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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


About three months after the wedding, Xi Ran went to the hospital for a follow-up appointment, and unlike last time, Huan Xiu was with him.


Xi Ran’s heart trembled at these words, and he felt a mixture of anticipation and nervousness.

“Mr. Huan, your female is carrying a male hatchling in the egg. He seems to be in good health and will definitely be an excellent quality male in the future!”

“Thank you.” Huan Xiu thanked him. In fact, female, male, or inferior female made no difference to him, and according to human belief, there was only one type of boy…

“Your body is already stressed and this pregnancy is likely to be your last one. You had great luck having a male pup, so please be careful with him.” The doctor looked at the results and turned to Xi Ran.

“I understand.”

“If you can, please exercise properly and pamper your female during pregnancy. Petting your female will also help the egg grow. A nourished and loving father will have better egg quality than a normal egg…”

The doctor continued to tell Huan Xiu some shameful instructions in a serious manner, and Huan Xiu’s eyes glanced between Xi Ran and the doctor, both of whom were calm and collected, so Huan Xiu made himself accept the information by repeatedly thinking “this is normal medical advice”.

In a nutshell, it meant ‘touch more, encourage sex’.

“Our Zerg will be like you, a good and handsome male.” Xi Ran asserted with confidence as he drove home.

Huan Xiu imagined a child somewhat similar to himself and couldn’t help but smile, “Of course, he will inherit our strengths.”

During all this at home, Huan Ye was doing physical training in his room.

In fact, Huan Xiu had been a bit distressed that such a young child had to do those difficult exercises and thought it was a bit early, but Xi Ran said Huan Ye’s age was already appropriate, so Huan Xiu stopped objecting. After all, Xi Ran was more professional in this matter.

“Xiao Ye, we’re back.”

“Ah, male father, female father. I didn’t hear the door.” Huan Ye scrambled to his feet and hurried to the door of the room.

“It’s okay, we went to the hospital today for a follow-up, the one in your female father’s stomach is your male Zerg brother.”

“Wow…” Huan Ye opened his mouth wide, looking very surprised. Even though he was still young, he knew that the percentage of male Zerg in the Zerg race was very low, and it was still difficult to get pregnant, so it was a very good luck to get pregnant with a male.

“I… will be a good brother.” Huan Ye stared at Xi Ran’s stomach, where there were no signs of pregnancy yet, but was another life huddled there now. Huan Xiu smiled and touched Huan Ye’s head. He turned around and went to his own business with Xi Ran.

Huan Ye stood still for a long time before closing the door and slowly walking back to the bed.

He was very happy when he heard that his female father was pregnant. The school textbook said that it was up to the female to secure the family’s position, and if he had a male pup, it was simply the best. But today, Huan Ye was not as happy as before when he learned that the female father was pregnant with a male brother.

He couldn’t tell what he felt in his heart, a little sour and a little scared – the male Zerg brother is not only a male Zerg, but also born from his male and female father, unlike him.

Huan Ye found himself hating the unborn brother, and he panicked when he noticed this feeling. His male father was the best male father in the world, but he was secretly thinking this way, Huan Ye was confused and in self-condemnation.

He pushed his sour feelings down and tried to forget about them by training harder and harder. If only he was good enough to become as good a soldier as his female father before, he might be able to do so.


February of the following year.

In the sixth month of pregnancy, Xi Ran’s belly finally puffed out slightly. Because he wore thicker clothes in winter, this degree of pregnancy was not really noticeable. But when he got home and changed into his home clothes, he could still see a little bulge.

“Do you feel it? Has he moved?” Huan Xiu once again nestled on the couch with Xi Ran, moving his hands ‘in accordance with the doctor’s orders’.

Xi Ran’s hand was on the back of Huan Xiu’s hand on his belly, and he shook his head, “No, it’s not moving. But I can feel a little heat.”

“…Isn’t that from me?”

“It’s inside, the egg itself feels a little warm.”


