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Chapter 55: A Few Things About Kaczki’s Family (8)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Kirio here to join the partay! 


“I’m definitely going to be hated.” Qi Ling Chao collapsed on the bed in despair. He didn’t know how he was going to face Kaczki afterwards. Would it be useful to go to the door and apologize on his knees?

He tossed and turned in frustration and was in no mood to eat dinner. Suddenly the communicator vibrated and Qi Ling Chao sat up with a jolt, rushing to check the incoming mail.

“Are you still angry?”

It was from Kaczki.

Qi Ling Chao was a little excited that Kaczki was still willing to contact him: “I’m not angry!”

Kaczki, who was in his own home, automatically assumed that the exclamation mark indicated the hidden dissatisfaction of the other person.

So he’s still angry!

“It’s okay if you don’t want to study.”


Kaczki sent it after giving his reply some thought. He had never felt that his unintentional expectations had become a burden on the other’s shoulders. Giving it a careful thought, what if they didn’t go to school together? They can still stay together.

However, this statement was distorted in Qi Ling Chao’s eyes.

“What now? He’s losing his patience with me,” Qi Ling Chao said, so remorseful that he wanted to bang his head against the wall.

Kaczki waited for a long time, but got no response, thinking that he really should not bring up this matter again, and sat down on the floor dejectedly.

The next day.


A sleep deprived and dark circles clad Qi Ling Chao was lying in bed spacing out. When he heard his communication device vibrate, he instantly shot over to grab the device that was tossed to the floor. It wasn’t Kaczki who sent the message, but Cheng YuanMu. 

“I’m downstairs.”

Qi Ling Chao was a little disappointed, but still, he washed up quickly and ran out to meet him.

“Haven’t slept all night?”

Qi Ling Chao nodded without saying anything else.

“Have you calmed down? Kaczki is very worried about you.”

Qi Ling Chao looked a little wilted.

“He doesn’t blame you, but there seem to be some self-blame.” Cheng YuanMu’s tone carried a hint of complaint.

“Sorry. I will go and apologize. Let’s go to the shopping street and buy something as an apology gift.”

Kaczki had a sweet tooth. Qi Ling Chao went to the bakery and bought some desserts and sweet pastry. He was a little hesitant to buy them, as Yi Yi would have made them himself and given them to Kaczki. Was this sincere enough as an apology? But it seemed like he didn’t know how to do anything.

“These are all his favorites.”

“Ah, hmm.”

Qi Ling Chao’s train of thoughts were interrupted by Cheng YuanMu’s words and snapped back to reality.

“I don’t know if Kaczki is up at this hour. He usually likes to sleep in during breaks.”

The two had just walked out of the bakery and passed a nearby alleyway before being stopped by a few figures that emerged out of nowhere.

“Did the two good boys come out to play together today?”

“Are such meaningless provocations fun?” Cheng YuanMu did not even bother to spare them a look and tried to get around the female Zerg that were looking for trouble.

“Don’t leave just yet ah. I actually have something to say to you two today.”

“There’s nothing to say between us.” Qi Ling Chao said in an unpleasant manner, glaring at them. His heart was so set on going to Kaczki’s house to make amends that he didn’t even feel like getting into an argument with them. 

“Some friends of ours at your school said they happened to meet an annoying little Zerg. We invited him to come play with us. It seems that he is very close with you guys.”

Qi Ling Chao’s heart almost missed a beat, “You dare?!”

Cheng YuanMu also found it unbelievable and whispered to Qi Ling Chao, “Are they crazy?”

Both of them seemed to think that something happened to Kaczki. After all, the other party was flaunting so aggressively as if they had the upper hand. But the next thing they said was, “That inferior female is a little too bold, isn’t he? I didn’t expect you guys to be protective, willing to protect such a small thing?”

Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu froze and stared at each other.

It is Yi Yi?

This was a really big misunderstanding. They just happened to save Yi Yi the last time they were at school and because of Kaczki, Yi Yi was seen hanging around them several times. The campus bullies must have mistook them as Yi Yi’s good friends.

“You guys are mistaken, aren’t you? He has nothing to do with us.” Qi Ling Chao sneered, but his voice was not as casual as his words, he sounded a little gritty.

“I heard from my friend that he is very arrogant, just because he has a good backing, he does not even respect them. Since it’s a misunderstanding, it’s good that they can have at it with him.”

The group of female Zerg laughed.

Cheng YuanMu clenched his fist.

Could they ignore them and just walk away? Even if they had the face to meet Kaczki, they could not go against their own conscience.

In the end, the two still followed them through the alley towards a more remote street.

