement ring made by the so-called male Zerg himself, and it couldn’t be more romantic.

Huan Xiu politely presented the wedding invitations – although judging by the pace of the invitations now, their wedding was bound to be a bit of a mixed bag, but that was not bad. He was from another world, and it was fun to have his own, lively and relaxing wedding in the world of the Zerg.

On the way home, Huan Xiu calculated that he still had a few hours to go before he met Xi Ran, it should be less than 24 hours, right? By this time tomorrow night, they would have dinner together at the table at home.

What to eat ……

When Huan Xiu was about to arrive home, he suddenly saw a car parked in the yard from a distance.

“Hn?” Huan Xiu was shocked. Xi Ran’s car was at home. Could it be that he came back early because of the change of plan on the assessment side? Huan Xiu didn’t miss any messages as he glanced at his communicator. He thought Xi Ran would tell him if he came home early.

Huan Xiu rushed to get out of the car and opened the door to enter the house.

Xi Ran seemed to have heard him coming home and walked to the entrance to greet him.

“Xi Ran, you are really back early? I saw your car and I thought it was strange. Why didn’t you say something to me?”


“I haven’t seen you for two days and I can’t stop thinking about you, come give me a hug first.” Huan Xiu smiled and came forward to give Xi Ran a solid hug.


“Mn, have you eaten? I wanted to finish that ring of mine tonight and had to stay over there. Hey, it’s finally done…mn?”

Huan Xiu bent over to take off his shoes and was about to get up and walk inside, but Xi Ran stopped him in her tracks with a hand.

“Here.” Xi Ran handed Huan Xiu a folder.

Huan Xiu was puzzled. What’s going on? “For me?”


Huan Xiu frowned, took it, and took out…. a black plastic sheet…

Huan Xiu looked at the X-ray or ultrasound picture, and he idn’t know which was the front side, so he looked at …… this was a …… ball?

“I went to the hospital today for a check-up,” Xi Ran explained.

“Is this you?” Huan Xiu was confused for a while, does Xi Ran have this kind of organ in his body?

Xi Ran saw that Huan Xiu did not show the joyful look he should have, he just took it as if he had never seen such a thing before and took the initiative to come over and explain, “Master, this is our child …… I’m pregnant.”

“……” Huan Xiu confirmed again, “This?” The ball?

Xi Ran nodded.

“Wait a minute,” Huan Xiu raised his hand, “Wait a minute, let me calm down…”



Huan Xiu reacted after a few seconds and suddenly shrieked, “You’re pregnant!?” 

Finally getting the expected reaction, Xi Ran breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “Mn.”

Huan Xiu didn’t know what to do for a moment and reached out to touch Xi Ran’s stomach tentatively, “Is it inside?”

“Yeah… It’s only been less than a month and there won’t be any reaction yet.”

Huan Xiu looked at his stomach and then at the test in his hand.

The body’s own cognition gradually recovered along with his senses, “Oh yes, Zerg are ovoviviparous….”

It was Xi Ran’s turn to be shocked, “Master in the original world of the child is not egg?”

“Of course not, that’s why I was so freaked out when I saw a ball at first glance!” Huan Xiu instinctively pulled Xi Ran to sit properly on the sofa and told him to stay put. “I never thought there would be a time like this …… Wait a minute, what should I do better now?”

“I’m fine. So the dizziness and sleepiness I had before are normal symptoms of early pregnancy. It’s difficult for female Zerg to get pregnant, but laying eggs is not a big deal.” Xi Ran tells Huan Xiu not to worry.

The female Zerg were strong enough to easily carry the burden of a Zerg egg, which lasted for eight months and did not even show during the first five or six months of pregnancy, but only silently absorbed nutrients and grew rapidly during the last one to two months. It was only after Xi Ran’s comparison that Huan Xiu realized that a real newborn Zerg egg was much smaller than a so-called human fetus. Because of this, the female Zerg, which was a common physical labourer, was not affected by the birth and there was little risk of a difficult birth.

The Zerg cubs would break out of their shells one month to three months after they arrived in the world, depending on their physical condition.

“So, in order to tell me this in person, you came back from out of town alone first?”


“Really… you don’t mess around too much.” Huan Xiu sighed with joy and worry, and couldn’t help but lean over and hug Xi Ran tightly.

“I’m fine. As I just said, even a pregnant female Zerg has excellent body quality.”


“Master? “Xi Ran stroked Huan Xiu’s back, “Are you angry? I won’t mess around, after all, there’s still our baby in my body. I’ll be more careful.”

“I’m not mad …… I’m so happy.” Huan Xiu hugged Xi Ran tightly, tightly. “Thank you.”

“I didn’t do anything. To be able to conceive a child is a masterpiece…” Xi Ran was interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

“You’ve done a lot. Thank you, thank you for giving me a lot…”

Xi Ran admitted that he was secretly glad that Huan Xiu hadn’t lived in such an environment before, and that he wouldn’t have valued him so much. Right? But he would never say such a thought to Huan Xiu.


Xi Ran didn’t know how to respond. He could only silently reach out his hand and embrace Huan Xiu back.


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So sweet. They’re both so happy.

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Female Zerg might be physically strong, but Earth female, giving birth to fully formed babies (in normal, healthy circumstances of course), are stronger 😉
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