“Mn,” Xi Ran nodded, “it must have felt the call of his male father, but it could not move yet, so it responded like that.”

At that moment the door slammed and the two men turned around.

“I’m back.” Huan Ye entered the room sweating profusely.

In the morning, Huan Ye said he had plans with his classmates to play ball, and then went to the gymnasium near his home. It was winter and he was sweaty, so they could both see how much he had worked out.

Recently, Huan Ye has been going out with his classmates, and seemed to be not as attached to them as before. Huan Xiu was glad to see that, but he was also a bit sad. It was good to be independent, but in his opinion, Huan Ye should still be far from adolescence.

“It is good to exercise, but be a little more careful. Quickly wipe off the sweat, do not catch a cold.” Huan Xiu said with some concern.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Do you want to come and talk to your brother? Although he’s not moving yet, he seems to be able to feel outside.” Huan Xiu waved.

“No, Father… that, I’ll go upstairs first.” Huan Ye pursed his lips, casually wiping a handful of sweat as he trot up the stairs.

Xi Ran looked at the direction of the stairs, Huan Xiu also turned his head to look at him, “Is he not in a good mood?”

“Maybe he had a fight with his classmates… At dinner, let’s find the opportunity to ask.”

But when it came time to eat dinner, Huan Ye came out of the room and didn’t look unhappy anymore.

He looked the same as usual. He smilingly asked Xi Ran what he had to eat tonight. Huan Xiu and Xi Ran looked at each other and felt relieved.

During the meal, Huan Xiu gave Xi Ran a dish to eat while chatting casually about the interesting things that happened between him and his colleagues at the institute.

Xi Ran’s appetite has been getting better and bigger since he got pregnant, and recently he had been eating increasingly fast, which seemed to be because the egg in his belly was desperately taking in nutrients.

“It’s really only after you got pregnant that I felt this was real.” Huan Xiu sighed. 

“After all, Master has not seen it before.” Xi Ran meant ‘there was no such thing on Earth’, but of course he couldn’t say it in front of Huan Ye.

“If you eat so much, you’re not going to give birth to a fat baby, are you?”

Xi Ran solemnly dropped some science onto  Huan Xiu, “No. The eggs take in a lot, but it is used to strengthen the eggshell and body, and will never cause obstacles to their own birth.”

Zerg have a low birth rate, but a relatively long life span and a strong life force, which started with the eggs.

“I’ve been working on a name for the little one.”

“It’s still a few months away.” Xi Ran was surprised but delighted. It was the male’s right to give his pups names, and it was a sign of love and care.

“Let me think of a few more to use first. How about the name ‘Lin Ran’? And then there is…”

Halfway through, Huan Ye, who hadn’t finished his meal, put down his utensils.

“Hm? Xiao Ye, have you had enough?”

Huan Xiu did not understand the situation, looked at Huan Ye, but found that Huan Ye was unable to stop his tears from falling down. He immediately panicked and rushed to him, “What’s wrong? Does something hurt?”

“No… I’m fine…” Huan Ye lowered his head, stood up helplessly, and did not know what to do next, and his tears could not stop.

“Did you have a fight with your classmates?”

Huan Ye didn’t explain, so Huan Xiu was unable to comfort him. He picked up the tiny Huan Ye and put him on his lap, patting him soothingly on the back.

“Xiao Ye, why are you unhappy? Tell us about it.” Xi Ran also frowned and looked worried.

The more the male and female fathers questioned him in a concerned tone, the more Huan Ye could not say anything and the more tears flowed from his eyes. He was so anxious inside that he looked like an unreasonable child, contrary to the mature and outstanding look he aspired to be.

“Wuuu… um, wuwu… I, uh, um…” 

Huan Ye sobbed incessantly, unable to speak clearly, and Huan Xiu patted him gently on the back so that he could bury his face in his arms, “It’s okay, cry if you want to, and then talk to us slowly after you’re done.”