“This Yi Yi is such a pain in the ass!” Qi Ling Chao hissed in a whisper that only Cheng YuanMu could hear. But there was still a hint of worry in his voice.

The worst situation that could happen was that the other party bluffed them to walk into a group of Zerg. If so, they could settle things with just a brawl, spilling some blood was inevitable. 

But the situation was actually worse than imagined.

The two turned to the end of a remote alley and there was indeed a large group of Zerg from the school next door, all familiar faces. Also present was the group of Zerg that had bullied Yi Yi previously. Seeing this, they could only say that people were like birds of a feather… 

“We can surely count on you guys to get things done.” One of the inferior females said with a smirk, “He’s really gotten bold. He’s ignored us several times before, and even brought up teachers and friends to scare us. Today, he still followed us after seeing a group of female Zerg.”


Qi Ling Chao couldn’t help but yell. It was disgusting to hear them gloat of their act of violence and threats with such pride. 

Yi Yi, who was held down on the ground by a couple of sub females, coughed violently. His face was swollen and red. His eyes could barely stay open. He had obviously been slapped as they were still bleeding nail scratches across his cheeks. Unlike female Zerg, inferior females didn’t have excellent recovery abilities, these wounds would take at least a month or two to heal, not to mention may even leave scars.

“What do you have against him, for you guys to bully him like this?” Cheng YuanMu was angry and genuinely curious. It was understandable if it were them, who picked fights just because they didn’t see eye to eye with each other. But Yi Yi had no hostile intent and would avoid when he couldn’t afford to mess with them, yet he was targeted by these groups of Zerg. 

The leader of the inferior females laughed as if it was just a matter of course, “It’s all thanks to that eccentric foster father of his and who asked him to be such a people pleaser. He deserves all these! He brought it upon himself.”

The Zerg present laughed, perhaps it seemed to them that a cowardly inferior female like Yi Yi was ludicrous.


Suddenly a female Zerg was knocked to the ground with a straight punch, and all the laughter came to a screeching halt.

“I think you guys are the ones who deserve it. I don’t usually hit inferior females, but today you’ll be getting it from me.”

Qi Ling Chao roared in anger and the scene became chaotic at his first strike.

The female Zerg from the school next door were naturally not easy to deal with. Originally those inferior females standing in the front were fearless, but when facing Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu who had an inexplicable tacit understanding without even needing any discussion, even if they were to take on a few more opponents, they would only get beaten to retreat in whimpers.

“Fuck, stop them!”


Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu’s arms were quickly tainted with blood. To put it bluntly, they were a group of punks who have never learned any professional fighting skills. They were only relying on experience and impulsiveness. The more desperate side naturally looked more violent.

The group of inferior females had never seen such a scene before and were terrified. They did not expect that even with so many female Zerg, they could not stop Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu, and immediately tried to escape. But the leader had just taken two steps before he was kicked in the back by Cheng YuanMu and sent flying to land flat on the ground. The leader passed out instantly and the rest of the group was so shocked they did not know to run or to just stay put. 

It seemed like Yi Yi had been pressed kneeling on the ground for a period of time. Even after he was free from the control of the group leader when they broke into a fight, he still struggled to stand up. His legs trembled as he supported himself against the wall, trying his best to stay far from them.

Cheng YuanMu caught a glance of him and growled in a low voice, “Get out of here!”

Yi Yi’s face was so swollen it was hard to form any expressions, so he nodded. He did not hesitate to leave the place, moving with the wall as his support. Although he did not move quickly, the group of inferior females were pumped with the adrenaline they did not even notice the small and insignificant Yi Yi.

When the group of inferior females realized and before they could alert the others, Qi Ling Chao kicked a sub female in the stomach. 




The female bent over and fell backwards, losing footing, just to crush onto the whole group of inferior females.

“The inferior females are really weak. How could they faint just like that?” Qi Ling Chao laughed as he complained.

“It’s better that way. I can’t guarantee if I would cripple those inferior females.”

“Ling Chao! Behind you!”

Cheng YuanMu shouted. He got tangled up with several females next to him, and despite his efforts to try to get away from them, he couldn’t get to Qi Ling Chao’s side in time.

Qi Ling Chao always had this bad habit of getting smug ahead of time during a fight. Due to his recklessness, he would suffer these unnecessary injuries.

He turned around in shock and in front of his eyes was a female Zerg that appeared out of nowhere, with a baseball bat in his hand. His experience told him that he would not be able to dodge this. He gritted his teeth, seems like I’ll have to sacrifice one arm to block this!


Qi Ling Chao watched as the head of the female Zerg in front of him and a metal barrel caused a loud bang, followed by a loud thud as the Zerg lost focus and fell to the ground.

Behind the fallen female Zerg, stood Yi Yi, who should have escaped already.

Yi Yi, with eyes wide with horror, trembled and dropped the barrel he had just picked up from the ground. His arms would not stop trembling and one could see that he had just used all his strength to strike.

“H-he’s not dead… right?”

“Pft! As if you could kill a Zerg with that so-called strength of yours!”

Qi Ling Chao quickly snapped back to his senses and turned around to start another round of fighting.


“Haa, haa…”

“That’s all of them, right?”

Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao sat on the ground back to back, panting heavily. They hadn’t fought in a long time, and they didn’t expect such an exciting many-on-two group fight when they came over.

“This is too much for rehab.”

The two of them hadn’t moved their arms and legs for a long time, and they were a little off their feet, and their faces and arms and chests were covered with traces of blood.

“It was too dangerous just now.” Cheng YuanMu said with some dissatisfaction. So many years have passed, Qi Ling Chao still could not get rid of that bad habit of his.

“Hahahaha sorry sorry.” Those words came out of Qi Ling Chao’s mouth, but there was no trace of sincerity in his apology. 

“By the way…” 

Speaking of this matter, where was Yi Yi?

The two people suddenly got anxious and hurriedly stood up.

“Is it over?” 

“Wah!” Qi Ling Chao was surprised at the sudden voice that appeared from behind him that he almost leaped from where he was standing.

He and Cheng YuanMu both turned around and saw Yi Yi crawling out of a small wooden box.

“What are you, a rat? How did you get into such a small, broken box!” 

“I was worried if there were still those Zerg outside and could not run away, so I found a place to hide first. Probably because I’m so insignificant, they didn’t notice me.”

Cheng Yuan Mu breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s true.” 

“Are you guys okay?” Yi Yi staggered over, “We need to get those treated quickly.” 

“For female Zerg, these scratches will be gone in a few days! You should worry about yourself. That swelling and those injuries, you look like you got disfigured! “ Qi Ling Chao said in a bad mood.

Yi Yi touched his face, even at the slightest brush of his own fingertips sent jolts of pain so they shied away unconsciously. 

“I’m fine. I’m sorry for making you guys come to my rescue again.” 

“Don’t flatter yourself! We just wanted to fight with our former rival. It just so happened that you were here too.” 

“Thank you very much.” 

“Fuck! Are you listening to me?!”

Yi Yi fumbled in his pants pocket for the communicator that had been broken by the group of sub females, and was at a loss: “What should we do now, should we call the police?”

“And let the police arrest us as well?” Qi Ling Chao said rhetorically. Their reputation was not very good to begin with. Plus, there weren’t any cameras in this area, the police would never believe even if they tried to explain what happened here.

“The matter will only get blown up if the police get involved. Let us take a breather, then we’ll bring you to a nearby clinic to get you checked. If it’s serious, we’ll go to the hospital.” Cheng YuanMu explained. 

He and Qi Ling Chao exhausted their strength and sat back down on the ground again, until their breathing eventually calmed.


Yi Yi froze for a moment before realizing that Qi Ling Chao was talking to him: “Ah, yes. What’s wrong?”

“That move wasn’t bad just now. Thanks.”

Yi Yi’s jaw dropped slightly in surprise, he never thought Qi Ling Chao would thank him.


All three of them were startled. It was Kaczki’s voice.


“You guys are here! I couldn’t even get through your communication device! I couldn’t find you guys when I went to your house. I heard on the way…”

When he heard Cheng YuanMu’s voice calling his name, he ran in from the alley. To the end of the alley, he was shocked by the tragic scene in front of his eyes.

“Yi Yi?”

Kaczki froze, he could not process how Yi Yi and the group fight was in any way related.

Yi Yi subconsciously blocked his face with his arm: “Don’t, don’t look at me. I must look terrible!”


Qi Ling Chao instantly recalled yesterday’s quarrel that was temporarily forgotten because of the excitement of the fight, and hurriedly explained, “Let me explain. This time, we really did not initiate the fight. It’s just that we could not stand aside and not do anything! I went to get you dessert to make amends today. I got desserts!” 

He looked around and finally saw the poorly disfigured dessert box and plastic bag lying in the corner after the fight for justice. 

“What dessert!? That’s not the issue here, let’s get to the hospital first!” Kaczki was confused and anxious.


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Lol, I’m surprised the desserts are still there

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Ahh, bonding over a fight, huh?
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Cowardly bullies, always in gangs, only pick on the weak. I abhor them.
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