Huan Ye, who was still desperately trying to contain himself, paused for a few seconds after hearing this and then cried even louder.

“I’m afraid… wu… that you don’t like me anymore… uh, I know… it’s not right… but I can’t help it…” Huan Ye stumbled on his words as he choked up, but Huan Xiu and Xi Ran soon understood. They had been discussing the egg at the dinner table, which made Huan Ye’s heart sad.

They also realized that it was probably just a trigger, and that maybe Huan Ye had been thinking about it earlier, but they carelessly didn’t notice, thinking that Xiao Ye was looking forward to the arrival of the new family member as much as they were.

“Xiao Ye, even with a brother, we definitely like you.” Huan Xiu rubbed Huan Ye’s hair.

“Wuwu… but, wuwu… it’s different…”

“What’s different?” Huan Xiu asked patiently.

“He is… born from… male and female father… I… am not… wuwu… and I… am not a male Zerg…” Huan Ye gritted his teeth, trying to suppress his crying, but his body trembled uncontrollably, his throat making sobbing sounds.

“In my opinion, you are all the same, you are all our children.” Huan Xiu hugged Huan Ye tightly and looked up at Xi Ran, whose face also showed a look of remorse.

Xi Ran also walked around the table to Huan Xiu, reached out and touched Huan Ye’s head. His palm was warm, and although he didn’t say anything, his concern was conveyed to Huan Ye through the warmth of his skin.

Huan Ye continued to cry, tears wet the front of Huan Xiu’s shirt lapel, until he got tired of crying and gradually stopped, his eyes became red and swollen, with no more fluid flowing from them.

“Feel better?” Huan Xiu asked him.

“……” Huan Ye put his head against Huan Xiu’s chest, without the face to look up at the two of them.

“We’re sorry. We didn’t even notice that you have such concerns and unhappiness. Forgive us.”

Huan Xiu’s attitude made Huan Ye want to shed tears again. He bit his lip and shook his head desperately, “Male father… and the female father, neither… is in the wrong…”

“Whether the child is a male Zerg or female Zerg, or an inferior female, they are the same. I don’t want you to feel inferior to the males just because you’re a female.”

“You must know that you will always be our most precious child.” Huan Xiu kept patting Huan Ye with his hand, slowly waiting for his breathing to calm down.

Huan Ye’s crying this time seemed to be a one-time release of years of accumulated grievances. Huan Xiu had never seen an outburst of emotions like this from Huan Ye before.

It was true that Huan Ye was not as independent as he tried to be – he was still a child who wanted to be pampered.

Huan Xiu felt it was better to speak up at this point than to keep thinking about it.


“Oh… this kind of thing happened.”

“Male father, it’s rare for me to come home for dinner, don’t tell this to Lin Ran at the dinner table. It’s a very, very small episode from the past.” Huan Ye’s face was a little red, frowning and pretending to be serious.

Last year, for the third time, he successfully completed his basic education and passed the test to enter the training camp. He had grown to 6’5″ and looked very imposing, as his father was an instructor at the camp, he was often compared to him.

The only thing he didn’t expect was that when he went home for dinner, he would still be told about the old days when he was a turnip-head and cried.

“Rounding it up means that my brother shed tears for me. That means I’m important, right?” his little brother asked.

“…You can say that,” Huan Ye cleared his throat, “Eat your meal. Don’t keep talking.”

His brother, Huan Lin Ran, had also changed from an egg that could be held in one hand to the adolescent sitting across from him, who had taken on the form of a handsome male Zerg

Huan Ye thought that he has always kept his excellent image as an older brother very well. He did not want to ruin his image in Lin Ran’s mind because of such a stupid thing.

“Yes.” Huan Lin Ran replied with a smile, not saying anything more. He had always been good at understanding the threshold of Huan Ye’s anger.

The family who was eating returned to a warm and harmonious atmosphere. It was just like every other day.

Huan Ye smiled helplessly.

After all, in this family, he would always be a child.


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